wealth imbalance


(N.) ‘soo-pur-'sal-uh-ree  An outrageously high salary paid to CEOs, middle managers, civil servants or assorted lucky others, which dwarfs the microsalaries going to most workers. (A phenomenon identified by the French economist Thomas Piketty.)  Usage: A new gilded age arose in the late 20th and early 21st centuries as businesses allotted supersalaries and special privileges to a select few, while the wages and benefits of the majority stagnated or sank.

To those on the left who are terrified of an impending Trump presidency:

I have one word: organize.

The reason that Trump’s base was able to take power was that the political doctrine of the Democrats is fundamentally unequipped to deal with right-wing authoritarianism. The Democratic party has conventions of politeness they adhere that carefully avoid upsetting the balance of power, they value preserving the status quo by introducing small reforms that improve things on the surface but never threaten the overall imbalance of wealth and power in society. Donald Trump’s supporters, meanwhile, have shown no qualms with taking to the streets and making public displays of power and intimidation.

If the past has shown us anything, it’s that true political change can come only from public pressure, not from politicians. Don’t sit still and hope for another Bernie Sanders to come along and save us. Go outside, organize public demonstrations, get into the streets and march. Make your voice heard. There is no social movement in history that ever ended at an election.

Self Actualization in a Modern World

There is a set of beliefs, nothing formal mind you, but which seem to be tenets of the New Age culture. Some would say “hippie culture”.

Some of these are:

  • corporations are evil
  • GMOs are evil
  • banks are evil
  • commerce is evil
  • large farms are evil
  • western civilization is evil
  • organized religion is evil
  • modern medicine is evil
  • government is evil
  • big cities are evil
  • capitalism is evil

Now the fact is that in some cases there is some credence to these. Certainly some corporations and banks have done some evil things because the people at the top were selfish and greedy for profit at the expense of others. Organized religion likewise has led to some evil actions by both the organizations and the individuals within those organizations. Likewise unrestrained capitalism leads to an imbalance of wealth and poverty for those on the lower rungs. Modern medicine has been responsible for some ethical problems including the debate over abortion and an uneven distribution of services. Cities create pollution and put tremendous strains on nature and can lead to a “I got mine now you get yours” mindset.

The facts are that in a world of seven billion people all of these institutions are necessary. Without large farms and modern high yield and pest resistant crops people would starve. Crystals, chanting and herbs can never take the place of modern medicine. Capitalism, restrained by trade restrictions, is the best means of distributing goods and services and market capitalism and free trade have led to prosperity everywhere they are practiced. 

Organized religions are the single biggest providers of charity in the world and provide a sense of fellowship and community for billions of people. Without joint stock corporations to provide a means of raising capital and sharing the risk of loss the modern world could not exist. We cannot feed billions of people without large farms and their economies of scale. Without government we would sink into the rule of nature, of fang and claw of every man against every man, might makes right and the strong oppressing the weak.

To be “against” these things is muddled thinking. Without the aforementioned institutions this world would be unable to support anything like the population we have today meaning that if these institutions were to end tonight BILLIONS of people, mostly poor, would die.

You can be a self actualized citizen of the world and still be realistic.

๑ Samsaran ๑