weak thighs

my aesthetic is victor loving yuuri’s thighs



shit my girlfriend has said to me

“bye i’m gay”
“i found candles in the shape of cacti”
“dogs are too good for us”
“what would this world do without me?”
“i can happily rub your butt if it’ll make you feel better”
“please give me your dog”
“what’s that bee movie even about?”
“i can’t believe i’m dating a furry”
“your fetish is getting out of hand”
“i was just in the shower and i was thinking about how we should watch shrek”
“who needs a cat when you’re dating someone who is like a cat?”
“those white haired anime boys are your weakness”
“you know i’m weak for thighs”
“at least you’re like an anime character now”
“if it makes you feel better, i think you’re 100% punk”
“why are cats scared of cucumbers?”
“i’m scarred for life thanks to them”
“you won’t believe what i just did”
“i’m gonna blame it on the vodka i had”
“are you implying that you love my pick-up lines?”
“were you laughing at the person crying?!”
“that’s pretty dramatic for a sports anime”
“you’re making me suffer with you”
“what’s your fursona?”
“you’re the only furry i’d date”
“i can’t believe i’m dating an anime nerd”
“what’s that anime about? is it about dogs?”
“why do so many of them hate dogs?”

{Reaction} B-Joo finding out you have ticklish thighs

Hi! Could you do EXO + Topp Dogg’s B-Joo’s reaction to their s/o having ticklish thighs?

Note: Continuation from the last post but the same request~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Kim Byung Joo/ B-Joo 

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B-Joo grinned when he found out that your weak spot was ticklish thighs. He loved the fact you were so sensitive under his touch, and abided by him with a little encouragement from this new method. Not only did it turn him on a little, it admittedly made him fall more and more in love with you as he found out more and more about you as a person. h e loves finding out these small, sweet details about you as he discovers and learns about you with each day that progresses. 

{y/n}: “What did I say about tickling me there?”

B-Joo: “Don’t do it.” 

{y/n}: “So why are you doing it?” 

B-Joo: “I said I remember what you told me, not that I was going to listen” *winks*

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