How I want to meet my future partner.
  • Me:*In a bookstore looking at books, and my nerd stuff, see the last book of favorite series, reach to grab it, and another hand grabs it too.*
  • Them:Oops sorry, I thought I was the only one who liked this.
  • Me:Oh my gosh me too, I love this book.
  • Them:yeah?!
  • Me:I was just going to read the back, I don't have enough money for this.
  • Them:Let me buy it for you then, give me your number and you can call me and tell me about it.
  • Me:Really?
  • Them:Yeah, anyone who likes (book title) and is as cute as you must be important.
  • Me:*speechless.*

~How To Get Twist & Shout Hardcover Book~

Through epubli.com you can customize any PDF uploaded book!

  • Make an account with epubli.com
  • “select Print Book”
  • Upload Your Title/Author
  • Select your covers and size of your book
  • Select Hardcover or Paperback
  • Upload your .PDF
  • Order your amazing book!

Check out this lovely post- X

In the link above there is some pre-uploaded content. Including a cover photo, a back photo and the Twist and Shout PDF; all of which is 100% customizable.

-You can obtain the PDF from archiveofourown.com OR you send me your e-mail and I can send you the file without the comments or information on the first couple pages.

-Also, if you want the same cover photos as the book above I would be happy to send them to you, or you can even make your own :)

~Last Thing~

If you live outside the UK remember the conversion from pounds to your currency, because of this the book can be a bit more $ than listed. 

*I have checked everywhere in the US for a cheaper site but epubli is the best. And shipping is crazy inexpensive!

~All rights belong to the authors of Twist and Shout. These books are for personal use only and Not to sell~

Update: A link to the same format of my copy of T&S ~> X


Recently there’s been a lot of stuff circulating on Booklr about “popular bloggers” and what not, but in reality, who gives a shit who’s popular or not? We’re all on here because we have a love and passion for books, not because we care about the number of followers we have (at least, hopefully this is the case). 

Some bloggers boast about the number of followers they have. Some bloggers lament about their lack of followers. 

I’m not at all a “popular” blogger and I don’t give a rat’s ass - I’m part of the Booklr community because I want to be, and no one is going to tell me otherwise. 

THIS IS ALSO WHY I DON’T PUBLICLY STATE HOW MANY FOLLOWERS I HAVE BECAUSE IT SHOULDN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Follow bloggers based on their content, not their number of followers.


We’re almost halfway through 2015 and in case you’ve not seen me raving enough about these already, I thought I’d do another post on my favourite reads… so far! I highly recommend all of them. There’s a mix of things here and they might not all be your cup of tea, but they’re what I’ve personally really loved out of everything I’ve read.

The books with a ★ next to them are books that I feel are important based on the subjects they deal with, whether it’s race, same-sex relationships, gender, and/or mental health/illness. Also yay for diverse fiction!

I’ll post reviews for all eventually, but check out the Goodreads pages and ask if you want rambles about them

Absolute Favourites:

As much as I love the others, these are special to me and have rocketed straight to a spot on my all-time favourites list.

Favourite Series:

Favourite Graphic Novels:

Other Favourites:

Historical fiction:



Feel free to let me know what YOUR favourite books so far this year are - I’d love to check them out!