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How did you come up with the names for your OCs? I always find the process of naming characters so interesting.

Ohh this was really a long long time ago. I created the names together with a friend when we were like 13-14 and created our medieval based fantasy world and needed some cool names.
We actual took the name Tiuri from a children fantasy book “Der Brief für den König” ( I don’t know an english title)
And for Aran…I thin kit was pretty simple…we looked at male names and just changed Aron..and thought it sounds great! I still like the name though.
Later we found out there are the Aran Islands and thought this also fits him and the Fantasy world. But the name is pronounced like with an actual A..like we say in german..like the A in Amalas …not the english/american A

And I think the same for Eriwan and Aiva. …we just tried out name sthat sound fitting for this world! WE even had names for their countries (all 4 came from different countries) and we tried to make their names also fitting for the countries.
We had a different name for Aiva in the beginning..I can’t remember which one though….and we changed it to Aiva in the end.

Rosa is just a girls name I really love and always wanted to have a girl character with that name. And I came up with the name Raphael when I visited a friend and met his flamate ..and he reminded me a bit of the character who was still very unplanned and nameless and I thought wow..Raphael…this is it..and short he is getting called Rafa (Rapha)

Thank you!

gay 1969

gayer than regular 1969,

we’ve known each other so long I almost don’t want to talk about it??? I used to think you were australian. we’ve both grown up a LOT and I’m So Proud of You

I feel like you live your entire life as an opportunity to create beauty + art and I really respect that about you, and I know you’ve gone through (and are still going through) a lot in the time we’ve known each other but I’ve never known you to be someone who’s kept down so easily. your personality is stellar and magnetic and I always feel comfortable when we talk and I’m Love You………..

also while I am At This I’ve thought u were super cool since we were like 13/14 and still 10000% believe you are the coolest cat around, sometimes I spend like half an hour in your poetry tag getting Feelings

mutuals can send me a # if you want a post


(Smut exert from chapter 1 of my “mature” AU Fanfic “The clique” That I never uploaded…this includes the smut scene and 2 scenes before so you get a little of the storyline….The original chapter was around 15k word wise)








(SOOOO I wrote this almost 6/7 months ago an when I wrote this I physically picctured him as a mixture of really tan Harry we had this past summer, and Ironically the long haired harry we have now. The only difference is in this, his longer hair is actually like …styled (lol) as opposed to him just letting it grow out and see what happens (not that I dont like his hair but…I’m just sayin) Also as youll notice when you read I mentioned him having his ears pierced just because, I think that would look flawless on him!!)

                               ”THE CLIQUE”

“Wait…WHAT!?!” I pulled the phone away from my ear, throwing it down, putting it on speaker as I scrolled through my Twitter feed. Not feeling like holding the phone up to my ear as she yelled at me.

“I don’t know…I just-”

“Again…WHAT!?!” Chelsea was not happy about this idea…and she kept cutting me off every time I tried to explain!

“Well maybe if you’d shut up for half a fucking second…..”


“Okay, whatever, all I’m saying is I really don’t-”

“No! All you’re saying is a load of shit! How the hell do you not wanna go to our best friend’s welcome back party? The friend that we’ve known since he move here in like 8th grade! The one that got sent away last year because we kept getting in trouble, even though I think his mom overreacted to be honest….But that’s beside the point…. The point is he’s back for senior year and Ryan’s throwing him a party….a party that’s trending by the way! Have you been on twitter lately!?! It’s fucking trending and you….the queen of party’s doesn’t wanna go….”

“Yeah…well…that sounds about right…thanks for the recap TMZ…Oh…Jenna and Zack broke up by the way…” Causally changing the subject…throwing in something I saw on my feed.

“I don’t really even know how I feel about that…like was that even really a thing?”

“No, it was a thing….for like…the summer….and now it’s gone….so…”

“Well to be honest I don’t even- Wait NO Really!?! DON’T change the subject I was yelling at you! SO like I was sayyinggg….Dude what the hell are you on!? Like why don’t you wanna go?  AND you have no excuses….because it’s Friday Sammie……really.”

I sighed loud and dramatic into the phone so she could hear me but she didn’t care. Chelsea wasn’t having it, I was going to this party weather she had to drag me out the house by my hair….and of course I couldn’t tell her the real reason I didn’t wanna go. Because everyone else thinks Harry and I are still as close as we use to be! He and I are the only ones who know that we’ve barley spoken in almost 6 months! While the rest of them talked to him on a regular basis! Especially Ryan and Tristin who went on “bro trips” almost every month. Now he’s back and everyone’s picking up where they left off….except us….

Because we were the ones that were stupid… And kept pushing those boundaries…. between being best friends…. And a little more than that ….and of course it blew up in our faces!

Also him being back, this past week has made things with Jordan a little….odd… We were just starting to sort things out and then here comes this curve ball out of nowhere! And now it’s like, all of my feelings are being thrown at me out of nowhere….and to be honest…I’m not sure how I feel about any of this anymore.

I knew I had to go though, because it would look really shady if I didn’t. Everyone on social media would be all over it, and I really don’t have time for excess drama and speculations.

“I….I guess…” I mumbled into the phone hoping she wouldn’t hear me.

“Yay!!!  I knew I’d finally talk some sense into you….plus you’d be kicking yourself in the ass once you saw all the pictures and retweets from tonight anyway! So call Scott I’ll be over in like an hour! So he can beat our faces to perfection! OH are you bringing Jordan? You should bring Jordan! Do you have an idea what you’re wearing yet? ”

She was so damn excited, that she was throwing a million questions at me, barley giving me time to respond. I think more than anything she was just happy to have our circle complete again….all five of us reeking havoc on LA….I just wish I was as enthused about it as she was.

“Uhh no, actually I don’t have a clue what I’m wearing. So I guess will just have to figure that out when you get here…but umm I’ll see you in a little while, I need to text Scott and Jordan….”

“Okay! I’ll be there…abound 5…. Ish”

“Okay sounds good!!” I plopped down hard on my bed when I hung up, letting out a deep exhale… trying to wrap my mind around how I was going to get through this party. What approach I was going to take, weather I should wait for him to talk to me, or just be the bigger person and just ease over all the bullshit.

I paced up and down my room for almost the next hour….I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel having to see him again…like on a daily basis. When he left, we left on shaky ground and tried to work it out….but it didn’t work…so I’ve basically been trying to act like he doesn’t exist or the past 5/6 months. But now I really don’t have a choice, after thinking it over I decided I’m going into this party with a positive attitude. If I have to see him every day until we graduate then I at least want us to be civil.

It’s been really, annoying and stressful having to put on a pretend smile every time I’ve seen him this past week. I hate that we’ve known each other since we were like 13/14 and now we have to fake something that was once real!

I know, it’s going to take a minute for us to get it back, after crossing that line, and it not ending well…but I think if we both really want our friendship back we can do it! What’s done is done, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

It was a quarter to 6 when Chelsea and the hair and makeup artist showed up….my phone was buzzing off the hook… With all the mentions and re tweets happening!

Like I mentioned earlier my friends and I have a pretty prominent social media presence! Which comes with both its ups and downs….

Like one of  up sides is the opportunities our fashion blog is given. …all the really cool photo shoots and reviews we get to do butttt……then there’s the dark side to living a somewhat public life.

One of the major downsides is the fact that people wanna know EVERY aspect of your life. Almost as if they feel like they entitled to know it. I think the fact that we choose, to share bits and pieces of our lives online, sometimes it turns around and bites us in the ass. Because people are never satisfied, they can’t just deal with you giving them a little…they just want more…and MORE. And by people I mean gossip bloggers, they often speculated weather Harry and I were ever more than “just friends”. But we obviously never commented on it, we just let them wonder!

There were already people tweeting about how they couldn’t wait to see what this year has to bring now that our “infamous clique” is back together. Speculating what the first “major scandal” of the year was going to be and who it would involve…and how “Mommy and daddy’s money would get us out of it”

I just brushed it off though, not letting all the drama and gossip stress me out even more than I already was.

"I kinda feel like we should wear one if the Helix dresses… That NastyGal sent us, because we still haven’t done the review for the blog yet!”

I glanced up from my phone, looking over at Chelsea while the makeup artist started putting the final touches on my face.

“Oh!! Yeah oh my god your right! They sent us that like last month too, now I feel bad, will have to take pictures before we leave and update the blog in the morning or something…”

“Yeah… I was actually just texting Christine, to let her know the post will be up tomorrow…I’ll probably wear the black one, because Jordan’s wearing black. ”

“Ohh so is this like official? Are you guys like social media certified or is he still… In the words of Perez Hilton "your little boy toy”?

Scotty who was one of the makeup artists smiled over at me and I just rolled my eyes at him, trying not to smile.

"Ummm, I don’t know what we are exactly….but no he’s not my boy toy!!”

“You know I always thought you and Harry would be such a cute couple! Like ya know if you two weren’t besties!! How’s it been having him back? Is it like old times all over again?” The other makeup artist smiled over at me and Chelsea just glared over in my direction.

“Yeah, noooooo a lot of people say that…or I guess the proper term would be that they “Ship that idea” but nah, and ummm yeah basically things just feel the same actually…” I was totally lying things felt so damn awkward and on top of that we had half of our classes together!

“Yeah I feel that…NOT the Sammie and Harry thing though because that’s…eww no! I was referring to the whole “It feels the same thing” and my nail just chipped…I’m so not about that life…”

I glared over at her from above my phone “I’m already so done with you and the night hasn’t even started yet…”

“Even though this is totally gross because we’ve known them forever. But if I were to ship her with any of the boys it would probably be Tristin!”

I almost gagged when she said that because out of all the boys I looked at him, like a brother the most!

“Oh my god no, I’m gagging! That’s…no just…nooo”

She kicked her brow up at me, having up from her phone “oh damn! Well this is serious then huh?”

"Ohhhhhh!!!” The response was basically in unison from everyone in the room!

“Oh!!! Okay I’ll remember that next time you wanna borrow my Louboutins…and Fuck you too by the way!!”

She blew me a kiss and I just playfully flicked her off. “Oh heyyyy!! Look it’s me flipping you off with a nail that’s NOT chipped” I smiled back at her and she just rolled her eyes at me.


It was almost 7:30 when we were finally done getting ready.

“Wait can we like, move over here…the selfie lighting is Wayyy better.”

I glared over at her through the mirror as I ran my fingers through my hair. I feel like between the two of us Chelsea was defiantly more of the stereotypical “LA girl”. I mean of course I have my moments…but I swear almost everything she says…sounds like it belongs in one of those stereotypical valley girl movies… “Just so you know, you’re like totally one of those girls that people make memes about on Tumblr…”

“Ugh whatever! Just get over here!!”

I walked over to her so we could pose for our selfie! We literally took 30 Pics in less than a minute…which is actually…really sad! Like, I clearly need better things to do with my life….

I uploaded a picture to my insta with the caption “rocking @NastyGals helix dresses…there sick! Look for the full reviews on our blog tomorrow night” the picture was barely up for 5 seconds before it already had 10 likes.

Nights like these, when something’s actually happening… Sometimes it feels like people just camp out on your profile waiting for you to post something…

But my friends and I always say… Where going to live our lives weather people watch or not….and if they’re going to watch then we mideswell give them a damn good show.

While we were waiting for the driver, and Jordan I started scrolling through my feed. When I noticed a picture that one of the stylist I follow posted. It was Ryan… And Harry…and of course he looked….soo good! Something I deiently noticed since he’s been back is that his body structure was unreal. I mean yeah he was always fit… But he’s grown into himself within the past year. His bone structure becoming more defined…his face, especially his jawline becoming more chiseled!

I lovvveed his hair, he went through this phase when we were younger were he kept it kinda long…but it would fall in his face. Then when we got a little older and he quiffed the front and, kept his sides shorter. Now he’s let it grow out all over which diffidently works with his laid back LA style. That he embodied so effortlessly!

I literally moaned to myself a little even looking at him, but I had to shake that off! Any sexual attraction I had towards him I was going to push towards Jordan! Which I’m sure he wouldn’t mind…

“JORDAN!! And the drivers here!” I heard Chelsea yell from out in the hall, and I hopped up. Grabbing my bag and heading out the room.

“Mom!! We’re leaving….” I waited for her to peep her head from out of the kitchen.

“Okay have fun! But not too much fun to where I read about it in the morning …please and thank you! Also so you know when I expect you back in the house! IF you stay at Chelsea’s call me FIRST!”

“Okay, okay!! I know! Love you bye!!” I ran over into the kitchen, kissing her on the cheek before I ran out the front door.

“Tell Jordan I said behave!!” I heard her yell behind me as the door shut.

When I walked outside the cool breeze caught my skin, the slight wind blowing my hair out of my face. When I saw Jordan get out of the car…it made me feel a little better about tonight because he looked really, really good! So I knew it would be a lot easier to distract myself since my boy….date…looked really hot!

“Hey babe!” He smiled over at me and I leaned up, moving my hands to the back of his neck, pressing my body to his, kissing him deep.

He moaned a little when he pulled back, looking at me totally confused. Because he could tell I put a little more into the kiss….

“Mmm…and what was that for?”

“Ummm, I don’t know… I just felt like it…” I smiled back at him, extending my hand so he could grab it as we walked towards the limo.

During the entire car ride I was …a little more affectionate than usual, but he didn’t mind….when we pulled up there were already a ton of cameras outside. It’s kinda funny because of how last minute this party is….yet it looks like it’s been planned for months. Which shouldn’t surprise me, its go big or go home in this town.

When we stepped out of the car I was almost blinded by the lights. Jordan took my hand, leading me into the building while the pap’s all yelled at us.

“Oh so is it official?”

“Are you two a couple now?”

“Have you decided your couple name?”

“Dose Harry being back change things for you two?”

“How do you feel about Harry being back?”

I just ignored them as we walked in…the vibe instantly changing once the door shut.

“Well that was a little intense…I swear it’s always chaos whenever I go out you and your friends…” Jordan smiled over at me before kissing my forehead.

“Yeah, well what can I say, clearly we just attract chaos…”

The night was going really good…but that’s also probably because Harry hadn’t show up yet….It was close to nine when I heard people saying two black Lamborghini’s pulled up…and I already knew it was them. Before I could even step outside, Ryan was already blowing up my phone, wanting Chelsea and I to step outside so we could pose for pictures together…

When I walked back outside it was somewhat awkward…when Harry and I hugged. Just because I think we both knew there was just so much unsaid tension…but we just had to pretend that things were okay. Until we could privately talk things out….But no matter how awkward things felt, it didn’t change how good he looked.

He had on a somewhat…mesh black v-neck which he paired with a fitted leather jacket, black skinnies, and black sneakers with gold embellishments. Black was always a lethal color on him, because of how tan his skin was, on top of that, his more grown out hair, gave off this really sexy….kinda “edgy, bad boy” vibe.

Our conversation outside was short….and generic and after that, that was all I could take! I’ve known him wayyyy too long for us to be at this point.

Once the night started to die down a little I finally walked up to Harry, wanting to pull him to the side and talk to him but also not wanting to make a huge scene.

 “Can I talk to you for a sec? It’s nothing important just….when you have a minute….” I smiled back at him and the furrowed his brow, his eyes trying to read mine……

“Yeah! I mean we can go right now….if you want? ” He was clearly trying to read me, because I hadn’t said much to him all week, we only force conversation when we were all together so I’m sure he was surprised that I approached him on my own.

“Yeah….well I mean it’s not important or anything soo-“

“Sammie….” He said my name the way only he could….the rasp…the accent…ugh…this was not supposed to be happening right now. He kicked his brow up at me and I cleared my throat…swallowing hard.

“It’s totally fine…” he smile back at me, flashing those insanely deep dimples as he pushed his body off the wall, and walking towards me. Placing his hand at the small of my back leading me through the crowd.

He led me through the crowd and down to a long hallway off in the back… that appeared to be empty. It was still kina loud, from the speakers but it was still better than standing out there. The lighting was also brighter; once he turned around I wasn’t sure which was more blinding, the earring in his ear, or the light reflecting off his insanely green eyes.

I took in a deep breath clearing my throat, reminding myself that the point of this talk was to try and get out FRIENSHIP back. Not for us to go back to being secret friends with benefits or whatever the hell we were….because that clearly worked out well for us.

“Ehh, not really sure how much better this is. BUT it’s as good as were going to get without going outside sooo….wassup?”

I stepped a little closer to him so I wouldn’t have to shout, running my fingers through my hair as I got my thoughts together “I Ummm….earlier, like at school was a little awkward….just because we hadn’t spoken in a while. So, ya know….”

“Yeah, no I completely understand, I wasn’t sure where we stood either to be honest. Which is why I was really surprised when you hugged me….”

My body was starting to relax a little, the more we talked…without it feeling forced the less awkward things became which is exactly what I was hoping for. “Yeah exactly, especially because I didn’t know you were coming back, so I was really surprised…and umm, I am actually really happy your back Harry! You know like for senior year and stuff….even though things became really fucked up between us, the circle still felt odd without you in it. We’ve been friends for years, and this is our last time together before…life gets serious!” I looked over at him and he smiled from ear to ear, which made my heart smile a little. More so because that was a smile of relief, letting me know that the fact that we weren’t speaking/had to force conversation… bothered him as much as it hurt me.

“Thank you!! I really, really, needed to hear that….I was eventually going to talk to you. I just wanted to give you your space for a minute, wait and see how things played out. I think Ummm, it’s going to be a really good year actually….I don’t know If they’re ready for all this though…” he rubbed up and down his abs, and I could already tell before he started that he was just fucking around and about to do something really stupid!

“Oh yeah? All of that huh?” I kicked my brow up at him playing along and he made a face at me almost like he was saying “DUH”.

“Yessss!!!All this Sammie, all of it!!!” he started posing, flexing his muscles, making all of these ridiculous faces and I couldn’t help but laugh. I knew that at some point we needed to have a serious one on one talk, because a lot happened between us, that only we knew about. But tonight was not the night for that, this was his welcome back party, I just wanted to get us to a place where, when I see him in school, I won’t have to force myself to smile. The rest will hopefully fall back into place in due time…

“Oh my god shut up and get over here!!!” I extended my arms and gave him a REAL hug, not like the ones from before, that were tense and just awkward…but a real one.  Just like clockwork we fell back into place, he wrapped his arms around my waist, tight, and my hands found the back of his neck. Pressing my face into the side of his neck, breathing him in for a moment…

“Welcome back to LA, Styles….” I felt him sigh against my skin, rubbing his hands up and down my back before he pulled back from me.

I felt that thing…again…those butterflies at the pit of my stomach….the kind that you don’t…feel from “Just a friend”. The feeling that I hoped was long gone…but it wasn’t…he still…he still did something to me…something that I hadn’t felt in a while…

“You don’t even know how good it feels to be back…..I missed you guys…I missed my city…but more than that…I missed this…it’s about to be a sick year” he smiled back at me and I couldn’t help but return the gesture.

He paused for a second, both of us just appreciating the fact that, silence wasn’t awkward anymore.

“Sooo…you and Jordan aye?” He smirked back at me and I tried to ignore that look he had in his eyes…

I should’ve known it was coming, because the two of them weren’t exactly the best of friends.

“What about it styles?” I glared over at him and he laughed a little.

“Nothing!! Calm down babe I just….” He let his words trail off and of course I got curious.

“Noo don’t bite your tongue…you never did before…you just what?” I kicked my brow up at him and he shook his head back at me.

“It just… I don’t know…he just doesn’t seem like your type…that’s all…” Running his fingers through his hair which looked even thicker than I remembered. Tugging at his roots at his roots and pushing a good chunk to the left side.

"I didn’t know I had one…I just…like guys who get me…and he does that…he knows exactly what I need…he’s cool…”

“MmmHmm…so are you guys official? I mean should I start calling you Mrs. Bradford orrrr…”

“Ha,Ha,Ha! No we’re not official… Were just taking it slow…”

I looked up at him which was a bad idea because his eyes were piercing through me. “Stop!” I warned him and his eyes widened almost like he was confused or something.

“I’m not even doing anything love, you’re the one that wanted to talk to me…..remember?” he smiled back at me, in that cheeky way, he did soooo well and I wanted to rip that smile right off his face. Because he knew exactly what he was doing right now…he knew the things he did that made me come apart at the seams.

"Yes, but you know what you’re doing right now, the way you’re looking at me, the slight body gestures…don’t play dumb! I’m trying….I’m trying to get our friendship back! I want us to try and start over but you’re not helping the cause right now…” I crossed my arms and he smirked at me again. Leaning from off against the wall, stepping closer to me.

“Why are you using the fact, that you’re actually ticked off at yourself….rub off on me, when I haven’t done a damn thing to you. When I came back, I gave you your space, I let you choose whether you wanted to come to me or not….and YOU did…how about you just be honest with yourself …and me right now, and admit the real reason you’re getting mad?”

He kicked his brow up and he and a snarled back at him, practically wearing my attitude on my sleeve at the point because I was so annoyed!!…and confused actually.

“What the hell are you even talking about right now?”

He laughed, again so clearly I was amusing him tonight, stepping even closer to me. Bring his face inches away from mine.

I wanted to slap him, yell at him, and fuck him all at the same time. I was angry at him for looking like that, I was angry at myself for still having feelings for him in that way…I was still angry from what happened before he left…yet I still wanted to take him in the back room and fuck him senseless!

“You know exactly what I’m talking about…This, this… energy between us…the thing that we had, that we still have. You know you can feel it, you were hoping you wouldn’t, to be honest…I kinda hoped I wouldn’t feel it either. That we could just go back to the way things were.” His tone change, it got deeper, calmer… “But its…it’s the way…..your body reacts to me, the way it tenses…. And the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when I touch you….”

He moved his hand up my spine pulling my body into his… And my body tensed… And I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I inhaled deep and locked my eyes with his. Trying to act unaffected, trying to act like I didn’t want him to push me up against the wall and fuck me until I could barley breathe.

Trying to remind myself that I wanted us to just be friends, and that I had a boy….thing… Out there waiting for me.

"Jordan and I are-” I tried to speak but he cut me off already knowing that everything I was about to say was a load of shit

“Jordan and you what?! You can say that you want us to be just "friends” again but we both know that’s complete shit.“ His hands moved up my body and his lips moved to the side of my neck.

"Friends don’t….look at each other the way we do…they don’t touch….each other…” He squeezed down on my ass and a faint moan left my lips…"the way we do…"

His hand moved up my dress and teased at the lace… Already able to feel my heat pulsing through the fabric.

“I can already feel how wet… You are…yet your actually trying to stand here and tell me you just wanna be friends?”

He licked his lips, letting his tongue tease me as he spoke. It took everything in me, not even speak at that moment….

“MmmHmm…” Cleared my throat….feeling light headed at his touch…

He chuckled a little, smirking back at me, because he knew I was lying. He knew, how bad I wanted him right now….

“Yeah because I have…” My words got caught in my throat as he circled my clit slowly through my underwear. I couldn’t even remember Jordan’s name right now if I wanted to.

“Jordan? Right….and he knows exactly what you need right?” He lowered his voice; again, making the rasp even more prominent as he slowly brought both of his hands back to my waist. Gripping me tighter walking us back a couple steps so my back was pressed against the wall, in the corner.

“Let me ask you something….since Jordan knows exactly what you need…then why….are you still back here with me? You haven’t asked me to stop once, because you know if you told me to stop, I would…without any hesitations.”

He brought his lips back to my neck, making his way down to my shoulder before biting down on the area… Then soothing it over with his tongue. I let out a shaky moan and arched my body into his.

He licked his lips slowly pulling back from me a little. Letting his eyes trace me from head to toe…

“I need to…I….”

I couldn’t even formulate a coherent sentence at that point…I really wanted to make myself leave….but I just really didn’t want to…

“Answer me this before I let you go…k?” He presses his body closer to mine, burying his face in my neck as he moved my dress up around my waist.

“What names…dose he call you in bed? Hmm…does he know how much you love it…when I take you from behind….and I keep my lips pressed to your ear… “He grippe my waist tighter spinning me around, so my forehead was against the wall. He spun me around so fast I could barley breathe, I could feel how hard he was getting. As he pressing his hips against my ass, bringing his lips to the side of my neck.

“Does he know… How to make you come so hard your body shakes? How to get you so wet… That you ruin every pair of underwear you even try to put on for the rest of the day…”

Gripping the back of my hair, he pulled my head back to neck, circling my slit through my underwear and my eyes fluttered shut!

"Oh fuck…"I gripped the fabric at his thigh as he started to speed up his pace.

"Dose he make you scream his name…like I can? Remember…that night…when I fucked you on the hood of my car? You couldn’t even walk after that, I had to carry you back into the house…or when I made you come so many times you could barley think straight….”

He ripped my lace to the side, using his index finger to circle the tip of my clit and my body jerked. “Hmmm?”

“Fuck…no …Oh my god….”

Moving his fingers down, he slid in effortlessly, curling his finger up in a come hither motion and my knees buckled.

“Oh shit ,” gripping the fabric at his thigh even tighter, once he joined his other hand to my clit.

“Still wanna leave, and go out there with…. What’s his name again? "He growled against my ear, biting down on the side of my neck, as I rolled my ass back against him.

"Oh god” my eyes squeezed shut, as he slid in another finger, pumping them in and out, while his other hand constituted to destroy my clit. I could already feel myself running down my inner thighs….

Curling one of his fingers upward it almost felt like he was flicking that forbidden wall. The one that only he could find ….

“Answer me….” He bit back, pushing his fingers in even deeper, letting the cold metal from his rings hit my clit. Slanting his arm up a little he held that position. Stilling his opposite hand as well! Adding an insane amount of pressure until I answered his question.

“Oh my god!!! Baby move!!” I needed him right now, my walls Pulsating around him.

“Not until you answer me love” kissing my neck, while he clawed his other hand up my thigh, before slowing moving up my body. Cupping my breast on the way up, bringing his hand to my mouth. Using his thumb to tease my bottom lip for access. Opening my mouth slightly he slid his index finger in and I laced my tongue around it.

Pulling out he joined, it back to my clit, just gently flicking it… Trying to drive me insane…I dug my nails into his thigh even harder but that still didint work.

“I’m not letting you come until you answer me baby….” He cooed against my skin and I hated how calm he was right now while I was loosing my damn mind!

“Oh my god- fuck….no!! Harry…. no, I don’t wanna go back out there I just want you to fuck me baby…god please…” I could barely breathe at that point I felt him slowly start to work his hips against mine as he started pumping his fingers in and out and my walls contracted around him.

“Fuck, there it is… I can feel you, shit your about to come so hard for me aren’t you baby?!”

I turned my neck to the side capturing his lips with mine, as a gripped to the hair at the back of his neck. Feeling my body tense as my orgasm started building.

Twisting his fingers in and out even faster, still using his other hand to destroy my clit. “Oh fuckkkk” I cried out pulling back from the kiss.

“There it is, shit that’s my girl…. Keep coming for me , god it’s still mine Isint it baby?”

Bringing his forehead down to mine as my orgasm ripped out of me, gripping his jeans tight to help me keep my balance. ”fuck, yes baby it’s yours…it’s always been yours Harry shit, just like that!!”

My eyes squeezed shut as I came hard around his fingers and he didint stop. “Ugh , I missed watching you come for me! God your so sexy, give be one more baby”

Bringing his lips back to mine, kissing me deep, as he rolled his hips against mine. Sliding his fingers out, using them both on my clit this time. Using one hand to pull the hood back letting the exposed air nip and the already sensitive area. While using the other hand to move in swift circles and my body kept jerking. I was too sensitive at this point but he felt too good to stop!

I moaned out loud against his tongue, gripping his hair even tighter as I felt my second orgasm rolling up!

I pulled back from the kiss sucking in a sharp breathe as my body shuttered around him , coming so hard my entire body nearly gave out! Falling back against him, I gripped his forearm in tight fist! Not able to handle any sudden movement.

“Breathe baby, breathe …” I hadn’t even realized I still wasn’t breathing until he pointed it out. Letting out a slow shaky exhale as I pressed my body forward. Leaning my head against the wall, trying to get myself back together.

Kissing up and down my neck, and my shoulder, while he massaged my hip. Still not moving his other hand because I would let go yet…


My body couldn’t take coming like that again…it had been so long since I came that hard, my body felt like it couldn’t handle anything else. I felt him kiss my jawline before he pulled back from me “Jordan knows what you need huh? It  seems like…You haven’t come that hard, since the last time I handle it…” He slowly pulled his hand away, knowing I was still too sensitive for him to move too fast…

He messaged my hip, before gently sliding my underwear into place, which were instantly ruined.

Gripping my waist he spun me back around, pressing his body against mine. Sliding his hand under my chin, bringing my lips up to his. Turning his head to the side he slowly rolled his tongue against mine as a arched up into him. Letting out a slow breathy moan as his hands roamed up my ass…

“Call me…or…you can….just ……let Jordan "handle it” a slight smirk moved up his face as he pulled away from me…walking back around to rejoin his party. While I tired to get my shit together long enough to even move away from the wall….