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What do you love the most about gemini people?

wOw first of all anon i love you and i love talking about my favourite signs and gemini is my fav sun AND rising sign

but making me?? a libra, choose??? the things i love the most??? i love everything about gemini!! imma ennumerate some things aaa where do i start

theyre, honestly, the best representation of the air element, communicative, fun, curious and they show it through their social interactions (even if they do not realize nor search for them :0)

my favourite thing tho? theyre unpredictable. just when you think you know what a gemini will do they do the other thing (one that you havent even considered, its not an opposite or rebellion thing, its just plainly UNEXPECTED and i LOVE THAT) they learn and teach from interaction, making it so dynamic sometimes i wonder if they even know how interesting they build up relationships

gemini rising is the best thing in my natal chart, in the same way i blame my moon for many of my personal flaws i say my rising is the reason im allowed to let myself create wonderful friendships

whenever i see geminis loving themselves and other geminis is like UFKCING YEAH MAN honestly im better talking about geminis irl because i get really passionate its really abstract to talk about my fave signs but like. they just Are because even the flaws they have are things i love (everyone has their flaws) but honestly? never had a bad relation with a gemini exactly because of the attributes in gemini theory

As usual people are leaving hateful comments and fighting on Seungri’s latest instagram post. So if you’re missing Seungri, or idk bored or something, maybe go leave a nice comment, or even just some hearts, to show support and drown out the haters


Happy birthday mark you make me so happy and i love that about you, you never give up and I will always remember that about you, you have let me make friends because of you so your birthday wish is to share what made us subscribe/our favorite video so here they are
The first FNAF video
And the first episode of yandere simulator https://youtu.be/pZMQxrpQxWY
And last but not least Markiplier T.V.
these three videos made me subscribe or are my favorite because they showed me what a dumb silly team you and teamiplier are and I love that so thank you mark for all this and thank you to all the fans who have made this all happen and we cant forget teamiplier they make all our videos come our nice and clean and they let us have so much fun with there new ideas ( Markiplier tv and markipliers your welcome tour ) so thank you to everyone who has let me watch this goof every day!
Thank you @markiplier @crankgameplays and @lordminion


(Colin Ebeling - Betsey’s son - and his husband Will sandwich Hillary)

I’ve looked at his other Hillary-related Facebook posts and now I’m ugly crying. Happy pride month y'all.

Timelessly Beautiful Pictures of Niall Horan

Sometimes, pictures of Niall Horan are so beautiful, they’re timeless. Here are some examples of that! Compiled and captioned with my best friend, @100percentsassy.

Junior Niall Horan, out by the tennis courts, October 2011. (x)  

Andy Warhol’s cousin and longtime assistant, Niall Horan, seen here in a quick test shot taken by Jack Mitchell in 1968. (x)

Comedian Niall Horan, seconds before being asked to the couch on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1990. (x)  

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