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Hello my beautiful followers. I just wanted to tell you guys how much I love and appreciate you all. Here’s to the #blackout ❤️ we are all beautiful strong black women and men. Keep your head up and stay positive 💋

Why does it scare people when Black people support and love each other?

Society is scared we might find out our worth. Through love and trust of each other. Something magically beautiful about my brothers and sisters melanin deep, roots strong. I love yall, wherever you are, wherever you came from. Unspeakably beautiful, my people are that indeed

#BlackoutDay 2k15 | March 6th, 2015


PLEASE SHOW HIM SOME LOVE!!!! This is my best friend Gerre (barnwezzy), he hasn’t posted any pictures for #BlackOut so I wanted to do it for him. Without out him I would not have made it through this year of college. He has been my rock. My biggest support and my greatest friend. He was there for me when I didn’t believe in myself and has reminded me how much of a STRONG BLACK WOMAN I AM. He has helped me see what real friends look like. Thank you Gerre for everything. We have had our small share of differences, but I’m not going anywhere. I love you to the moon and back. 💕👫


Too all of my fellow black loves who suffer from depression, self harm, anorexia, bulimia, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, etc. and are not taken seriously because black people are “suppose to be strong”, I’m here for y’all. #Blackout ✊✊

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So I'm probably gunna cave and start the 100 soon, since it looks pretty good and whatnot, but before I do would you mind telling me some of its strongest and weakest points? Like "oh the overall writing is fantastic but the effects could be better" or something to that effect.

i dont?? actually know many weak points?? i just sat here for a good ten minutes trying to think of something legitimate to complain about and i just came up with like 1000 strong points? i just texted olivia to see if she had any ideas of what the show is lacking but she’s USELESS AND MISSING IN ACTION so i guess we’ll have to skip the weak points part

i have an exam tomorrow so i can guarantee you this is gonna get long. my ability to procrastinate shows no bounds. also i cant even pick the best point to make so ill just kinda lay out my top 3

  • representation. the representation on this show is so important to me.
    • clarke griffin is, without a doubt, the absolute best and most accurate bisexual representation ive ever seen on television. it’s been handled perfectly, it wasn’t made a defining trait of hers, it wasnt erased, it was explicitly stated by the writers multiple times, it hasn’t been questioned or treated negatively by any character on the show, it is hands down the absolute. best. bisexual. representation. that television can offer us today.
    • people of color! off the top of my head i can think of jaha, indra, wells, raven, and lincoln. 
    • women! so many women! women in positions of power, women who are villains, women who are heroes, women who are weak, women who are strong, women who are loyal, women who sTAB YOU IN THE BACK AND LEAVE YOUR PEOPLE FOR DEAD YOU ABSOLUTE TRAITOR, etc
  • the writing. the writing is SO solid.
    • the characters, for example. ive never seen such a solid group of characters who are so well written and explored, i feel like i understand all of these kids. but at the same time they’re not predictable. like when the characters do something shocking like, hypothetically sTABBING YOU IN THE BACK AND LEAVING YOUR PEOPLE FOR DEAD LIKE AN ABSOLUTE TRAITOR, you go “holy shit i cant believe that happened” and two seconds later it dawns on you. of course that happened. how did i not see it coming. this is so in character. this is fantastic. this is exactly what they would do.
      • bonus: just because characters do shitty things doesnt actually make you hate them at all?? this is such good writing every bad thing they do just makes them more complex cause in the end theyre just trying their hardest to survive. despite STABBING SOMEONE IN THE BACK AND LEAVING THEIR PEOPLE FOR DEAD, the aforementioned traitor is actually my second favorite character
    • speaking of survival, that gets me to my next point. the story is based on survival, that’s the big theme. and tbh when i went into this show i thought it would bore me. thats not the kind of story i get sucked into. im weak for romance. i watch all my shows exclusively for the ships. but the story and the relationships/friendships and the dynamics between people who get along and people who dont, in the end the story of these kids struggling to survive was more interesting to me than any ship
  • the creators
    • i really admire the world the writers have created. they’ve essentially done everything they can to create the kind of show they wish could be realistic. because its sci fi, and because its set 97 years in a post apocalyptic future, they can make the kind of changes that other shows cant, and theyre brave enough to do it. for example, the 100 has:
      • absolute gender equality. a teenage girl runs the entire grounder army? why the hell not. a teenage girl is in charge of every ark survivor? absolutely. 
      • not even the slightest hint of homophobia to be found. sexuality? not really A Thing. people don’t have labels, they just like who they like and nobody gives a fuck. those two teenage girls in charge of like everybody on the planet? are they queer as hell? you bet your ass they are
      • no racism either, tho the mountain men do have sort of a class system i guess, where they assume they’re the higher class and everyone below them is a savage. youll see more of that when you watch.
      • no gendered violence. basically, no sexual violence. because of gender equality, its not expected that violence towards women would be sexual in nature. girls are tortured in this show, that’s for sure. a girl gets tied to a pole and sliced with a knife for a while. its not pretty, and its not fun to watch, but its 100% the same treatment they give a guy like. 2 minutes later.

watch the 100.


Let’s talk about an important concept: juxtaposition.

Juxtaposition is the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

The two pictures you see are a perfect example of this.  The horror in one picture emphasizes the cuteness of the other and vice versa.

I think this is the reason why Five Nights at Freddy’s has a strong fandom.  We can have amazing artists that draw cute and terrible things of the same subject, and it just makes it better.  (This isn’t exclusive to FNAF; I’ve been observing the effect more from it than any other canon)

Don’t like the horror stuff?  That’s alright, it just makes the cute stuff cuter.  Don’t like cute stuff?  That’s fine, it’s just makes the horror stuff more shocking.  And if you’re like me, you just love seeing this dynamic at work.

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@thelaurakopel: #noflexzone #realtalk I don’t look shredded or strong or bulky and “manly” (as jerks say) or muscular all the time. After a gallon of water? At night? Heck no! If anything, I look shredded LESS OFTEN than I look like I do in this picture. Don’t be fooled by pictures and assume people look perfect 24/7. That is just a snapshot of a moment. We are all guilty of posting our best snapshots. I do. Who wouldn’t?! You can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s professional debut. And you can’t compare your “off day” to someone’s good day! No one is perfect. You’re imperfectly perfect - embrace it!

My phone is gonna die soon but i want every black person to know how beautiful they are and im work and every break ive gotten i got on here to relblog all of you awesome black ppl of all backgrounds and walks of life and it’s honestly so touchin black ppl are so hated but we still manage to love ourselves and fight the hate like we are such a strong ppl and that one selfie with the person crying really touched my heart im so sappy rn im in the break room smiling like an idiot


#blackout not out of hate. Out of celebration for being part of a beautiful, strong culture. My family is the definition of a multicultural melting pop that America wants to claim. I’m proud to be black, to be white, and to be a few other things I don’t even know. And thankful that my family has taught me to love and embrace everyone because I am everyone. This is not about hate. It’s all about taking pride in who you are! My caramel skin is beautiful and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Okay okay you dont know me but I need advice. I'm a lesbian and I've been out for like 3 years but there's this guy. Wtf do I say to him, "oh yeah btw im a lesbian but you are amazing so nvm"

hey, look—love is weird.  gender is weird.  sexuality is weird.  it’s all confusing!

  the labels we come up with for ourselves are pretty limited…  people are multifaceted and complicated and not always predictable!  if you’re sure you’re attracted to him, it doesn’t make your sexuality any less valid.  please don’t live your life to suit labels.  rather, label yourself (or don’t!) to suit your life experience!  maybe you’re bisexual with a strong preference for women, and that’s perfectly okay.  

  plenty of people will say that your dating a man means that you were “pretending to be a lesbian” or that you’re “betraying the lesbian community,” but let me tell you (and please listen, because i’m right about this)—that is bull.shit.  

  discovering yourself and learning about who you are is a lifelong process.  it never stops.  if you ultimately find that you aren’t a lesbian, it doesn’t mean you were lying when you said that you were.  likewise, if you do pursue a relationship with this guy and find that you are only attracted to women, it doesn’t render that relationship any less valid or real.

be honest with yourself, and be honest with him.  please try not to judge yourself.  you are wonderful and brave, and i wish you the best.

To all the divines who are treated like shit, who are called delusional & are told they need help, who are delusional, who are told theyll never survive in the real world:

We love you. Keep going if you can. Stay strong. Try to take care of your vessel. And dont listen to the people who fight you for nothing. You’re so much more powerful than them and you dont owe them anything.

Even if I told you how strong the bond is that I have with my line sisters you just wouldn’t understand! The definition of STRONG BLACK EDUCATED WOMEN! 💗 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SWEET AKA YOUR PHIRST BLACK SORORITY WE PAVED THE WAY!💚 #BlackOut

The Talking Dead FB comments are awesome

*Rick belongs to Michonne

*When is Michonne gonna choke a bitch?

*Rick and Michonne will wind up together.

*Can we cut her arm off and be done with it already?

The Richonne support is strong and the Jessie support is weak…kinda like Jessie!

Holding people away from you, and denying yourself love, that doesn’t make you strong. If anything, it makes you weaker. Because you’re doing it out of fear.”

“Of taking that chance,” she said simply. “Of letting go and giving into it, and that’s what makes us what we are. Risks. That’s living, Remy. Being too scared to even try it―that’s just a waste.
—  Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby

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I'm curious to know what happen to you?(The injury on your face). You seem very strong, I mean no disrespect.

none at all !! i’ve been through 13 surgeries to remove what is called a nevus from my face. started from when i was a toddler and we paused the surgeries from when i was about nine or so for school and what not. you can read about it here if you’d like uwu

The curious Jupiter/Balem dynamic

Now, this isn’t a post where I’m going to authoritatively present a view as if I’m the Jupiter Ascending fandom’s Moses setting down the Ten Commandments. Instead, I’m interested in gauging people’s opinions - I want to know what you think!

While Jupiter and Balem don’t share a great deal of screen time, the screen time they do share is deeply interesting. I was fascinated by their dynamic from the first scene where we see them ‘together’, which is where Balem is watching the hologram from the clinic; even though Jupiter isn’t actually present, Balem acts as if she is, addressing her directly (“there you are”) and attempting to touch her face with his chameleon hands. Perhaps most disturbingly, there’s a strong emphasis on Jupiter’s strained, panicked breathing; Balem doesn’t register her distress, concerned solely with her resemblance to his mother. 

This weirdness is ramped up to 11 when they meet properly - all of their scenes together are about contact, be it tender (hover-hand face holding) or violent (mutual pipe beat downs!) When he’s actually with Jupiter, Balem demonstrates amusement (at the toilet-cleaning comment), creepy longing (hover-hand), condescension (you’re not fit to rule, puny human!) and rage (see all the violence). He also appears to take a perverted kind of pleasure in her distress, displaying the creepiest of creepy smiles as a horrified Jupiter watches her mother, on the brink of torture, through the floor.

Jupiter, meanwhile, remains remarkably level-headed throughout the entire ordeal. Perhaps the most striking emotion I found that she demonstrated was empathy; her comments indicate that she realises that Balem was twisted and ruined by his mother, and she is able to enrage him because the comments she makes are perceptive and grounded in the truth.

Now, I’m not going to form conclusions off the basis of this because I want to hear from you - what impression were you left with of the dynamic between Jupiter and Balem? Did Balem ever truly see Jupiter as Jupiter, or was he pretty much always seeing her as his mother returned from the dead? Did he truly want to kill Jupiter, or was his violence symptomatic of his madness?

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I'm always amazed at people who get mad when others try and support them. if you don't support [race]then you're a racist but if you do support [race] then you are an asshole on a high horse. damned if you do and damned if you don't right? *face palm* but I'm glad you support all everyone even when you get angry messages about it. you're a strong person and im glad to be following you!

You know, I am very happy to be born in the Caribbean and being Puerto Rican, from our first day in first grade history class we learn that we are the result of the mix of European, African and the Native Tainos (the illustration below is similar to the one I remember from back then). We come in all colors but we are first and foremost Boricuas. That is not to say that we don’t have racism issues and struggles between economic classes but our culture is based on the mix of many different influences just like the blood in our veins.