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The way he was with Daisy in Kingsmen had me melting. And with the little boy in The Smoke in episode 6? Couldn't handle it. But he's definitely in love with his sisters, and they are just as in love with him. Which I adore.

The part where he was calming Daisy down and talking to her, it had me feeling all sorts of ways and tons of feels 

And of course Taron with all the little kids in The Smoke. Who said it was okay for that man to be around small children? I’m surprised a lot of people have made it after watching The Smoke or Kingsman. I just think it’s adorable when he mentioned watching The Muppets Christmas Carol with his little sister and his mum around Christmas time because it’s a tradition for them (or something along those lines). I bet he spoils them ALL THE TIME. Or even buys them little knick knacks from all the countries he’s visited while promoting his films or even while he’s on location. I know that a lot of people adore that about him as well. 

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"Care to tell me what's going on?" She hissed, crossing her arms over her chest.

The Sergeant narrowed his sharp, blue eyes at the woman, “First of all, cut the attitude. We’re getting ready to head out. We’re gonna set up base camp near Federation territory.”

This time next week I’ll be in sunny LA with these two fly hunnies 😂 We are having a meetup while we’re there too - details for that coming soon. I know @goldenlady25 & @everythingcurvyandchic are as sick of their east coast weather as I am of this Midwest crap, and we are too ready for some sunshine 🌞🍹👙

Smoke and lasers
love and ravers

We’re ready for the afterglow.