weak hair

Close Shave

This dim
And ashen light
Is its own
Monochrome witness
To the noir
And faded image
Of a man
With hurt
On his face

Who believes
His clouded mirror
Come morning
Or days
Gone untested
As he cuts
Down the neck
By the jawline
And bleeds truth
On the rim
Of his sink

At aging scruff
Like risk
Which stares back
In admittance
Coarse as
Its gnarly edges
Of which he has
Little control

Yet unfinished
As he reaches
For the tool
To relieve him
Of grains
Which speak boldly
To weakness
And hair
That is matted
Wiith loss

As the bahtroom
Is a prison
By reflection
Of time
Which is passing

Tied up
Like knots
With no reason
Other than
To give him
Their grief:

No prospect
Or razor

Will ever
Get those lines

- J. Pigno


Save the vampire from his sunshine friends, he’s gonna d i e


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isjustprogress  asked:

glad i'm not the only one who would definitely fuck Avengers Academy High School Clint behind a dumpster #IHaveAProblem

is the dumpster on fire

oh yeah it is totally on fire