“We are fire and we are iron, we are earth and we are air; Light is in our hearts and in our heads; it burns and we burn with it; we are stars, we are the sun, we are the Children of the Traveler and we cannot, will not stop; we will wash our foes away with our fury, we will carve our future out of flame, and where the blaze has passed only we remain; for we are the knives and we are the wielders, and the universe is ours to remake in the image of our choosing and we will remake it in fire.”

- Cryptarch Records // Firsthand Account of the “Gunslinger’s Trance” // Anonymous


yoga_girlLate nights on the couch with @penny_thegoat 😌❤️🐐 She is the oddest little creature, this one. So fragile but so brave. She climbs on top of the dogs like they’re furniture. Every table, chair and countertop is a playground. She chews on everything, all the time. I’ve done entire sun salutations with her on top of me (haven’t captured it on camera yet!). She knows her name; when I yell “Penny!” she answers “Baaaaa!” off the top of her lungs. When I open the gate she comes running. In the evenings I have to keep my voice down in the house; if she hears me she starts yelling for me until I pick her up so she can sit with us on the couch. She falls asleep on my lap like this every night.
Problem is… Baby goats need baby goat friends! So I guess we are getting another one.

sullivantwissarcana asked:

Hey, I think that we need some more Penny with the other characters as friends. It would be really nice! And maybe some more Winter and/or Weiss for Valentine's Day because that is the day "White" Trailer came out in 2013. Just some suggestions. :)

Yeah thats a good idea XD, and for Penny she has a lot of admirers….humans and robots, let the love flow ;)


i need another 10 people to do a survey to help me choose materials for a psychology study it consists of watching some adverts and saying how funny they are. itd take like 10-15 minutes if you could help me out id be very grateful this is an important step

if u could message me or like this or something if youre up for it thatd be great. id need to send u a word document so if we’re already fb friends thatd be good but we’ll deal with that when we get to it. thank you!

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Hello, I'm sorry for your loss. I just wanted to say that you're not an inadequate friend. You did what you could. You were there for her when you could be and offered unconditional love when your friend needed it. We've not interacted much, but I'd be more than happy to let you vent to me if you need it. Please take care of yourself

Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your message. It means a lot to me. You have no idea. 

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OKAY IF I CANT DATE ZAYN CAN I DATE LIAM? He's a gentleman. -Bunnie

We’re gonna have lack of friends and then we need to stop being friends because I need to be badass daddy and kick their asses if they hurt my little girls. :(


Okay but we need more imaginings of Alya and Marinette being best friends tho

Imagine them being best friends since childhood

Imagine Marinette constantly inviting Alya over for sleepovere and they dress up with those costume feather boas, and huge hats and even rummage through Sabine’s closet and stare in awe at her older dresses. Alya dares Marinette to put one on and Marinette is so flustered

“Come oooooon Mari, I PINKY PROMISE I won’t tell your mom!! You’ll look so pretty!!”

Eventually Marinette puts it on and Alya gasps because while it’s huge on her, she can still use her imagination and see it fitting Marinette perfectly

Marinette quickly fumbles out of the dress, but does so too quickly, accidentally ripping it a bit

She panics and starts to cry and Alya hugs her, whispering “It’s okay, we can fix it!!! Shh don’t cry, okay?”

Sabine hears the ruckus and comes in to find them

Alya quickly defends Marinette, “It’s not her fault, she didn’t mean to!”

Sabine smiles and comforts her daughter and tells her it’s okay, that she should have been more careful, but the tear isn’t so bad, she can fix it.

She takes the girls with her to the dining table and takes out a bix of needles and threads and shows Marinette and Alya how she carefully stitches it back together

Since then Marinette asks her mother to teach her how to do that and is encouraged to start making clothes and some of her first works are for Alya, like a set of gloves that have a clear amateur touch to them, but to this day she still has them in her bedside drawer


me an emoji:
😐: I hate you.
😇: your sweet.
❤️: I love you.
💜: I like you.
😅: I don’t know you.
🙈: your my crush.
👼: your cute.
💁: we need to talk more.
👯: friends.

when i was in florence our hotel rooms had balconies and we technically weren’t allowed to go out on them because it was a school trip and for whatever reason we needed to be supervised but of course my friends and i went out and sat on the balcony and it was the most beautiful thing to hear a city so far away from my own never cease its movement and be so full of life and beautiful colours i bet there were so many stories happening that night

continued from last post

and then like?? when i got home today from dropping my fp off at the train station, i texted the friend and was like “hey we need to talk :/” cause i wanted to be like “don’t touch my fp unless she tells you it’s okay” and also to yell at him for fucking falling asleep at the wheel so i was like

“hey yeah we need to talk for a second. :/” and he replies:




And the fact that he’s just like “blah blah blah etc etc yeah yeah yeah” to something serious as to touching people without their permission is fucking disgusting??

and THEN i told him like “so yeah you literally scared the shit out of (fp) and i yesterday when you fell asleep at the wheel. like. we both had an anxiety attack and we didn’t appreciate you just shrugging it off and joking about it.”

and he’s just like.


I am so mad I am splitting on this fucking kid.


Spell Sun Catchers

Tried these out today, taught munchkin about color correspondences made a page for a mini Grimoire for her on the computer and now we are waiting for them to cool so we can see if next time we need more gems.

She was aiming to attract friends who are calm, not loud and caring and to attract happy dreams.

I’m aiming for winning court cases, dreams, and protections.

Common courtesy among witches

Here are some key points we should all note when dealing with other witches. 

  • Their path is not your path, don’t act like it is. 
  • Don’t demand or feel entitled to others’ knowledge. Do your own research first before asking.
  • Don’t bash other witches paths. You don’t agree with what they follow? Don’t follow that path yourself. 
  • We’ve all dealt with spells backfiring or not working, don’t sit there and make someone feel like crap because their spell didn’t work.
  • Don’t bash other witches because you disagree with their morals behind certain spellwork. They want to hex someone? Unless they’re hexing you, leave them to it. 
  • Don’t bash witches who practice “dark” magic, there’s light and dark in everything. It’s all about balance. 
  • Most of all, be helpful, courteous and friendly. We’re all going through this path together and we’re all brothers and sisters of the craft who need friends alike.