Sweet Things (Yuhwan)

“Ok, so we need eggs, flour, milk, salt, butter, baking soda, chocolate chips and…,” you continued to read off the list. You glanced up at Yuhwan and saw him nodding vigorously, heading to the fridge to get the eggs.

“I’m so excited jagi, these cookies are going to taste great!” he said excitedly, setting the eggs on the counter. You laughed at his goofy grin and grabbed a bowl from the bottom pantry. It was rare that you got to spend alone time with Yuhwan. Usually he was either off taking care of the rest of the members or he was resting after his long tour. But today you had him all to yourself and he had wanted to bake some cookies so you happily agreed.

“Remind me again why you wanted to make cookies?” you asked, looking around for the measuring cup. You giggled as you felt Yuhwan give you a back hug and kiss the top of your head.

“Because I want to make something as sweet as you!” he exclaimed happily. You grabbed the cup and turned around, punching him lightly in the arm.

“Don’t be so corny,” you laughed. He pretended to be hurt and held his arm but you just grinned and rolled your eyes, turning to grab the salt from the top shelf. That’s when you realized that the top shelf was higher than you’d originally thought. You stretched your arm out higher put only the tips of your fingers could reach the shelf.

You heard a chuckle behind you and turned only to come into contact with the chest of your boyfriend. You suddenly realized that Yuhwan was standing in front of you and you could feel the warmth radiating from his body. You slowly looked up at him and he glanced down at you with a small smile. You felt the heat rise to your face as he easily grabbed the salt and set it down on the counter next to you. Now you were trapped between his body and the counter and you were sure that your face was as red as your shirt. You quickly avoided Yuhwans gaze as you felt it on you and you coughed ever so slightly.

“Um…I…wh-what are you…” you started, unable to finish your sentence. You felt your knees begin to get weak and you were sure that you couldn’t stand for much longer. Finally, Yuhwan let out a laugh and lifted up his arms, going back to mixing all the ingredients in a bowl but not before poking you on the nose and telling you how cute you were. You took a deep breath of air and mentally punched yourself for acting this way around your boyfriend.

You jumped over to him and helped him add the rest of the ingredients, mixing them well, and rolling them into little balls so that you could make them each the perfect size. When they were ready you put them in the oven and set the timer for a little over a half hour.

“And now we wait!” you said cheerfully, running your hands under some water. Yuhwan followed your lead and walked over next to you.

“I don’t like waiting,” he pouted. You laughed and bumped his hip ever so slightly. He bumped yours back before suggesting a movie to pass the time. You agreed and said you wanted to watch a happy movie and after some whining and aegyo, the two of you were seated on the couch watching the corniest chick flick you could find: The First of the Days. He put his legs up on the table and you curled up into a ball next to him. You gently put your head on his chest and you felt his arm go around you, the other tightly clasping your hand. You looked up at him and smiled, kissing his lips softly before returning your head to his lap.

A while later the two of you were completely engrossed in the movie.

“She won’t actually leave him, will she?” “I don’t know, I hope not!” “He loves you, don’t leave!” “Oh my god, is this actually going to happen?”

You now had your head resting on Yuhwan’s shoulder and your eyes locked intensely on the screen. Your emotions were running so high that you quickly turned up the volume and continued watching the movie intently. As it continued, one of you would make a small comment here or there or he would say he loved you more than the characters loved each other and would kiss your head. A good amount of the way into the movie you had tears running brimming in your eyes, but you quickly wiped them away and watched as the family of one of the protagonists showed up at his door for a funeral.

“Why do people even bring food to funerals? It’s not like it’s a party,” Yuhwan whispered.

“It’s supposed to be comforting. It’s just a gesture to show they care,” you whispered back, your voice cracking slightly.

“Well, I don’t want a fruit tray at my funeral. Bring me cake, or brownies, or-” he suddenly stopped talking and you looked up at him when it hit you. You shot up like a bullet and your eyes met his.

“THE COOKIES!” you yelled in unison as you ran off the couch and into the kitchen.

You quickly opened the door of the oven, letting out a squeal and jumping backwards when a cloud of smoke came out. Yuhwan quickly caught you and you grabbed a towel, bringing the cookies (if they could still be called that) out of the oven and onto the countertop. You let out another squeal as the smoke alarm went off and Yuhwan quickly brought a chair over and turned it off as you brought the remains of the desert to the sink and threw them down the drain. You sighed, panting heavily as you leaned against the counter. Yuhwan quickly inspected the oven before closing the door and turning it off. He was breathing heavily too and you both stayed in silence for a while before simultaneously breaking into a fit of laughter. You slid to the floor, clutching your sides as you laughed and Yuhwan joined you, doing the same.

“I’m sorry…” you said, gasping for air as you tried to calm yourself. “…all you…wanted were…some sweets…” you said, taking deep breaths as your laughter subsided. Yuhwan continued to let out little giggles before he put a finger on your chin and tilted your face up to his. He gently kissed your lips before laughing again.

“It’s ok. The sweetest thing I want is right here with me~”

This was for anon! I hope you enjoyed it!

karideewilson asked:


              dear karidee,

we need more milk, because michael dared me to
chug the rest of it and i ended up vommin all over the
floor. cleaned that up, though, dont worry. also, i tried
to make pancakes, didnt work exactly, but the best
one i made is on the counter for you.

gotta go, geoffs calling me. :^P

with love,

gavo <3

avierps asked:

# the cell phone thing for calum and valerie because we've never done memes and THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE

what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone   ——— cal

what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone  ———

what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone  ——— leave me alone by michael jackson

my muse’s last text to your muse ——— ignore that. i mean the love you part. i thought i switched over to eddie. apparently i didn’t. we really do need milk though.