wealth & privilege

Hey guys, just to let you know, the rich people with millions upon billions of dollars watching people starve from the mansions aren’t kind hearted philanthropists.

They’re the enemy of the working class.

If you disagree look up what the fuck scarcity means.

Watching the Gilmore Girls: Revival reminded me of how awful Rory slowly became over the seasons. I’m sorry but girl, you are literally the epitome of white privilege and wealth. You were afforded so many opportunities, you stomp around as if life owes you something because you’re Rory Fucking Gilmore and a small town in Connecticut thinks you’re awesome. You wait around, hoping to get that call for your dream job, meanwhile instead of working on the side to show that you’re worth hiring in the first place, you’re just banging the rich guy from college who’s engaged. Cheating on your quasi boyfriend and stringing him along without a care to his feelings because it’s all about you. And that when you go in for the job that’s ‘beneath you’ and don’t come prepared and throw a tantrum because you don’t get it, you just settle and go back home and say, “Well, guess I’ll work at the town newspaper for no pay because whatever!” Seriously?

Ugh. I’m sorry but Rory Gilmore is awful. I mean, this is the same girl who when she spent a night in jail said, “Well, so did Martin Luther King.” Guuuurl? You went to prep school and you’re going to Yale!

Meanwhile, Paris Geller continues to be awesome.

When someone brings up Beyonce’s light-skinned and wealth privilege to derail the fact that I will never relate to Gaga’s whiteness in spite of her being queer. Sorry Beyonce does it better for me than Gaga.

I want everyone to just remember that being vegan/vegetarian or any special way of eating, staying hydrated all the time, going to the gym, and overall keeping up a healthy lifestyle is a luxury and not everyone can afford to live that kind of luxury so please acknowledge  the privilege you have before commenting on someone else lifestyle. 


May 24, 2015:

I’ve written a new musical entitled Hamilton; it’s opening on Broadway this summer. There are lots of characters in the show, but I want to talk about two of them in particular, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. On the surface, these men had a lot in common: They were both orphaned at a young age, though Burr grew up in wealth and privilege in New England, Hamilton in poverty in the Caribbean. Both prodigious students, revered commanders in the Revolutionary War, expert lawyers, respected politicians, innovative businessmen, until 1804 when one kills another in a duel. This duel is their most famous act, linking them together forever.

The engine of my new musical is the fact that Hamilton and Burr both hear that ticking clock of mortality at a very young age, and the way in which they choose to live in the FACE of that knowledge puts them in a collision course from the moment they meet. I’m going to sing a little bit, so if you made a bet that I’d be rapping during the Commencement address, your friend owes you money. Or points.

Several truths:

There’s only 2 Genders.
The world is not flat.
Vaccines can’t cause autism.
Islam is not a religion of peace.
Black people can be racist.
The gender pay gap is false.
The Racial pay gap is false.
The Russians didn’t hack the election.
Islam is not a race.
Sharia law would bring more oppression.
Men aren’t the only ones that rape.
Slavery wasn’t invented by white people.
Pepe the frog isn’t a hate symbol, just a meme.
White privilege isn’t real.
Wealth privilege is real.
Racial preference is not racist.
A gender studies degree won’t even get you in a McDonald’s.
Protesting a democratic election will get tiring after a while.
Misandry and Misogyny are the same thing.
Reverse racism isn’t real, that’s because it’s just racism.

anonymous asked:

dude what the hell @ your rich people post? that's such a not ok thing to say. what about rich mentally ill people who can barely care for themselves? what about rich disabled people who aren't able to reach others due to physical limitations? what if their best accomplishment for now is getting out of bed and facing the next day? not hate but you need to think about that post and what you're implying, and how much it shames/guilts those who are financially able but mentally/physically not????

you got “zanab is undermining disabled people” from me saying the accomplishments of rich people are not impressive??? you have to know that’s not what i meant and that was never my intention? 

one aspect of your life does not cancel out all other aspects. rich people who are marginalized are still at a disadvantage even though they are rich–this goes without saying and i never denied that? but you have to also realize that marginalized people born into excessive wealth are still privileged in that regard? 

It’s. Not. The. White. Wash.

So, I realize on Tumblr I’ve been more on GitS’s ass and FB more on Iron Fist’s ass. So let me balance that out.

First: It’s mostly white people talking about white washing, so let’s please discard that straw man. An asian Iron Fist would be cool, but a white Iron Fist learning to be a strong social ally for asian americans and using his color and wealth privileges as such while -listening- to asians more than talking to/over them would be -better-. We got neither. We got a white-savior-trope so tired I don’t think a direct shot of epinephrine could wake it.

Second: The martial arts being inaccurate is a gripe, nothing much. But treating the various asian groups and their arts as interchangeable is not a gripe, that’s a slap in the face. We’re not scenery, we’re diverse cultures. And given Asia was opened to the West in every foul and violent method they had available, most of which have repercussions to this day, some actual effort not to casually traipse over our identities would be nice. Inaccurate combat has always been a part of stage combat. Bringing a Shinai into a Wushu school is just fucking offensively dismissive.

Third: It is disrespectful to have someone enter another culture and appear to master it in fiction. Period.

Fourth: “But the source material!” EDIT: I was misinformed of Luke Cage’s Origins, this was actually a reference to the first draft of the DC character that became “Black Lightning”, originally called “Black Bomber”. I didn’t do my research, and that’s my fault. Please re blog this fix. My apologies to my readers because holy fuck that was a misstep.  Luke Cage was originally a white man magically turned into a blacksploitation-level stereotype superhero. The original concept for Black Lightning was called Black Bomber, a white supremacist who turned into a black man under stress. The editer that green lit this DC Disaster left the company before anything went to print and DC quickly tried to save the concept work. So we got Black Lightning instead. I think we’ve gotten past defending things that are crap because of “but the source material!” Ya’ll claim new creators have artistic freedom. Cool, then they should use it -well-.

Fifth: “It’s just entertainment!” Ghu. What an empty argument. No, it’s not just entertainment; it’s a hurtful representation of a third the world’s population. Moreover, if it were so trivial, if the details are so unimportant, why refuse to support changing them in a way that would not be as hurtful? I mean, if there’s no difference to you, what does it matter? And what we see and consume and create reflect what we believe, and reinforce those beliefs society-wide. Educated and worldly people still believe that Chinese take out is dog meat, that Asia consists solely of China and Japan (Korea and Vietnam if we’re lucky), and that “positive” stereotypes of Asians are “actually helpful.” It’s not “just” media.

Sixth: We are being treated as mere scenery for a white character. If there’s not a glaring issue with that, well… If they weren’t treating us like set pieces they can swap and move at will, it’d be a very different story. I’d love a white Danny Rand immersed in various Asian cultures learning about them and discovering that the power of the Iron Fist is only part of what he should and will become, that by emptying himself and becoming full of the arts themselves he will learn about the fighting styles and those who created them. Again, not what we got.

Seventh: In the western world, as Asians, Identity is hard. We don’t get much honest representation. It’s pretty much Kung Fu, Mystic arts, and other bad stereotypes. And more, we don’t have media really exploring this place we’re caught in, between two very different cultures we love, unsure how much we can be one without betraying the other. Iron Fist is a small paper cut of hundreds, thousands if you count what we hear from “friends”. But it’s even worse when we say “Hey, there are some problematic things here. This treatment of Asian Identity is bullshit,” and all we hear back, no matter how civil, how clear our talking points are, is that we’re looking to be offended. We’re tired of being offended. And most of us won’t even argue because we have lost all faith in the West to ever care about us. Asians become insular because they are excluded and denied their identities. Iron Fist was no new sins, but the fandom has been fucking toxic.

Eighth and last: Please don’t tell me how to feel about Iron Fist. Don’t tell me I want to be offended. Don’t tell me what is and is not hurtful. Especially if you aren’t Asian.

I don’t hate Iron Fist as a concept. Needs a new century’s paint, but there’s a lot of potential. Pretending work doesn’t need to be done and badly does the entire fandom a disservice, and is disrespectful to a third of the planet. Worth considering.