Diego Luna Appreciation Post

This weekend I saw a movie that made me get that I had forgotten how incredibly cute is fellow Mexican Diego Luna.

Just TOO cute, and I had to make a list of nice (mainly period) films to share the love with you all:

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First a friendly reminder that he used to be a fat kid in the telenovelas world:

“El Cometa”, 1992 - After his early telenovela days he grew up and went skinny and too cute in this pre-revolution costume drama with (very young) Ana Claudia Talancón.

“Before NIght Falls”, 2000 - Sharing credits with Javier Bardem, Sean Penn and Johnny Depp in a biopic about Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas. You go Glen Coco.

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“Y Tu Mamá También”, 2001- Not a period film BUT it’s very likely this is THE movie everyone recalls watching and thinking “ooooh, that’s Diego, that’s Gael” and that was the big international break for both of them. A road movie that if you have never seen it, go see it now. Go. Really. I’ll wait.

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“Frida”, 2002. Not a fan of the painter, but this film has such a personality that I totally love it. And Diego Luna is Frida’s first boyfriend Alejandro González Arias.

“Open Range”, 2003. Westerns are my soft spot. And westerns always need a kid in the cast.

“Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”, 2004. Next to Romola Garai, in this film set in the 1950s, they dance and dance and… well dirty dance.

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“Fade to Black”, 2006. A murder in old fashioned Hollywood. And suspenders.

“Mister Lonely”, 2007. Not period but probably one of the most charming films you’ll see: a bunch of impersonators come together in a commune in Scotland: Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, James Dean…

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“Milk”, 2008. Do the 70′s count as period? If so, opposite Sean Penn again in the worst fashions of the 1970s.

“Gritos de Muerte y Libertad”, 2010. This TV series with a VERY cheesy title is about the Mexican Independence in 1810 and follows 13 historical characters stories from 1810 to 1821. He’s Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico’s first President, in very historically questionable tailoring.

“Casanova”, 2015. Yes. This. Diego Luna in 18th century costume playing the hot guy in the film. Thank you.

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“Rogue One”, 2016. I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!

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“Fine! How about…One bag of gummy worms?” He offered as a compromise, shrugging his shoulders. “And some more alcohol of some variety? Maybe? I may have drank the last beer yesterday…” He smiled a bit innocently.

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  1. What was my muses 5 last sent texts yours? ‘We need milk’ - ‘abs said that you need to come home cause she misses you’ - ‘don’t forget the milk mark’ - ‘and also COFFEE ICE CREAM’ - ‘MILK’ 
  2. What was my muses 5 last unsent texts yours.? ‘kafiwheflasdfuq’ - ‘abbey got my phone’ - ‘I just realized I never sent that’ - ‘and I never sent that one either’ - ‘asdbuhweifwef omg abbey is out of control today get home
  3. What was my muses last snapchat to yours? ‘lunch with the LA crew, miss you babe.
  1. What my muse saved your number as? Sloan’ 
  2. What contact photo my muse has set for yours? 
  1. What ringtone my muse has set for yours? ‘I wanna marry you’ by Springsteen 
  2. How many times my muse has called your this week? Ten.
  3. How many calls has my muse missed from yours? Five. She gets busy on the floor and that is when Mark just decides to go down there.