I got a pang of sadness today realizing we only have 8 more days with these characters. It’s like the last chapter of a really good book. Yes we may see them in coming seasons but they probably won’t be the main focus. I’m also a bit sad about loosing this passionate community of fans who’ve been so supportive of each other for the last 2.5 months of this wild ride. I’m hoping Isak and Even, but also this community of amazing fans, will live on through fanfics, videos, fanart, etc. So ya, you’re all amazing and I hope we continue this ride together. XO

[Naver] Pentagon Yuto, Yan An "We met senior Shinee and BTS during our debut promotion, it felt like a dream"

Pentagon Yuto and Yan An talked about the seniors they met during their promotion in Korea.

Pentagon’s second mini album FIVE SENSES showcase was held on 6th evening 4PM at Yes24 Live Hall. Yuto said, “I’m a fan of senior Shinee. We got to meet them because we were promoting at the same time and it felt like a dream. I realized that we had finally made our debut when we saw the seniors we had been seeing on TV in real life.”.

Yan An continued, “I like senior BTS. I have so many things to learn from them and I hope we become like them.”. Member Go Shin Won further explained Yan An’s remark, “I think he was very moved by their performance. It was different to watch their performance live and not on TV. Even I learned a lot and felt many things from them.”

Source: Naver @ Peachisoda

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Did camryn stopped liking Camren photos? because she until now she realized we ain't dumb and she just did it to gained more followers 😒 I haven't been in IG and the times I have been all the CS accounts turn into the other ship like TF BISH💁🏽

I don’t really go on ig or only to verify stuff so I don’t know if Camryn stopped or not - as for the ones jumping ship it’s their lost cause Camren is still fucking alive 🌚 


Hello,                                                                                                                                 This is Chief Producer in CP/Fairyland.

We are already at the end of 2016.                                                                                           As usual, we have worked hard this year also, and it remains only our last works to present you.     (Fairyline - Lucywen and a new Littlefee (not named yet) should be the last works of the year.)

Actually, Fairyline-Lucywen, we have much hesitated before deciding the development of this new doll. As we have experienced already with Scarlett of Fairyline 60, it is required to be very careful concerning the operation condition for large sized dolls. (The quality of operation should be referred to RealFee-Rus…)

Also, all the process of production including refining and packing is not simple.

However, we’ve dreamed of realizing a wonderful lower body moving with 4 legs….

In order to make our dream comes true, our sculpture team and design team, we have studied a lot with the books of horse photographs purchased through Amazon. And after several meetings, this project could finally start up.

It has taken 4 months only for the development, and we had to test with 4 different silicone moulds in order to make sure of operation quality. (It’s true that it was not cheap these silicone moulds…T T)

Starting the development based on MRAS (Magic Ring Action System) showed with RealFee Rus development, we have repeated several development processes so that we can get the appropriate solidity and size. And considering the size of wings, we had to produce a connector in shape of necklace because it was hard to put them on the back of Fairyline.

After all these complicated processes, we could complete its design and sculpt as we dreamed.

For this doll, we have taken Kenta (a demigod) as a base concept and the images of Pegasus and the Unicorn has been projected in the concept. And our designers, Sunny Day and Sylphe du Sud (Minami) have created them by taking each concept.

Lucywen is the concept work of Sunny Day, and the works of Sylphe du Sud (Minami) would be introduced after February 2017.

Another concern of this Fairyline works is its selling price.

I wanted to explain the development process of Fairyline-Lucywen to our fans through my blog, and it will help even a little bit to make our fans understand the selling price. Please understand that we spent a longtime deciding on the selling price of the full option….

You can find the preview video of Fairyline-Lucywen in following address.


Then, we hope your interest and support for the release of Fairyline-Lucywen.

We will come back to you with the new LittleFee

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017. ^^


despairing of any chance for redemption
we cry out with our words into the darkness
these things we write are our silent howls
dreams flying away into the void

but as we lie broken on the ground spent
we glimpse an answer from somewhere else
others’ cries flash by our hanging heads
and we look up with wonder and catch one

suddenly, there they are surrounding us
a clamor of quiet black and white voices
and we come to realize that we are not alone
we are never alone as long as we have words

My kitty is all good!

So, I had to take our tuxie into the vet last week because we realized she’d lost 1.5lbs. That’s about 10% of her body weight and she could totally stand to lose it (6 months ago she was too fat to clean her own butt)… thing is we hadn’t DONE anything to help her lose weight.

The vet does her exam and says she seems fine, her teeth are good, no bowel issues, but she wanted to run blood & urine just in case. I aske about cancer, but she said she was more worried about diabetes or kidney disease. I’ve had a cat with chronic renal failure before and that wasn’t fun, so I was pretty worried.

But we just got the results back and she’s all good. One of the liver enzymes is a wee bit high, but it’s a “recheck in 3 months” kinda deal rather than anything dramatic. So… she’s good!