Don’t be surprised how quickly the Universe moves once you’ve decided.
—  Anonymous 



  • Cinnamon - money, luck, success, prosperity
  • Marjoram - wealth, happiness, protection
  • Oregano - action, courage, energy
  • Basil - prosperity, success, wealth, happiness
  • Clove - prosperity, protection
  • Thyme - luck, prosperity, health
  • Gold glitter - luck, prosperity, money

I made this super simple but powerful money spell jar during the last full moon! My intention while putting everything together was “Prosperity and money come to me by happy means”✨💚

Hey Americans, we should be like the British and get comfortable talking about our salaries at work.

This won’t just work to kill pay inequality for women, people of color, and other less privileged workers. It helps ALL workers better understand what their salaries can be and pushes employers to get clear on the steps we can to take to get there. That shit matters!

I choose absolute abundance, for since there is not a limit to the abundance in the Universe, by my attracting abundance to me I am not limiting another… There is enough for everyone. The key is for each of us to see it and want it— and then we will each attract it.