actualshippingtrash asked:

Yo, do you have a minute to talk about the coordinated fights of RVB? They are my lifeblood, but I wanted to know what your favorite one was?

oh wow best coordinated battle that’s a toughie, but i gotta go with RvB Season 8 Episode 10 -This One Goes to Eleven. by a landslide. maybe not as tough as i originally made it out to be.

The battle is beautifully choreographed. it shows off tex’s strengths well, has good humour, and puts perfect use to their environment.

I mean just look we have bad ass Tex

Beautiful use of portal Tech

a funny running gag 

rest in fucking pieces Grif’s balls

also loved the pacing during it. there were a number of well placed jokes durring a form of battle ‘down time’ that let you calm down and letyour brain to catch up

and the camera angling

This entire episode is gold from the coriograph, to the pacing, to the wtiting, to the music and literally just everything about it I  L O V E this episode.

(also special thanks to wyomingsmustache for rewatching the episode with me and help figure out what gifs i should make. truly I’m quite horrible making him suffer so <3)


#‎WeLove: Cyrus Kabiru

Through Kabiru’s skillful hands, creativity and artistic ingenuity materialize in the curved and angular lines of his artworks.

And by wearing his C-Stunners, you are projected into a new perspective of reality where even the smallest and most insignificant object is able to communicate with the immanent art.

Made from recycled materials, each of his glasses has and tells its own story.

«I need my people to know the meaning of art.»