OK SO. what if there was like a nintendogs, but with pokemon. u go to the daycare and pick your starter and take them home. u have to buy food and toys for them and give them baths, and instead of obedience training, u can either do contests or battles for money (but like in stadiums only) 

and like, if u want water type pokemon, u need to buy a pond for your backyard or smthn. or a huge fish tank if its a smaller water type (assuming its more fish like and not smth that can be on land). and if you buy house extentions like a barn or a pond it unlocks bigger pokemon for you to get, like gogoat and milotic. and instead of the kennel theres the pc box!! so u can have way more pokemon. 

and kinda like in pokemon channel, instead of just walking around a neighborhood you can go to new areas!! your pokemon can find items and maybe eggs there. 

also u can take multiple pokemon for lil walks or smthn, and u have a trainer u can customize…. maybe take pics of ur pokemon…….

i just really want a low stress, comfy pokemon game, thats smthn we havent had in a LONG time….

jilliancares  asked:

dude im so excited for your drarry fic and that fact that it's all gonna be out at once one day,,,, oh man im gonna binge read the shit out of that (the stuff that you said was included made my heart hurt bc i want to read it NOW and im so impatient haha)

Ah, really! That makes me so happy! It was so much fun to write- I have such a weakness for a snarky, sexy, slightly out of control post-war Draco who wears leather jackets and skintight trousers and smokes too much and a wide-eyed, curious Harry who can’t look away from him. 

It’s also a slightly different Drarry than I usually write- it’s a slower build (I tend to get highly impatient and want them to fuck right away, lol) and they become friends first, so by the time they get together, there’s so much trust, understanding, and admiration built up between them that it’s incredibly emotional and makes me cry

I just love them finding peace in one another and starting to build a happier, brighter future together <3



(Victory Tour vs. Brazil, 10/25/15) PHOTOCRED: @home–town !!!!!


ML FANDOM WEEK 8/14-8/20

i love how the star wars actors are the sweetest people ever.

carrie fisher? an absolute hero and inspiration to people everywhere. mark hamill? takes the time to ask fans about their days and gets into real conversations with them. harrison ford? literally rescued someone with a helicopter, your fave could never. daisy ridley? an actual cutie pie, a sweetpea, total sunshine. john boyega? you could replace the sun with his personality and there wouldn’t be a difference. hayden christensen? hangs out on his farm in canada, bothering no one and smiling a lot.

even peter cushing, who played tarkin, was a sweetheart. carrie had a hard time acting like she hated him.

I desperately need help

My name is V. My partner and I are trans, disabled, and homeless.

I work as a server at IHOP but school has just started and my boss cut my hours, so tips AND my paychecks are small. My partner just got a job, but it will be several weeks until they get a paycheck and even more until we get enough together to get indoors.

We have a 2 year old son that we have hardly been able to see in several weeks because we have no food and it’s too cold for him to sleep at night. We have no resources and nobody who is willing or able to help us, and winter is fast approaching. We are desperate. I am desperate. I am BEGGING. We need to get funds together to get an apartment before the winter.

I can’t stress this enough. We NEED to be indoors before winter, and ideally, we should be indoors before October. We live in Alaska and winter/fall is bitterly cold and miserable, especially at night, obviously. It’s already dropping below 50 at night. We sleep under 3 thick blankets and in layers and we are still freezing.

Our goal is to try and get $2000 together, for deposit and first months rent. The cost of living here is very high and we need at least that much to have any guarantee of getting a place before winter. My paypal is undeadzombieman@yahoo.com. Please, please donate and/or signal boost this. Thank you for reading.