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Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 12

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Trigger warnings: attempted suicide

Rhys watched his fake girlfriend sleep in a chair beside her unconscious father. The nurses would visit every 30 minutes, tugging on wires, adjusting drips. He had sat here for 6 hours, counting the tiles on the ceiling (56) reading the 2 week old newspaper (Brexit backlash - again), even counting the freckles across Feyre’s nose that he could from this distance (Over 20).

He remembered holding Feyre’s hand as the doctors told her that her father jumped off a four story building, breaking nearly half of his bones in his body. He remembered holding her when she cried because she had no one else.

Mor had ended up so distressed that she was escorted outside by Cassian and Azriel.

Feyre’s legs were curled up beneath her. At some point a Nurse had covered her with a blanket.

She looked so small. So incredibly small.

The door opened to the private room to find his mother rush forward towards him. Rhys rose from his chair, reaching out to her as she was to him. He buried his face into her neck as she stroked her hand through his hair.

“Mum,” he breathed out, his body almost wracking with sobs but he reined it in. It felt as though he didn’t have the right.

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Topics I just need to touch on from Lord of Shadows (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)

Emma and Julian

- I’m really glad their friendship went back to normal after some time. The distance between them was unlike them at all and I hated it. I know it was necessary because they both had to process how things had changed between them, but that doesn’t mean I liked reading it.

- Okay so I think the curse is seriously coming into play here. Cassie never outwardly says that the curse is already occurring, but she drops multiple hints throughout the book. For one, all of a sudden, Emma and Julian can communicate telepathically. I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen. Also, um, they caught a STONE building on fire?! Stone? All-powerful runes? Ring a bell?????

- During the church scene and many, many other scenes, there’s so much sexual tension between Emma and Julian. Literally. I think there’s more in LOS than LM because at this point they’ve had sex and seen that intimate side of each other. At this point, they both have privately acknowledged that they are in love with the other. I think that plays a huge role in their relationship and how it has evolved since Lady Midnight.

- That huge fight that they had when they were staying at Malcolm’s cottage literally broke me. I was on the verge of crying while reading that. I’m just glad that it didn’t take long for them to make up.

- Their conversation about the Shadowhunter family mottos BAHAHAHAHA

- This is their second sex scene and honestly I loved it so much. It was so perfect. I almost burst into tears crying when Emma admitted to Julian that she’d been lying about her relationship with Mark.

- Emma still hasn’t told Julian that she loves him and I keep wondering if this is an important detail that will be used in QoAaD. Am I the only one who noticed this?

Diana Wrayburn

- It’s not like I hated Diana in Lady Midnight, I just didn’t know her very well and didn’t see the depth of her character. Once I read her backstory, I grew to love her. She is such a strong person and honestly I just want to be her best friend.

- Diana and Gwyn? Um, can you say hella cute couple?

- Once Cassie told us that there would be a transgender character reveal in Lord of Shadows, I knew from the start that it would be Diana. In Lady Midnight, it talks about how she has lots of secrets and a dark past. We knew that she’d been through a lot, so it wasn’t a huge surprise for me, but still a monumental moment in the book nonetheless. 

- Summed up into four words, I can say “I love Diana Wrayburn!”

Kit Herondale

- From the moment we found out in Lady Midnight that Kit is the Lost Herondale, I knew that he would be an interesting character to read about. I was not disappointed.

- It’s truly heartwarming to watch Kit grow from a person who is denying himself as a Shadowhunter and the culture of the Shadowhunters to fully embracing it and finding a home with the Blackthorns. That scene where they’re fighting the Seven Riders and Ethna (or whatever her name is) is about to kill him and he’s all like “I’m Christopher Herondale.” I just loved that and I almost cried. 

- At this point, I still don’t really know where his relationship with Ty will lead. I know for sure it will be either a romantic relationship or a parabatai relationship, and I’m perfectly fine with whichever. For me, it’s hard to tell right now. Cassie has a habit of pulling large plot twists on us, and I don’t know what to think. All I do know is that I like Kit and Ty as friend or lovers. I think they compliment each other very well and are so cute. (The Sherlock and Watson comparisons?! Cute af!)

Julian Blackthorn

- I’m honestly so scared for Julian and I have two main theories for him. Neither of them are happy. He’s either going to literally go off the deep end and go full evil and be really bad or he’s not going to survive to the end of the series. Like I said, I don’t really like either option.

- Julian’s hidden ruthlessness is touched upon several times in LOS like in LM. This is NOT coincidental and Cassie is foreshadowing. His ruthless nature and his undying will to protect those he loves will play a major role in the plot of QoAaD, I’m sure.

- I don’t even want to think about how Livvy’s death will affect his family, but especially Julian. He’d devoted his life, time, and heart to protecting his family and doing whatever it takes to keep them alive and safe. He’s failed to do that. Because of Livvy’s death, he will blame himself and I feel like it will really push him over the edge. 

- There is this undeniable dark Julian that we all know exists. Few of us actually acknowledge that this is a part of Julian because we don’t want to imagine our baby Julian like that. Our baby Julian, who has been in love with Emma for god knows how long. Our baby Julian who ran an Institute when he was twelve, killed his own father, who became parabatai with Emma even when he knew he was in love with her because he didn’t want to lose her. Jules, Julian, who paints her in secret, who hides his feelings for her. He is an incredibly selfless person and I feel like that it could seriously be his downfall and weakness ironically.

- Basically, I think that tough times are in the forecast for Julian Blackthorn. :(

Five Main Character Deaths

- Jon Cartwright: I was really surprised about his death and didn’t see it coming. I was just a lil sad but overall it wasn’t that bad. I will miss him though. I hope Marisol will be okay.

- Arthur Blackthorn: I was also very surprised about this death. In Lady Midnight, Arthur is written as this insane, depressed, and sad individual. We don’t like him because he was supposed to run the Institute, not Julian. In the last few pages of his life, he was completely lucid and actively gave up his life to save the younger Blackthorns. I was very taken aback and thought it was very honorable. It instantly redeemed his character for me. I was sad to see him go.

- Malcolm Fade: I never really believed he was dead tbh. I actually laughed when he truly died. Literally, this dude spends 200+ years dedicating his life to bringing a girl back from the dead, and when he does she just kills him?!?! I died it was actually really funny. I realize how sick that sounds and I’m sorry but it was so funny.

- Robert Lightwood: Never did I think a character from another series would be killed off. I set myself up for sadness when I assumed that. I was very sad when Robert died; not only was he Emma and Julian’s only hope to fix things between them, but he was also just mending his relationship with his children and it broke my heart when Alec was calling for his dad. I can’t remember exactly, the last few pages of LOS were a blur of tears and emotions and words and I’m pretty sure I started crying when Alec was calling “Dad, please, dad.”

- Livvy Blackthorn: Oh my god. Oh my god. Livvy’s death caught me by complete surprise and it crushed me. Livvy had so much ahead of her. She’d found out that Julian had been the one that had taken care of all of the younger Blackthorns since the Dark War, and she’d wanted to be like him. She’d kissed Julian on the forehead. It was so cute and it warmed my heart. SHE NEVER GOT TO RUN AN INSTITUTE. All Livvy wanted was for her family to be together and when Helen and Mark finally came back and everyone was together, she died. She never got to see her family reunite, and I think that’s the saddest part. I truly will miss Livvy. And when the clock rang? Oh my god, I was a hot mess. There are dried tears on the last two pages of LOS. I cried myself to sleep that night when I finished it.

Side note on Livvy’s death: maybe this is a grieving me just searching for a way to bring Livvy back but there was a quote in either Lady Midnight or Lord of Shadows (I think its LOS) and one of the characters (I think a faerie or something) is like “Oh, how foolish of u to regard death as something so final.” Will this tie into Livvy’s death? WILL LIVVY COME BACK?

Characters I Literally Cannot Deal With

- Jaime Rosales (taking advantage of Dru like wtf)

- Annabel Blackthorn (she fucking killed Livvy and Robert ugh)

- Zara Dearborn (I don’t really need to explain this, do I?)

- The Cohort (see above)

Characters I Didn’t Pay Much Attention to Before but Now I Like Them

- Mark Blackthorn (sweet bby oml)

- Kieran (ur not as bad as I thought, pal)

- Diana Wrayburn (I explained above. Never hated her or anything, just didn’t know her)


- Dru Blackthorn (don’t make her babysit plz)

- Ty and Livvy (I have a twin and I wish he was like Ty lol)

Emma Carstairs 

- hot mess of angst and emotions throughout the book (as expected) 

- Julian Blackthorn Julian Blackthorn Julian Blackthorn Julian Blackthorn

- She slayed one of the Seven Riders like holy crap girl ur a legend

- She and Julian had sex again. Have I talked about this? Yes. It was amazing. I loved it. I enjoyed every second of it.

- I love how whenever someone does anything mean or says something bad about the Blackthorns, Emma freaking goes apeshit on them

- When Emma made Diego stand in the antpile…. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GIRL

- She’s so sassy and I love her sass. Did I mention I love her sass. 

Further comments


- will Emma and Julian seriously ever get rid of the parabatai bond

- how will Livvy’s death affect her family

- when will Mark, Cristina, and Kieran have their eventual threesome I need to know

- how the fuck is Bridget still alive


- what is happening to the warlocks oh my god don’t touch my Tessa and don’t touch my Magnus

- is Ragnor alive or nah

- what is the history of the Black Volume

- Clary better not die or I fucking s2g


Imagine Joker as father and a husband.

When she was born:

Frost was driving you, Joker, and your new born daughter, Veronica to the mansion. The whole ride, you were just staring at her.

“She’s lovely…” Joker whispered.

“What?” you asked,pretending you didn’t hear it, you just want him to say it out loud.


“You said something J, what is it?”

“Uhmm…S–uhmm…it’s not nothing,doll…” he said. You giggled, he’ll say it out loud some time.

3 months later:

J is in his office having a meeting his new business partners. You just put Veronica to sleep in her crib, so you decided to take a bath. You opened the shower, you left the door slightly open to be able to hear Veronica if she cries.

You were shampooing your hair when you heard her cry. You immediately rinsed your hair and wore the bathrobe,but she’s not crying anymore, when you went out, what you saw made your heart melt into a puddle and put a smile on your face. The most feared clown and King of Gotham City is playing with his daughter, like a normal father would do. Veronica is laying on the bed and beside her is Joker shaking a purple rattle that is obviously new because the rattle you bought for her is pink. What made it even cuter is he’s talking like a baby.

“Who’s daddy’s little clown? You are! You’re daddy’s little clown!” he said. This isn’t the first time you heard him talk with joy in his voice,but this one is different. “You like it? You like your new rattle? Its has a better color than what mommy bought you!” he said.

“HEY!!” you finally talked. “What? I’m just stating the truth! This one is better than the pink one! I’m changing all of her stuff to purple and gold!”

“What?!” Then you realized there are a lot of boxes inside your room right now, all labeled ‘Veronica Ava’. “Are you fuc–”

“No cursing in front of Veronica!” he whispered yelled. “Are you serious, J?! What will you do with her old stuff!?”

“Throw it away…” he said, carrying Veronica to his arms. “But–”

“No buts. Now, go back to the bathroom and continue what you’re doing because you still have shampoo on your hair!” says Joker, stepping out of the room. “Where are you taking Veronica?” you asked.

“Y/N, doll,relax! I’m not going to get my little clown into trouble!”

You shook your head smiling as you went back to the bathroom.

6 months old:

“Veronica, this is Uncle Frost! Say hi to him!” you said to 6 moths old Veronica. She giggled and waved to Frost, who smiled at her and said, 'Hi’.

“Y/N? What are you doing?!” you turned around and saw Joker who just woke up, wearing only his Arkham pants. “Good morning, J! I’m introducing your henchmen to Veronica, her pediatrician said, introducing her to people can also help her to say her first words!”

He just nodded and turned around, walking back to your shared bedroom. Suddenly,Veronica started wiggling in your arms, and raising her arms. “What is it, V?” You asked. Tears are forming in her eyes and raising her arms up. “Maybe, she wants boss…” says Frost.

“You think so?”

“Yes, miss Y/N… She was calm until boss came then left…”

“Thanks, Frosty!”

You rushed upstair, J isn’t in your shared bedroom, so you went to his office. You knocked several times, while trying to hush Veronica. “I’M BUSY!” he yelled. “OPEN THE DOOR, JACK!” you know by calling him 'Jack’ will anger the hell in him, but you didn’t care. If its for your daughter, you’re willing to piss Joker off everyday.

He opened the door, “WHAT DID I TELL–”

“Veronica wants you!”

“I’m busy, Y/N!”

“J, your daughter will not stop crying if you won’t carry her!”

“I SA–”


“SEE!? SHE SAID 'DADA’–Wait? She talked?! Oh my god! J! Did you hear that!? Say it again–no! Say 'Momma’!”

Joker is obviously surprised, he carried Veronica that immediately calmed her. “See? She wants to spend time with her dada!” you said.

“My little clown…” says Joker and kissed Veronica on her temple.

“JACK!” you yelled.Joker slammed the door shut, after getting Veronica from you.

Joker loves to spend time with Veronica, but he never showed how softy he is when it comes to her.
1st birthday:

You and Veronica just woke up and Joker wasn’t there, maybe he’s preparing something for Veronica, you thought.“Happy birthday, V!” you greeted her and she smiled. The both of you took a bath, when you stepped out of the bathroom, you saw a big purple box with a gold ribbon on the bed.

“Happy Birthday my little clown! I want you to wear this♡
-Dada J

P.S. Of course, there’s something for momma, too.”

“Look Veronica, dada bought you something!” Veronica giggled and clapped her hands. You opened the box and it revealed two white dresses and flower crowns.

“White? Why white? I thought it would be purple…” you muttered. You put the dress on your daughter and to yourself,then you combed her curly chestnut brown hair and placed the flower crown and you did the same for your curly h/c hair.

You put on a little make up, before going downstairs. You saw one of his henchmen, standing by the staircase. “Good morning, Miss Y/N and Miss Veronica…”

“Good morning, where’s J?”

“He’s waiting for the both of you, Miss…” he said, taking the baby bag from me.


You and V arrived at a mansion, its bigger than J’s mansion.  His henchman lead you to the front door, then the door was opened and “Happy Birthday, Miss Veronica!” Frost greeted. Veronica extended her arms, asking him to carry her, and you were so amazed by the mansion’s interior design. Frost is now carrying your daughter, he said something but you didn’t quite catch it.

“Doll, you might want to close your mouth…” says Joker who is now carrying Veronica.

“J-j! W-what–wh-why—”

“Its ours, dollface… Its our new home…”

You ran towards Joker and hugged him. He never said the word 'Our’, everything is 'His’. But, this mansion…Tears escaped from your eyes. “Y/N, you’re going to ruin your makeup and crush my little clown…” he said, that made you laugh. You wiped your tears and hugged them once again.

“Now, let’s get the party started!!” You screamed.

Then, all of his henchme came in. They’re all wearing party hats, holding balloons and this 4 storey cake! Of course, Joker spoiled her with luxurious toys and stuff.

(1 ½ years old) She’s too much of a Dada’s little clown:

“Boss, the car is ready…” Frost said. “C'mon V! Dada’s going to work!” you said. “Dada will be back, little clown!” says Joker, giving Veronica to you. She’s already in your arms, but her tiny hand is tightly gripping on J’s gold chain. “Veronica, baby! Let go of Dada…” you said, but she’s just staring at J with her innocent face and her right hand on his chain. “Veronica, I have to leave…” he said, softly, that surprised Frost but he didn’t show it. “Veronica!” you called her, she shook her head no. You tried to remove her grip from J.“Little clown! Let go!” he said, slighlty raised his voice, not wanting to scare her. “J, just take it off…” you said. J took it off, this is the first time his leaving with incomplete accesorries.

“FUCK!!” he screamed in pain, when something hit his back and followed by Veronica’s cry. He turned around, facing the both of you, he realized it was his gold chain. You’re trying to stop her from crying, “Shhh…baby, stop crying! Go, J! I can manage!”

Joker gritted his metal teeth, having a hard time choosing between his daughter and the heist. “Damn it!” he mumbled and left. Veronica cried even louder that can be heard all through out the mansion. You brought her in her room, you put her to her crib, while you get her baby bottle. When you gave it to her, she spat it out and she won’t stop crying. You started to tear up too. “V! Please! I-i–sniffs–I’m getting jealous! You…you love your father than me! That’s unfair!” you whined like a kid, like your daughter can understand you. “Come on, Veronica!” you cried. But she keeps on crying and screaming “Dada!!”

The door swung open,you immediately wiped your tears and carried Veronica. “J-j? Y-you’re b-back!” you said, facing the window. You don’t want him to see you’re weak and you can’t handle her, but your tears won’t stop flowing. “I didn’t left…”

“Huh? W-what about the heist? Its–sniffs–import-tant…”

“Are you crying, doll?”


“Come on, let me calm Veronica…”

“N-no, I-i can handle her!”

You felt his hands on your shoulder, he slowly spun you around and got Veronica. She snuggled to J’s neck, and stopped crying. “Why are you crying?” he asked, wiping your tears with his thumb.

“Stop acting like you don’t know!” you yelled. You know he doesn’t like being yelled at. His eyes narrowed, you know he’s already pissed off. “Did you just–” he took a deep breath, “What’s the matter, Y/N? Come on, tell me…” he said surprisingly calm. He pulled you to his chest and his free hand caresses your h/c hair. “I-its just–sniffs– I feel like I’m not good enough to stop Veronica from crying! She-she always wants you-sobs- That is so unfair!”

“Dollface, don’t say that! She just wanted us to be always be beside her, she wants our attention and…to keep Dada safe from…harm, you understand?”

You nodded. He kissed your temple, “You’re still going to be punished, dollface…” he squeezed your butt and gave it a light slap. You giggled and hugged him tighter.

Duty has to come before love

Out of all the episode, the scene between Aladdin and Jasmine’s kiss was the one that stood out to me the most. With the spoiler’s pics going around, giving us lot of scenes and especially one with the Black Fairy dressed as a Mayor, I think we have with this scene, a clue about what is coming in the final.
In the scene, Agrabah is trapped in a ring with only his citizen out. Of course, Jasmine is the one who can break the curse with Aladdin. So their town is under a curse, just like Storybrooke is since the dark curse was cast by the Evil Queen, making Emma the Savior. Jasmine said something interesting before kissing Aladdin.

“Duty has to come before love.”

That resonate with me. Emma puts her duty to become the Savior before love. She trapped herself in this role wanting to bring everyone happy ending. She says so in 4x01. Her job as the Savior, is to bring back the happy ending.

The dark curse was cast in order to make everyone’s life a misery, so breaking it, will bring back happiness. Operation Cobra part 2 is the following of the first curse, which leads to make the fairytale character go back to the Enchanted Forest. Operation Mongoose part 2 is bringing Regina her happy ending. I let you connect the dots.

Emma is trapped in her Savior role by being with Hook. He told her that she was his happy ending, so it’s her duty to give him that.

“So I tell myself that I could not find love till I don’t bring it back”

Jasmine clearly states that she can’t fall in love till Agrabah is free from the curse. She explains why she keeps pushing Aladdin away and is afraid to really love him. She can’t be in love if her duty is not completed. Duty first. Just like Emma. She can’t fall in love with someone till she didn’t bring everyone happy ending. Wait. Who’s the person we know of that still don’t have a happy ending? Regina. She is happy in Storybrooke, she love herself, but she doesn’t find her happy ending.
Emma thinks being the Savior means not being happy and in love. She is trapped into her Savior role, so in Storybrooke. She is trapped in the fairytale world, her parent’s world, and Hook too.

“The magic that can break any curse”

I didn’t see the episode, and I don’t intend to do so, since the pirate take most of the time. But when I see this scene, without any context, all I could see was Jasmine having a revelation on her role and his connection with love, and so Aladdin. He helped her in her role like she helped him become the Savior. This relation follow the pattern of Emma and Regina. They always got each other back, helping one another.
True love can break any curse. Jasmine finally kiss Aladdin realizing that true love is the solution. She let love connect with duty and do his work. Agrabah is freed from the curse, as Aladdin from being the genie. Emma being parallel with Aladdin and Regina with Jasmine, it all make sense.

Emma is trapped into Storybrooke because of her Savior title, she is a fairytale character like her parents. Snow always represents the perfect princess, a role model that Emma doesn’t want to disappoint. That’s the reason why since season 5 we are seeing less and less the sheriff station, or heard Emma talk about her job. The Savior side of her personality took hold of her, and replace the sheriff side. The same effect can be seeing with Emma’s outfit. She get dressed in Storybrooke, so she’s wearing fairytale outfit, flower pattern.

I also remark that each time Hook is not in the picture, we saw Emma as the sheriff, and not the Savior which reinforce the fact C$ is a representation of the Savior title. Emma is the Savior when she is with Hook, not herself. First the first time since season 5, if I remember correctly, we saw the sheriff station again, the car patrol and also Emma in her job. Besides, she station looks like a mess, paperwork everywhere, like it was close. Indeed, Emma left it behind to be the Savior.

Originally posted by captndevil

Another thing is Emma already throwing Hook’s stuff away barely after is left. It looks like she was excepting it. She doesn’t even seem to care at all. Hell even Henry and Snow didn’t react to this fact, it was normal. Emma packed all his belonging which is not much by the way, a clue again that the pirate is not a big part of her life. So sure it’s easy to move on, if the someone wasn’t an essential part of your life. They live together and yet, Hook didn’t have much of belonging in their house… Emma was ready to move on pretty fast, like she did with Graham, Walsh and now Hook. That’s the reason why she couldn’t answer Regina when she asked her how she feel, because Emma doesn’t really care about him. He decided to run. Alright. She doesn’t need to feel like throwing things or crying her eyes out. She can only feel this way if she was in love with him, that’s not the case.

Then when she talked with the bartender, the conversation was not about Hook. He was never mentioned. She says “survivor” but Emma is a survivor too. She’s the first one we encounter. Like @anothershadeofgreen said in her post, Emma was talking about herself, and the story on the artist and his wife shown us her story with Hook. The wife didn’t love the artist. Emma doesn’t love Hook.

Gideon knows what he’s doing. Sending Hook away means sending Emma’s Savior part away and making her vulnerable. At least that what he though. We all know Emma Swan is a survivor and a strong woman. 6x16 is going to be the first step for Emma in the Choosing phase.

The dark curse has to be broken in order for Emma to be free. That why this season we saw her dies in 6x01 and that Saviors don’t get happy ending. Because duty interfere in love. Aladdin never cease to be the Savior and he lose Jasmine like we saw in 6x01. But, when he decided to help Jasmine like he promised, his happy ending is in sight. When Agrabah is freed from his curse, so does Aladdin and the genie’s curse. He is free. Jasmine said that her father taught her: duty has to come before love.
As Regina, when she let go of the Evil Queen, she lets go of her mother’s influence. Cora taught her that power is everything, and also that:

“Love is weakness”

Exactly like Jasmine. The parallel keeps getting stronger and stronger. So being a Queen came before love. Now that the Queen is gone, love is the final way. The Evil Queen cast the curse, so she would have a part in breaking it, just as Emma. It always involve them. They are the core of the curse. Jasmine chooses love, her happy ending in order to break the curse on her realm. Free of the EQ, the darkness, Regina is free to love again like Daniel asked her to a long time ago. All is falling into place. She is the other part that can break the curse on Storybrooke. She casted it.

The Savior will break the curse. Rumple in 6x10 reminded us, and Regina, that Emma became the Savior because she was the Evil Queen. Now there’s no EQ anymore, like Jasmine was not a princess anymore since her realm didn’t exist. Aladdin was still the Savior as prophesized. Yet, they break the curse together.

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I look at all the picture of the final shooting and realize that the Black Fairy is still in the picture for a reason. We know the Evil Queen didn’t create the dark curse, but a fairy did it, an evil one. The Black Fairy did it. At the end of Sunday episode, Gideon ask for the Savior help to defeat the Black Fairy. Defeat the Black Fairy, is a way to make us understand to break the curse. Why would he wants to kill the Black Fairy, except to make her pay for what she did to him? He’s afraid that she would go against his plan to kill the Savior, Emma and so destroying the dark curse.
Episode 19 is also a Black Fairy centric. Rumple doesn’t want his son to use dark magic. So what if Rumple helps his mother diverts the dark curse in order to ensure that the Savior stayed the Savior and Gideon can no longer kill her? Savior still alive, the dark curse remains. So if the Episode 19 of this season is the Black Fairy centric, we will learn how the dark cruse was created, and why it was in the first place. Also, that would be the beginning of the new curse, the Black Fairy touch. That would explain why we have the Black Fairy in a Mayor outfit, driving Regina’s car, or Gold debenture changing in Gold & Son.

I think episode 20/21 and a portion of 22 will be a remake of the pilot when Storybrooke is under a curse, but instead of sending everyone to the Enchanted Forest, they remain in Storybrooke living their life except with no memories of before. That’s why Emma and Killian are getting married, and he became a deputy alongside her, Snow and Charming living in a farm, Granny driving Ruby’s car… I suspect Henry, being the author, will be the one, when he lay a hand on the book, to try to show his mothers that something wrong. That’s why he goes for Archie in the street with the story book, because the cricket was the one helping him in the pilot.
The scene filmed the 30th marsh happened just after the weeding so episode 20. Emma seemed to defeat Gideon again, because the Savior can’t die. If Gideon is immune like Gold against the Black Fairy, it would make sense, he escaped her and anything is possible. Emma survived again, the dark curse remains, Storybrooke still exist. We know that another shooting happen in the night, but this time, someone is being stabbed, and I would bet it will be Emma or Regina.
The scene with Henry, arm in a cast, and Emma, is a goodbye. Emma is dressed as in the pilot, exactly the same outfit. Closing the circle. My guess is that she is no longer the savior in this scene. She chooses to go.

How can she not be the Savior anymore? Well if the cruse is broken. They filmed a lot in studio, so it must be important for them to keep things under wrap. What we know so far, is that fairytale character are back, since Snow, Charming, Hook were spot in their Enchanted Forest costume. Emma bug was at the town line. When the curse breaks, fairytale character, and also Storybrooke will no longer exist. Emma, Regina, Henry and Violet will remain in the real world because they’re not fairytale character.

The curse will broke with a True Love kiss just like the one between Aladdin and Jasmine. Emma and Regina will break the curse in an unexpected way. Regina will be the one, as Jasmine, to accept love really letting go of her past and influence. She will choose her happy ending by kissing Emma. It’s not a coincidence if Robin died, she let go of the Evil Queen and help Emma moving on from Hook. Remember that her and the pirate are much alike. So in order to break the dark curse and bring back everyone happy ending, Emma and Regina needs to share a True Love kiss, coming full circle.

Why Lucy Heartfilia is one of the Strongest Members of Fairy Tail

Guys, I love Lucy. I absolutely adore her because she is strong, brave, and so incredibly human

However, there are people out there who will put her down, call her weak, claim that she can’t do anything without someone saving her or protecting her, and it hurts. It hurts because it makes you realize that sometimes people judge strength solely upon physical and fighting prowess.

Strength is not just physical.

Lucy Heartfilia is the prime example of this in the Fairy Tail anime/manga. After all, she is the main character. No matter what has happened, no matter what will happen, Lucy Heartfilia is and will always be the main character of Fairy Tail. So whereas all of the Fairy Tail characters have their own demons, and have some crazy inner turmoil that, at some point, they have to work through…Lucy has the most and you just never see it, sometimes because you choose not to see it.

So when she is lying, beaten, bloody, bruised, and crying on the ground, people are making fun of her.

When she has taken all she can take and done more than anyone else could have in a situation when one of the others comes in to save the day, she is put down as weak and useless.

When Lucy shows that she is vulnerable, just by a few words on an expression, people call her a whiny little bitch.

But these things are all part of why Lucy Heartfilia is the Strongest of Them All.

The fanfiction I linked? That was my reaction last time I thought about people calling Lucy a weak character. And that’s still how I believe things would be handled if a situation like that were to ever come up.

Everyone harps on about Lucy being weak, but they’re only comparing it to the power that Natsu uses to smash a building to smithereens.

Strength can be Emotional.

When Lucy is outmatched, she pushes herself even farther, just like everyone else in Fairy Tail. She pushes herself to her limits and then some, because she would do anything to protect the family that Natsu introduced her to. 

Lucy cries. Lucy whines. Lucy teases. Lucy smirks. Lucy fears. Lucy fights. Lucy yells. Lucy loves. Lucy smiles. 

Lucy is human.

Only someone as wholly human as Lucy Heartfilia can know what it’s like to go through so much emotional pain and still press on.


1) Lucy was raised into a privileged home, but started suffering from neglect at a very young age when her mother passed away. Her father started to push her away in favor of his work, clinging desperately to the railroad enterprise that he had so painstakingly built with his beloved wife at his side. 

Forced to suffer this loneliness on her own for seven years, Lucy finally makes the resolution to leave the only home she’s ever known, a place where all of her good memories rest, and venture out into a world she’s only ever heard about or read about. She’s used to having everything (except freedom) thrown at her, and she’s leaving a life of luxury behind to pursue a few dreams that her father would never approve of.

After seeking her only parent’s approval for years, she had finally given up–and that’s one of the bleakest feelings that anyone can feel. The creeping knowledge or suspicion that ‘nothing I ever do will satisfy mom/dad’ is a debilitating blow, and Lucy has been struck with it time and time again since she lost her mother.

And then she’s brought into Fairy Tail; it’s crazy and hectic and at first she’s appalled, but then she starts to fit in with ease, learning to love and laugh with everyone in her new family.

Now imagine how she felt when the father she had given up on pays another guild to attack her new family. She’s floored–the sheer betrayal, and from the hands of her own father, cuts her to the core. As a celestial spirit mage, the most important thing to Lucy is the bonds she creates with others, and promises made between them. It’s a trait that was passed down from her mother. 

Not only does she feel betrayed by her father, she’s absolutely scandalized that her guildmates are in such pain because of her, and she blames herself. 

If it isn’t strength to pick yourself back up after this, to face the man who very nearly destroyed all of your friends in one fell swoop, and to boldly tell him that you’re leaving, and you’re not returning to him and to the life you once knew, then I have no idea what you think strength is.

2) Lucy finds out about Loke’s true identity, learns the story of what happened, and watches as he slowly starts to fade away. In him, she sees the grief, the self-hatred, and the blame that he has attached to Karen’s death.

She can tell that he blames himself, she knows that, even inadvertently, this disobedience was part of the reason another celestial spirit mage died. What Lucy also sees, beneath all of this, is the fact that he did it to help another spirit. Loke had done everything in order to protect Aries from the harsh actions of Karen Lilica, and the woman’s stubbornness had been the cause of her death.

Lucy sees a great injustice–how can the celestial spirit world toss out one of its most powerful beings without even giving him the chance to atone for his actions?

And here we see the first true display of Lucy’s magical power and potential, bursting forth at the force of her emotions.

Despite all that he had done, the cruel ways he had tried to distance himself from her so that Lucy wouldn’t figure him out, in the end Loke had tried to protect her even when he was about to fade from existence. And Lucy recognized the strength it took to do that. Lucy put her trust in Loke, even after learning of the bloody past he was tied to.

It takes a lot of strength to do something like that, and Lucy seemed to do it with ease, saving Loke’s life just out of pure trust and friendship.

3) In the Oracion Seis arc, in her fight with Angel, everyone is being plagued by the darkness of Nirvana, but Lucy doesn’t give in. Hibiki, however, after realizing that she had the spirit that caused the death of his lover, became susceptible to the dark power and reaches forward to choke Lucy in the midst of her fight.

But he knows her power, he knows that she can save them, and he snaps out of it to give her the ability to succeed.

Despite only knowing her for a very brief span of time, Hibiki already places his faith in her, despite the fact that she saved the spirit he still blames for Karen’s death. Lucy can instill this kind of faith and trust in someone she barely knows–it doesn’t matter how strong she is physically, because trust is something that is wholly tied to emotions. It isn’t easy to earn someone’s trust, but Lucy can do it with ease because she gives trust so easily.

4) In the Tenrou Island arc, there are several things that help prove her emotional strength.

Firstly, she encounters Capricorn. As one of her mother’s former spirits, it has to be hard for him to see him, but Loke urges Lucy, Cana, and Gray to flee while he handles the spirit, and after making the spirit promise that he’ll return, she leaves with the others. Again, promises are important to Lucy, so imagine the relief when later she learns that he was victorious, returned to her, and even brought Capricorn with him.

Shortly after, she tells Cana about the grave and Cana puts her to sleep, leaving her there. Lucy is very nearly killed by Kain Hikaru while unconscious, but wakes up in the nick of time. As she is unprepared completely, she starts to flee–and even probably suspecting what Cana did, she still worries about her.

And later on in this fight, when Natsu is buried beneath rocks and she is so inevitably close to death that it hurts, she still has the courage to smile at him and refuse to run away because it’s more fun when they’re together.

She refuses to run away and save herself because she wouldn’t be able to live if she left him here to quite possibly die without any of their friends there to help. She’d much rather die with him than have him die alone.

It takes courage to run away and realize that you might lose someone. You would have to live with that decision for the rest of your life, knowing that someone may have died because you chose to leave–but it also takes courage to smile in the face of death, knowing that your life is about to end and accepting it because you want your friend, your family, to see you smiling.

And then we reach the fight with Hades, where hope seems very, very bleak but Lucy fights alongside everyone else. They’re all beaten, all bruised, but they still stand because they can’t afford to lose here.

In front of quite possibly the most terrifying thing she’d ever faced, Lucy stands strong because her friends are at her side–and it’s okay to draw strength from others because, in turn, they can draw strength from you.

And do we even have to speak about the time skip, when suddenly Tenrou Island emerges from the sea, seven years later, and everyone on the island is exactly the same as when they left?

Imagine how it hurts, to see all of your old friends surrounding you, beaten down, abused, in a shabby building because none of them could keep the guild as alive as it had been in the time of all their troublemakers wreaking unforeseeable havoc? She had caused her family pain for years because they believed that she, and everyone else on the island, had been killed.

And then, from there, imagine how she felt when she found all of the birthday gifts from her father–seven years’ worth, because he still felt like she, his only family, was alive and well out there somewhere–only to go visit him and find herself one month too late.

In all of seven years, she had to come back just too late to make amends with her father. Despite the love she had for her Fairy Tail family, losing her father like that, when he was the last of her flesh and blood kin, was a devastating blow. And whereas she was upset, numb, and later sobbing, she was able to laugh because she knew that he loved her, and that he forgave her, and that he wouldn’t want her to stay sad forever. It’s harder to do that than you might think if you had never lost someone, but she stands, laughs, and tells Natsu and Happy to wait for her–and then she starts to find some sense of normality again in a world that’s seven years ahead of her.

There are so many other emotional things in the Grand Magic Games arc, but I’m going to skip them for the sake of shortening this post and go straight to the Tartaros arc now. One scene in particular–and I’m sure all of you will agree that the strength it took to do what Lucy did was enormous.

5) When everyone else is out of commission and down for the count, only Lucy Heartfilia remains. It’s a strange thought because usually it’s Natsu, or Gray, or Erza–because Lucy’s weak.

But she’s not.

It’s Lucy versus Tartaros, a 1-on-guild fight that would have cowed any lesser mage. But Lucy of Fairy Tail is not weak, and while her magical power might not be as devastating as that of her teammates, she most certainly had the mental fortitude to make up for it.

She fights tooth and nail for every second that she’s alone, because she knows that everyone’s life rests upon her shoulders. It’s a terrifying burden, to be the only one capable of saving everyone, but she fights off the fear and focuses on her job. But it’s hard to fight against an entire guild on your own, and when she is given a solution–the only solution–she finds that it’s even harder to enact than fighting alone is.

Break my key.

The number of emotions Lucy had to have felt when Aquarius uttered those words–why? am I really not worthy of you? do you really hate me that much? but I can’t do it–aren’t we friends? I know that you’re my friend, but do I really mean that little to you?–they had to be nearly enough to destroy her. The bond Lucy shares with her spirits waxes especially strong–they are contracted to each other, certainly, but more than that, Lucy feels a deep friendship and camaraderie with each and every one of them. They are almost more family than her guild is, and that says a lot.

The ability to say goodbye to her oldest and most constant companion, who despite their differences had a mutual understanding and friendship and more, took more strength than any other Fairy Tail member could have mustered.

Natsu would have refused outright and tried to save everyone with his bare hands and damn the consequences–Erza would have freed the others and told them to run while facing down their opponents alone–Gray would try to use Iced Shell on everything and sacrifice himself.

Lucy broke her own heart and broke her connection with a dear friend to save the entire guild and, by extension, the world.

And then, shortly after everything, her best friend leaves her with a note, and it feels like she’s losing someone all over again. Does he even know what she went through and how much she needed her friends after what happened? In a time when she needed the friends she sacrificed another to save, they all leave her. First it’s Natsu, the dearest person in her life, and then it’s the entire guild.

And once again, she’s left so utterly alone that it breaks her. She has to pick up the pieces of her shattered self all on her own.

And the strongest part is that she does.

Now tell me how this is weak?

On the third day, she goes to him.  She pushes her way into his bedchamber without knocking and marches to the window, jerking the curtains open with two sharp motions.  The sky outside his window is the sort of pale grey that might dissipate to blue if the sun is strong enough today.  

Behind her, Orys groans and turns away from the light, throwing the stump of his arm over his head.  “Close it.”  

She looks at him.  Her husband.  Her lord.  Her protector.  “I had not known that the Dornish had defeated you so thoroughly.”

Her words are harsh.  Her tone is cold.  She crosses her arms across her chest and tilts her chin up. Orys sits up and his eyes are bloodshot, his beard untrimmed and wild.  There is color flushing up to his cheeks.

“What did you say?” he sputters.

“I had not known that the Dornish had defeated you so thoroughly.” 

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Hey can I ask you what your opinion of Nesta is?

Nesta Archeron is a very complex character. She may not show it, but she cares. a lot. She gets blinded by what she feels and acts. Her emotions cloud her judgement sometimes and i think that she cannot think straight sometimes. Like when she bared her throat to Cassian or her near starving herself to get her father to act. 

Like, I think that Nesta seems more favorable towards Elain because she believes that Elain needs protecting. She knows that Feyre can hold her own. But she still went after her, or at least tried to, when the tool fucking took her.

She is so afraid to be seen as weak and vulnerable that is why she comes off as cold and bitchy. I think that she is kind of afraid to show her vulnerable side so she uses her rage as armor. She doesn’t know how to express herself.

I love Nesta. She is angry. She is mad. She protects the ones she loves. 

I am ready babe. I am ready for nesta to straight up LEVEL hybern and his cronies. 

Nesta was so special as a human. And now she is fae. But not just regular or high fae, Nesta is special. She is going to be so badass in the third book and I am ready. I am so ready.


°Imagine with Chibs based on the song Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson

The 6 week check up for our little Lilia Ainsley went extremely well. Chibs wasn’t able to make it to this one; the club needing him on some business.

I pulled into the parking lot at TM, seeing that everyone was outside at the picnic tables.

Chibs sat, facing the lot. He saw me and took off his sunglasses. Standing with his arms open wide, he bellowed our arrival.

“My lovely Y/N and wee Lilia!”

I grabbed Lilia’s car seat and diaper bag, laughing at Chibs.

I was wrapped up in his arms as soon as we got under the awning.

“Hey Love.” Chibs said, giving me a kiss.

“Mmm, hey Filip.”

He took Lilia from me, placing her on the table. The guys all hovered around her,  cooing and making silly faces.

Lilia was in a onesie and socks. Filip automatically took notice of the bandaid on her thigh.

“The hell happened here?” He asked, eyebrow raised.

“She had her shots today.”

Filip looked to Lilia, sticking a finger in between a clenched hand.

“Did those savages hurt my wee baby?” He asked her, kissing her little hand.

I smiled, sitting on top of the table, my knees leveled with Chibs’ shoulders.

“She was a champ, Hun. Only wined a little. To be honest, I cried at the length of the needle.”

Chibs gave me a look of disbelief.

Yes, I, Y/N, who has tattoos and plans to get more; is afraid of needles.

I knocked his shoulder with my knee, “Shut up, Filip.”

His dimples appeared, “Yes Dear.”

It was a pretty decent day out, not too hot, so we all decided to stay outside for a bit to enjoy each others company.
And all I remember is your back
Walking towards the airport, leaving us all in your past
I traveled fifteen hundred miles to see you
Begged you to want me, but you didn’t want to

Chibs was rocking Lilia in her car seat since she had started to get fussy. Poor baby would need to get some Tylenol in a bit for the soreness of the injection site.

“So how about we have a date night, Love?” Filip asked me, placing a hand on my leg.

I was still having slight seperation anxiety with Lilia, but Filip and I did need a night for just us. Since the 6 weeks of healing was up, I was really craving some alone time with him.

I blushed, biting my lip. He squeezed my thigh and warned me, “Don’t start somethin’ we can’t finish here, Y/N.”

“Who’d watch -”

“Tara.” He said, way too quick.

I flicked his ear, “You’ve already planned this, haven’t you!?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ouch! ‘Course I have. I need me wife in the worst of ways.”

He actually stuck out his bottom lip. It looked so kissable and not being able to help myself, I leaned down and captured his lips in a slow kiss.

Wolf calls and whistles echoed off the clubhouse.

We broke apart, laughing. Filip was about to say something when a throat being cleared interupted us.

“Excuse me.”

The voice that I thought and truly never wanted to hear again, had the smile fading from my face and all the color draining.

“Love, you alright?” Filip asked in a hush.

I closed my eyes, hoping that it was the wrong man.

“What can we help you with?” Clay asked, sounding protective of me.

“I’m looking for Y/N Y/M/L/N.”

This could NOT be happening!

Everyone stared at me, waiting for a response. Filip had his hand resting at my hip. I could feel his thumb moving from side to side, giving me the courage that I needed to face my past.

“Darlin’?” He asked.

I pecked Filip’s lips, “I’m okay…”

I got down from the table and turned to the man.


Filip’s head whipped up to me.

I felt ashamed in a way. Everyone had assumed that my parents were long gone and that’s how I wanted it. To me, they were. To me, SAMCRO was my family and has been for years.

I felt bad for not telling Filip about the bastard that stood before us.

My father nodded at me. “Need to speak to you… privately.”

I shrugged, crossing my arms, “What ever it is you need to say; say it here.”

“I need some money.”

My arms fell to my sides, my mouth hanging open.

“Are… are you shitting me right now!?”

“Watch your mouth you little brat!” He yelled.

It startled Lilia, causing her to wail loudly.

Chibs got up from his seat, the boys standing around him.

“I’d highly recommend not speaking to her that way.” He warned.

“Who the hell are you?” My father demanded.

“I’m her husband. You’ve upset my wife and have upset my daughter. Time to for you to leave.”

“Not till I’ve gotten some money.”

Tara took Lilia out of her seat and was rocking her, trying to get her to calm down.

I stood next to Filip.

“You’re not getting a goddamn cent from me or my family.”

“I’m your father and I love you. I’m your family.” He tried, switching tatics.

I wasn’t falling for it though.

“No, you’re not. You gave up that right when you abandoned me! I’m not some naive little girl anymore who you can make promises too and never keep!”

Chibs put a hand on my back. I pointed to my husband, “THIS is a man! THIS is a father and husband who keeps his word!”

Everyone was silent, but I had the strength of my husband and my family feeding into me.
He never walks away
He never asks for money,
He takes care of me
He loves me
Piece by piece he restored my faith
That a man can be kind and a father could… stay

“Look, all I need is some cash-”

“And all I needed was a Dad! Someone to be there for me, to love me, to be kind; to fucking raise me!” I screamed the last part.

My voice broke, “You never loved me and I’ll never know why. My daughter will never have to know the hatred and loneliness that you beat into me.”

Filip gripped a handful of my shirt, his spine stiffening.

I didn’t want him to know that about me. I tried to keep it buried. Just when I thought that the past wouldn’t come back, it always reared it’s ugly head at the most inopportune times.

“You can leave and I hope like hell that I never see you again.” I cried.

Leaving everyone outside, I went to the clubhouse and into Chibs’ dorm.

He’ll never walk away,
He’ll never break her heart
He’ll take care of things,
He’ll love her
And piece by piece he’ll restore my faith
That a man can be kind and a father should be great

I sat on the bed, a pillow on my lap, crying. I don’t know how long for, but it felt like eternity; just like when I was younger.

The door opened slowly after a soft knock. It was Chibs and he had Lilia in his arm with her diaper bag on his other shoulder.

I wiped my cheeks and sniffled.

“Hey, Love. Our wee one is gettin’ hungry and needs a change. Can we come in?”

Bless him. I had a wonderful husband. I gave a weak smile and nodded.

He placed her on the bed and got everything out to change her diaper. I watched, in awe as he used the most extreme gentleness when handling Lilia.

Yes; he was the best, and most caring hands down.

Lilia began to fuss more once the cold air hit her bottom.

“Hush now, baby. I’m almost done.” Filip said softly.

He lifted her bottom, after wiping it, and placed the clean diaper underneath her. She cried out, getting frustrated.

He shushed her softly, quickly fastening the sides of her diaper. Lilia’s legs and arms flailed as she calmed once he had her onesie snapped.

Placing a hand under her head and the other on her bottom, he picked her up.

“Now see. Wasn’t so bad.” He said, while waiting for me to unfasten my nursing top.

He handed Lilia to me. She latched onto my breast quickly, suckling greedily to get her milk.

Chibs sat next to us, facing me. With the tips of his fingers, he gently ran them over Lilia’s fuzzy scalp.

“You okay, Love?” He asked, looking at me.

“I will be. I just hate it when he shows up.” I patted Lilia’s bottom softly as she nursed.

“I didn’t know you’re father was alive. I just assumed…”

Guilt washed over me for not telling him. “I’m sorry that I never spoke of him.”

“Don’t be. I can see why; the prick.”

I decided to tell Filip everything, from the first day he uttered hurtful words, to the time he left us behind and up to the most recent encounter before this last episode.

“I never understood men like him. Being a Da is the most amazing feeling in the world. I know I made mistakes when it came to Kerrianne, but I made up for them.”

“You’re an awesome Daddy, Filip; and husband. I’m very lucky to have found you.” I sniffled, trying not to cry.

Damn hormones.

He smiled, watching as I detached Lilia from my breast and handing her over to him to burp so I could switch breasts.

A few soft pats had her burping. He handed her back to me, watching in awe as she began to feed again.

“Yer beautiful, Darlin’.” He stated.

Leaning forward, he placed a warm hand on my cheek, his long thumb wiping away the trail of tears.

“I married one hell of a woman and a damn good Mum.”

I leaned my head into his hand, closing my eyes.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Filip.”

He held Lilia’s foot in his hand, touching each and every toe. “And this little monster, right here. I love her to bits.”

I laughed softly. Lilia had her fill of milk, seeing as she was starting to fall alseep. Chibs took her and burped her one last time before changing her wet diaper.

She didn’t fuss nearly as much this time.

“Now, how about I buy me wife some take out; ladies choice, and take our wee family home, yeah?”

Family night. Family. Nothing sounded sweeter to my ears.

Like I understand that Titus wasn’t trying to kill Clarke because she was bisexual. But when the reason why he’s trying to kill her is because he doesn’t want Lexa to get involved, that love is weakness, and it just so happens that her love is with Clarke, it puts a hole in every LGBT’s heart. It’s too close to home. We see it as a father figure trying to kill a woman for loving his daughter figure. That’s honestly what it comes down to. No, that wasn’t their intention but that’s the way it comes across. We see this shit in the news, we read the articles. Just a few weeks ago, two 15/16 year old girls died. One killed the other and then shot herself because they couldn’t be together. A real life lesbian tragedy that happens multiple times a day. And now it’s happened on my favorite tv show with my favorite women. Lexa ends up taking that bullet for Clarke. Lexa gets killed by her own father figure and it again comes across as two women are not allowed to be happy together. Literally we were given bliss and THE NEXT SCENE after a commercial break is when that’s taken away from us.

It’s violence against LGBT that triggers so many of us and make us feel hopeless and pointless. We see it in the real world and we can’t even escape to our favorite television show to watch their happiness unfold when ours in real life cannot.

This is some next level cold shit.

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So Lexa and Clarke decide to have a child, and Abby is the first one they tell so they know if it's actually possible or not. It is. Then, they tell Octavia and Raven. They're both ecstatic and Octavia tells her she's pregnant too. So two babies, they're all thrilled. It takes months for Clarke to get pregnant, and it doesn't take until after Octavia gives birth. Linctavia's child is almost a year old when Clarke gives birth to a baby girl. They name her Anya. (Elaborate?)

anya is a miracle. they’ve been trying so hard to have her; they almost lost all hope.

anya is loud and unapologetic and always hungry; lexa chuckles when she tells her she’s just like her aunt. she’ll never get to meet her but she won’t ever forget her. clarke likes to listen to lexa quietly tell stories about her childhood to little anya as they are huddled together. she revels in small moments when it’s just them; candles flickering and casting wobbly shadows, her back against lexa’s front, lexa’s arms gently supporting hers as she holds anya to her chest, feeding their daughter; all three of them wrapped in blankets, safe and warm. it’s their perfect little cocoon.

anya is their miracle, with hair dark and eyes blue. anya is their salvation. lexa doesn’t let anyone but abby near them at first; she practically growled at her friends when they tried to enter their bedroom, where clarke laid still weak and breathless, feeding anya for the first time. it’s only after clarke reassures her that she’s fine that lexa allows visitors; she insists on always being in the room when someone comes by. clarke doesn’t really mind.

octavia comes with raven and her son, ezra; he’s a beautiful baby boy who only just learned to walk, awkwardly stumbling around, his legs still getting used to carrying his body. he looks like octavia more and more with each passing day, but it is his gentle careful touch and kind smile that make it clear who his father is. lexa loves him; sometimes clarke thinks he’s the only reason lexa lets octavia visit. octavia is sure of it.

“she doesn’t like me.”

“no one likes you,” raven quips.

“my husband likes me just fine,” octavia fires back. clarke only rolls her eyes as she watches them bicker. lexa doesn’t particularly care. she’s on the floor, seated away from them so she’s not intruding on their conversation, holding anya to her chest, and ezra is on her lap, cuddled up to her as she tells them some grounder fairy tale. clarke is eager to hear it, as well; later, when everyone’s gone and it’s just the three of them in their perfect little cocoon.

lexa is a blushing stuttering mess when clarke asks her about the story, and her voice cracks when she tells it to her. it’s a story of a queen who fell from the sky and of another queen falling for her; clarke blames her wacky hormones as she cries and kisses lexa and stops only when anya lets out a cry of her own, annoyed at being left out. lexa chuckles. “she’s just like anya.”

clarke smiles through her tears. “hopefully, she won’t crack my skull open with a rock.”

lexa shrugs. “she’s a grounder kid. who knows. we’re savages, i hear.”

“oh shush, you. now, that sky queen. tell me more.”

lexa blushes and anya nuzzles into her chest and clarke finds she’s really, truly happy.