We love all of the incunabula (books printed before 1501) in our special collections as each book is drenched in unique qualities, such as this Liber Sextus Decretalium printed around 1473 in Strasbourg by Henrich Eggestein, one of the first known printers in Europe. Our copy is in a binding contemporary with the printed text, but the brass fittings have been removed; worm holes are apparent in the skin; there are many blanks where the initial capital letters were to be drawn by the rubricator; and the text block was not allowed to dry properly after it was printed damp in the 15th century…

Happy Birthday Queen Vic :)

Hope you have an amazing Birthday Queen Vic! Continue to write the amazing way you do with the constant plot twists and amazing characters! Your work has inspired so many of us and has helped us in so many different ways. Time and time again, you continue to amaze us all with your writing and books. We love who and what you stand for and how amazingly you incorparate real life occurrences and events into your books. You are an amazing author and woman and I only wish you the best on your special day! Happy Birthday! @vaveyard

I’m still pissed at The Odd Gentleman

Not for taking Hussie’s money, but for WASTING HIS TIME. If they had told him immediately that they were going to run off with it, Hussie could have bounced back. But instead he had to pull away from his LIVE PERFORMANCE ACT for a solid YEAR to try to whip them into shape because they just threw him in a loop.

Hussie will never recover from that. The Gigapause asked more patience from his fans than could ever be expected for the type of story it was, and most of them left. He knows this game has a market a FRACTION of the size it was when he set out to make it, and it will never grow beyond that. So why is he still determined to finish it, without cutting corners? The same reason he asked us to send him our selfies: because the handful of us that are still here mean that much to him.

Imagine if the worst that ever happened to Hussie was that he lost $600k of game funding in the blink of an eye. Homestuck would have finished almost a year earlier. The fandom would still be almost as large as in its heyday, and would still remember the comic with fondness. Hiveswap’s production would be shortened by almost two years. We could be playing Act 2 by now. The game’s sales might even match what he had lost. What Pumpkin never would have been absorbed into We Love Fine. Book 2 of Paradox Space could have been completely posted online for free already, and a third issue might even be in the works. There would still be enough demand for the print volumes that they could feasibly see their completion. Hussie would have a thriving enterprise after a decade of work instead of something he has to keep sinking more into from his pocket just to hold together.

So fuck The Odd Gentleman, because they didn’t just cost Hussie $600k. They cost him EVERYTHING.

HEY GUYS welcome to my channel! today we’re going to be talking about the TOP TEN EASTER EGGS in the new x men movie, LOGAN!


now unless youre a super fan, you might have missed this one. here you can see that the character wolverine has what looks like claws in this shot. this is an obvious reference to the wolverine issue 126, where the character has claws that come from his hands!


comic book fans, you know this one! in the comics, the character “Charcoals Xavier” cannot walk and uses a wheelchair. this clear call back to the original character design is why we comic book nerds love x men movies! way to pay homage, logan writers! 


third and finally, fans might not have caught his cameo but this is an actor called Huge Ackman. he has played the character “The Wolverine” in many x men movies. what a call back to the original x men trology!

well guys, that’s all the insider info i have for you today! as always make sure to like comment and subscribe!!!!!

“The books we love, they love us back. And just as we mark our places in the pages, those pages leave their marks on us. I can see it in you, sure as I see it in me. You’re a daughter of the words. A girl with a story to tell.”
― Jay Kristoff, Nevernight


ok so i’ve just watched The Amazing Spiderman and i got Remus feels while watching Peter so here you go, a young Remus Lupin imagine

also, if anyone wants part 2, it could be their date, them already being together, smut, just request and i’ll write:)

i’m sorry i posted it again, tumblr was playin with meh

word count: 1204

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It was a cold day of winter at Hogwarts, snow covering the windows and the grounds, so it was safe to say that not one student was outside. Of course, there were a lot of things to do in the castle, such as annoying Filch, pranks, annoying Peeves (or him annoying you), playing chess, muggle-borns playing hide and seek, there was a lot to do. But with all these things to do, there were certain people that were extremely bored.

You and your friend, Lily, were in the common room, near the fire. She had her nose buried in a book, as always, and you were simply staring at the fire with a cup of hot tea in your hands, a blanket wrapped around you. You two were enjoying the silence, although you weren’t the only people in the common room; it was quiet, and that was what you both needed.

“Oi, Evans, Y/L/N, come here, let’s play a game!” you turn around and see four boys climbing out of the portait hole; Sirius, James, Peter and Remus, the four Marauders. Sirius, being the one who called you, looked at you with a smirk on his face. “Oh, come on, it’s not like you have something better to do,” he whined. It was somehow true, you didn’t. But Lily was.

You looked at the four boys, until your eyes lay on Remus and you look away quickly, blushing. It was alright, you could blame it on the fire. “Well, I don’t know… Lily?”

“No way, I’m reading.” She shook her head.“

“Please, Lily,” you beg. You could use come distraction from your thoughts right now.

She sighed and close her book, which made a loud noise. “Fine,” she said firmly. “But if you make us break the rules…”

“We won’t, Evans, now come on, let’s make a circle,” Sirius says excitedly as he sits down on the carpet, along with the others, so you were sitting between him and Lily. James, being head over heels for Lily, sat next to her, and took out of his pocket an empty bottle of firewhisky. “I start!” yells Sirius as he spins the bottle, all of your eyes watchin it intently.

It landed on Sirius and James. “Truth or dare, young man?” Sirius cocked an eyebrow at his bestfriend.

“Dare,” he said, looking at Sirius intensely.

“I dare you to go to Filch and ask him girl advice.” He smirked, as you all let out a laugh. James agreed, and soon enough we were all in wandeing the corridors in search for Filch.


“Oh, my God,” you laugh, trying to catch your breath as you enter in the common room again.

“He said to stick a dung bomb up her arse,” James laughed so loud it echoed through the corridors.

They sat back in the circle and James spun the bottle, it making an annoying sound as it spun, everyone curious who’s going to be the next one. It stopped on James and you. “Truth or Dare, Y/N?” You quickly glanced at Remus, although you didn’t know why and catch him already staring at you.

“Truth,” you answer, moving your glance back on James.

“Do you fancy someone?” You roll your eyes at the stupid question, although a blush appears on your cheeks, knowing that the person was in the room.

“Maybe,” you answer.

“That’s not how you should answer!” James exclaims, smirking.“Who is it, Y/N?”

“Yes, I do fancy someone. I’m not telling you who it is, you’re only allowed one question,” you say as you spin the bottle. It stopped at you and Sirius. “Oh, are you joking!” you cried.

“Well, Y/N, I give you two options. Truth, you say who you fancy. Dare, you kiss him.”

“How do you know it’s a he? Maybe it’s a she, maybe I’m a lesbian,” you look at him with your eyebrows raised.

“We both know you’re not. Now, your choice.”

You sigh dramatically. You thought this was gonna be fun, you never thought you were going to be forced to admit your feelings towards Remus, or worse, kiss him. Not that it would be bad to kiss him, because quite frankly, you played your first kiss in your head a million times, but not in these circumstances. Either way, you weren’t exactly forced to do any of those, you could easily leave. But you didn’t want to be a coward. “Fine, you wanna know who I fancy?” you throw your arms in the air with exasperation, as they all looked at you curiously. Lily obviously knew, as she was your bestfriend, but the four Marauders didn’t, and you weren’t keen to tell them. “It’s one of you.”

“No, Y/N, you have to tell us-”

“Says who?” you say as you get up.

“T-the game? Y/N, come on! Don’t leave us like this,” Sirius whines. “It’s not fair. At least give us a clue!”

You thought for a bit. You had to say something that none of them would get it, only Remus. He’d be the only one who would get it, because of course, it’s about him. There was something that he onle shared with you. “It’s the one who has a stack of chocolate,” you smile playfully and go towards the girls’ dormitories.

“But none of us has that!” you hear Sirius yell after you, but you were already in your room, ready to sit on the bed, when you hear steps rushing up the stairs and then the door opens, Remus standing at the entrance, panting.

“Y/N,” he said breathlessly. “I mean, I-um, there is no one else with a stack of chocolate by any chance, is it?” he asks looking at you hopefully, a slight blush covering his cheeks.

You take a step closer as you were both a few inches away from each other. “From all I know there’s only you.” You shrug.

“Well, I-I, um, I… don’t know what I’m saying,” he laughs and clears his voice.

“Just say it.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it and closed it. Instead, he placed his hands on your waist and brushed his lips against yours, pulling you into a deep kiss. As you weren’t expecting that, you took a few seconds to answer his kiss and move your hands to cup his cheeks, enjoying everything you ever imagined these past few months.

As you pull away, your hands still remain on his cheeks and his on your waist. “The boys are probably mad because I have a stack of chocolate and I didn’t tell them,” he said and you laughed. “If you haven’t noticed yet, I like you too, Y/N.”

“I do now.”

“Then go out with me! W-we could go to a bookshop, I know you love books, we could also get tea and we could just read-”

“Remus,” you said firmly. He looked at you concerned. “That’d be amazing, but don’t stress that much for me, please. It’s just me, Y/N.”

“The fact that it’s just you, Y/N, absolutely drives me crazy,” he whispers before pulling you into another kiss.

anonymous asked:

I got too deep into the booklr fandom. There was a lot of bullying and guilt tripping over reading books that some considered controversial or trigger harmful. It got very crazy. I ended up deleting my book blog and unfollowing almost all of the booklrs. Yours is one of the very few remaining that I follow. Thank you for having a safe and positive (and inspiring) blog.

Wow, we’re honored to be your booklr blog of choice! We try very hard to be an open community to ALL readers and we love to celebrate all of our books with our amazing community. We’re glad to have you as part of it! 

 Community and fandom are tricky beasts, and are often ruled by trends and styles of discourse or criticism that can very easily become hostile or unfriendly. We believe that readers are at heart empathetic people who are open to ideas, proven by their decision to pick up a 150-400 page book that transports them into someone else’s life, real or imagined. But in the mire of the internet where tone can be so hard to discern and intentions are not often clear, it can be hard to approach every opinion and every person with that same empathy and kindness.

 Part of why we love books so much is because even if you read something you don’t like, you can learn from it, if you’re open. It can be the start of a conversation, rather than the end of one! Talking about book with friends and strangers is one of the best parts of being a reader, and here at Penguin Teen we want to celebrate all the ways that people do that.

 Books are doorways to another world! It’s a cliché, sure, but it’s cliché for a reason. It’s true. Books help us imagine what it’s like to be someone we’re not, and it’s our job as readers to remember that lesson and carry it with us when we engage with one another. Whether that means listening earnestly when someone critiques a book you like, or being gentle and patient and kind with someone who’s tastes or reading habits might differ from yours.

 As John Green says at the end of this video:

“The internet can be a hard place to find kindness… but I believe it’s worth fighting for because I believe it makes the world bigger, and that it eases the hard but inevitable changes that define life.” 

Life is full of changes, and especially when you’re a teen when there are so many crazy new experience and people and moments happening in and to your life. So READ ON in this ever changing landscape of book lovers and book critics, keep an open mind, and remember to be kind to one another.

 Thanks to all of you for being a part of our little kind community in this corner of the internet.

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We never love anyone. What we love is the idea we have of someone. It’s our own concept—our own selves—that we love.
—  Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

UPDATE: We did it! Thanks to you we reached our goal, and 10,000 books will be donated! Having fun giving books this holiday season, and thank you. 

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Someone pls save me I'm gonna die

So okay when it comes to SJ Mass there is one thing we know for sure WE FUCKING LOVE HER BOOKS; however, there is one thing we don’t know… how does she like to end her series.
We have authors like Cassandra Clare whom we know that even though they may put us through a lot and the endings may be bitter sweet the characters will, for the most part, get the happy endings they deserve.
However, SJ Maas has never released a series finale. Does she like to go JK Rowling style and kill half the cast? Does she like to go Veronica Roth style and kill off not that many characters except she killed off the main character so it still feels like everyone died? Or does she like to go Rick Riordan style and put the characters through a lot but almost all of them live and get happy endings?
So as May approaches let the force be with us so we don’t die from reading ACOWAR.
(Also did you guys see my Star Wars reference? I saw rogue one and it was great).