in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner



The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff Pack 

“Your Sims will soon be able to take to the lanes and level up their new bowling skill with the all new Bowling Lane object! Accompanied with a slew of retro vibe objects, including new seating, lighting, and even bowling ball racks, builders out there will be able to really deck out their venues. Whether customizing your local bar to include a nice bowling space, or turning your nightclub into a sweet local hangout spot where your Sims can dance the night away, Sims can also enjoy a bit of Moonlight Bowling to really set the vibe.

And objects aren’t the only new addition to this pack, we’ve got a slew of new clothing items that will make your Sim the envy of their friends with some swanky retro hairstyles and clothes to match! Now you can have your Sims bowling team dress up in matching outfits (with corresponding bowling shoes!) so the locals know that you mean busy.”

We all know that I hate bowling (there was a childhood incident, don’t ask) but I just watched the trailer like three times and I’m suddenly obsessed. Especially with the new CAS stuff. I’m such a fan.

Terrifying Thought:

Superman rolling up his sleeves.

I don’t know how I would feel if I managed to make Superman so angry that he goes full farmhand and rolls up those blue sleeves of his. 

You now see Superman’s forearms and they are even more terrifying bare.

This is the “Alright, now I’m serious” of clothing gestures, topped only by “Hold my Rings”.

I just think if I saw Superman do that, I would actually feel bad for the villain (if only a little). If I WAS the villain, I would just give up.

I know what he can do to me with the sleeves down –  I’m not going to risk it.

Unpopular Opinion

I may lose a follower or two, hell maybe even get some hate for this but….

I am legit tired of seeing nothing but posts about Kook’s supposed hickey. Like I get it, its a shock to some. Some people are like “ayeee get it boy!” others are saddened by it. But its literally none of our business. Just because we love them, it doesn’t mean that we have a say in their personal lives. While I realize that they are Idols and are being looked at by every set of eyes publicly, they deserve to have privacy. LET THEM HAVE THEIR PRIVACY!  Let the boy live. Leave him be. Let them live. Leave them be. I’m not just talking about BTS either, all Idols deserve privacy.

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So, I blame you for my decision to watch TCW from…

Don’t get me started on the dramatic posing either - Ahsoka “Actually half Spider monkey” Tano wins for sheer creativity but Kenobi and Skywalker cannot pass a high point without stopping to look majestic. I swear if Dooku had really wanted them out of the way he should have made a complex consisting entirely of ventilation ducts, shadowed ledges and sunset backed outcroppings - it would be the ultimate Jedi trap…

LOL, yes: the Separatists could have won the war easily by just appealing to their unstoppable need to show off their own handsomeness. I am convinced that no one is as into these two as they are

I mean, recall that they stood like this, wordlessly, in the middle of a battle for apparently entire minutes in the old TCW series as smoke Dramatically Lifted Around Them Revealing Their Beauty: 

LOOK AT THEM. You don’t just suddenly start doing something like this by accident. This took a concerted effort – a joint decision – to be like “aaaaand then as the smoke clears I’ll stand like this, and you stand like that, and we’ll both look like We Mean Business but, like…slightly sexy business? And hopefully the wind will pick up and blow our hair around some more and everyone will be like “oooooooh look at them” and then somehow we’ll win the battle.” “Makes sense to me!” 

I can just picture Mace Windu on the other side of the battle field being like WTF ARE THEY DOING NOW


This blog kicks off its first week with the most famous ships in the ML fandom.

The week will start on the 5th of December and run until the 11th of December. Just a reminder. This blog goes by the time (GMT +11:00). I live in Sydney, Australia so I’ll be going by that time


  • Day 1: Senses
  • Day 2: Bonding
  • Day 3: Secrets
  • Day 4: Fleeting Moments
  • Day 5: Tension
  • Day 6: Kisses
  • Day 7: Reveal/Post-Reveal

Please use the tags #miraculous weeks #ml weeks and #love square week in the first five tags of your post. Tagging this blog in the post is also good. Submissions are allowed.

Any creation is welcomed e.g. art, videos, fanfiction, edits, gifs etc

NSFW is acceptable but please try to make sure it is tagged appropriately and under a read more if possible

Reblogging this post would be much appreciated. Even if you do not plan on participating, spreading the word is good enough. The more people see it, the better.

Also, if you want the latest news or updates on the blog or weeks, don’t forget to follow ;)

Below the read more are details on the prompts (just in case some of them are unclear or confusing)

So let’s get creating. I’m excited to see what people will come up with. 


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so where is my angel!steve and demon!bucky fight over the radiant human, sam wilson fic huh? where is it! where is my fallen angel!steve and demon!bucky work together to court angel!sam fic, huh? where where is it!!

anonymous asked:

Paper kiss challenge?? (You pass a piece of paper to another by using your lips)

TORD: No one in this house lets me have any fun


Day 1 : Introduction / Day 2: In casual clothing


*KICKS DOOR OPEN* It’s finally sembreak!! Now I can procrastinate w/o feeling guilty draw all I want!! I wanted to make more interactions but alas, it wont fit anm. I’ll draw more in the next prompts! :)

Ft. fatesonas:

@ruriiroame (why cant i tag youuu D:) @fabledtactician, @tomodaichis, @krazehkai (sorry for making y'all silly hehe I’ll prolly keep on drawing feat. sonas like that :3c TEHE)

history and group theory checklists for the rest of the semester, + some history revisions featuring eight (8) different spellings of sydney reilly’s name. two quizzes thursday, so it’s work time!

So many questions…


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-13: favorite cousin dynamic

(Jane Cobalt & Maximoff Hale)

Even though he’ll never have siblings, he’ll have her. And I bet he’ll look after her too. If he’s anything like his dad, he’ll want to keep Jane safe.

I don’t watch Eyewitness, but Tyler and James treat the Philkas fanbase with such love and admiration I felt the need to write this post. Wow, honestly, bow down to them for being so kind to the fans.