I’m best at hiding my feelings that no one ever notices how much I love you except the one that truly loves me, waiting to be loved in return. We were all friends, but falling for the other one was how it started going downhill. How I wish none of us gained feelings for the other one. Maybe that would be better, and maybe no one’s heart is getting broken now.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #605 // @Paularies45 on Instagramex

Tasty Tuesday!?🤔
My husband always has a freshly brewed iced coffee with Italian sweet cream waiting for me after my morning runs! 💕☕️We love our ninja coffee bar, which happens to be a client of his at work!😉
This morning was a progression run:decreasing pace by about 10 seconds each mile. Started at 8:41 (warm up) and went down to 7:16.💪🏻

Happy birthday to the love of my life!

Thomas William Hiddleston, you are the world’s sweetest, talented, most beautiful, and charming, and genuine, and wonderful human.

Thank you for filling the world with laughter, smiles, tears (only because you’re so perfect,) and so much dancing.

You have quite the year ahead for you and more after that. Me and the rest of your Hiddlestoners can’t wait to see what’s in store and we love you SO much!

Cheers to you, babe!


Kochani jedna z firm organizujących koncerty Knock Out Productionspowiedzmy, że ‘wstępnie’ jest zainteresowana organizacją koncertu the GazettE w Polsce.

Skoro punkt pierwszy - podstawowy warunek, który stawia zespół czyli 'znajdźcie Nam organizatora’ - mam względnie zaliczony czas przejść do punktu drugiego i wyraźnie dać znać o swoim istnieniu w tej części Europy.

Nikt NIC nie obiecuje, ale chęci i akty dobrej woli również NIC nie kosztują, więc liczymy na Wasz aktywny udział.

Jak wiecie członkowie the GazettE zaliczają 'mroczne czasy’ dość aktywnie na Twitterze i Instagramie to też tam prosimy Was o działanie. Wszystko kręci się wokół ‪#‎theGazettE9thMovPOLAND‬

Oznaczajcie nim tweety -cenzuralne- najlepiej anglojęzyczne… proste do przetłumaczenia w google translate - nie nie chodzi mi o to, że to WY słabo znacie angielski… ^-^’
Takie tam we love you / we need you / can’t wait to see you + # = krótko i na temat.
W zasadzie można jeszcze dodać ‪#‎KnockOutProductions‬ z wdzięczności za chęci

Jeżeli chcecie możecie też wstawiać tak oznaczone zdjęcia np.
- z ich goodsami/kartami FC/albumami/singlami etc.,
- z swoim obliczem lub częścią ciała na której może widnieć ta sama co w # treść - można ją wydrukować na kartce i się wyzasłaniać wg uznania~
- fan arty
- cosplaye
- itp. itd. jak przy każdej fan akcji, myślę że jest to dość mocno przewałklowane

Dlaczego nie ‪#‎theGazettEcometoPoland2016‬ ?
Miśki moje kochane ja wierze, że tG to mądre ludzie, ale wiecie jak jest… szybki rzut oka na długi # i może nie koniecznie doczytają że zamiast Chile jest Poland~ 

Przy #theGazettE9thMovPOLAND krótko i na temat informujemy, że chodzi o koncert w Polsce w ramach europejskiej części WT w 2016 roku~

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okay i scrolled, should i leak now the larry sex tape?

harry please, wait until we’re done with our lunches.

Anonymous said: I LOVE YOU AMY!!!! So in your honor I’m making guac !!!!

but is it organic guacamole? hmmmm? lol I’m so jealous by the way. Although I do have chips and some leftover cheese so there will be nachos in my future.

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I just saw new Malec clip and I'm pretty angry. Like wtf they were thinking? Anyway, I wanted to ask and maybe you know the answer. Is this the only Magnus scene in upcoming episode? Because if it is, it won't be very good ep. Thanks for answer. P.S. - I love this site. :)

I’m not sure, we haven’t gotten any indication that there is more Magnus in this scene, but how knows. I didn’t think he would be episode two be there he was. So i guess we’ll have to wait and see. 
Thank you for loving my site <3

It still baffles me that not even 10 months ago nearly everyone loved Halsey, everyone said “she’s the ballsy biracial female artist we’ve been waiting for!”, and in general nearly everyone loved her. And suddenly, basically out of nowhere, people are absolutely horrible towards her, say she deserves to suffer, they call her horribly offensive things, etc. Why? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because she’s a woman. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t take anybody’s shit, and hasn’t from the start. I don’t know. Is she a perfect human being? Of course not. As soon as she started getting famous, and went from “oh you’ve probably never heard of her, she’s really obscure” to “omg you haven’t heard of halsey? do you live under a rock?”, people started waiting for her to fuck up, and started digging for “bad things” she’s done. People even went and found things she said when she was 14 year old, a kid, and tried to start shit. 

Yes she’s screwed up recently. But compared to some things famous white guys, musical artists or otherwise, have done, she didn’t really mess up that badly. Don’t give your old white male fav a pass, and attack a girl for doing something that comparatively isn’t as bad. I’m not saying ignore her, or give her a pass as well, but if you can calmly criticize a man, you can calmly criticize a woman. 

This isn’t about her music. Duh, not everybody is going to like her music. I don’t care if you don’t like it. There are tons of popular artists, male, female, or otherwise, that I just don’t like. But do I feel the need to start harping on every single little thing they do, waiting and looking for them to screw up so I can jump on it and scream “ha! i told you guys they were shit!”? No. It’s one thing if they are a genuinely bad person that supports bad things and is open about that, but to my knowledge, Halsey has never said anything that warrants her getting death threats and other shit thrown at her. 

Tumblr has the horrible tendency to put females on this pedestal and just wait excitedly for them to fuck up. And yet if a famous male screws up, almost nobody cares at all, because “oh he just made a small mistake, he’s a good person ok! he didn’t know!” or “don’t worry he’ll learn!” 


Dear Monty Oum,

It had been a full year, I am lost for words. The pain is still here, but I know I am much stronger now than I was last year. I never thought I would be able to even survive 2015. I never got the chance to meet you, but I wish I did. I’ve never really looked up to many people but you were one of them. I’ve healed and moved forward just like you said. I promise to keep going no matter what. I know at the end of everything you’ll be there waiting.

I miss you Monty.

We love you, Monty.

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Soo... Valentine's Day is coming up...

(( OOC: Aaaaayyyyye.
*finger guns*
*blows exaggerated kisses*
*slowly backs away while doing all of this*
*slips into a dark corner*
*hides under a rock*
*pulls out phone*
*rents a space shuttle*
*launches self into sun*
*spends rest of eternity as a ghostly space hermit*
*is never heard from again* ))


I kind of wonder if this is a character development moment or if this is a trait Kaidan had always possesed. By which I mean:

did Kaidan - after it turned out Shepard joined Cerberus in ME2 - sit like this for hours and hours and mull over and over in his head the reasons why Shepard would do something like that, trying his best and failing to really understand

OR did he not think about it that hard just judged by his own morality code, and then - after Shepard destroyed the Collectors (so it turned out Cerberus did do something good for a change), and then immediately ditched Cerberus and returned to the Alliance to be detained (so it turned out Shepard actually was just using them) - he felt bad about judging too fast, and this is him now, trying his best to understand his enemies before judging them.

(or is it both, in a way that he did think hard about Shepard’s reasons, didn’t understand them then, and afterwards came to the conclusion that, yep, he did think about it, but maybe not hard enough. So now he’s just making like triple, paranoid effort to understand things that can’t be understood)