What if I’m so broken I can never do something as basic as feed myself? Do you realize how twisted that is? It amazes me sometimes that humans still exist. We’re just animals, after all. And how can an animal get so removed from nature that it loses the instinct to keep itself alive?
—  Amy Reed, Clean

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I'm a bit conflicted right now. I'm interning at an ocean conservation center, and we only house animals if they are injured (then release them back into the wild). And I was wondering if it's wrong to be here or is this place completely different from aquariums?

I feel like any place that keeps animals for the sake of rehabilitation and then release (if possible, if not good care should be given) is great. These are the places to support. They give an alternative to non rehabilitation/conservation centers and educate the public about conservation. For instance I visited Busch wildlife sanctuary here and it was a great educational experience, and they only keep animals that can not be released back into the wild, while treating any brought in and releasing them back asap. I’m not even 100% against aquariums IF they don’t house any large fish or marine mammals (unless it’s a temporary rehabilitation reason) but after spending a few years studying marine bio. and being able to experience these fish/animals in the wild aquariums don’t seem so appealing to me anymore. It sounds like you’re doing great work! 

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Why are all vegans so happy and energetic all of the time?

Hm, well i have three main reasons i can think of

First off, it takes a certain type of person that wants to change their lifestyle to become vegan and all of the ones i have met are so full of passion for animal rights or the environment or health, whatever the reason they have a lot of passion and i think this adds to what you are talking about.

Next, we know that we are no longer consuming animals or animal products, so we no longer support the meat industry in any way and for me at least bring a sort of weight off my shoulders and makes me feel happy and more free!

Most importantly we are healthy! There are so many less chemicals and hormones being put into our bodies and for me the biggest thing i have noticed since i have gone vegan is my energy level is nowhere near as high as it ever used to get, and i love it!


Part 2,

He said hell yeah and bend you every type of way. He took me and gave me a tour of his room as his cock took a tour of my insides. He fucked me hard, deep, and fast and showed me how long he could last. Choking me, spanking me, pulling at my hair, doing all the things he knows I love to this day. My ass once again red from the spanks and now from bites. He also told me to hold on tight he fucked me roughly through the room and also tried his best to keep me hush as people were just in the other room. By time passing by it grew harder and harder till moans turned to screams, the headboard banging louder. We went at it like animals knowing it would not be long before the RA came to ruin this fun. So he grabbed me one last time and went ham in this pussy until it was time…

He busted hard and made a mess and with that a knock on the door and a call out….

Hehe means to say I couldn’t stay. Oh well, least he will sleep ok. Haha.

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I've seen a lot of controversy about it and, I was wondering why everyone sees wicca as a fertility religion. I thought it was a lot more than that.

Ohyes its MUCH MUCH more than a simple fertility religion… I’munsure where you got that but dont trustthat source. Wicca is a nature religion like many paganreligions. Wiccans believe everything is connected.We believe in energy, life,rebirth  We love animals and celebrate nature and life.

Inthe end us Wiccans are Hippieslong story short.

It doesn’t make sense to be vegetarian because you love animals.
Hear me out.
The dairy and egg industry creates just as much cruelty, suffering, and oppression as the meat industry. I’d actually argue that these animals suffer MORE than those killed for their flesh.
Saying that you’re vegetarian because you love animals involves the same conflict in logic and suspension of thought that those who eat animal flesh and their secretions use. You still have to suspend thinking about the reality of the suffering that creates your food. You are still making the decision to perpetuate the systematic abuse of animals. You are still contributing to a broken system in which we believe that animals are here for us to use, exploit, and kill unnecessarily.
I’ve met several vegetarians (personally, and while doing activism) who were unaware of how much suffering exists in the dairy and egg industry. If you don’t know, obviously it’s a different story.

But now they know, and now you know. So get out there and make the conscious decision to end the exploitation of animals.

Until every animal is free.

The quality of humanity is a paradox.

We’re somehow both fragile in large numbers, able to be crushed by single words, and yet we are resilient as individuals, able to survive the weight of the world bearing down upon us to create something precious.

Our stupidity is never to be underestimated and may indeed be more infinite than the universe, and yet we manage to have intellect to explore the vast reaches of aforementioned universe and existences smaller than the naked eye can see.

We are vicious animals to each other, and yet the shining examples of our good deeds can bring angels to cry.

No wonder God cannot control us - our existence probably boggles the fuck out of something made to instill order in a lawless universe. We’re all over the place.

What’s funnier is that we think we can control each other. We think we can control the chaotic nature of humanity. And that’s part of our natural state of being.

We’re fucked up, and part of me would have it no other way.

- Kuzco

Done this with my Promarkers and some Faber-Castell colored pencils for the small details.

Richard always loved nature, animals, peace and love. If we hurt nature or animals, it hurts him as well, he can also becoming crazy and depressed if we attack nature and animals.

Five kittens for one big Felinos ! Do you see them and what are they doing ? X3

I was a bit inspired by this cute photo I found on Internet of the singer Steve Sic from OMNIA with these adorable cats here ! X3

Enjoy ! ;)

Richard, Felinos species and all art belong to MEH !

“My daughter has a heart for animals. She wants to start her own charity to help dogs and cats. But I worry that she will get her heart broken because we have no culture for animals here. Animal lovers are seen as a little strange. But I try to encourage her because I don’t want her to do it secretly. Last year she saw a cat break its leg on the street. And without telling me, she took a taxi all the way to Tehran, just to find a veterinarian.”

(Anzali, Iran)