weapon and meister

Countermelody (Soul Eater AU)


A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.


The words bounced around Marinette’s head as the heavy steel door closed behind her with a thud that echoed deep into the empty school building as the cackling sun set through the windows. Stowing the keys she borrowed from Miss Bustier in pocket, she shifted her gym bag on her shoulder as she made her way towards the small practice room off to the side of the gymnasium. As she walked, she passed trophy case, glancing up at famous weapons and meister pairs that had come before her. Amid the wicked looking weapons and their now legendary partners, a young dark-haired woman stood with a toothy smile, balancing a hammer that weighed easily twice as much on her shoulder.

It spoke volumes about the depth of her parents’ bond that her mother could wield her massive father like he was made of Styrofoam when so many students in their year failed to even lift him. Her parents’ partnership was one of perfect symmetry, crushing hundreds of proto-kishin like ants before walking away, starting a bakery and raising their daughter. No one in the history of Shibusen had attained so much power and prestige only to surrender it, opting for a civilian life in Tom’s hometown of Paris.

Part of her wished she was still back home, attending regular school like a regular person instead of worrying about whether or not she could live up to her parents’ legacy.

Stealing into the practice room, Marinette dropped her gym bag on the polished wooden floor, taking a deep breath as her eyes drifted across the rows and rows of practice weapons meisters could use to sharpen their skills. For the last three and a half months, the meisters had classes separate from potential weapons, preparing them for combat and teaching the fundamentals of soul resonance, and weapon theory. Soul resonance came easily to Marinette; wives tales suggested this was because she was the child of a weapon and meister, but Marinette attributed it to the hours of study she put herself through since she had left home. The academic part wasn’t what concerned her; she felt confident that she could pass entrance exams with no concern.

What concerned her was the more physical aspect of things.

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Woah, I didn’t draw them so young since forever (at least Naruto and Sasuke).

 So, yes, another Au (coff) with Sakura as their meister! I was going with Sasuke as meister, Naruto as his weapon and Sakura (meister) with Kakashi as hers, but then the “why not” became very strong and … ops? Again? 

I was reading a soul eater fic when I was struck by the idea of orihime being ishida’s bow, She is a bow with a beautiful intricate flower pattern decorating her metal, surrounded by a blue flow of energy that can form a shield. Their resonance is second only to Rukia and Ichigos.

Ichigo and Rukia though they are a one of a kind team because they are both weapons and meisters. They can both fight and wield each other. They can transition between both effortlessly. Rukia transforms into a beautiful white blade and ichigo transforms into pitch black scythe. They resonance is off the charts.

Also imagine urahara as Stein and Isshin as Spirt but without the cheating(papa loves you ichigo ;-; lol).

Okay so I was inspired by @vld-keith‘s Soul Eater AU, so:

Voltron Soul Eater AU!

  • Shiro and Matt being a weapon/meister duo and going on a mission with Matt’s father, who had become a death scythe. 
  • During the mission, they get kidnapped and held prisoner by Arachne and her merry band of spiders.
  • Shiro is able to escape and eventually makes it back to the academy.
  • Pidge is TORN APART that her family was being held hostage by that SPIDER BITCH, so they’ve been working hard to get stronger to get them back.
  • Shiro is a meister and was able to form a really strong bond with Pidge over their shared determination to get Matt and Mr. Holt back.
  • Zarkon is the Kishin Asura
  • Alfor is Death, and Allura is Death the Kid, except better and with better hair (jfc i know his hair has a reason to be like that but even when i was like 10 i thought it was dumb. Sorry, going off on a tangent, but y’know.)
  • Allura takes becoming the next grim reaper very seriously and makes sure to work hard at learning and training.
  • Lance and Keith had no idea in the beginning that they’d end up being partners. They couldn’t STAND each other when they first met. Their personalities clashed, they butted heads, it was bad.
  • However, after talking a few times, they started to really understand each other, and by the end of the day, they couldn’t imagine being partners with anyone else.
  • Hunk and Shay being meister/weapon pair!! They both care for each other and have 100% faith in the other person.
  • Allura is able, being a future grim reaper, to use most weapons, and often accompanies the 3 duos when they go on dangerous missions.
  • Shiro and Pidge are finally able to infiltrate Arachnophobia’s headquarters and actually find Matt and Mr. Holt, and try to break them out.
  • They run into Mosquito (Haggar), and, while Matt and Mr. Holt BOOK IT, Shiro and Pidge stay and fight. 
  • They kind of do a bit of overkill, but they both want revenge and are willing to take their anger out on anyone responsible.
  • On the way back to the academy, they joke about Pidge probably having to find another meister, now that Matt’s back. 
  • Pidge starts training with Allura a bit, and Shiro when Matt’s busy. It gets kinda stressful for them, but they’re strong and are able to adapt to the differences between the two and what one is able to do and what the other is not.
  • It’s actually getting kind of bad for their health. They’ve become an insomniac.
  • Shay really doesn’t like fighting. She knows it has to be done, but she really doesn’t like it that much. However, with encouragement from Hunk and being shown what the witches and kishin are doing, she works really hard to WRECK THEM.
  • Also:
  • Meisters: Shiro, Lance, Hunk, Coran, and Allura. (And Alfor, because he’s death)
  • Weapons: Keith, Shay, Pidge, Matt, Mr. Holt.
  • Keith is a sword
  • Shay is a gun
  • Pidge is a dagger
  • Matt is an ax.
  • Don’t think I forgot about Coran! He’s a teacher and Alfor’s right-hand man. Everyone likes his class because he can be a goof and connects with his students and makes learning fun.
  • Lance in Keith in the situation like when Maka and Soul were fighting Crona and Soul got cut protecting Maka!! Lance getting distracted and, even though Keith screamed for him to look out, he wasn’t quick enough and Keith had to come back to human form so Lance didn’t get killed.
  • Lance feels The Most Guilty™ because Keith could have died, but Keith is just like ‘dude that’s just the way it goes’
  • Once Keith is up and okay again, Lance brags to everyone because he has the best, most loyal weapon in the world
  • None of the other weapons tell him that it’s normal for a weapon to be willing to die for their meister, mostly because they realize that Lance is only saying things like that because he’s angry with himself and is using that to cope with knowing that a mistake he made caused his best friend to get seriously injured.
  • Imagine the basketball game scene tho-
  • Like, everyone’s just chillin around and happy and alive before the BIG STORM and enjoying each other’s company.

Okay if I don’t stop now I’ll go on for like 10 years