• me: pffft whatever i dont even care anymore when the trailer is gonna drop! julie who??
  • inner me: refresh the skam page tho

Valerie Link during “Think of Me” in the recent Hamburg revival.

From her Facebook:

whenever i talk about this stuff people think im taking video games too seriously and love to tell me that Its Not That Deep but theyre almost rolling out the sorta anti-millennial arguments in suggesting that video games are just silly and a waste of time and nothing to put much thought into, as if we hadnt historically said the same thing about tv and phones and everything else, and its especially alarming because treating video games as being these harmless things that are simply outlets for us is to ignore the obvious fact that they, by their nature (as with every other type of media), are ideological. if we can take marxist literary criticism seriously, or think that deconstructing film narratives can be useful, but then draw the line at video games, which are very much intertwined with childhood development in many countries, then we’re missing something pretty important. to treat video games as being untouched by society, especially when we know that franchises like call of duty are basically just recruitment tools for the united states military, is to turn away from the ruthless criticism of everything that exists, which is not complete by any means. 


Frozen was never really my thing but I thought the casting for Disney’s California Adventure Frozen play was pretty awesome~

I was sitting pretty far away so this is as best as I can recall appearance, but still. It was a nice little play :)


If there’s such a thing as peace, I will find it!

The Hero of Jiraiya’s Novel, Naruto