EXO reaction when Their GF says something innocent but they take it in a dirty way and start laughing really hard and she later realizes it and feels embarrassed

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*You started talking about how Chanyeol was teaching you how to play the drums recently*

You: “We were banging all night.”

Others: *Busted out into laughter* “Too much info guys!”

Yeol: “You shouldn’t have worded it that way.”

You: “I’m leaving. You are all pervs. Oh my god.”


*You both decided to hang out with his crew tonight for a dinner and it was all just laughs and for fun until a story came to your mind*

You: “You know my neighbor? Yeah, so the other day I was just really surprised by how big his package was. Like it was really big! I always wandered what he had in it.”

Fan: “Wait what?” *Started laughing really hard with the others until leaning over to you* “Think really hard on the reason why we are laughing.”

You: “OH MY GOD!! NOT LIKE THAT!!! He ordered something online and the package that was delivered was pretty tall! OMG.”


*You all started talking about Subway*

You: “I was expecting maybe four inches, but he gave me more like 12.”

Hun: *paused for a second before giving you a look while trying not to laugh* 

You: “I hate you.”

Hun: “I love you but that was hilarious babe.”


You: “There is this co-worker that is having trouble with something. He tried everything but just couldn’t get in.”

Tao: *Starts bursting out in laughter*

You: “You have got to be kidding me. He was having trouble with getting the paper in the copying machine you perv! Leave the poor intern alone!”


*Your friend called you while you and Jongin were cuddling on the couch*

You: “Do you want to come in the front door or the back?” *Your friend started laughing along with Jongin beside you*

Nini: “Babe! You’re with me not her!” *He jokingly said*

You: “You both are sick.”


*You started to talk about your co-worker to him*

You: “I’m sure he’s tired; he spent all day on his knees.”

Minnie: “Wait what? Think real hard about what you just said while I laugh right now.”

You: “You have got to be kidding me. The boss made him clean his office floor by hand because of a stupid prank he did. Omg. I hate you.”


*You started talking about the road trip you and your friend went on and that the ride back was just too much*

You: “We were only riding for maybe five seconds before we were desperate to get off.”

Baek: “Whoa what??? With a girl?”

Others: *All laughing their asses off*



*Started talking about food*

You: “I love sausage.”

Han: *Stops and just stares at you before bursting out into laughter*

You: “What? WAIT!!! NOOO! Lu! I hate you! You’re such a perv. Omg.”


You: *Started talking about a cute couple you seen on your walk in the park* “She took his head in her hands and stroked it.”

Dae: “Why would they do that in public?” *Started to hide his increasing smile behind his hand*

You: “What are-ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! 


*You started to talk about your friend’s basketball practice that you got to watch*

You: “He really needs to work on his ball handling.”

Soo: “Why would you know that?” *Leans over to explain the situation*

You: *A huge blush appears on your cheeks as the others started laughing* “I am so sorry about that wording.”


*You both started talking about space because you were studying it in one of your college classes*

You: “I always wondered what happens to nuts in space.”

Xing: *Pauses and tries to hold back his laughter* “Babe, I think you should have rephrased that.”

You: “I don’t- Really Yixing? Oh my god. I should have rephrased that!”


*Started talking about the rocket launch you both seen today*

You: “The power of the thrust was really remarkable.”

Myeon: “Don’t say that please.” *Trying to hide his laughter*

You: “I cannot talk to you guys right now. You sick pervs.”

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