White folk went crazy over that lion being killed. Shit I’m mad they did that but damn yall don’t even do this for black folk. Yall ready to kill this mf over killing that lion but yall won’t even show up to rally for black folks lives. We beneath animals I guess.


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I am absolutely DISGUSTED!! We should be ashamed of ourselves as humans, exploiting and murdering other beings for our own selfishness and greed. Walter James Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota has paid £35,000 to shoot and KILL this beloved lion from Hwange National Park. He has even BOASTED about how he has slaughtered the 13 year old lion, Cecil. A worker from the conservation task force even said that Cecil “never bothered anybody and was one of the most beautiful animals to look at”. Animals are not legally allowed to be killed inside parks, so he was lured outside, SHOT and BEDHEADED and SKINNED the next day. I cannot believe that we continue to treat animals this way, cutting the lives of these beautiful and innocent beings short. What makes their lives any less valuable than ours?! It absolutely breaks my heart seeing others in pain and suffering so this has definitely broken me and made me even more doubtful about other humans. #fuckyouwalterpalmer #GOVEGAN #loveALLbeings #fuckspeciesism #justiceforcecil


Just because you have money does not mean that you are above what should really be a prerogative of the human species. Wealth does not excuse you. Humans are directly responsible for the decline of vital organisms in ecosystems all over the Earth. We get one Earth, we have a limited number of tigers and lions and rhinos. We have already driven species to extinction.

Can we please stop?

Human think the Jewish holocaust is the worst holocaust ever. But the animal holocaust longest and largest holocaust ever. Every minute, of every hour of every day. every second. 60 billion animals EVERY YEAR.
But lions eat other animals. Lions also greet one another by sniffing each other’s ass. If u wanna be a lion u should sniff my ass when I enter a room. Lions also sometimes kill their baby. If a human kills their baby, they will get charged for murder. You can’t pick ONE thing lions do and choose to mimic only that. You’re wearing clothes. U have a cellphone, a computer. This isn’t the circle of life, this is the circle of torture and death.
We can’t even treat each other with kindness how do you expect to treat animals with kindness? The day we treat animals with kindness is the day we will treat one another with kindness.
Imagine u were raped to impregenate you. You gave birth to this baby that was taken away from you momentarily. This baby was fed corn and soy and grain and oats to fatten up then sent to a concentration camp, hung upside down FULLY CONSCIOUS in front of all the other cows. Screaming, terrified. A knife was placed in her throat. “My steak” that steak was NEVER yours. That’s cow flesh. It belonged to another living being. Where do humans get off owning and controlling living beings, thinking we’re the most special beings that’s ever existed on this planet but we’re really the least special. Are you aware that the removal of all humans on this planet would be the best thing that’s ever happened to the planet? If bees get cut off, the whole system would crumble. If ants are exterminated, the system would collapse. This is how important these tiny beings are. Why do we think WERE the special ones? We’re tormentors were oppressors. You consume discrimination and death, you’re gonna exude the same. Vegans are more ethical. A person who doesn’t rape is more ethical than the person who does. The person who doesn’t kills cows, pigs, chickens is more ethical than the person who does. Show me a vegan rapist. Show me a vegan murderer. Go find me a hospital with sick vegans. Animal protein; main cause of all diseases.
We all feel pain the same way. A knife in my throat is just as painful and harmful as a knife in a cows throat.
In relations to animals, all humans are nazis. The victims think you’re a nazi.
A carnivores jaw only goes up and down. An herbivore can move it side to side. Grind it. Humans are NOT carnivore.
Inanimate objects such as the flag and the bible have more meaning than animals do. People would go crazy if you torched either of those items but praise the person cooking up a nice steak.
A speciesist is someone who thinks its okay to enslave an animal because they are better than them.
Polluting your soul with the blood of innocent beings. Extend compassion to others not engaging in rituals that are based on cruelty. Largest and longest massacre of all time.
If you go to a slaughterhouse and remove all the animals and replace them with human beings, all of a sudden it’s a tragedy.
Animals wear the same chain and shackles as slaves do. If anybody fights against animal liberation which means you are against compassion, just proves how irrational meat & dairy eaters can be. Change what you eat, not who you are. Place yourself in the animals position. You cannot justify what we do to them. The ethical compass that you use to know rich from wrong, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. Nobody wants to be treated how a cow pig chicken or fish is treated. 60 billion land animals & 90 billion marine animals are killed for a sandwich. Stop thinking animals aren’t victim just because THEYRE NOT HUMAN. It is not your right to deny someone else their rights and freedom. That’s not what rights are about, that’s injustice.
For the truth to get accepted it goes through three different stages. First it is mocked and ridiculed. People always laugh at what they don’t understand. The second stage is denial and violent opposition. They fight to keep the status quo as is. The third stage is acceptance. Unfortunately it takes 100-1000 years for this to happen.
If you find yourself closing your eyes when you see videos of animal abuse you gotta ask yourself, if it’s not good enough for my eyes, why is it good enough for my stomach?
“Humane milk” “humane meat” that stuff DOESNT exist under any circumstances. Even when animals resign in “cage free, grass fed, organic, antibiotic free” societies. Don’t be gullible in slick advertisement. As if that animal enjoys to be on your menu. “Yah kill me. Eat me. I’m here for you.
I am forever embarrassed to be a human being. To stand up right as if that’s something to be proud of.
Young innocent uncorrupted people care about the animals. If those videos were of humans or kids, the world would scream bloody murder. Peace begins at the dinner table of what you put in your body. Good people don’t talk about being good, they practice it. Why hate people who hurt kids but not the ones who hurt animals?
Stop praising the innocence in children but ignore and make fun of the innocence in animals.
"Humans are the only ones capable of being rational and aware and animals live on instinct only” BREATHING is instinctive. Everything else is a thought attached to an action. Animals can build homes and return to their homes. Find shade on sunny days. Find warmth when it’s cold. All these actions prove beyond reasonable doubt that animals are able to be rational and aware. Humans spend the majority of the time not thinking.
As kids, every story parents read to us were about animals and that made us giggle. We even mimicked their noises. Not imagined them being hung upside down and slaughtered. Who stole your compassion? They stole mine too. But I got it back. Eat what comes from the earth. What the ground pushes up, and what the trees drop down.
Consuming what walks, flies or swims is NOT NORMAL. where do u think disease comes from? Cucumbers? Peaches? Avocados? Animal products is the main cause of all diseases. Veganism by far, is the healthiest way to live. B12 comes from bacteria that live in our mouth and intestine. Also it exists in the mouth and intestine of animals and the soil.
It’s impossible not to get protein. Every single plant on this planet contains protein.
Spirilena (seaweed) 79% protein.
Calcium comes from PLANTS not ANIMALS. almonds, broccoli and seaweed.
Dairy company likes to say “happy cows. Got milk. High in calcium” LOL if ur eating a salad with meat and cheese, you’re not eating a salad. You’re eating a sandwich, without the bread.
Most people can’t fathom one day without cheese lol. Why most vegetarians can’t become vegan? Because cheese. We have all these animal products come into our system, snacks too. Ever wondered why so many commercials are about pills? Why there are so many drug stores? Why everybody has to take vitamins? Because we live in a meat & dairy world. Maybe because that’s garbage with very little nutritional facts.
People say they care more about humans and not animals that’s why they can never eat vegan. This is especially puzzling because meat & dairy societies is the main cause of world hunger. As they continuously feed 50% of the worlds crops back to the 60 billion & 90 billion animals instead of feeding the 7.5 billion humans. Do the math. Every 2-3 seconds a human dies because of starvation. But pigs, chickens and cows NEVER miss a meal. It’s the wort form of human and animal abuse. And when it comes to pure environmental, air pollution, water pollution, deforestation. Nothing competes with animal agriculture. There’s no such thing as a meat and dairy eating environmentalist.
There’s more cruelty in a piece of cheese, glass of milk, and your yogurt than the actual meat. When cows can’t produce huge amounts of milk after 3-7 years, to the slaughterhouse they go. Cows are like all female mammals. Female mammals can only give milk during or after pregnancy. So every year a female cow is raped. A long steel device shoved in her vagina to inject her with bull semen. Sometimes they even use their bare hand. Her new born baby stolen away and the process is repeated again. One of the worst screams that can ever be heard. Stealing a new born baby from its mother, cause a calf can’t suck up all the milk that’s meant for piece of shit humans. Every time you drink milk, a calf doesn’t. And that milk was meant for the calf, CASE CLOSED. No debate. No discussion. This body of ours has absolutely no need for cow milk, the way it doesn’t giraffe milk.. Or rhino milk. The only milk we need comes from OUR mother. And after a few first years of life you don’t even need a drop of milk.
Why is it that some people crinkle their nose when it comes to vegetables but not meat? Lol
Let’s break down meat. It has five components.
Blood, flesh, veins, muscles and tendons. Cut up corpse of a living being. How in the world is that not disgusting?
How is a liquid that is oozed out of a cow, a secretion, LOADED WITH PUSS, dripping out an animals body not disgusting?
Let me tell you bout the puss in milk. When they hook machines up to cows utters three times a day to suck them dry, those machines cause massive amounts of infection on the inside and outside. And when you add all the genetic engineering and the growth hormones that have been added to produce huge amounts of milk, the machine doesn’t know what not to suck out. Puss, mucus, and infection is being sucked out also. Pasteurizing is only sanitizing puss. Look it up online. The dairy industry would never use the word “puss.” They use words like somatic cell count. Did you know the back side of a bird is called a cloaca. It’s one hole but it serves many services. It’s the poop and pee hole. The vaginal fluid hole. It’s also the hole your omelette and scrambled eggs come from. Don’t you love some eggs with shit sprinkles and urine splatter all over:)?
Do think it’s natural to eat something that’s been marinating in shit and piss for hours and hours?
Do the egg challenge. When you poop, take an egg from the fridge and drop it in the toilet. If you even have the balls to pick it back up, you can wash it, bleach it, do whatever you want. See if you’d wanna eat it. That’s YOUR shit. Lol
Let’s top it all off with some turkey for the holidays. Cut up a hole in that turkeys ass and shove stuffing up his ass. And people think vegans are weird?? Lol
“You just eat vegetable and grains for dinner? Idk man that’s kinda weird”. Yah okay. But someone else’s rib cage sitting on your plate, that’s not weird? Severed legs, sliced up legs, mutilated breasts, that’s not weird? These animals have never done anything to hurt you. Least you can do is return the favor. Or you can stay radically cruel. Keep the status quo as is. Make sure animals have their babies stolen from them. Make sure they have their horns cut off, beaks cut off. Testicles ripped out. Make sure they’re raped. Make sure they never witness one drop of human kindness. Make sure they have a knife in their throat of every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year. Isn’t it hard enough to be an animal with US around? As we claim everything for us. The land is ours. We pollute the air and the water. We destroy the mountains and the forests. We have to maximize the cruelty they endure by eating them too? Talk about pouring salt into someone else’s wound. 98% of animals who are abused and killed are killed by meat and dairy industry. Least we can do is minimize the cruelty a little bit.

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(About the happy cows on farms comment from my mum) Yeah we always buy free range animals/dairy products which is why I can't use the factory farming argument.

Truthfully free range doesn’t mean shit.

While the USDA has defined the meaning of “free-range” for some poultry products, there are no standards in “free-range” egg production. Typically, free-range hens are uncaged inside barns and have some degree of outdoor access, but there are no requirements for the amount, duration or quality of outdoor access. Since they are not caged, they can engage in many natural behaviors such as nesting and foraging. There are no restrictions regarding what the birds can be fed. Beak cutting and forced molting through starvation are permitted. There is no third-party auditing. This link and this link has some good info as well. They still have the same poor treatment, the same torture, and face the same horrendous slaughter. 

Lions are already a threatened species and the fact that people are hunting them for “fun” makes me wanna gag and firebomb their houses. These are beautiful animals that we could lose in our lifetime. Enough with the bullshit. We’re already fucking up this planet enough, can we leave the other animals alone at least. 

I went to the zoo today it was fun

In the car on the way I felt really horrible but it was better when we got there

We saw lots of animals and I think we all had fun it was a nice family day

My leg hurt quite a lot after a while though

I wanted to feed the lorikeets so we got a pot of the nectar stuff for me and my brother but I can’t hold my arm up for long enough so mum did mine and I watched

I took some pictures but not loads because I used mums lens which is a lot heavier than mine so my arms aren’t that good at holding it

I also got an elephant teddy that’s really cute and soft

I thought I would be crashing really badly at the moment but it isn’t too bad yet, I feel like tomorrow will be though, I do feel like I’m about to crash which is understandable considering how much energy I have used today

But I had a really nice time :)

Shout out to everyone who is flipping the fuck out about about a goddamn lion but said jack shit about Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Jessie Hernandez, Paul Castaway, Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner… These are just the people I could think of off the top of my head.

I am also sickened by the killing of an innocent & treasured animal, but I am even more sickened by the fact that we consistently regard animals higher than people of color. That dentist will surely serve a long prison sentence, while the people responsible for the deaths of ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS continue to freely walk our streets.