There’s so much dissonance around the boys. They’re portrayed as dicks in the press but everybody who’s met them sing praises and speak well of them. We have the fans that believe everything about them, but somehow don’t believe they’re dicks. We have the fans that question things based in years of bullshit, but are vilified for picking up what the boys put down themselves…

Can we ever get some consistency here? Can that be a thing one day? in less than 20 years preferably?

A Year...

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Wow! It will be a year at the end of May since we started this birthday blog. The intent was to be able to celebrate every birthday in the fandom. We saw a few of the bigger bloggers had well-known birthdays and received gifs, stories, asks; all types of bday wishes, but we knew there were so many more out there that we didn’t know about. So many that we wanted to know about! And so EBD was born to give opportunity for birthday blessings on anyone’s special day. All they had to do was ask. 

We begged for our first asks - please let us write a story for you! - and once they began to roll in we knew we were going to need help. That came in the form of our fandom’s talented authors, without whom this blog would have been an utter failure! We can’t thank you enough for getting behind us and supporting our vision, and helping us be able to celebrate with everyone! 

We have loved every minute, every story, every submission that this blog has attracted and we’re so thankful for the fun and fulfillment it’s given us to be able to connect with the fandom. That being said, we have closed our ask box. If you’ve already submitted an ask that hasn’t been posted don’t worry! We will be posting the rest of the birthdays that have made it to us until there are none left. We hope you’ve loved this as much as we have! The blog will stay up - there are just too many great stories here for future fandom bloggers - and we will complete our masterlist, but at this time we will not be accepting more birthday asks. It kills us to close the ask box, but we hope you’ll understand. 

Thank you all so much for everything! The girls at EBD

I just received a FB Messenger chat from my ex from 12 years ago. We’re still friends on all our social medias, but we just never saw each other or chat for 7 years now.


He just started the message by carrying on with our last chat … from 2010. (”to answer your last message, kudos to you too!”).


I hate it when americans or anyone else non german uses german without looking up how or the meaning of the words.

I’ll punch you if you use “ach” like the canadian “eh” its not even the same

hey guys i am back!!!! last week was insane bc of the show for dance (which was so fuckin fun!!!!!) but i have Returned, i am done all my midterms (even tho exams are in two weeks haha rip) and im gonna get back to writing for expedition!!!!!! it is so so so close to being done!!!!!!!!! 

A Deal With The Queen

A/N: This story was an idea @roxy-davenport and I came up after we saw a post on our dashes. It asked something along the lines of “If someone were to summon you what five things would they put in a pentagram.” Cue the story.

Pairings: You choose- John x Reader, Crowley x Reader, John x Reader x Crowley

Warnings: None for intro but smut and NSFW Gifs and smut in the linked parts.

Word Count:671


You impatiently paced the cramped office in the Bronx, waiting for the portly man sitting behind the desk who was taking an unnecessarily long time to look over the contract he was going to be signing with lawyer. With each passing minute, you mentally debated if you wanted to just blast his head clear off his body for taking so long or force his hand to read faster.

I need some damn excitement in my life.’ You thought as the man’s pen scratched yet another alteration into the contract. You rolled your eyes as you read his mind and forced yourself not to let out a throaty scoff. The heels of your knee high black boots raked the floor with each step while you purposely scuffed black trails across the old grainy wood. Without any sort of warning, the room around you quaked. The two men looked up at you with a hint of fear in their eyes.

“Sorry boys. Gonna have to take this.” Despite being faced with the opportunity to leave one of the most boring meetings in the world, you were still slightly agitated at being summoned. With a snap of your fingers, you vanished from the room and found yourself in the center of a barn standing before two very striking gentlemen. A sickening smile crossed your face as you appraised them and you blinked your eyes red for a moment while you began to slowly walk in a circle around them.

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yea i also have no desire to sit here and pretend that i live this perfect life with this perfect relationship. i can honestly say that we are working through a tough spot and that things like stress and built up frustrations and a whole lot of stuff came up in a way neither one of us was expecting. what has made this a time of actually working through things, and not just two people tolerating the difficulties is the commitment to having open and honest conversations. i often think the strength of a couple is not that they have no problems ever, but instead how they handle the problems they encounter. we saw a problem, we talked about it, we made conditions and set boundaries, we prayed, we focused on mutual respect in each and every conversation, and we committed to making changes and putting those changes into practice. that’s the work. that’s how we work through a tough season to come out on the other side stronger

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omg, alex pulling maggie in for a kiss by her lapel. like, when we saw the teaser pics for the valentine's episode i'd hoped maggie would be wearing a tie for that exact type of thing. just yes, yes, yes, yes!





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Agree with what you said, Gabby! Also, lots of Larries are saying: “But we saw Louis wayyy more often than Liam and BG 2 never showed much!!!”, like, hoe: TO YOU!!! Just because you don't pay attention other than your faves, doesn't mean there aren't people who know way more shit than you 🙃 but lots of them think they're above us, if a Larrie say so is so and if you talk back, you're automatically in the wrong

Exactly. They act like they’re the authority on something when half the time they’re not even up to speed on what’s been going on.

But tbh, I doubt it would make a difference. They’ve already made up their minds a long time ago and so they’re not going to really delve into it. They’ll cherry pick what they need to support their argument and ignore everything else.


We saw the Bob’s Burgers cast at Paleyfest in LA this past weekend. It. Was. Awesome.

They did a moderated talk, Q&A with the audience, a LIVE TABLE READ of a future episode AND an early screening of an episode in sketch form.

I also didn’t realize the characters are all comedians. They are hilarious and it really shows how integrated the show is to their personalities. The cast is so well picked.

Super worth the $100. Also, Scruffy’s one month smoke-free anni celebration.

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So I just found a new theory, and I figured I'd share. The basis is that Yuuri plays piano and was actually the one to compose Yuri on Ice. He didn't want to say anything about it, though, since it had gotten shot down. This was backed by the fact we never saw the woman that composed/played the piece. Taft was rebutted by the fact the Yuuri was shown talking to Phichit about contacting her. I know it can't work, but I still like it

Wowwwww that’s still a really interesting idea though?!?! I wouldn’t have thought of that haha that could’ve been a good plot twist



Warning: This post contains major Legion spoilers! Only read if you’re up to date.

In hindsight, it should have been obvious to all of us from the beginning that the Big Bad of Legion would be the Shadow King, given how closely connected the two characters have become in the comics. But that first glimpse we saw of the Devil with Yellow Eyes was very different from the barrel-chested reptilian monster the Shadow King used to look like in the ‘90s. Heck, I thought it was supposed to be Mojo at first!

So why go with a Shadow King who looks likethat? To make you feel weird, of course. The reason for most of this show’s choices.

While on a recent conference call with members of the press, Legion showrunnerNoah Hawley revealed that the design of the Shadow King was partially inspired by production designer Michael Wylie’s obsession with My 600 Lb Life, a reality series that documents the struggle that morbidly obese people face in losing weight. Hawley admitted he had never seen the show, but he said, “I did respond to the idea that whatever was inside David has been feeding on him all this time and as a result there was something engorged or tick-like about about it, that it had been feeding and that it was reaching this very corpulent state.”

From there, it was a matter of making the Shadow King look something between human and… other. “A big part of our approach was in looking at the full title of theX-Men, which is The Uncanny X-Men, and this idea of the word ‘uncanny.’ In this essay that I found by Sigmund Freud about the uncanny, it’s basically about the supernatural and why people are afraid of the things they’re afraid of. The idea that the thing that really scares us the most is when familiar things operate in unfamiliar ways. A house should not be a haunted house; it freaks us out because that’s not the way a house should be. “

The design of the Shadow King, whose unusually large prosthetic chin, odd form of moving, and tattered suit make him look look not quite human, would certainly fit that description for uncanniness. “And then we found this guy who’s 6 foot 8, the skinniest guy that you’ve seen, we built this suit for him,” Hawley continued. “So he’s hugely corpulent but also very thin in places, and that adds to the unnaturalness of the character. It was sort of designed to have a visceral impact on the viewer.”

The man in question was Quinton Boisclair, a Vancouver-based comic book enthusiast who’d never before worked on a project like this—of course, Legion being what it is, I’m not sure many can say they have.

“He was the nicest guy,” Hawley said. “I think we found him at a comic book store, if I’m remembering correctly. One of the things I really liked about him was that he he had these very gentle eyes. I’m always wary of villains being too villainous, and I like the conflict between the fact that he has these very kind eyes but he also is this sort of frightening figure. I think there’s something worse about the idea that he almost looks trapped inside this villainous shell. He was the gentlest guy and I think for the first few episodes, I think this was all very strange to him, and I think by the end he was into the role and the performance and the things that he got to do. It must have been hot in that thing!”

Legion star Dan Stevens also had nothing but nice things to say about Boisclair in an earlier phone interview with Nerdist. “I think it was about three months into shooting was the first time I met him out of his costume, so every time I met this guy he was dressed like that and looked like that. I had no idea what he looked like, and it was deeply disturbing every time he was on set because he’s got these long thin arms and long thing legs that come out of this thing,”

Stevens said, “He was so into it, and he’s obviously not just a huge comic book fan but a huge X-Men fan, so it was fascinating talking to him about the X-Men even though he was in this costume, having these conversations about Legion and the problems of Legion and the ideas at play. Talking to this guy, this super sweet guy, very softly spoken and yet he’s playing this horrendous apparition. It was great fun.”

Did all of Legion’s efforts to make you feel uncomfortable pay off? What do you think of the way the Shadow King was designed? Let us know in the comments!

The more I think about it the less I look forward to the Girls Night Out story line next Sunday. And it’s not the concern about watching two women who know nothing about Killian Jones potentially bash him, it’s about watching two women who know nothing about Emma Swan try to pretend they understand her and what is going on with her and her relationship with Kilian.

Honestly, I would prefer that Snow just stuck with her MO of sending Archie to talk to Emma.

Snow and Emma had a wonderful friendship in season one, but the show has done nothing to nurture any kind of relationship between Snow and Emma in three seasons. Snow is always willing to run to wipe Regina’s nose, but she refuses to be the parent and approach Emma. We saw this in season 5 with the Dark Swan arc and we saw it again this season. In fact the only conversation Emma and Snow have had this season one on one was Snow chastising Emma for not coming to her with her visions - but it’s kind of hard to come to your mother, when your mother sends a shrink to you instead of approaching your herself. Snow’s hypocrisy is ridiculous and I’m tired of her relationship with Emma suffering to prop Regina.

Meanwhile, do we really need to watch the most self-centered character on the show, make Emma’s upset all about herself? Any bets on how long before Regina makes it all about her?

With David asleep this could have been a chance for Emma and Snow to have a real conversation, but instead Regina is tagging along like the third wheel she is. And we are going to be treated to scenes of two women who know nothing about Emma try to comfort her.

Man if this was Gideon’s plan - it is brutal for Emma and us.

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It's like whenever we see Undertaker now, the Moon is always present, like in the sky or on a teacup. Is that suppose to mean something?

I haven’t really paid attention to that before but yeah, now that you mention it, the past times we saw Undertaker always seemed during the night. But he hasn’t appeared so often lately. The last time we saw him was chapter 108 (if we don’t count 120 since that was probably only a reminder of that scene from 108). 

We don’t know the time of day when UT visited Diedrich but before that we last saw him during the tea party at Weston which also took place during the night.

And there was always a moon visible. But I’m not sure if there’s some meaning behind that. It could just be coincidence or to make Undertaker’s appearance more mysterious. That he visited Ciel during the night was necessary since he can’t just approach him during the day without Ciel noticing (if it was our Ciel). And the Midnight Tea Party at Weston seemed to be a tradition and it also makes more sense during the night since it’s an exclusive event and the other students are sleeping during that time.

So I don’t really think there’s much further meaning to this in this case. But of course I could be wrong. ;)