Tonight we will be one episode closer to the finale, I am officially f*cking scared. Gather your belongings, it’s code red, I REPEAT, code red. Yeah, you heard me right, a reveAl, once again, but this is not a drill people. C`mon move, move, we have to get ready, everything you can’t carry you leave behind, like high expectations or hope for answers. You know how it works, cry your eyes out and feel disappointed, this is not our first rodeo people. 

Are you tired of pictures of my work desk/makeup station yet? No? Good, because I literally have nothing interesting to show you today - a selfie is out because my face is still trying to decide whether we’re going through puberty again or if we’re finally ready to exhibit this fabled “pregnancy glow” I’ve heard mentioned.

Phil and I went to see Southpaw this weekend. I loved it. It’s one of those movies I find myself still thinking about even days later. I love a great comeback story that involves several, sweaty, athletic montages - especially one involving boxing. The movie had me Googling boxing classes until I realized it’s probably not an approved prenatal exercise. So I settled for downloading the soundtrack and walking in the rain while recalling a sweatier, more active time in my life. Clearly, those two things are practically identical. 

With the return of regular exercise and REAL food, I’m starting to feel good again. Like, circa summer 2013 good. And I say “real food” because I really can tell a difference between when I eat processed versus not-so-processed. The latter is also the determination in whether or not I lose weight (or maintain in this case.) For me, I can count calories or WW points all day long, but won’t really feel or see a difference unless I change the quality of my food. I know that’s not the case for everyone, but it works for me.

I suppose I should actually get back to work instead of procrastiblogging. It’s either that or nap, and sadly, only one of those pays the bills. (Side note: how awesome would I be at professional napping?)

at simon's band practice
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>simon:</b> people talk loud when they wanna act smart, right?<p/><b>eric:</b> CORRECT<p/><b>simon:</b> so if we play loud, people might think we're good! okay, ready? and a one, and two, and a one, two, three, four!<p/><b></b> *5 minutes later*<p/><b>simon:</b> <p/><b>simon:</b> okay new theory. maybe we should play so quietly, no one will hear us<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
  • Person:You need to choose. Bellarke or Clexa?
  • Me:Uuuh ummm...
  • Person:Bellarke?
  • Person:Or Clexa?
[TWEETS] #TalkToRhian

Fan: Does the loveteam of JaThea have a happy ending?
Rhian: I think it’s happy…=)

Fan: Did you know that we were disgusted when Jade kissed David? The first kiss of Javid was okay but now, not anymore.
Rhian: The writers like to shock me too =O

Fan: When is your guesting on VADK? Notice me so I can sleep because it’s almost 3am here.
Rhian: It’s coming in August =)

Fan: Why does the HTs hurt so much?
Rhian: I don’t know why either, they like to hurt us but tell me we’ll make it through this?!?!?!

Fan: Rebels hate August because TRMD ends but Fullthrottle, your VADK guesting, Rastro Fans Day is on Aug. so WE LOVE AUGUST
Rhian: We are readying ourselves for the ending of TRMD, we are thinking of ways so that you won’t be hopia!

Fan: When Jade kiss Davis I was like YACK JADE =) why? it hurts for Althea, you broke the promise
Rhian: When I read that in the script, I was like #YuckDada

Fan: Do you still want to have a kissing scene with G?
Rhian: Yes. Let’s tag her @glaizaredux

Fan: If you’d to choose a car to drive with Glaiza, what would that be and why? Haha!
Rhian: Mini Cooper….so that we’ll be close..and convertible…if we get cold, we’ll be even closer.

Fan: Do you know that you have the most number of wingwomen?
Rhian: I am forever grateful =) too many rivals, it’s because she’s too beautiful

(OMG! RHIAN! I LOVE YOU! HAHAHA Rhian is referring to that pattissue and probably all the girls that Glaiza gets involved with at SAS. Yep, Glaiza is indeed too beautiful )

skyla2namikage asked:

Umm.. If you don't mind I was going to ask if you were going to keep posting homestuck? With the omegapause coming up, I'm kinda scared you wouldn't...

Don’t worry.  There will be something of a break as we get the Openbound Episodes ready, but we’ll only stop posting episodes of Let’s Read Homestuck when we literally run out of Homestuck.

Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini. - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Three)

Your jaw slightly dropped when Tanya suggested you all go clubbing. You’ve only just,landed in Santorini and you were already going clubbing? “That’s a great idea Tan! And there’s no other way to celebrate the first night here in Santorini! I mean, we all rested on the plane and we’re grabbing a bite to eat now, and it’s almost the evening. By the time we get ourselves ready if will be darker and time to dance our asses off!” Zoe beamed sipping on her drink as everyone instantly agreed. You felt like curling up in a small little ball. You just met all of these people, well apart from Tanya and Jim but you were already going clubbing? This was crazy!

You all finished lunch and you all chipped in to pay before grabbing a cab back to your holiday home. As soon as you entered, Tanya grabbed your arm and pulled yourself, Niomi and Zoe up the stairs and squealed. “See you later boys! Better be prepared!” She giggled before she stopped you all at the top of the stairs. “Okay girls, everyone go pick out their outfits, then let’s all meet in Y/N’s room and we can all help each other with getting ready!” Tanya explained out in am excited rush which only made a large smile grow on your face. Even though you weren’t an every Friday night sort of club going person, you did love having a good dance.

Thankfully before you all headed out to lunch earlier today, you all unpacked your clothes and toiletries into the wardrobes and bathroom cupboards provided for you in your own room. You opened your wardrobe and sighed biting your cheek. ‘What should I wear?’ You thought as you drummed your finger tips against your chin and eyes your wardrobe. You didn’t want to overdress yourself..but you did want to doll yourself up..you groaned in frustration and ran a hand through your clothes. A dress? Cute? Frilly? No Y/N..everyone will be wearing a dress at the club..how about a skirt? Nah..skirts..they’re cute but you knew nearly every other girl would also be sporting short, mini tight skirts..

'Think..different Y/N..go for something you wouldn’t normally wear..’ You told yourself whilst pushing clothes out of the way to get a better view of what you could choose before you instantly stopped, spotting your Michelle Keegan Diamond Mesh Puplum top and wear the matching Michelle Keegan Pu Biker Treggings with a pair of spontaneous red heels to match and bring out your outfit. Is this good enough? Is it too casual? Is it too over the top? You asked yourself many questions before taking a deep breath and settling on not changing your mind and taking a risk and going for it. You placed your outfit on your wardrobe and just as you sat down to get started, Zoe, Niomi and your best friend Tanya all walked in giggling to themselves before they locked the door behind them.

Tanya had a red cocktail dress thrown over her arm and a pair of shoes to match. Zoe had a baby pink dress with crossed straps thrown over her arm and a pair of heels to go exactly with her dress and Niomi had a small floral black and white skirt and a top to match. Tanya also held many bags of make up and make up brushes and set them out on the dresser. “Y/N, is this what your wearing?” Niomi gasped gazing at your outfit on the wall which made your cheeks instantly heat up and the voices in your head instantly nag at you for picking out such an atrocious outfit. “It’s gorgeous!” Never mind then..Niomi was gleaming with excitement at your outfit before she turned to Tanya. “You know what you should do? You should do the Nicole Scherzinger make up look on Y/N for this outfit. The red lip will bring out the shoes as well as the outfit and the bronzer on her eyes will make them pop!” Niomi rambled to Tanya as Zoe whipped out her curling iron and plugged it in to heat up. The three girls smiled rather..sneakily at you after getting into a group huddle of whispers which made you feel very nervous.
Tanya sat you down in the high chair as Zoe began to curl your hair. “Y/N your going to have all eyes on you tonight..” Niomi giggled as she painted your nails for you which made your cheeks turn rosy.

You were finally finished with! Your make up look was completed and your hair perfectly styled by Zoe and your nails freshly painted. You felt so different. Over the last two hours, you managed to get to know the girls a lot better and they welcomed you with open arms. You laughed a lot and took many selfies and you even cowered out of your shy cocoon and opened up to your new loving friends.

“Let’s wow the guys! They’re going to be so shocked..” Zoe laughed quietly looking around to you all. You instantly felt nerves and butterflies hit your tummy. You were alone. All the girls had their boyfriends with them and you were just left..alone, with no date. You felt very insecure in that moment but covered it up with an excited smile. You felt different..Tanya had an outfit that showed off her curves beautifully and Niomis outfit showed off her amazing legs..and Zoe..she just looked so stunning..you felt completely different all of sudden and felt very shy, so you wrapped your arms around yourself.

“It will be dawn by the time you ladies decide to show yourselves! Are you lot going to come down or will we have to come get you?” Alfie laughed loudly from the end of the stairs making you all giggle. “Oh hush! We’re coming down now!” Zoe smiled beginning to lead the way down the stairway. You all descended down the stair way, one after the other to meet all the boys cleaned up very well and had their jaws dropped.

“Oh me, oh my..don’t you all look stunning..” Jim smiled widely at you all before he wrapped his arms around Tanya and pecked her cheek, whilst Alfie pulled Zoe into his side and Niomi pressed herself against Marcus. You stood shyly, like a third wheel near the door close to Joe who scratched the back of his neck sheepishly and flashed you a shy smile. “You all look gorgeous girls..” Marcus complimented you all which made your cheeks heat up like the rest of the girls. You all clambered into an awaiting taxi and you were last to get in but unfortunately the taxi was too small. “You can sit on my lap..” Joe offered which made your cheeks heat up instantly and your heart race quickly. “I..erm..are you sure? I could just catch another cab..” You stumbled over your own words in shyness and felt yourself melt under his sweetness. “It’s completely fine..I swear!” Joe smiled and before you could take another moment to try and get another way to the club, Joe had pulled you onto his lap and Zoe shut the door which have the taxi driver the signal to start the drive to a night full of friends, dance and drinks.


|Joe’s Point Of View|

I decided to join Zoe and her friends on their little trip to Santorini knowing she wouldn’t mind. It all sounded like such an adventure and I’m always up for an adventure, and it was Santorini, I mean, c'mon, who wouldn’t want to visit there for two weeks? I’ve been dying to cross this place off my bucket list for years now but never had enough time to go fly there but thankfully I had two weeks completely free which made it an easy yes to Zoe’s little offer of me going with her and her friends to Santorini.

I’ve been in desperate need of a small holiday and I just need to get away from the rainy, dull weather of London and enjoy some sun and have a complete detox from the Internet. I just needed to escape myself and get lost in what this beautiful city has to offer to me.

When we first arrived at the house, we realised Tanya had yet to arrive with her friend but I told Zoe, Alfie, Marcus and Niomi not to tell Tanya since I wanted to give her a jump scare since she’s so easily scared. We huddled up in the kitchen and when Tanya arrived we all jumped out and screamed but I was suddenly lost for words. There stood a beautiful girl with long luscious your/hair/colour hair and a stunning pair of your/eye/colour eyes. She was so beautiful. Did Zoe know this girl? I’ve never met her before..who is she? She was so..perfect.

As soon as our hands touched to shake I felt a spark and I couldn’t shake the feeling off all day. It made me want to smile so big. Y/N had such a beautiful name that just matched her beautiful face. She was so sweet but so shy..it made me so intrigued and curious. Woah Joe. Please clam yourself..you’ve only known her how many hours? I kept reminding myself that I wasn’t looking for a relationship..and it’s true..I wasn’t. My YouTube channel is currently my life and I’m not ready to have a girlfriend or a proper relationship. After unpacking and freshening up we all decided to head out for lunch and to be quite honest, I couldn’t quite wait. I wanted to learn so much more about Y/N and who she is and if I’m being honest, if she was single. She was hot. We all headed out to a small pizzeria down the coast line for lunch and I’ve never been so happy to sit in front of anybody before. Y/N was very quite and only answering questions when asked so I decided that it was now my time to jump the gun and question her on everything. I learned that she works in a retail shop and is often at the counter serving people, and she’s an aspiring photographer who got accepted into a very highly intelligent college that only accept the best. With each word she spoke I was intrigued more and more and I don’t know why. She was like a magnet and I was metal being lured in by those big your/eye/colour eyes that were so mesmerising.

When Tanya suggested clubbing, I couldn’t have been any happier. I was going to show Y/N my moves and I was most definitely going to wear my best outfit. I took a quick shower to freshen myself up and used my best colognes and aftershaves. I walked out of the bathroom to find Jim sitting on my bed with a smirk. “Woah, Jim..mate..what are you doing here, eh? I don’t know how many times I’ve told you this..but we can’t recreate peoples fantasies of us being together..You’ve got Tanya and I’ve got my life..it’s not going to work..” I smirked chuckling as Jim burst out laughing. “Oh Joseph, what will I ever do with you? Actually I came in here to talk about Y/N..” Jim trailed off which made my eyes widen in fear and a slightly rush of nerves pulse through my veins.

Hi beauties! I’m so sorry for the long wait on this part! I’ve been so busy with my summer job that I’ve just found it so difficult to find the time to write! So I’m so sorry but I really hope you liked this part! Pleaseeee tell me if you do because I love your feedback! All the love❤️xxx


A tribute to Kevin Michael Cosgrove who died in the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Cosgrove was an American business executive in the insurance industry. In the last minutes of his life, he called his mother, left a message for his wife, rang his brother and sister, and also made a 911 call. The Aon Corp. vice president ran from his 99th floor office and got as far as the 79th floor before the unbearable plumes of smoke forced him to run back up and corner himself in a 105th floor office. Cosgrove is notable because of the recording of the 911 call he made during his final moments which ended with him crying out from inside the South Tower as it collapsed. At the time of his death, he left his wife, Wendy Cosgrove, a schoolteacher, and three children under the age of 12.

“Tell God to blow the wind from the West. It’s really bad, it’s black, it’s arid… We’re young men, we’re not ready to die.”

Self talk. Real talk. Even if your voice trembles. “We all begin the process before we are ready, before we are strong enough, before we know enough; we begin a dialogue with thoughts and feelings that both tickle and thunder within us. We respond before we know how to speak the language, before we know all the answers, and before we know exactly to whom we are speaking.” - Women Who Run with the Wolves @pelotoncycle x @barrysbootcamp @noahdneiman turn up. 📷 @aphotochick



The Drop | New York Premiere - Arrivals
September 8, 2014.

Rachelle Caliolio “Dear Tom: My good friend Erin and I made it a mission to see you last night. We were stunned when we didn’t see you at the Apple Soho store, crushed actually. We sincerely hoped you were ok. We stayed for the discussion because we wanted to hear about your latest work, being both literature buffs. It was getting rather late for us two mommies, we were ready to head back home to our families in Jersey. But we took a chance and darted to the Sunshine Theatre, just a glimpse of you was so worthwhile for us. Didn’t think you would hear me calling out to you, "Tom, we were at the Apple Store waiting!”…..but you did. And I will never forget how you left the mob and walked over to me upon hearing that and readily took a photo. The frenzy kept me from telling you how much I appreciate your work …and your MC skills!! Would’ve been a real treat to hear you rhyme to this native Queens girl! Thank you Tom, for making last night SUPER SPECIAL, for these 2 everyday moms. Rachelle and Erin.“

@aceychris "Pleasant surprise to see this in my neighborhood theatre today! He had just wrapped up filming #Legend when he was in town last fall. #bigsmiles #tomhardy #NYC #myfavorite #hubbynotimpressed”


A New Thing To Our Morning Routine

So, as you can tell mornings are very hectic. Well with triplets, every moment is going to be hectic, but morning it’s just crazy.

Lance and I wake up super early just so we could get ready and I could make the girls some breakfast. We usually get the girls up, give them a bath, put on their clothes and bring them down for breakfast.

Now, we decided it would be kind of nice for them to learn how to brush their teeth. I know you guys are like ‘It’s too early to brush their teeth!!’ but I actually read that it’s a good time to start now so that they can have sparking teeth:).

Ever since we gave them their toothbrushes, they love it. I guess because they feel like big girls and we praise them the whole time their brushing their teeth.

Their growing up so fast!!

-Love, M&M

P.S. Haven’t been posting anything lately because I’m sick but I’m feeling a little bit better thanks to Lance<3