It’s time to celebrate BANNED BOOKS WEEK (September 27th - October 3rd) and we are ready to do our part to celebrate and support the banned!

We’d like to remind the whole wide Internet that some of our favorite quotes in life come from books— and some of them come from banned books. Take for instance these two quotes chosen by two members of NOVL HQ: 

Think about your own favorite quotes. Are any of them from a banned book? If you answered “YES” then we want to hear from you! Share your favorites with us by tagging thenovl and #BannedTogether. We can’t wait to celebrate the gorgeous words of the banned with you. Stay tuned for more of our favorite quotes (and from our authors too!). 

As bookish people, we need to be BANNED TOGETHER! 

Day one: Currently Reading

“When I traveled, and got lost within the other Paul Markovs—I always sensed the differences. The ways they thought and spoke and dreamed that I never would, or could.”  
 ―    Claudia Gray,  Ten Thousand Skies Above You          



We are not huge fans of contemporary romances, but here are some we have really enjoyed. Most of them are happy stories, but not all! You can have a little look through our romance tag for more! Happy reading.


Recently there’s been a lot of stuff circulating on Booklr about “popular bloggers” and what not, but in reality, who gives a shit who’s popular or not? We’re all on here because we have a love and passion for books, not because we care about the number of followers we have (at least, hopefully this is the case). 

Some bloggers boast about the number of followers they have. Some bloggers lament about their lack of followers. 

I’m not at all a “popular” blogger and I don’t give a rat’s ass - I’m part of the Booklr community because I want to be, and no one is going to tell me otherwise. 

THIS IS ALSO WHY I DON’T PUBLICLY STATE HOW MANY FOLLOWERS I HAVE BECAUSE IT SHOULDN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Follow bloggers based on their content, not their number of followers.

I pushed you. I pushed you away from me and towards me all at once, and now you don’t know what to do. I dragged you into my hurricane and now you’re fighting to survive. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry.
—  i just wanted to love someone, and i’m sorry that i picked you, baby // an excerpt from a book that i’ll never write #1

I found heaven; between the pauses of his sleepy voice at 1 AM, when our voices are begging us to sleep and when he sang to me lullabies and when his laugh travel down my spine. I found hell in the morning. He’s only ever mine when his other girls are asleep. I found hell in his wandering eyes in other girls’ lips, neck, eyes. I found hell in boundaries, I found hell in convincing myself he never love me.

Loving him was entering ghost house; adrenaline rush and silent scream. I came in prepared my heart to break, bend, and bleed. The demons are starting to appear now and I had to left before they got the chance to haunt me. I found heaven in loving him. I found hell in having to leave first.

—  owlandowly // i lost count how many poetry i wrote for you