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there's so many recommendations I don't know where to start! I need something new so I'd love a shorter list of books (preferably contemporary NA) of what you think is the best- out of the one's i've read some I haven't found good :( i trust your judgement as members of the fizzle force!

Hi there, lovely! Sorry for taking too long to reply, it’s been kind of a hectic time for all of us. 

Anyway, sure thing! We love New Adult books a lot and it’s super hard to try and pick a few favorites, but here’s what we’d rec:

Hope this helps!

Fizzle Reads family

UPDATE: We did it! Thanks to you we reached our goal, and 10,000 books will be donated! Having fun giving books this holiday season, and thank you. 

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You only want me when you think I’m moving on…
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #9

Books are great.  I love books.  I love people who read books (and also people who don’t but I just especially love people who read books because I can connect with them a bit more).  You are a person and you love books?  Congrats, I love you.  Let’s be friends.  Come to my house and I’ll feed you chocolate while we sit around in our pajamas and talk about how much we love books.  Be my Book Buddy.

“It’s difficult,” he admits.

“Watching the person you’re falling for throw themselves at other people when all you want is to catch them.”

He clenches his fists so hard his knuckles turn white, “You want to be the one to run your hands through her hair and trace barely there kisses along her collarbone and hold her just to see if her body moulds to you as perfectly as that final puzzle piece.”

“And even as you watch her trail lines of fire with her fingertips and lips over someone else you still feel an overwhelming urge to protect her and it takes all of your strength to not run over and take her face between your hands and tell her that you would be hers at a simple word.”

“But self-preservation is human instinct and,” he pauses to hit his fist against the wall and run a hand over his face, “even though it kills you to watch you never say a word. You turn away from her smiles because every one of them only makes you fall harder and you brush off her accidental touches because they’ll only leave you wanting her more and you can’t afford that because more will break you into irreparable pieces.”

“You just watch as she unknowingly burns pieces of your heart every time she lets another take a piece of hers.”


We guard our hearts with iron fists and harsh words, 24/07/2015


mako was on magazine covers and every time i think about it i giggle uncontrollably

She watched him leave and for the first time in her life, she so badly wanted to rewind time. Her, the optimist, who always said you should never regret the past because it’s what made you, you. But that seemed so stupid now. How could him leaving her be helping her for the future when in her heart she felt that her happiness had relied on a future with him?

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #10



Recently there’s been a lot of stuff circulating on Booklr about “popular bloggers” and what not, but in reality, who gives a shit who’s popular or not? We’re all on here because we have a love and passion for books, not because we care about the number of followers we have (at least, hopefully this is the case). 

Some bloggers boast about the number of followers they have. Some bloggers lament about their lack of followers. 

I’m not at all a “popular” blogger and I don’t give a rat’s ass - I’m part of the Booklr community because I want to be, and no one is going to tell me otherwise. 

THIS IS ALSO WHY I DON’T PUBLICLY STATE HOW MANY FOLLOWERS I HAVE BECAUSE IT SHOULDN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Follow bloggers based on their content, not their number of followers.