We all want to think of ourselves as great at one thing and terrible at all these other things. The truth is probably closer to the middle. We’re pretty good at a handful of things, mediocre at a bunch of stuff, and then fairly unpracticed at a few skills. The trick is not turning my weaknesses into habits. The trick is turning strengths into amazing feats of passion.

“We must learn what the birds already know: Admitting you can’t do it alone, and leaning on those around you is not a weakness — it’s restoration.

So fall back when you need to. Don’t wait until you strain your wings so much that you have to land. As Rilke describes, if you falsify your endurance, you’ll only fall from the sky. And, if you find people that beat with a similar rhythm, keep them close.

I can’t help but wonder… if we valued shameless reliance over solitary perseverance, how much farther could we make it in this great migration?”

— Kelly Witchen, “Shameless Reliance over Solitary Perseverance.”

(Photo by Paul Stevenson)