Many celebrity’s have depression and stress and they go through a lot which leads them to suicide because they never got a chance to stop and care for their selves until it destroyed them. Zayn I’m proud of you for taking time out and just figuring your life man, take all the time you need and heal nothing is more important then your life and happiness please keep in touch with us and let us know how your doing. WE LOVE YOU


This moment is so important, not only is Liam talking about how important the boys are to him, but Zayn’s immediate reaction is to smile as he looks at Liam’s lips. He squeezes Liam’s shoulder then rubs the back of his neck and moves his hand down, rubs his back, and moves it down lower, leaving it there, like a small shoulder squeeze wasn’t affectionate enough. Something about Zayn’s smile looks so genuinely happy and his eyes so clearly show affection, but in the third gif he seems to remember where they are and looks away but still makes sure Liam knows how he feels. It happens quickly but shows so much. x


I miss you so much. I love One Direction and ever will, but it’s never going to be the same without you.

Zain Jawaad Malik has left a legacy none of us will forget. His big heart never failed to continually keep giving even when he was being bashed about his religion or attitude. A lot of fans and none fans do feel the pain today and hope this only brings us closer as a family, Zayn might've left One Direction but his voice and soul will continue living proud and strong in the band

when naughty tells zayn they are expected to sell 5,000 albums