how civil war should go (to avoid the war):

Tony and Steve and the rest of the team sit down to discuss matters. They’d seen how citizens are now terrified of, and distrusting, the Avengers (as is also evident in AoS). 

Tony says that is something that he will not be okay with––not after people hated and feared him his whole life for SI weaopns. He wanted to become Iron Man to save people, not to bring more damage and have them fear him even more. Tony doesn’t fully trust the government, but he cares more about the safety and trust of the citizens of the world.

Steve, on the other hand, says that he can’t trust government facilities just in case there is underlying Hydra. To some extent, he’s right (Hydra wants the SHRA to get info, as was also evident in AoS ep watchdogs) BUT he’s also wrong because now the government (ATCU) is actually controlled by Coulson and SHIELD…. just not publicly. 

They realize that they both have plausible fears, and Natasha decides to contact Fury & Coulson. They tell her that the ATCU is under their control, and that Hydra is actually focused on something bigger than Bucky (inhumans) and that the big war should be between the MCU team & the AoS team against Hydra and Hive.

Thus, you introduce Daisy Johnson into the MCU, along with Malick, and you show that the Avengers had only been looking at the surface of the problem when, in reality, neither of them saw the real reason behind Hydra’s actions.

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Rape culture started with men in prison in the 80s.

This is just shockingly untrue and historically inaccurate. Rape culture has been a facet of various human societies for millenia. Seriously, for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years. It is decidedly NOT a modern invention. What is more modern is people talking about it but it damn sure didn’t spring up out of nowhere in the 80s and it damn sure didn’t start with men. That’s not just bullshit it’s insulting and disrespectful to everyone who’s suffered throughout all those years. And there are all sorts of intersections involving race, class, sexuality, gender, religion and so forth so way to just erase and ignore all the People of Color and queer people who’ve suffered in ways that are specifically tied to their socially sanctioned otherness. 

One of the things that’s at the root of rape culture is the existence of women AND SLAVES not as people but as property. This is due to the fact that only people can have rights and in general we can really only empathize with and respect people, not objects. Nobody gives a shit if you abuse your tools (for example), they’re your property, you can literally do anything you want with them. Both legally and socially there are not consequences for you choosing to destroy or abuse your own objects because that’s how ownership works.  Legal rights and socially sanctioned protections are only for people. Women have been considered the property of either their fathers or their husbands and slaves have been considered the property of their owners in various human societies for as far back as we actually have written records.

When a person becomes property that person can’t have basic rights like bodily auntonomy so for much of human history raping a woman or a slave has never been considered a crime against that person because those people have never really been considered people, they’ve always been considered things. Legally raping a woman or slave carried penalties that involved restitution to their owner because the property of the owner was damaged and while we’re all allowed to treat our own objects any way we please we have never had the legal right to treat other people’s objects as we please. Ownership rights have a long legal standing amongst most human societies. If rape was considered a crime that affected the raped person instead of the raped person’s owner then penalties would have been punishment for the rapist or restitution to the raped person instead of restitution to the raped person’s owner. 

People being treated like objects instead of human beings is one of the many facets of rape culture that still exists today. It has an inexorably long history has nothing to do with men in prison or the 80s.

Then there’s the long history of rape as a weapon of war and conquering. The accounts of war and colonization for most of human history has involved rape, specifically conquering soldiers raping vulnerable WOMEN (not men) while they do their conquering. The statistic about many of us likely sharing genes with Ghengis Khan is accurate precisely because he and his invading hordes did a tremendous amount of raping as one weapon of their various invasions. Rape as a weapon of war is about a number of things that have nothing to do with sex, much like other forms of rape. War rape is about things like genocide, dominance, degradation, violence, humiliation, conquering, and colonizing. And it’s not even something that just used to be, it’s ongoing even today. We can talk about war rape with regards to Mongols and Celts and Spartans as something from the distance past but it also happened all over the entirety of North and South America during colonization decimating Indigenous tribes and civilizations as surely as outright killing did as little as 200 years ago and the rape of Native women in the US and Canada by conquering peoples is still fucking happening right now today with it’s roots in the war rape of the colonizers. Or we can talk about the Rawandan genocide that involves plenty of war rape or we can talk about literally any armed conflict happening right now in 2014 that damn sure involes war rape bc war rape is a long standing tradition of humans who make war. Again, this has nothing to do with men in prison in the 80s.

Rape as a weapon used for dominance and control is one aspect of rape culture that plays out at the micro level of individual rapes.

Or perhaps we can talk about corrective rapes that have been going on in various Western civilizations for a least a few hundred years. As soon as homosexuality was codefied as a mental illness people started trying to treat it and one of those treatments was rape. Being gay or gender non conforming has a centuries long history of being considered a horrible disease that must fixed but more than that corrective rape is mostly about punishment. These people who exist in ways that defy social norms need to be punished with rape and abuse because it was decided by our fucked up society that their behaviors and choices are unacceptable and rape as a form of punishment is not new. This shit is still happening today in 2014. Corrective rape for gay, lesbian, and trans people is still happening. Still happening. Again, this has nothing to do with men in prison in the 80s.

Rape as punishment is a serious issue within rape culture, it’s played out every time someone engages in victim blaming. “If she hadn’t been drinking this never would have happened” means at its core that because she was behaving in a way she “shouldn’t” she deserved to be punished and that punishment was rape which she just could have avoided if she’d just been behaving “properly.”

TL;DR So, yeah, rape in men’s prisons is definitely a rape culture issue but it damn sure didn’t start there. Rape in men’s prisons in the 80s specifically is definitely not where anything started. If we didn’t already have the rape culture ideas of rape as punishment, as a weaopn, and a belief that the rapes of non-people (like prisoners who by and large aren’t legally or socially considered fellow human beings anymore) don’t really matter already baked into our society thanks to a millenia long history of constant rape culture rape in men’s prisons wouldn’t really exist, or at the very least it wouldn’t exist in the way that it currently does.

~ Rage