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Me and my friend decided to get drunk so we started playing a drinking game and every time we lost we would take off our clothes, one by one. Eventually we were naked and we started making out and ended up having sex, we went at it for about an hour and we finally came. We started drinking again and had sex again and this time he kept smacking my ass and I was just so wet. Once we were ready for bed, we started making out again and then he fingered me until I squirted. Best thing ever.


Hey Guys!

In less than 24 hours me and my older sister will be seeing Taylor Swift at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa! It took us 8 hours to get here and we’re so ready to shake it off!

We’re so excited to wear our costumes… “No It’s Becky” and being cat lovers we made signs with cat references. Doesn’t that meOW bandaid look familiar?? 

We cannot wait to dance all night long with Taylor and it would mean the world if you guys could reblog this so that taylor might notice. I really want to surprise my sister hehe.

taylorswift tree-paine

Last week I got to join Deux North on a 365 mile journey from Reno to Mendocino. I expected it to be difficult. I had no fucking idea. We had had a few flats, we suffered up and down gravel roads, we charged straight through 105+ degree heat, we went to bed late and woke up way too early, we complained about the parts of our bodies that were sore and close to falling off, we were amazed by the scenery, we were ready to be done already. Through it all we stayed together and rode as a team and it was amazing. We are all still gathering our thoughts and photos from the trip and will have a write up soon.

- Bokanev

[After spending some time in the studio and helping Nami with her homework, I glance over at the microphone that’s in the booth then I look over at Nami as she colors in her book, a small smile spreading across my face before I lean down, folding my arms and I let them rest against my knees.] Nami, you wanna do something for me? [she looks up at me and holds her crayons then she nods her head before standing up, speaking to me.] “Yes, mommy.” [the smile on my face widens then I nod my head before I get out the seat to go over to the door of the booth, I open it for myself and her then I wave her to come over, I tell the producer that’s in the room that I will motion for them to start the record when we’re ready. I walk inside of the booth after Namiko walks inside, I slide my hands underneath her armpits and I pick her up, making a “argghhh” sound as I sit her down in the seat, the sound making her laugh and I laugh myself before I take both of the headphone’s, putting one on her ears then I put the other set on mine.] Okay, so you’re just gonna sing after me. Sing as if you’re answering what I’m saying in the song.. Are you gonna be able to do that? [She nods her head at what I said and puts up a thumbs up before she wiggles in her seat and get’s comfortable. I motion for the producer to start the beat and I start to sing my part.] Know that you’ll be alright, know that you’ll be alright. Just promise you’ll be alright, promise you’ll be alright. If anythinggg.. [I glance over at her, giving her a nod to let her know it’s time for her to sing, singing into the microphone.] “Alright, promise alright. Promise I’ll be alright, promise I’ll be alright.” [I sing right behind her into the microphone, placing my hand on her shoulder while I sing.] If anything should happen.. [She looks up at me then sings again.] “Promise I’ll be alright, promise I’ll be, promise I’ll be, alriiight.

And..we're back!!!!

Issue number 666 is finished and is being printed on Monday morning!! We missed our spring issue due to technical difficulties (our lives are crazy and we are 100% volunteer run) but we are ready to make it up to you with another fine fucking issue of your favorite outhouse reading material.

This issue features cover art by Cape Breton’s own Emily Kane and includes a wide selection of articles for your rural punk brain:
~DIY egg incubators
~Running woodstoves on veggie oil
~Building a proper roof
~Delicious recipies
~surviving a flood, the punk way
~Taking the big jump to rural living
~How to buy a car/truck and not get fucked over
~Savage Love, rural crusty style
~A new column on beekeeping written by The Baron himself.

And a hell of a lot more! Check your mailboxes in the coming weeks. If you aren’t already subscribed you can sign up at www.countrygrind.net

How to help your dog cope with the heatwave

This week, we are undergoing a massive heatwave here in Switzerland, and across Europe.
I have to admit it makes it very hard for me to leave Happy every morning to go to the office. Here are a few tricks we used this week to make her feel a little better:
- Make the apartment a little cooler (opening the windows for the air to flow, leave water in the bath tub and sink to make the air less dry, etc)
- Longer morning walks, with a bath in the lake
- Another bath in the lake when coming back home
- Ask a neighbor to put Happy in the garden when they are home, on a long leash, under the trees with water
- Serve Happy’s morning and evening food where the air is the freshest

Happy has a very low energy level these days. But every time we get ready to head to the lake, she is waiting by the door to make sure we take her with us.


\\ “In that case, I’ll start the countdown at once! After one, I’ll toss you into the air and activate the Power of Flight. Ready? Five! Four! Three! Two! One!” And on the final number, Shulk’s hand dipped down as he flung the tiny creature skyward, extending a hand in his direction before he hit the apex of the throw. A blue glow surrounded the tiny wings as the fall was quickly broken, Pip now suspended in the air. “There we go! Now we’re ready for a short little adventure!”

Today is the 17th of Tammuz, a minor Jewish fast day that begins a period of summer mourning culminating in the 9th of Av, Tisha beAv.

Here’s a source sheet I made for the 17th of Tammuz two years ago. According to the rabbis, the 17th of Tammuz is the date not only of the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem but also of the smashing of the tablets and the release of the dove from the Ark. The thread that connects these stories for me is a message about impermanence… Sometimes we have to let things go. How do we learn to wait for when the time is right, and let go of things that we don’t need anymore or that we’re not ready to keep, trusting that if/when we’re ready, they’ll come back?

To those fasting for the 17th of Tammuz (or Ramadan!): tzom mo'il, have a meaningful fast.

Here’s a list of good gay representation in video games to brighten your day.

Lieutenant Steve Cortez is an Alliance pilot aboard the Normandy SR-2 in2186, where he pilots the UT-47A Kodiak that transports Commander Shepardand squad to mission locations. He is a potential romance option for a maleCommander Shepard.

“Not one moment for granted.”

Kasmeer and Marjory from Guild Wars 2. 

Kasmeer Meade: So, I’m exhausted. Are we ready to turn in for the night?Marjory Delaqua: Do you mean am I ready to have you all to myself? I’m ready for that every waking moment of the day.Kasmeer Meade: Kiel said they’ve got a bungalow set up for us. It’s ours for the duration of the festival.Marjory Delaqua: That sounds great. Let’s check it out and see how it compares to our digs back home.

Aid Worker Sya, also from Guild Wars 2. 

Aid Worker Sya: Lionguard Hela! A pleasure to see you and Hauser under better circumstances.

Lionguard Hela: Have we met before?

Aid Worker Sya: I helped with the relief effort after Scarlet’s attack. My name is Sya but you might remember me as Symon.

Lionguard Hela: Now I remember. We pulled some survivors out of the rubble together.

Aid Worker Sya: Seeing so many die in those weeks…it made me realize how important it is to embrace life. To celebrate who we are.

Lionguard Hela: Life’s too short to live any other way.

Most of your party in Dragon Age II. Yes, you can romance almost every character, regardless of gender.

And lastly…

(Almost) Every NPC in Skyrim!

Feel free to reblog and add more, let’s celebrate all the wonderful LGBTQA characters in gaming!