161021 ‘Books’ in Fukuoka Day 1 -  Yesung cried while singing the last song, Sky, because at the back, a Super Show video was shown. He said that he cried because he misses the members.

Yesung: “ My heart slightly felt like crying because a Super Show video was shown. It’s been so long since i’ve properly done a Super Show and did activities together with the members. Yes, i’m in a state where it feels like a long time since the members’ positions have been empty. That is why i always joke about the members, and asking to raise your hands if you are a fan of another member, things like that. If i make conversations that way, it is to express how i long for the members. Because i miss them.. “ (c)

Black trans woman KaMilla Renee Mcmiller missing in St Louis.

Please help her mother, family and friends find her. Spread the word. 

Contact her mother, Lakeyon Kyles with any info: https://www.facebook.com/lakeyon.kyles