It’s Saturday and here in Germany we can now start to party. Have a #goodnight.
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#cassandrafox - #Balaji by Armen Kusikian :) - Practice set by @polinadcd 😘💃❤

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I woke up in bed at 7am. Absolutely no recollection of how I got here. That’s what a successful wedding reception looks like I guess 😂

met a girl at cast party; cast member met her in Moscow (she’s a musical theatre major in Virginia) and we got to talking and she’s like “there’s this show called Monster Factory you should watch” and I just grabbed her face and we talked McElroy content for the rest of the night and our mutual friend was like, “I knew this would happen because you two are basically the same person”

So very rarely do I ever do anything with the phone numbers I get when I go out. But today I went out with one and the guy who said he could party but could barely handle a couple of shots. I thought we were just starting the party when his ended. Even though it was pretty amusing to watch him get really sloppy and try and hit on me, it did waste a good night and outfit. So how is everyone else’s evening going? Hopefully better than mine. 


ive been looking for this song since last year and now FINALLY ;u;

we start partys - season

Need to get my tour playlist ready… LTA, Proceed, Deaf Havana and We Start Partys (these are only the ones I don’t have on my pod yet) definitely on the list, just need to persuade my mum to buy them all for me tomorrow before I have to leave for the show tomorrow night.

Gotta be at soundcheck around 5/5 30ish, and I’ve gotta take all my tour stuff with me there and then to work, then Sunday morning, I leave. Crazy times. I still need to go to town buy some stuff, go food shopping and pack. Oh dear haha


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