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I saw this headcanon asked by an anon on @the-flame-and-hawks-eye‘s blog and got super excited…  Hope it was okay that I took off and ran with it.

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(assume pre-codenames)

“Aw, c’mon Boss,” Havoc whines.  “Just this once.”

“I said no, Havoc.  How many times do I have to repeat myself?” Roy replies.

“Colonel, you always want to brag about your dates, what’s so different about this one?”  Breda adds.

“Everything,” Roy mutters.

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Star Universe Over Gravity Time Hunger Games, Season 2

Hey guys!! So i’ve been meaning to do a part two to this series and i finally did it!!!

Season 1: http://jess-the-vampire.tumblr.com/post/145113097523/star-universe-over-gravity-time-hunger-games-sim

Here we go….

Same tributes as last season, i updated their images however.

LETS BEGIN! (( This’ll be a long post))

Ahhhhh, the alliances have started.

Everybody is getting ready for quite a fight.




(( Tiny hands…her weakness))

The interactions in this game make me giggle, they shouldn’t amuse me as much as they do but they do.

Finn be like:

Originally posted by itkai

Wow bonnie, smart move there XD

Mabel scaring toffee is honestly a funny image……

Welp, so much for greg the savage XD

Darn it jake, you almost saved Ooo.

Ok, i can buy the singing with the litch i guess, but THE 4TH ONE THO.


Clearly toffee and Mabel have a rivalry this season XD

Yeah, i would too ford….




(( Savage Dipper))

Mmmmm, we got some alliances forming…..some rivalries…. and toffee and star are on very opposite ends with power…


Well Steven, he’s not exactly like the gems you’ve convinced before.



Savage Jake, savage….

Ahhhh, if only it were that easy to get rid of him on the show XD

WTH !!? XD

Well, there goes stan.


Finn formed an alliance to get revenge for the “Fire” Thing.

Beast..keeps wirt around…..interesting….

Literally the most accurate thing in this game is jake sleeping.

Awww……i miss em already

Beast = Snuggling material ((Apparently))

Poor Pearl.

At least Connie has faith in herself.

Two very interesting interactions XD

Wow Ford, you stole your Niece’s stuff….

Toffee……well at least you got further than last time… ((I think))

I tell you what’s gonna happen, your all gonna die.

Ludo had the most kills last game, he’s ready to win this time XD

Wow marceline…..you’re doing pretty well this season…

poor pearl.


Doesn’t surprise me

Geez ludo what did you do…?


Amethyst and Marcy got quite an alliance forming…

Guess keeping wirt alive came in handy 


alliance turned on each other.

(( Litch and marceline’s singing moments must have builded a bond?))

Once again ludo dies, but this time he didn’t take marceline down with him.



this is quite an interesting group……

Ok, the Feast has started:

BETRAYAL, Star be gunning for her partner Beast XD

Well, i guess ford had every reason to be scared of Wirt Then.

Well, marceline…..

Smart move Connie.

This is such an interesting final group. XD


Amythest is quite the hunter this season ain’t she….. ((She’s making up for her performance last season))

Amythest tried to betray Marcy and instead got Connie



Wow geez……and you were doing so WELL!!!

Who are you hunting for? Only marcy is lef- oh never mind…

Welp, it comes down to this….

Wirt, against last season’s winner, Mabel….will Wirt be able to rid the queen of her crow-?


2 Season winner everybody!!!!

Mabel is clearly unbeatable.


That was fun, next season i might use the same shows, but with different characters from them. :)

when bakugou and ochako start dating, i guarantee bakugou would be a supportive ass boyfriend (you know in his own sort of way lmfao). 

“i’ll hold your fucking flower kick their ass angelface.”

“what the fuck did you say about her? she’ll kick your ass, she’ll kick my ass, hell she’ll kick her own ass to show how strong she is.”

ochako is slightly embarrassed but she loves how supportive he is and smooches him because what a great boyfriend 

I Have a Craving For...

Fic where, upon Vaderkin realizing that Luke is his son he obsessively stalks Luke’s exploits and thereby comes to the discovery that this Reckless Smol would be dead or worse multiple times over (along with the Alderaniaan princess, who seems to be almost as much of a trouble magnet as his child) without the intervention of the Corellian smuggler Han Solo, who is jokingly referred to as “Skywalker and Organa’s Bodyguard” by various Rebel personnel. Perhaps Solo would be worth keeping around after he has acquired his son. You can never have too many safeguards after all.

OKAY but bnha tumblr talk to me about HAPPY LOVING POLY RELATIONSHIP. I love kacchako. I love bakushima. Put them together and you have URAKIRIBAKU SUCH A WONDERFUL OT3

  • Uraraka and Bakugou start going out their second year. Kirishima is super happy for them bc Uraraka is such an amazing girl and she’s great for Bakugou! He does his best to bury his Big Crush TM on Bakugou bc nothing good will come out of harboring it.
  • By their third year Bakugou has started realizing he kinda has a thing for his best friend but he’s an emotionally stunted dumbass that doesn’t know how to deal with it. 
  • Uraraka finds it REALLY amusing how Bakugou has no idea how to handle his burgeoning feelings and thoughts about Kirishima. And it’s so obvious to at least her how he’s struggling with this. When she thinks about it, she realizes she honestly has no problem with Bakugou liking Kirishima too. In fact, she really starts to like the idea. Why wouldn’t she? Kirishima is such a nice and sweet guy and he’s liked Bakugou for years.
  • She brings up the prospect of a poly relationship with Kirishima first, wanting to know how he feels about it before talking to Bakugou. Bc Bakugou is impossible to have reasonable conversations with about ~emotions~
  • Kirishima literally brought to tears he can’t believe how amazing Uraraka is and how she is welcome to the idea of sharing Bakugou? And like holy shit he’s always known she was amazing but this just takes the cake! But then… “Uraraka how can you be sure Bakugou is going to be okay with the idea?!” And she just deadpans bc cmon Kirishima he is VERY clearly struggling with a crush on you.
  • They approach Bakugou with the proposition and he thinks they’re messing with him. Because he may think he’s god’s gift to the world, but he knows he’s the biggest asshole ever. And there is now way there are two people that are in love with him NO WAY. But Kirishima and Uraraka are 100% serious and Bakugou just SHORT CIRCUITS BC HOLY SHIT THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM WORLD
  • Bakugou and Kirishima being stupid cute in their new couple days and Kirishima is relentless in teasing Bakugou bc he gets flustered with cute sappy affections. And then Kirishima and Uraraka tag team to make Bakugou literally explode.
  • Kirishima and Uraraka slowly getting closer with each other. Bakugou isn’t the most open with his affections and Kirishima and Uraraka are both big cuddlebugs. They love snuggling together and holding hands and cute lil platonic smooches.
  • Urakiri playing pranks on Bakugou and teasing him and sneaking cute smooches on his cheeks so he flushes bright red and they run away laughing
  • Bakugou constantly flanked by two radiant rays of sunshine at all times. Bright sweet Uraraka on one side and shining happy Kirishima on the other. Even while glaring with his usual angry grumpy demeanor he looks so much happier with them next to him.
  • Kirishima having a bi-crisis bc he’s always thought he was gay as shit bc he’s never been too attracted to girls? Just always had an appreciation for the female form. But then Uraraka makes him feel like a 14 year old again and he’s a big shy baby about it 
  • Uraraka super patient and loving with him and thinks he’s adorable and is so so delighted that Kiri wants her as much as he wants Bakugou bc how could she not already have started falling for him too?
  • Bakugou secretly really happy when Urakiri become romantic bc it finally seems like this can be something that’s going to last and they’re going to make it together in a relationship 

❛         ya’ maybe want to repeat that?  ❜  she’s staring, dark eyes wildly serious and intense. raven heard her the first time, loud and clear, but she’s hoping that maybe it was a joke.  ❛  seriously, holtz.  ❜  

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“You never told me if you sister liked what you got her for Christmas.” She starts speaking, a soft smile on her lips. Bumping into Henley Sloan shouldn’t be this exciting, but for someone with the biggest crush on him since she was a little girl, of course it should be a matter of proportions. Yet, she does the impossible to remain calm, baby blue hues scanning the other’s face just a little, because even though she doesn’t want to overstep her own boundaries, she has been starting to feel a little more confident lately, and truth be told, Justine Hudner happens to be so proud of herself just because of that. In another scenario, she would’ve ignored the other, cross the street or look at her own feet while walking but she had stopped him, saluted him and gave away a beautiful smile. “In other news, I got a kitten. I followed your advice, so I went to the animal shelter and got one.”

nogoodwitch  asked:

obviously cathryn is stupidly in love with charlie. she loves him for his Softness™ and how he tries to be positive about things, cos that is a concept that is lost on her sometimes. she wishes he wasn't so hard on himself and she will fight everyone ( see: his dad ) who thinks he's not worth anything. tbh she thinks he's her soulmate but she's not gonna say that cheesy shit outloud nu huh.

@nogoodwitch // tell me what your character thinks of mine // accepting. 

cathryn, u a fake n soft bitch. so fake. the fakest. america’s next top fake. it’s u. congrats. 

Weak interactions

Weak interactions between particles are mediated by three types of currents. Two of these currents are charged: the W+ and the W-. The third current, Z0, is neutral.

Weak interactions involve the three lepton families (electron and electron neutrino, muon and muon neutrino, tau and tau neutrino) and the three quark families (up and down quarks, charm and strange, top and bottom/beauty). Each family is called a weak isospin doublet. Isospin is a quantum number similar in form to spin, but related to strong or weak interactions. In each lepton family, for example, the neutrino has isospin T = 12 and the fermion has isospin T = -12. In this manner, the doublets are formed by  gathering  two leptons of opposite isospin:

Considering interactions that involve only two initial particles, there are laws that determine :

  • Which couples of particles can interact with one another, and by means of which current
  • What are the possible “outcome” couples one can find after the interaction.

The following diagrams summarize these laws.

States connected by the W boson, or the charged weak current:

States connectect by the Z boson, or the neutral weak current:

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Rules: Answer the questions below, then tag this as #Elderlings and also tag people you know who are in the fandom. Let’s see how many RoTE fans there are before the next book comes out!

1. Favorite ROTE book: I do love Fools Fate but also Fool’s Assassin bc, wow, look at that, WHO IS BACK? MY FAVORITE DELIGHT.

2. Why: Mostly because I am weak for the interactions of a particular set of idiots who need to be(e) more considerate of each other.

3. Top 3 favorite characters: The Fool, Patience, and Bee! Also Fitz, if he fits.

4. Top 3 least favorite characters: I sympathize with Shrewd but I have trouble liking how he acted towards baby Fitz, though it was pretty necessary. Regal. That dead asshole tattooing dragon lady.

5. Favorite ship (people kind): Fitz/The Fool are the ultimate fave, but yeah,   Patience/Lacey is very good as well. 

6. Rather be Witted or Skilled: Skill seems majorly marketable but I don’t really want to butt-heads, so to speak, so witted might be nicer.

7. If you were Witted, what animal do you think you’d bond with?: Probably dogs because they are So Good, but also I’d like something a little more long lived. Foxes are pretty, so I’d be into that.

8. Would you rather live in the Outislands, the Mountain Kingdom, the Six Duchies, Bingtown, the Rainwilds, Kelsingra, Jamaillia, The pirate isles, or the Fool’s homeland? : Okay well I mean probably Bingtown because I like to be clean but from a researcher’s perspective I’d have to go with Clerres/the general area because the history of residential schools is majorly interesting and I’d study the heck outta that if I could. Not wise, though.

9. How were you introduced to the books?:  I haven’t the faintest idea.

10. Share a quote you love: “Some calls you cannot ignore, no matter how it may tear your heart.” is a good one, but mostly, just, so many things. Plumbing. Wolves. HE LOVES ME, and the TRUNCATION speech. Really, the whole schebang.

11. Tagging: Honestly I’m not super familiar with the fandom so please, help yourselves! I’d like to see who’s around.


Grand Unification may be a dead-end for Physics

“It may still turn out that grand unification is correct, and that it’s an important step on the road to a Theory Of Everything: the ultimate holy grail of many theoretical physicists. But it may also turn out that nature doesn’t unify at high energies, and that our biases towards simplicity, elegance and more unification is completely wrongheaded and has nothing to do with our physical Universe. In science, as in all things, we cannot afford to be driven by our own preconceptions of how things ought to be. Rather, we owe ourselves to view the Universe exactly as it is, and to listen to the story it tells us about itself.”

One of the greatest discoveries of the 20th centuries was not only that there were just four fundamental forces describing all of nature, but that two of them — the electromagnetic and the weak force — unify into a single “electroweak” force at high energies. Given the equivalences between electric charges in the strong nuclear force sector and the electroweak sector, could there be a grand unification between those as well? In a great theoretical development, Grand Unification Theories (GUTs) became all the rage, making bold predictions like additional bosons, flavor-changing neutral currents, and proton decay. But in the more than 30 years since their inception, the ideas of GUTs have all fallen flat, implying the question of whether the entire concept of unifying forces and interactions into larger groups and structures is completely wrongheaded.

Experiments and measurements don’t lie, but it’s up to the scientists who work on it to choose to go in a different direction. Perhaps it’s truly time.


The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature

The four fundamental forces, are the interactions in physical systems that do not appear to be reducible to more basic interactions. There are four conventionally accepted fundamental interactions—gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear. Each one is understood as the dynamics of a field. The gravitational force is modeled as a continuous classical field. The other three are each modeled as discrete quantum fields, and exhibit a measurable unit or elementary particle.

The two nuclear interactions produce strong forces at minuscule, subatomic distances. The strong nuclear interaction is responsible for the binding of atomic nuclei. The weak nuclear interaction also acts on the nucleus, mediating radioactive decay. Electromagnetism and gravity produce significant forces at macroscopic scales where the effects can be seen directly in every day life. Electrical and magnetic fields tend to cancel each other out when large collections of objects are considered, so over the largest distances (on the scale of planets and galaxies), gravity tends to be the dominant force.

Theoretical physicists working beyond the Standard Model seek to quantize the gravitational field toward predictions that particle physicists can experimentally confirm, thus yielding acceptance to a theory of quantum gravity (QG) (Phenomena suitable to model as a fifth force—perhaps an added gravitational effect—remain widely disputed.) Other theorists seek to unite the electroweak and strong fields within a Grand Unified Theory (GUT). While all four fundamental interactions are widely thought to align on a highly minuscule scale, particle accelerators cannot produce the massive energy levels required to experimentally probe at that Planck scale (which would experimentally confirm such theories.) Yet some theories, such as the string theory, seek both QG and GUT within one framework, unifying all four fundamental interactions along with mass generation within a theory of everything (ToE).

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