I love how many Sheith phrases we have.

Shiro loves you, baby

He’s looking at Keith

He desperately wants to see you

It’s good to have you back/It’s good to be back

Ninja mullet finds his true love

And now:

It’s killing me when you’re away

I love this ship and my fellow Sheithens so much. 😙😙

i think the hardest part of all of this is that jonghyun values blue night so much and worked so hard for it. he loves blue night and even told people to tell him that they listen to blue night when they greet him and he’ll be happy. at the end of the day his health is what matters and im happy he’s putting his health first. it’s just saddening to know that he won’t have this platform for however long he needs to take. but when he comes back we know and he knows that we’ll be here for him. ❤️❤️

1999.08.02 // #happymarkday #happymarkleeday ♡

happy 18th birthday to the fully capable mark lee!!! i am always amazed by how much you’ve accomplished at such a young age, and i look forward to all the things you’ll be showing us in the future!! you are an inspiration to us all, lee minhyung. we love you, baby boy!!! ♡ (but not so baby anymore!!)


we’ve never got the perfect chance to thank you for everything you’ve ever done for us! all 28,100+ of you! all the support, lovely feedback, and kind words. you mean the world to us! you guys are the best and we love you so so much ♥. 

we are eternally grateful.

and thanks to all your lovely suggestions, we are changing our theme to gold! don’t worry, if your suggestion didn’t get picked, it definitely will be next theme roll. 

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