“For anyone who thinks I don’t live on THE FUCKING EDGE!!!”

i think the hardest part of all of this is that jonghyun values blue night so much and worked so hard for it. he loves blue night and even told people to tell him that they listen to blue night when they greet him and he’ll be happy. at the end of the day his health is what matters and im happy he’s putting his health first. it’s just saddening to know that he won’t have this platform for however long he needs to take. but when he comes back we know and he knows that we’ll be here for him. ❤️❤️


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Dear Journal,

Today Teddy, Sirius and I spent some time together to celebrate Father’s day. Teddy suprised us with breakfast in bed and cuddled us all morning.

“You guys are the best fathers I could’ve asked for. I can’t imagine what life would’ve been like if you never visited the orphanage that day…” he said, cuddling closer.

“Believe me Ted, we were all meant to find eachother.” Sirius said, running his fingers in Teddy’s hair.

“Plus you were the absolute cutest baby I had ever seen!” I said, kissing his forhead.

He chuckled and sat up, pulling his laptop on his lap. He clicked on a video folder and smiled to us.

“Arre you ready for your suprise?” He asked, eyes glowing.

He had made a short film of video of us. Starting the day we first held him.

“Look at him Remus.. He’s so small.” Sirius said, holding the baby Teddy in his arms.

“He is beautiful.” I said, looking at our son, a tears rolling down my cheek.

“C'mon baby say it! Pad-foot!” Sirius said, Teddy on his lap.

“Lala!” He smiled.

“Pad-foot!” Sirius said.

“Padda!” Teddy babbled.


“C'mon you can do it baby, just a few more steps!” Sirius said, his arms open.

Teddy was slowly walking to him.

“You can do it baby!” I said.

He reached Sirius hands and giggled.

“Goodjob my love!”

“It’s okay Ted, if you’re not in Gryffindor we will still be so proud of you.” Sirius said, knees bent in front of the small child.

“What if I get lost inside the castle?” Teddy asked, scared to start his first day.

“You can always ask the painting to help you!” I said, brushing my hand on his cheek.

“Okay.. I’ll miss you too much..” He said, with glossy eyes.

“Oh it’s okay my love, we will write to you everyday! And I put one of our shirts into your trunk so your bed can smell like us okay.” I said, giving him a kiss.


“You have your two plushies?” Sirius asked.

He nodded and the train was about to leave.

“Okay bye my love, we’re so proud of you.” I said, hugging him.

“We’ll see you soon okay?” Sirius said, hugging him too.

“Okay, I love you.” He said, entering the train.

“We love you too baby.” I said.

“CAPITAIN OF THE QUIDDITCH TEAM? THAT’S MY BOY!!” Sirius said, hugging Teddy who was home for christmas break.

“Yeah they don’t let a 5th year do it often but they said I was a leader.” Teddy smiled.

“I’m so proud of you Ted!” I smiled.


“Ta-da! You liked it?” He asked, turning off his laptop.

Sirius had his eyes full of tears.

“Awe dad don’t cry!” Teddy said hugging him.

“It was beautiful Ted.” I said, hugging him.

“I don’t want you to grow up..” Sirius said, hugging his Teddy closer to him.

“I love you two so much.” Teddy said.

“We love you too baby.”

June 18th 2014