Main Cast
  • Movies: Jedediah is a cowboy who likes to feel in charge and doesn't like it when people are condescending. Best friends with former enemy, Octavius.
  • Fandom: gay cowboy who is jealous and gay and also really adorable with Oct tbh. OWEN WILSONNN
  • Movies: Roman general who weara a pteruges and is also gay and has unreciprocated feelings for Jedediah. He is brave and in a scripted part, he was interested in Amelia
  • Fandom: GAY GAY GAY sad anxious man. Sensitive and also a grump and very meticulous.
  • Movies: Sacagawea is a very knowledgeable girl and has survival skills. She is tolerant but also a no-nonsense girl. She's with Teddy.
  • Fandom: ooh badass girl who is with Teddy but would also be great with Amelia.
  • Movies: Theodore is a braggy guy but knows when to admit that he is wrong. He's great under pressure.
  • Fandom: like that one kid who people ship with Sac idkidk
  • Movies: Attila is a screaming hun but has a large caring heart.
  • Fandom: who tf is Attila
  • Movies: Ahk is the slightly sassy (first movie) fouth king of the fourth king of Egypt from 4000 years ago. He has been stuck in his sarcophagus for over fifty years because his 'roomies' were scared of him. Makes dark jokes and loves his family (not Kah though)
  • Fandom: NB!!!! GAY!!! BISEXUAL!!!! Really cute, Rami, is in love with Larry. Sassy Egyptian baby uwu
  • Movie: Larry like has no personality lol. Dreams big, but also kinda bland and stoic. Loves his son, and is a divorced ex husband of Erica.
  • Fandom: closeted bisexual, closeted gay, MUSEUM DADS, TABLET GUARDIANS, is very emotional actually. Wants to be with ahk