i just fucking love isak’s and even’s story because unlike Eva and Jonas (who were already together when the season started) and noora and William (who were more about admitting their feelings and once they were together it was Love), isak and even went through all the stages of being in a relationship. we saw them go from being strangers, to having crushes and being nervous about what to text, to the both of them knowing they liked each other but not knowing how to initiate, which leads to awkward flirting by lockers and in the kitchen and when they finally finally get together?? the honeymoon phase, the laying down for hours and just talking because all they want to do is get to know each other, the never leaving each other alone, the nervously smiling outside of that coffee shop at each other because being in a relationship is new and they don’t wanna fuck it up but they also get a little nervous around each other. i love love love how now isak and even are more comfortable each other and different around each other because so many tv shows and movies end the romance when they finally kiss, but here? we get to watch them grow with each other, figure out the relationship, go from strangers to boyfriends to being in love. I LOVE how they haven’t said “i love you” yet because we’re not quite there in the relationship yet. idk I just love how it was done just as complex and thought out as a straight story might have been.


Water snake on the road by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
This is another photo of the water snake we saw on the Transpantaneira

GOT7’s Jinyoung, who plays the child role of Lee Minho’s character, leaves a strong impression.


[+405,-0] He really acts well…And his face is handsome too.

[+389,-0] Because of his good acting skills and handsomeness, I thought he was a rookie actor. ㅠㅠ It’d be nice if we saw him more of him in the future. He’s really handsome kekeke

[+367,-0] Wow….He’s really good at acting…Surprised. This is GOT7’s Jinyoung, right? He’s handsome and has great potential….Looking forward to his next role!!

[+361,-0] Jinyoung acted well.

[+350,-0] Wow he’s at an actor’s level!!!!! Our Jinyoung is good at acting, but most of all his face is the best. Hoping he gets lots of even better roles!!

Source: SBS funE
KR-EN Trans: matcha_852 @ GOT7CO

I like how there are people saying that Mary made up the baby to try to steal John away from Sherlock like…. we saw the baby. We saw Mary… heavily pregnant… like do you know how this works, she had to give birth to it and John would have seen the baby’s birth. We saw the baby. We know it’s there.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want from the Kingsman sequel (too much), but here’s a dream theme: 

At the end of the first film, we saw Eggsy seems to have it all: a new house and life for his family, an exciting job of being part of an independent spy organization, fancy clothes and gadgets and gizmos, and even a princess. 

But is he happy? Truly happy? 

The second film starts with Eggsy being the archetypal male spy: drinking martinis and whiskey and gin bitters, roaming around parties with a smirk on his face, blowing up buildings, kicking ass and taking names, flirting and bedding attractive ladies, and just being a damn cliche. He does everything with a cheeky one-liner and a wink, and comes back to an empty house and a workplace that is still pretty elitist and there are about…four people who genuinely like him as a person. 

Michelle’s worried because she sees all the injuries Eggsy’s accumulating, but doesn’t quite know how to confront him about it; Roxy tries to get Eggsy to see what he’s doing to himself; and Merlin knows his agent is going to crash, but Kingsman can’t really afford to have an agent out of commission, even months after V-Day. Besides, Eggsy is the perfect gentleman spy: cool under fire, deadly and quick, and really, if he gets the job done, who can call him on it? 

And then Kingsman goes to shit. 

In America, in Kentucky—both the home base of the Statesman and where Harry got shot—Eggsy breaks out of his facade when he has to confront his feelings about Harry’s death. The audience has seen lingering hints of it while Eggsy’s at home—lingering shots of the wall filled with headlines, Eggsy mixing a drink from Harry’s liquor globe, sitting alone in a house, brushing off concerns from his family and friends, looking a bit out of place at the Round Table, taking a look at Mr. Pickle before he goes off to work—but Eggsy just snaps out of his shell and spills what he can to someone who will sit by his side and listen to him. 

I just want the Ultimate Deconstruction of James Bond and the Untouchable Spy, okay. 

Filming Rundown Episode 7.7 "Sing Me a Song"


Negan, Carl, Jesus, Dwight, Rick, Michonne, Aaron, Rosita, Eugene, Daryl, Father Gabriel, Spencer, Judith, Olivia, Sherry, Fat Joey, Mark, Amber, Isabelle


* Senoia: Dead Oak Rd

- Scenes with Jesus and Carl in the box truck took place here.

- There were rumors that Father Gabriel and Spencer might have been at this location too filming separate scenes.

* Griffin: Searcy Ave

- More scenes with Carl and Jesus and the truck took place here.

*Griffin: Westbury Dr (not pictured)

- Michonne was reportedly filming with an unknown female character. We now know that character is Isabelle the Savior.

* Griffin: UGA - Experiment Dr (not pictured)

- Eugene’s “bulletshop” that we saw Eugene and Abe at last season. This time Rosita takes him here.

* Senoia: Crook Rd

- Filmed Michonne whistling and piling walkers on the road. It looks like she passes by the same mattresses that were burning in episode 4.

* Senoia: Raleigh Studios (Sanctuary set and pond set)

- A good chunk of the episode takes place at the Sanctuary.

- Aaron and Rick discover a houseboat surrounded by walker on a lake. This was filmed at a pond at the studio.

* Senoia: The Gin Property (Alexandria)

- Another big chunk of the episode takes place here with Alexandrians as well as when Negan returns Carl home.

Headcanon 11

Setting Newt free in a toys store is like setting a Niffle free in a jewelry store. We all saw how crazy that went, now imagine Newt as the Niffler and Tina as Newt.
He’s not allowed back in the toy store.

When Newt finds out he’s going to be a father, he goes out and buys every plushie of every creature he could find. Then complains when they dont have certain creatures.

“I can’t believe they dont have it.”

“It spits out thorns covered in acid! That’s not child friendly!”

“Well, they only do that when you get too close to their young without permission.. very defensive creatures really… like someone i know..”

“Newton, if you’re comparing me to a creature with a vertically split mouth, 4 ears, body of an ape, and tail of a dog, you’re sleeping alone.”

“..well when you describe it like that- JOKING TINA JOKING, Merlin knows how Queenie delt with you.. I mean that in the kindness, loving way, and full of admiration for you, my wife, Mrs.Scamander, my best friend..”

“..mmhm, you’re sleeping alone, no wand, no bowtruckle, and without a kiss goodnight.”




I assume these are photographs of Lucifer’s clones. But they could also be young Arthur! Especially the one on the left. (It would be nice to know what that field above their code number means, their “alive” status maybe?)

There is also his ridiculous name. As far as I know, the Okumura twins’ last name is a pun on “demon“. And if Arthur was a clone of Lucifer, his name would be equally ironic. (meaning it was given to him by someone with the same really lame sense of humor)

EDIT: *takes deep breaths* If I’m not entirely mistaken the name of the guy on the left correlates with “ARSTUR“ in the list we saw just a panel before. I’M SCREAMING GUYS!!!!

trash--universe  asked:

So my newest ship is GoshiKyou. Kyou is just such a grumpy loner that I think he'd be puzzled by Goshiki's innocent enthusiasm and optimism. But then Goshi is enthusiastic about wanting to know Kyou and date him and make him happy. Kyoutani would get so adorably flustered over it, even after dating him for a while. But Kyou would be so protective of Goshi and ward off weirdos and keep him safe without Goshiki really realizing it. This ship would be so sweet and pure AHHHHHH

!!!! I got excited and made up an au for this because it would be seriously so flippin adorable. Okay, here it is.

Goshiki is a dog shifter. His dog form is a really excited, adorable Labrador (come on we all saw this coming, he’s too friendly and excitable, there’s no other possibility ok) anyway. His family know about him, as most of them are shifters too, and they allow him to run around in dog form whenever he wants to because they know it’s important to embrace… your animal side or something idk. One of those times, Kyoutani finds him, and thinks he’s a stray.

Kyoutani seems so damn happy to “save” a dog, that Goshiki can’t bring himself to tell him he’s actually a dog shifter, so he goes home with him, lets Kyou bathe and feed him. Once Kyou falls asleep, he turns back to human, slips out of the door, turns back to a dog and runs home to his worried mom.

Two days later, he sees a bunch of signs on trees and boards with “missing dog”. Kyou is looking for him. Goshiki feels for this somewhat lonely, really nice human who also smells really good and is kind of good looking in general?? So now and then, whenever he can, he’ll turn into a dog and go keep him company until night falls and he’ll slip out. The human seems to accept his flippity presence, and just rolls with it.

He’s super happy whenever Goshiki is there, and it makes him happy in turn. Not because he made good, but because he actually wants the other to like him.

Now, because Goshiki is still young, his control isn’t perfect yet. If he’s surprised, startled, he might turn back to being human. And so, one day, Kyoutani walks out of the shower butt naked, and Goshiki becomes so flustered he loses it and shifts back to human.

Kyou is SHOOK. Goshiki is fucking embarrassed and they’re both naked and THIS IS NOT HELPING. He covers himself with a pillow and apologizes, quickly explaining the situation.

Kyoutani is understanding, slightly betrayed and weirded out, but overall ok with it, especially seeing how flustered and truly sorry Goshiki is. They actually keep in touch, and Kyou finds that although having a dog was nice, having a boyfriend is much, much nicer.


  • What happened to Jeonghan? We never saw him outside of groups shots except on the football field
  • Why did Seungkwan decide to take a nap
  • What was in the boxes Jun brought in
  • What’s Dino’s job that he can appear for 9 seconds only to scream in a mic and how can I get it
From One Direction to His Direction, Here Are Zayn's 10 Steamiest Instagram Moments

Stereotypically, and perhaps historically, boy bands are founded upon a specific structure. Each member of a group is meant to reflect a certain kind of persona: the heartthrob, the bad boy, the underdog, and so on. One Direction adheres to this form, but perhaps with more autonomy than, say, *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys before them. In their five-year career we saw each member grow up and morph into a young adult, slightly subverting the structure in dress and attitude. In 2014, nearing the end of their career, 1D would release the Danny DeVito-starring “Steal My Girl” video, furthering labeling each guy: Harry Styles as “love,” Niall Horan as “light,” Liam Payne as “power,” Louis Tomlinson as “danger,” and most interestingly, Zayn Malik as “mystery.” 

Z spent his time in One Direction in relative silence, hiding from the spotlight of his more talkative band of brothers – his voice, one that possesses a range beyond the rest of 1D, is only really prominent in song. Now, as a successful R&B solo artist, that juxtaposition has changed. Malik is fully himself now, and he’s vocalizing it in every way – can you blame him?

It’s very clear on Instagram, where Zayn’s few and recent posts deal only with him as a solo artist now – One Direction is nowhere to be seen. While 1D will remain forever in our hearts, this Instagram is totally a gift. Keeping that in mind, here are the 10 steamiest Instagram shots our boy Malik has provided.

In the last few months – years at this point – Malik’s new found voice has been documented in print: on the cover of Billboard and other publications like The Fader and Complex, and everywhere else online. It makes senses that he’d ultimately write his own story. Now the author of a published autobiography, there’s nothing really sexier than a musician who can tell his own tale, right? 

It seems rare that Zayn smiles in a photograph, so this slight grin feels especially sweet. His Instagram isn’t exactly loaded with fan pics or images in color, so perhaps the glory in this photograph is found in its rarity. It really just feels like a pure moment, and we’re very jealous of that woman. 

Is he a man? Is he a machine? Whatever he is, we are here for it! Zayn turned heads at the 2016 Met Gala with his robot arm. The theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” and Malik really embodied it. While the Met Gala is an annual event celebrities of all stripes look forward to, it’s also one that’s dominated by women; men don’t usually embrace these themes in the same way. Malik really going for it was not only impressive, but sort of brave. 

There’s truly nothing steamier than a hot shot captured in the bedroom. This image of Zayn hoisting supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid was the standout of their photo shoot with Vogue, captured in Naples. It served to push aside any naysaying about their relationship – they’re clearly in love, and it’s a beautiful thing. 

This one seems a little bit like a fire hazard! Lighting up and playing a video game without easy access to your hands… at least the room isn’t carpeted? Still, Malik manages to look like the ultimate babe without an ounce of effort. 

Pop stars perform in the rain all the time, but how many of them perform in the light? This Instagram was captured at the 2016 iHeartRadio Awards, where he debuted like “Like I Would.” It was a memorable performance, in which solo Zayn set out to prove he had more than “Pillowtalk” in his arsenal. 

Zayn loves comic books and graphic art, an obsession that stems from an appreciation for all things Marvel and DC. This photoshopped image of our guy Z as Deadpool is not only timely but gets us thinking… when is Malik gonna start acting? 

This one shouldn’t really require a caption but we’ll do it anyway: Awwwwwww! Seriously, Zayn in a cardigan with a giant dog?! What did we do to deserve this cuteness? All softness aside, the real steamy points are for the eyelashes. 

There’s a certain subtle sexiness to this image: Zayn looking over – puppy-dog eyed, half-smirking – inviting you in for a ride. Judging by the size and type of the steering wheel, he’s in a badass vintage American car of some kind, and we can’t wait to hop in. 

In the One Direction days, Niall Horan was the only member of the group allowed guitar privileges. Seeing a shirtless Zayn tackle the instrument on a sunny California day is not only hot as hell, it reminds us that there’s so much more we need to learn about the guy. The mystery has yet to be solved, and we’re excited for the ride.

If You Love Something, Chapter Thirty-Two

Synopsis: Gwendolyn lived a marvelous life, with the camera flashing on her, “The daughter of the billionaire of the century”, and her picture showing up in the latest magazines every week. Yes, to everyone it seemed she lived lavished and content, but to her, it was horrible. Her life had been planned out from the day she was born, and if one toe was out of line she would rather resort to tearing her own ear off than listening to her mother rant about it, and then the week before her father’s new company was supposed to open, she gets kidnapped and held hostage by a mysterious, foreign, crude, asshole of a man who’s forcing her to travel the country with him. How could her life possibly get worse? 

Last time we saw Gwen, she was curling up against the furnace known as Captain Boomerang. Find out what happens next here!

following one's dreams

do you feel the rhythm
dancing in our bones
you and me, we are meant to be
even if the world is dying

I can feel how the wind
sings me the truth
we will always have time
to find our way home

the moon told me
to follow my dreams
so, I took you by the hand
and walked into the sea

I wanted to touch the stars
and it occurred to me
that you were the sun
the same one from my dreams

we found home in each other
at the bottom of the sea
we saw the waves rocking
all mighty above us and we with them

to sleep
to sleep
to sleep, my love

Okay but can we talk about the fact that by the end of the game in your last(?) battle against Gladion, his Golbat and Type:Null have evolved?
We saw this before in a rival with Silver in Johto, but I think it’s even more effective now.
When all the mess blew over, and Gladion was finally able to be free and not be constantly on the run for/from Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, he was able to truly bond with his Pokemon, allowing Golbat and Null to evolve.
Not only does this clearly show that his Pokemon are genuinely happy with him; but in a way, he is with them too. it’s after this battle that Gladion smiles for the first time in-game. Not before the battle, but after. He lost the fight, and he’s happy about it because he can just see that him and his Pokemon have come so far; even if they lost.

I dunno man, I just… really love Gladion…

thealgaehydra  asked:

79. Who was your first real crush?

Oh! I was on an internship or practical training for school and there was a really nice guy. uhhh…Anyway! It ended up we never saw again because we were both too shy ;v; I’m really bad at making friends xD


#flourishing #303 #pelikan4001violet #ThePepysLibrary #cambridge I had the good fortune of going to the Pepys Library after my talk at Trinity. We saw some truly spectacular letterforms. By the hand of @pascribe
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Sound ON 🎧🎶 (at Pepys Library)

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