one of my favorite things about this spread is that it allowed harry to give away what he wants to give away. for the past five years, there’s been so many things he’s been forced to share, talked about so many subjects that you could tell made him uncomfortable, and in retaliation, he almost stopped using social media entirely to try to reclaim the privacy he had taken away from him.

now, though, these are the things he wants us to know. this is the side of him he wants us to see. this is what he wants associated with him, and the fact that these covers, presenting an image that is truly and wholly harry, are the first real photos of himself he decides to post on instagram says so much.

i’m so proud of him. and i’m so glad that he’s been able to keep things private because he deserves that more than anyone, but i’m so glad he’s at a point where he feels like he can share some things on his own terms.

It has been said that time heals all wounds, but I beg to disagree.
Since getting over you seems to be taking a lifetime, an eternity.
Instead of putting me on the road to recovery, it trapped me in misery.
Rather than setting my heart free, it made a prison with each memory.
—  yoursforeverbutnottoday, Captive

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Is it just me, or are Toriel's eyes a very dark red burgundy kind of color? Is that only in the Genocide route or all of the time?

(undertale spoilers)

Toriel’s eyes are the color #400000, which is considered a shade of seal brown. This eye color is only seen when she saves Frisk from Flowey and in her battle. This is the case in all routes.

Anyway I love aces so much I love asexuals I love aromantics I love demisexuals and demiromantics and grey aces and a-fluxes and anyone who identifies as aspec I love gay aces and lesbian aces I love straight aces I love bi aces I love pan aces I love poly aces I love trans and cis and nonbinary and agender aces I love aces of all shapes and ethnicities and religions I love disabled aces and ablebodied aces I love mentally ill aces I love autistic aces I just love aces

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Hi! I am new to the ouat fandom and really love your blog. So I thought maybe you could suggest me some nice blogs to follow. Specifically Regina centric blogs, I'm fine with all of her ships but please no CS or hook blogs /: maybe someone who also posts original content and has a tagging system. I hope I'm not bothering you, feel free to ignore this if I do. Thanks xx

Hi Nonnie welcome to this crazy and wonderful world!

And don’t worry you are not bothering me at all. So Regina centrics is what you want…so here are some of my absolute fav blogs.  Everything from Swan Queen to Outlaw Queen to Dragon Queen and every other ship you can imagine.

But they all love Regina with all their heart and are truly wonderful people!

@reginandemma @yaminoendo @lanaislovely @swanqueenashell @ticiatigr @violetscentedwriter @liberalmasochist @somewhereapart @reginasevilpanda @cruellasdarling @soligblomma @hermajestymills @freifraufischer @starscythe @faithandfearcollide @its-a-story-of-love @keepshiningon @the-alpha-incipiens

@onhowtobecrazy @storiesseldomtold @ysu73 @phoebemaybe @sgtmac7 @ourheroregina @oparu  @lanaislovely @littlejoregal @deuxieme-etoile-a-droite @thisisamadhouse @cest-toi-qui-vois @the-notsoevil-queen @outlawqueenbey @yaminoendo @lanaislovely @swanqueenashell @ticiatigr @violetscentedwriter @liberalmasochist @dameednaeverage

@audreysl0ve @bekksrich @ultrareginarules @heddagab @reginaslittleprince @joym13 @queen-of-the-merry-men @dee-thequeenbee @white-little-devil @laura-p-g @idoltina @ginaandrobbie @sassqueenregina @waltermills @shinewithalltheuntold @glindalovesshoes @maleficentsunicorn @belleoftheballpoint @voltairetheheadlesswaltz

There are far more but they all I could come up with. If you know some great Regina blogs please feel free to add!

Had to politely explain to a 60+ year old guy that works at my college today that when a trans person gets upset at someone for misgendering them its usually because they’re still dealing with trauma associated with malicious transphobia and that they’re not upset just to MILDLY INCONVENIENCE YOU AND MAKE YOUR SHITTY OFFICE JOB HARDER.

Lmao also its always so fun to have old cis guys think you’re a respectable young person and have them complain to you about the “transgenderings”(exact word used) and respond with “Well, as a trans person myself, its my experience that…” Their expression is always priceless.

All you need to know about my new druid is that he is a worgen who is felinekin who spends a lot of time in cat form. His friends affectionately call him “Meow Chow.”