We are far away from each other and we speak different languages

So don’t forget me even if we are under the same sky but in different country

I hope i have wings, so that i can fly to you anytime

If it’s possible i want to come to Korea once a month

I hope there will be an opportunity to see you again

— Puff message to Heechul 

bellarke shippers be like

bellarke: row row my lil boat

finn: hi

bellarke: hi?

flarke: sorry, we might not be very popular but we’re actually canon and the writers are with us

bellarke: hmm…

flarke: *goes down in flames*

bellarke: k

bellarke: row row my lil boat

bellarke: row row my slightly bigger boat

bellarke: wait up row row my powerful…

lexa: hi!

bellarke: oh man…

clexa: sorry, but we’re canon, have the writers with us AND popular

bellarke: i see…

clexa: *goes down in flames*

bellarke: …

bellarke: …

bellarke: row row my lil boat

I’m seeing an awful lot of weeping and fists raised skyward, shaking disapprovingly at the heavens over the fact that Rei did not, in fact, hug Nagisa. I think everyone needs a real quick reminder that in Japan, hugging and general PDA is kinda sorta frowned upon in their culture, and usually doesn’t happen, even if someone is upset or crying. Patting on the head is usually as far as it goes, but please keep in mind that usually not even parents hug their children! (Too often, at least.) Characters like Rin get away with stuff like leaning on people and hugging in public places because they ‘lived abroad’ for a while, a popular anime troupe, usually a foreigner *COUGHandusuallyfromAmericaCOUGH* who isn’t acclimated to Japan’s culture and is therefore more touchy-feely.

Hugging in public/in front of others, even between lovers, is a little bit weird. But you know what’s also weird?




Holding each other close, making lots of bodily contact, all of this is indicative of a very close relationship, and depending on how you look at it, possibly even a romantic relationship. We already know that Nagisa doesn’t have a lot of consideration/respect for the traditional, (he habitually calls everyone -chan, even if they aren’t good friends, even if they are his seniors, and he’s loud and bubbly opposed to reserved and polite) so this isn’t a HUGE surprise coming from him, but for Rei to continually touch Nagisa/allow touching is HUGE, considering how achingly formal he tends to be in every other aspect of life.

We don’t need a full-on hug, guys. Reigisa is as canon as a non-canon pairing can possibly be.

I bet Kai in the first stages of his crush on Cinder wrote “Linh Kaito” in some important paper bc he kept daydreaming about the cute mechanic who was totally wifey material

FYPP Feature: Odd Jobs #3 by Eric Stone of Cloud City Syndicate

After a break for the holiday in the States, we’re back with another installment of ‘Odd Jobs’ by Cloud City Syndicate’s Eric Stone. Today we speak with Mike Monahan, drummer for Jacksonville, Florida’s We Still Dream. Mike gave us a hilarious description of his oddest job, so we figured we’d leave it in his own words. Let us know what you think!

This is Mike Monahan. Winter Wonderland was a funny fuckin’ job. Every winter they make my local amphitheater look like Santa’s back yard. They turn the stage into this big ice rink, they have a train ride, there is an elf village, like a 30 foot Xmas tree, a huge ice slide, and a few games. I would work a different attraction almost everyday. Sometimes I’d be a rink guard and tell kids to slow down or stop throwing ice. I wasn’t very good at ice skating so I’d be holding onto the wall telling the little bastards to slow the fuck down. My favorite  job there was the train conductor. I had to wear a conductor hat and a red bandana around my neck. It was just a lawnmower that looked like a train. I had to say “All aboard!” and ring a bell 2 times. The MILFs loved it. The outfit we had to wear was this elf vest that was red and green and had bells on it. It was so stupid looking, but I never seen so many MILFs in my life. 
when you think the night has seen your mind
that inside you're twisted and unkind

let me stand to show that you are blind
please put down your hands
cause i see you

Thomas + Jimmy flirting in season 5, episode 1


“ Someday turn dark, I will shine for you

During the happy times and during the sad times, I’ll always be by your side

Your hand, your smile, your everything

No matter how much time passes, I shall watch from the place closest to you

My presence is like a daytime shooting star…for you”

In my dreams, there’s a version of TPP where:

  • You can find all characters around Motherbase and interact with them at any time, both with conversations (maybe exchange meaningful looks with Quiet? idk) and with actions like punching, bumping into, pat in the back, etc;
  • There’s an approval system DA style (be ruthless towards Cypher agents? Kaz approves. Fulton some cute felines? Ocelot approves. Petting? DD approves. Bring back some pretty flowers? Quiet approves. Punch Huey in the face? Everyone approves except him);
  • Imagine patting Eli in the head and getting that “Eli disapproves” or giving flowers to Ocelot and watching him struggle to reply;
  • Malleable plot - be a vengeful son of a bitch, be a good guy or something in between - your choice;
  • DATING (no weird stuff tho, sorry DD and D-Horse lovers, you can always just take them for walks) also SECRET DATE WITH PEQUOD (look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want it);
  • A chance to actually SEE Motherbase’s daily routine, say hi to your soldiers, go find Kaz in his office and ask about paperwork, go to the mess hall and have a burger with Code Talker, see Quiet walking outside in the rain while Ocelot runs like an idiot to take cover…

I just… [heavy breathing]


ACOUSTIC VIDEO: ‘Back To Then’ - We Still Dream