Maybe we’re all just looking for someone who cares enough to try. Someone who has never had the best memory, but remembers the little things about you because they’re paying attention. Someone who has always been a little shy, but opens up to you. Someone who has never been good at keeping a conversation going, but can’t shut up around you. Someone who is willing to understand you no matter how hard your situations is. Someone who hates driving on the highway, but spends hours on it to get to you. We’re not hoping to change them, no, we’re just hoping to matter enough to them.


 Architecture firm Elenberg Fraser is reportedly being given real money (presumably in the form of colorful Australian dollars) to build a skyscraper inspired by Beyoncé’s “Ghost” video. 

Some early thoughts on this: 

From the top of the tower, I can see your halo.

Each residential unit will feature additional storage units to the left, to the left of the front door.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly-inspired skyscraper.

If you like it, then you better put parking in it.

If you live in this building you’ll pretty much always wake up in the kitchen wondering how the hell this shit happened.

Front door: flawless. lobby: flawless. front desk: flawless. elevator: flawless.