me:*takes a deep breath*
me:i lo-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love kaneki, we know, you love Kaneki ken so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Kaneki- black haired kaneki, white haired kaneki, black AND white haired kaneki, we KNOW , you love kaneki you fucking love kaneki ken ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE KANEKI. HE DIDN’T DESERVE IT. WE GET IT. 

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Robyn. Doesn't it get you emotional that we all saw them be braver and more confident and stronger about their love as time went by? I mean we went from 'they don't know about the things we do' 'im sorry if i say i need you' to 'i think im gonna win this time' to 'with you love nobody can drag me down'. Like it totally feels like now is the time and they're sosososo ready. I'm so emotional.


is it bad that I like Marvel cartoons more than the movies in a lot of aspects? the movies are amazing of course, especially when it comes to cap, but for characters like Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor and Falcon, the cartoons are wayyy better. 

I mean I only fell in love with Hawkeye in the cartoons cuz we saw his A+ humour and skills. Hulk actually speaks and has intelligence which is refreshing. Thor has a LOT of powers and acts like a “God” whereas in the movies he’s more humour and less power. Falcon’s story is different altogether?? in the cartoons he’s a kickass genius who is almost tony-stark level with tech, and leads the team at one point. he’s still great friends with cap but his backstory is a lot less similar to Rhodey, like in the movies. He’s just a sweet, smart kid who works with the avengers and makes their lives better.

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I think that it's a little weird that we haven't seen a single bts picture of Taylor since they've started filming. Nothing even on her birthday Monday. We've seen pretty much every other actor so far. Makes me think that something big is going down with Piper where they aren't allowed to show Tay in character. Maybe Aydin hurts her rather than Alex because all the Laura pics have shown her completely fine. Just a thought. I'd like to see this happen. It would prob be good for Vauseman!

Um idk, she was in NYC for a long time before she went to LA for the TCA thing and now she’s back in NYC again. She’s been spotted multiple times on set and a month or so ago someone took a pic of her in khakis outside of the set, so she’s definitely been filming. And Taylor is never really known to take selfies, or BTS pics, or really anything social media related? So idk, I don’t think they’re trying to hide anything or whatever. 

As for Piper getting hurt, I wouldn’t want her to be hurt by Aydin, I’d rather she be hurt by the full force of seeing Alex near death and crushed under her own blame and self hatred :)


This concert is honestly the best one i had ever seen.

At the morning Me and My Friend Abie (untilparisfades) distributed GD and BIGBANG photocards ^^.

Afterwards we decided to go to Solaire (actually i’m checked in there) since we saw BIGBANG already arrived in Manila and took a cab there, without eating anything. We saw nothing actually since BIGBANG was dropped off in the basement not the entrance hahaha so we just give up eventually.

But i saw Ji Eun (YG Stylist)and Tae Hee (BIGBANG’s Manager) holding TOP’s Charlie Cane and i was OH MY GOD while waiting for a cab to go back to MOA. 

Since i have to lined up to get my soundcheck and send off id i asked my friend to buy me UTOPIA and NUMBER G banners. I feel kinda sad that i didn’t have a chanceto meet fansite master nims but i was so thankful to Abie for helping me <3.

The line for soundcheck is really long and we waited for ages to go inside. When We heared Taeyang’s voice and when the other member’s came in we are all shouting so loud hahaha. They sang about two songs. I forgot what the first song was actually hahaha. I only remembered Bang Bang Bang. I raised a Daesung banner and he was always on our side omg waving so cutely too. I was so lucky to see Taeyang and Seungri so near at the bridge they were so close to me. I died inside. TOP waved to our side as well. I can’t tell much about GD cause he never went to our side hahaha. 

I will try to recall what happened on the concert.

  • BIGBANG Never Lip Syncs and Always Sing Live.
  • BANG BANG BANG was really good and what a good way to hype everyone.
  • They did a very good job on every VCR it was entertaining to watch.
  • The laser on GD’s guitar on Tonight performance is really cool like wow.
  • I was so happy IF YOU mission was a success. Its so good more in live. The boys sing well. GD’s last note in that song was great. I almost wanted to scream when TOP started singing i just stopped. Seungri forgot his lines at his first line on IF YOU haha.
  • Daesung and Taeyang’s voice live was really spectacular such a high quality.
  • I really like the Blue and Loser stage. I’m a sucker for ballads hahaha.
  • TOP, Seungri and G-Dragon are really charismatic on stage.
  • When Seungri is dancing gotta talk to you dance break damn he is so sexy i cannot.
  • At LTAB Its so cute when GD did the fake kissing Seungri and he fixed his hair aww hahaha. Seungri also said GD Oppa and GD pogi pogi (handsome) i wanna laugh lol.
  • I actually like Taeyang too as a dancer but GD’s dance in Good Boy is just wow this guy is so flexible like how. 
  • When Taeyang said BIGBANG andd PHVIPS we are perfect for each other i freaking died it was so cheesy.
  • When Seungri said I Love Manila Ladies  i died /lol you ladies man.
  • I died the most when Daesung said Nakikita niyo ba ako? (Can you see me). After that he showed us his beautiful eyes such a cutie.
  • Daesung was really nice when we said more he will dance sexily again god it was a killer.
  • When TOP said GUSTO NIYO BA? (YOU LIKE?) I screamed yes oh my god Tabi I love you hahahaha.
  • The crowd shouted SAMPLE SAMPLE when gd explain that next week they will release E with new songs and GD have this confuse look and said What do you mean? and ruffles his hair he looked so cute. Taeyang said to GD they wanted you to sing. Seungri also explained it to him what sample means like. At first GD said NAH but afterwards he sang his rap part in ZZUTER while Seungri beatboxing. It was so good omg.
  • TOP and Seungri looks so unreal and not human like on how perfect they look.
  • GD is really pretty in person and cute. He was so pleasing to look at.
  • Taeyang have this manly face.
  • Daesung is kind looking like when you look at him you feel at easy. Its like he is erasing what are the things that worry you. 
  • When TOP did the heart sign with different poses omg it was so sweet of him. We also chanted TOP TOP TOP! He did his chooming TOP moves it was amazing.
  • Seungri said to all of us YOU ARE CUTE YEPPEO i cannot with him. When he did the GWIYOMI oh my god he is so cute and at the same time its pretty embarassing hahaha but i like it a lot <3.
  • Seungri wants to live here in the Philippines LMFAO.  e aloso said he wants to buy a house too lol.
  • I can’t still believe i saw GD’s sexy wave at Bad Boy with my own two eyes. He could practically join Sistar.
  • I think while they were sing Bang Bang or is it Fantastic Baby TOP picked bigbang chocolate brand on the floor and ate it
  • Seungri danced sexily with the YG Dancers while they are being introduced.
  • It was so nice hearing VIPs sing Haru Haru <3.
  • They are so cute at we like to party performance.
  • On encore TOP was always on the left side. GD is on the right side with house dancing around. I saw him smirk and i hate that i saw it lol.
  • I always see Taeyang and Seungri the most.
  • When they performed their Encore songs i cherished every moment of it.

After the concert we were lined up and arraged for soundcheck. My feet is actually killing me at that time and sat on the floor lol. I saw a glimpse of Seungri and Daesung again i was like ASFGHGHGL. TOP waljed so fast lol. Then Taeyang and GD went out. I cannot see GD that much because he was wearing a mask. Taeyang was so omg his handsome face is perfect.

I will never forget the memories of seeing BIGBANG again. It was a great show that it made want to like go to another country to watch another show.

I actually didn’t take any videos or photos my cellphone died on me :(

I made this fan account because i was literally crying when BIGBANG left the Philippines already and I miss them so much already. I feel so weird hahaha.

The best I can say is that at least they’re not coming out until November.


I mean they’re all adorable. I particularly appreciate Rei with the lit candle, thank you, Puchi Chara people.


Look, just take my bank account information and mainline me Puchi Charas, as that is clearly my fate.




Oh.. my.. god. Mom, and is he going to wake up?
Doctors have hope that he will… but we don’t know when. At least he’s stable now…
Oh…. Still… this makes me so sad..
Wait.. *looks at Ellie* … we saw it on the news, little after we got to the cabin right?
Yes… she was with me when you called…
Why didn’t she say anything?!
We didn’t want you two to come … it was your first trip together and we could handle everything… all the doctors were really nice and had always been very positive about him.
Still… how stupid.
I’m her sister mom, she should have told me!
Calm down… *places his hand softly on her back*
Ellie, I need a favor…
What is it,mom?
I need you to speak to her… the first night she was in shocked and I managed to convince her to come home… but the past two days she’s been staying with him here all night… it worries me that she’s all alone… please… talk to her.
Okay mom, I will.
I’ll be here waiting for you with the taxi… here, *hands over an almost dry umbrella*.

I think it’s time to go, don’t you think?
Absolutely, it’s getting late. Are you ready to go Tris?
Sis… let’s go home. We’re not that far and everybody is taking good care of him. We need to be with Emilia.
- … I don’t want to leave him.
You’re not leaving him, you’ll come back tomorrow and you’ll see… he’ll be okay. Let’s go… okay?
- Okay… I’ve missed you so much….
Me too sweetie.


The taxi is waiting…
I know…
And your luggage is getting wet…
I know… Are you sure you don’t want to come?
I think it’s best for everybody if I stay… I don’t want to leave my family with all this stuff going on.
I understand.
But you’re still asking…
Because, my selfish heart wants you to come home and never leave.

Poses by juoo9082 (personal edit, arm) , umbrella - mine.

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I need smut! it keeps me aliveee!! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US NATIIII


Some insight of Dr. Strange's concept art from Disney event in Africa.

“We have to confess that we weren’t exactly over the moon when we heard that there was going to be a Doctor Strange movie. To be honest, Marvel’s resident caped occult dabbler isn’t exactly what we’d call a marquee name when compared to the likes of Iron Man, Captain America or Thor. If Hawkeye and Black Widow don’t rank highly enough to star in their own movie then why does Stephen Strange rate a movie all to himself?

Once we saw the concept art and a couple of stills of the movie, however, we changed our minds quite quickly. Doctor Strange looks dark. Very dark. As in scraping the edge of ‘horror-movie-dark’ and information imparted about the film from Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, supports this appraisal. According to Feige, the film will have a firm footing in the shadowy world of the occult and supernatural. While we’re not expecting it to be a true blue horror film, but if it could provide as many chills as say Constantine (the TV series, NOT the film), then that would be great.

Oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch looks very fetching in his Doctor Strange get-up. Very fetching indeed…”

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You know, I find it hilarious how some people are going on about how "Freeze Day" was a Starco-killer episode when in the very same episode Marco and Star essentially (and obliviously) ended up on pretty much a 16(60?)-hour-long date when time froze.

I mean 60 hours is like 3 days, which means we saw like barely 10% of what they even did like they could have gone for a walk on the beach for all we know, lord even knows what they did, lord even knows the kind of nerdy flirting without meaning to they did, god only knows how many times they grabbed each other’s hands or how many hugs they shared or maybe how many times one or the other’s arm snaked around the waist to stop them from falling because being in hyperspace so long can make you a bit clumsy, lord only knows… !!!?????!!!! Thinking about it leaves me dead inside - A Mim