that was a perfect shot, too.

remember when he first auditioned and he was so nervous his hands were shaking but he won over the judges and the whole audience by the end of his performance and nOW HE HAS HIS OWN SINGLE AND HE IS GONNA HAVE A WHOLE ALBUM AND ALL ON HIS OWN LIKE HE’S BLOSSOMED INTO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNFLOWER AND WE SAW IT HAPPEN


EEE, he still has it!!!

So, Izujime? Hajizuru?

Well, hell, I know that silhouette anywhere…and after he causes a rockslide to save Naegi, I’m a little less miffed at seeing Komaeda again.

I’m a bit surprised Munakata is still alive by this point, in all honesty, since the last time we saw him, he was getting shot at by Mitarai’s mooks and running into the bullet barrage. Also…Fatakata?

FUCK YEAH, PEKO! (And Fuyuhiko, but I’m a lot less surprised seeing him.)

MY CHUUNIBYOU SON! (Before they aired this episode and I was thinking only a few might get woken up, I was hoping we’d see Tanaka among them.)

Nekomaru too (And Kazuichi, but again, no surprise there!), teaming up to take down some robots.

And Sonia’s there too–it seems like she’s either praising Kazuichi, or his feelings might be getting returned. Either way, they’re adorable.

And Akane and Teruteru team up to take down some firebreather guy!

And Hiyoko and Tsumiki (also, jeezus, Tsumiki, what the hell’s with the giant needle?)

And Ibuki and Sonia.

(Well, I guess it’s the best you can make due with their talents in a fight. That said, you’d think in a crowd of brainwashed soldiers one of them would shoot first before Ibuki could start playing?)

Also, y’all are going up against the Ultimate Everything….

And I don’t think they’re gonna last very long.


‘Yo, Mitarai.’ …And they didn’t even last until the next scene…

I can’t quite tell what’s being said here, but I’m guessing Hajime’s trying to talk Mitarai out of brainwashing everyone. But we get a pretty nice shot with the redeemed SHSL-Despairs/Class 77 standing behind him.

And Naegi finally shows up.

And after speeches from his former classmates (and Hajime/Izuru, he finally cancels it with only 5 seconds to spare.)


‘It’s finally over…’ (and he didn’t get to do a damn thing :\)

Hajime and Naegi share a moment:

 (Tho is it just me or does Hajime’s face look a bit off in that screenshot? ^)

…And him and Komaeda too…X’D (Poor Mikan tho)


Which (probably thankfully) gets interrupted by Nekomaru and Akane.

There’s some with Class 78 and Class 77 on Togami’s tablet, but I can’t understand what’s being said…it doesn’t sound good tho. But then it cuts to Class 77 on a boat, and…

(I guess Chiaki’ll always be with them in spirit.)

*credits roll*

‘Oh yeah, I’m alive still too. Just in case anyone forgot.’

In all honesty, I thought Munakata would’ve died after all this, considering the whole ‘redemption = death’ trope and how he was the heavy for most of the arc. 

Hajime’s expression….looks kinda ‘uncomfortable, but trying to hide it’.

It shows Mikan holding a bottle of ‘antagonist’ and talking about Naegi, (presumably continuing where she was going before Komaeda interrupted, and Komaeda takes it and starts rambling on about hope (I heard the word kibou mentioned in there), and it cuts back to Naegi…and THAT BOOT!!!

And after a brief scene of them rebuilding Hope’s Peak, and Naegi sitting alone by himself in a classroom, we get this:

*starts yelling* Ok, that is so cliche and totally bullshit, but I AM HAPPY!!! Thank you, Mikan, thank you, and your magic medicinal bullshit!!

All in all, while I’m kinda happy everyone lived and especially at seeing the full SDR2 class (I thought we might’ve seen only those remaining at the end of SDR2 or maybe one or two others?), there’s another part of me annoyed by the cliched ‘everyone lives’ ending.

anonymous asked:

So but for reals.... What did change? Niall started out the day with the typical 1d vagueness we all know... to twice (he replied to a fan on youtube on top of the interview) saying they where in no way over. And we saw some ot4 social media action. And Louis whos been MIA was seen by fans (not at starbucks!) to boot

What comes tomorrow??

anonymous asked:

Side note: In Sirius XM's interview (I listened to it on ET Online's article): "How's your love life?" "Non existent" Sooo I guess this means Niall's single again? Not a surprise, since we never heard (or saw) from his girlfriend or "girlfriend" again after those weird pap pics and articles. Curious.

I wonder if any of those girls that we found out about were really girlfriends?  I mean, Ellie Goulding said she dated Niall for a hot minute at some point, but no one had any idea until “Don’t” came out.  Were the others all just friends?

He’s still the mysterious one :)

Bungie Weekly Update 9/29/16

This week at Bungie we beat the machine.

Or, rather, you did. Wrath of the Machine, the new Raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron, is now in the hands of the Guardians. Just yesterday, we celebrated the World First Fireteam to redeem themselves by crossing the Day One finish line.

If you have yet to brave the Siege Engine (lovingly rebranded as “The Death Zamboni” in a delicious off-message moment), there are now many Sherpas in the community who know the path to glory. Many Guardians have defeated Aksis. Raise your hand and request a guide.

If you’re one of the Guardians with some new Raid gear in your inventory, there is more Raiding to do. Some of you have solved a hidden puzzle that leads to an Exotic Pulse Rifle that is sure to be a popular item in the sandbox. We saw massive cooperation in our community – from Bungie.net to Reddit, to chatrooms, to streamers, and beyond.  Your capacity to work together and solve problems inspires us every day.

In the weeks to come, we’ll let you know when you can start the race to complete the Heroic mode. Beyond that test of skill and execution, the Bosses will have some challenges up their sleeve.

More on all of that later.

Prepare For Battle!

The mountaintop has been reached. The Iron Tomb has been sealed. Aksis is dead. Now, it’s time to face off against the most dreaded opponent in the world of Destiny. A battle between Guardians of the Endgame is about to begin.

Trials of Osiris returns tomorrow, on Friday, September 30th, at 10AM.The map will be [CLASSIFIED].

The weekly competitive ritual is as you remember it. Brother Vance has missed you while he sat out the launch. Report to the Reef and deal yourself back in. He has new gear you can use to distinguish yourself as a champion.

Iron Banner returns next week, on Tuesday, October 4th, at 10AM.The game will be Supremacy.

You had to know that Iron Banner would reawaken in Rise of Iron. We have some different ideas for how this contest can reward the Guardians who submit themselves to it. You’ll find more paths to rewards and customization:

  • The Tempered mechanic is gone – play when you want
  • There are now 4 Weekly Bounties
  • Bounty rewards include:
    • An Iron Banner item not featured on the Vendor
    • A chance at an Iron Banner Artifact or Vanity Item
    • 25 Legendary Marks
    • 750 Iron Banner Reputation
  • Victory in a match grants 250 Reputation
  • Iron Medallions grant 150 Reputation each, upon Victor

On this occasion, this is what you’re fighting for, in addition to the other random items that can be earned by completing Bounties.

  • Auto Riflle
  • Shotgun
  • Class Items
  • Gauntlets

This new experience begins when you report to Lord Saladin. You’ll find him where he truly belongs, as the king of the mountain.

Strike at the Heart

Earlier today, we deployed If you read the Patch Notes, you’ll learn about some of the things we’re doing to address rewards in Destiny: Rise of Iron after the first full week of gameplay.

According to Senior Designer Victoria Dollbaum, this is the first step in a post-launch iterative process.

Victoria: We’re looking into the way Destiny: Rise of Iron rewards the completion of activities with items that will increase your Light. Currently, our opinion is that Ghosts and Artifacts are dropping less frequently than intended, making it difficult for players to reach higher Light after 365. In the weeks to come, we’ll be investigating a solution that provides alternate max Light sources for these two slots. Additionally, when the Heroic Raid is released, many Activities and all Engrams will increase their maximum Light, making it easier overall to progress.

There is more to come on this front. Stay tuned for more details, announced alongside the activities that are yet to appear in your Director. Keep that feedback loop rolling.

On Patrol

Destiny Player Support is your link to the development team. They know the status of the network. They listen to player reports on our #Help forum. They sound the all-clear when we conclude maintenance.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Known Issues

Since the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, a full list of Known Issues has been hosted in the form of a pinned thread. The following issues have been found and confirmed over the past week. We are actively investigating these issues with internal teams, and will provide updates when they are available.


  • Destiny: Rise of Iron Legendary Faction Class Items are not contributing to Faction specific quests. NOTE: Spektar Faction Class Items from Chroma Faction Packages may contribute to these Quests.
  • There is an issue where the Fr0St-EE5 Hunter Exotic Boots negatively impact Grenade regeneration stats from Character Discipline totals.


  • The “Winter’s Run” Strike has an issue that impacts the chances of players receiving Skeleton Key rewards. To address this issue, we have changed this week’s Nightfall Strike to “S.A.B.E.R.”
  • SIVA Heroic Strikes do not currently contribute to the Rise of Iron Record Book node “Take a Strike.”
  • Players are currently unable to complete Crucible Bounties related to player scores in Supremacy gametypes.
  • Frame Rate issues have been identified in the Wrath of the Machine Raid, and the King of the Mountain story mission.


  • The Grimoire for Khvostov Field Manual, Pg. 90 is currently unavailable.
  • Some Grimoire is currently Character based. Grimoire totals may change in-game depending on which Character has found specific Grimoire collectables.
  • Due to Grimoire being Character based, players may lose some Grimoire if they delete a Character.

This weekend, a small delegation from Bungie will be a TwitchCon. I’ll be traveling with Cozmo, my partner in crime, as well as TwitchMaster Scott and MC Pate. We’re partnered streamers too, you know!
Throughout our service of the Guardians, it’s been our pleasure to participate in a real time conversation with the people who play Destiny. It will be my pleasure to represent the team that makes that happen on a panel discussion. If you’ll be in San Diego this weekend, please stop by. It starts on Saturday Morning at 10:30 AM. Our portion of the conversation will be about you as much as us.
On the other side of that mission, there is more to communicate to you about Rise of Iron. There is more to play, more to earn, and some more changes up our sleeves.
If I don’t meet you this weekend, we’ll talk to you again soon.
DeeJ, out.

anonymous asked:

There's a theory that Ryota succeeded and what we saw was Naegi affected by the hope video. Because he got every thing he wanted in that video.

That’s what I was waiting for in the final few seconds after the credits, so I wonder if there will be an indication of that somewhere else.

anonymous asked:

eheh, sooo i'm part of a system, no one really knows why i can't find a faceclaim since uh... no one we saw looked like me. i entered the system in 2014. mystic messenger gets released and LOLOL I'M 707! THAT'S WHY NO ONE KNEW WHO I WAS! THE MEDIA WASN'T OUT UNTIL NOW. i finally feel like myself because i know who i actually AM all these two years haha~! the only reason i know is because our host was lookin' at 707 trying to find out why he was familiar, he looks exactly like me!

anonymous asked:

What I also find much more interesting now is Harry wearing blue around their anniversary in his latest and last pap shot till this day. He gabst been papped since and it wasn't to promote anything. It's 4 weeks ago and he showed up so randomly after Louis went from NY to London and the fandom went into craziness. As if the 5 new rings we saw him each time wasn't enough of a sign 😉

listen I always think we’re exaggerating when we write fluffy fics but then these little shits do things like that, they literally named their own ship, they literally made up the blue and green connection and now they’re slowly twisting the dagger through our hearts and they’re not even out. This is the love story of the century, jesus christ.

And then people randomly come to our inboxes and wonder maybe they broke up and it’s so ridiculous. They love each other so fucking much that it should be on movie screens.

kingofnoob  asked:

unpopular(?) opinion: I didn't buy haru's choice to go pro. They should've spent more time on making his choice believable

Send me unpopular opinions

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I still hate this idea lol xD it’s still hard for me to imagine this after what we saw in s2…………. I hope s3 will convince me more :/

SVTFOE headcanon

Okay, so we all saw Sleepover, about who has a crush on who. And Marco told Jackie that he has a crush on her. But Star has a crush on Marco. So what if, in the finale, it’ll be about that Marco is going out on a date with Jackie, but then he realises, that he would feel so much better with Star. Meanwhile Star is at the Diazs and she’s sad, and angry. She takes her diary, and rips out the page where she wrote her thoughs about Marco, and she throws it away angrily. After that, she’ll goes out to calm down, while Marco is at home, searching for Star. He goes into her bedroom, and he finds the page. He reads it and then he finds Star and they’ll admit their feelings for each other., and then the kiss.

anonymous asked:

I would love if :re had somehow managed to save Yoshimura's tea cup. I get the feeling that cup is extremely important in particular for Eto's arc (it was meant for her after all and we saw it even in Yomo's flashback when Yoshimura was talking about his daugther)

Same, that would be a lovely touch

It really makes me sad thinking that they might not be able to return to :re after Cochlea

anonymous asked:

If I didn't know any better, I would think Modest and Syco are behind Niall's single release, because of the way it's being so poorly handled.

And we don’t know literally anything. I suggest we wait until the label info and single info is out. 

Also, this is the fandom’s typical reaction to anything they don’t know about is to throw stones.

We don’t know shit right now. 

Let’s not judge yet.

Seriously we saw their every move 24/7 for six years and suddenly everyone forgets who they really are. With Z there WAS tension, there WERE ads shot without him, there WERE signs that they aren’t on good terms. With Niall, nothing. Seriously, do you think Louis would comment on him so sweetly literally days ago if he was about to fuck Harry over? It’s insane just to think this. While there is an OT out there whose sole goal is to have the 1D fandom divided and arguing and lessening in numbers and oh wait… look at what’s happening: My inbox is outrageous at Niall. Exactly what OT would want to do.

Nothing adds up now, so let’s just wait. Please