weak pokemon

Every single pokemon character is autistic

Every single one. Like maybe there are some nts but only like one percent.

- it is a social norm to not make eye contact unless you are going to battle
- most trainers specialize in one type aka special interests
- no small talk. It is acceptable to introduce yourself by talking about whatever the fuck is in your mind and then going straight into a battle
- speaking of which, that youngster that says shorts are “comfy and easy to wear” totally has sensory issues that make him hate jeans
- random ass npcs will infodump you on miscellaneous aspects of the game. That o-pin guy in x/y totally has o-pins as a special interest
- all the player characters are partially nonverbal, they can usually only say “yes” and “no”, and they use scripts to order their pokemon in battle (names of moves and stuff like “the foe is weak! Get ‘em (pokemon name)!” No one finds anything notable about this or anything wrong with it
- the reason battling is turn-based is because many/most people have slow processing time and it’s considered honorable to respect this and allow your opponent to time to think
- the emphasis on collecting/trading and how it’s such a common hobby in that world.
- Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of pokemon, is autistic
- I’m sure there’s other evidence I’m forgetting

But basically this is canon and no one can convince me otherwise

  • me playing pokemon: why do all of these npc trainers have so many of the same pokemon, and only like teams of 2-3? this is unrealistic they should have full 6 pokemon teams and cover all their type weaknesses and
  • me playing pokemon go, arms full of nidoran,: I now understand

Y’know, random thought, but I’ve never agreed with any of those Dragon Age/Pokemon crossovers as to what Pokemon Iron Bull would have on his team because it’s canon that he prefers that a sword being pretty rather than strong. My dude would have 6 pretty pink pokemon and he would love them with all his heart. 

So Sapphires super human abillities include;

- Super strength

- Super scent

- Super hearing

- Incredible sight

- Holding her breath for abnormal amounts of time

- Incredibly strong intuition ability

- The ability to kick “Guile” halfway across a room

- Being able to sense someones presence just by their emotions

- Being crushed by her Aggron and being all good

- Falling from a rocket during takeoff and also being all good

- Comunicating with the equivilent of God through a gem stone

- And seeing dead people

At this point, nothing can suprise me anymore.

Sapphire is OP and I love her for it.

So last night I had a dream that they were adding a new type to pokemon and it was ‘Scooping’ type. They didn’t explain what it was or what it meant but it was mostly being applied to unpopular or weak pokemon so like Dunsparce was Normal/Scooping and Granbull was Fairy/Scooping.


#674.5 - Pancham have a lot of attitude for such small Pokemon. They try their hardest to look intimidating and get taken seriously by their enemies, but often fail since their glare is not sufficiently frightening. Pancham look up to Pangoro, and in an effort to be as “cool” as them, will often seek out a Dark Type Pokemon to study under; a condition that is necessary for sparking Pancham’s evolution. As they age, Pancham grow larger and stronger, becoming violent and intimidating in their own right. Despite this, they have a warm heart and appreciate affection, and will look out for weak Pokemon who are being bullied.

Named: Pancham - Panchou - Pangoro

Other Gen 6 Pokemon

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