We did the math to calculate exactly how much money billionaires and celebrities like Jeff Bezos and Kylie Jenner make an hour

  • Some of America’s richest people make more money in one hour than others would ever see in their lifetime.
  • We calculated how much 16 of the richest billionaires and celebrities make an hour, and the results were illuminating.
  • Jeff Bezos makes more than $4 million an hour, and Kylie Jenner earns the median US salary in roughly 2 ½ hours.

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New Year’s All-Day! Because of the way that time differences throughout the world work, it is possible to travel heading east and stay at one specific time for a whole day. In recent times it has become a common pastime for wealthy jet-setters to board private high-speed jets and consistently celebrate 12:00AM on January 1st for an entire 24 hours!