“She has a lot of fans,” says Jack, not just because she’s “famous”, but because her fans are true fans.  “A lot of people think that fame,  or press, or everyone knowing your name can sell you a lot of records or movies or whatever it is, but it’s not true. Everyone knows a lot of people, but, when they put out an album, no one cares. What’s always exciting to me about her is,  she has a ton of fans that like to listen to ALL her music and will buy her music.”  He continued, “That culture is amazing.”

Jack Antonoff


We laugh with you

We cry with you

We’ll never say goodbye to you

Through everything

You’re always there

No matter what

You always care

Your videos brighten our days

You help us in so many ways

You always help

You make us proud

You give us hope

Announce out loud

That we are there

We do the same

We love you

We bring you your fame

I’m not the best at poetry

My art a sorry sight to see

And yet I write and draw for you

I sit up the whole night through

I cry and laugh

I’m filled with joy

We love you Mark

 Our amazing boy

@markiplier I know that you don’t usually notice small blogs like me and you don’t really look at poems, but I wrote this for you. We all love you so much, and we are all so proud of everything you do.

To any blogs getting a lot of anons bashing and hating on Seunghyun and it’s making you feel awful or panicked in anyway (taking note from @bae-jagiya here), I encourage you guys to just delete the messages. I know it’s hard because we want to stand up for him and protect him, but sometimes it’s too much even for us. And if you delete the messages, it lets the anons know that you aren’t going to entertain them.

I love you all, please stay safe ❤️

In the name of gain and profit for one’s nation and village, shinobi have hated and hurt each other for many years, from the First to the Third Great Ninja Wars and the conflicts in-between. All of that hatred cried out for power, thus I was born. In the past, I was hatred and power and a Jinjuriki. I hated this world and all its people, and thought about destroying both. That’s exactly what the Akatsuki is trying to do now. BUT THEN, A SINGLE SHINOBI FROM THE HIDDEN LEAF VILLAGE STOPPED ME. He cried for me. I was his enemy, yet still he cried for me! And he called me his friend even though we had battled. He saved me. We were on different sides, but we were both Jinjuriki. Between those who have experienced the same pain, THERE CAN BE NO HATE! THERE ARE NO ENEMIES HERE NOW, BECAUSE EACH ONE OF US BEARS THE PAIN OF HAVING BEEN HURT BY THE AKATSUKI. The Sand, the Stone, the Leaf, the Mist, and the Cloud are no more. Now there is only… SHINOBI! AND IF YOU’RE STILL UNABLE TO FORGIVE THE SAND, THEN YOU CAN COME BACK AND FACE ME AFTER THIS WAR IS OVER. The friend I spoke of who saved me is the target of our enemy! If he falls into their hands, our world’s finished. I want to protect my friend, and I WANT TO PROTECT THIS ENTIRE WORLD! I am too young and inexperienced to do that, so I ask you, all of you, PLEASE LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH FOR THIS FIGHT. ALL THOSE WHO FEEL AS I DO, FOLLOW ME!


The #JSE17Mil Community Project video is finally here!! 

Jack, as a community, we want to congratulate you on this awesome milestone! We hope that this video will reach you and make you smile and give you happiness just like you give us. We love you, Jack! <3


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A spy for the throne - Fractured Alliances

by Ben J. Grimm

2 - Guilt - Interlude - page 4

Where to find the rest of the story: https://aspyforthethrone.tumblr.com/post/167575415603/a-spy-for-the-throne-fractured-alliances