I will support Jinki if he decides to do the Dome concerts with his brothers.

I will support Jinki if he decides to do a solo album.

I will also support Jinki if he decides to take a step back for himself.

I will also support Jinki if he decides to take a break from SHINee activities.

Bottom line is that I will always support Jinki.

We broke the 2000 follower mark!!!

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Guys, gals, everyone in between oh my God that’s amazing! You’re amazing, I barely know what to say. Somewhere in between the last couple months and a few blinks there were suddenly more than a thousand of you and now there’s two thousand! It happened so, so fast. Wow.

Now, me and Mod Den have been thinking about what to do for our favourite little flower pots, and we decided it’s high time you got to see a floral exhibition! So here’s some photos that I took during my apprenticeship, from a local exhibition. There wasn’t exactly a theme from what I remember. I hope you enjoy the little tour!

- Mod Jana

The rest is under a cut just because it’s so many.

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(.づ◡﹏◡)づ. ♡ <^ to ALL of my other lovely wonderful Shawols I think we all need virtual hugs rn so I’m sending you one to pass on by reblogging. I love you and let’s stay together with SHINee by keeping our pearl aqua green ocean bright and beautiful around the world✨ p.s. it’s okay to cry…*tears up* because now I’m crying too

Acxa and Keith’s relationship?!

Is Acxa related to Keith?

I think she might,cause she actually spared Keith’s life inside the Weblum.

So I think she might be Keith’s mom,but she does look young like Keith does,so maybe it could be his sister.But If they are related,Keith could have more alien DNA then he thinks.

If it’s Keith’s mom: Keith would be 50% human,25% Galra,and 25% another alien species.If it’s Keith’s sister,it could mean two things;

One: it could be Keith’s half-sister,she has her mother’s  Galra DNA and whatever her father’s species DNA is;making Keith just 50% human and 50% Galra since his real father is a Human and is not another alien like his Half-sister.

Two:Keith’s mother isn’t just galra,she has another species of alien in her too. So when Keith’s Mother and Father had kids,Acxa looked more like her mother and Keith looked more like his father.(Either one’s older than the other or their twins.) So this makes Keith and Acxa have 25% Galra,25% another species,and 50% human.

Either way…I feel like they’re connected somehow in blood.

The reason I love Kookmin so much

is because it’s so subtle. A lot of other ships have blatant typical ship moments and while I love it, it often doesn’t seem very real to me.
Kookmin has them too, of course (backhugging etc). But a lot of their moments are things that happen in the background or things that are subtle enough that you have to pay attention (like their jealousy, or sattelite jeon etc). It seems like their moments are more for them than for the cameras.
To me that seems more real than otps who say in interviews “if I were a girl I’d date so-and-so” and hang off each other on stage idk.
I mean, if their relationship was real and they were trying to keep it quiet wouldn’t they try to be more subtle?

I’m not hating on or trying to disprove any other ships though. I love those obvious moments just as much as the next person. It’s just my opinion.

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hey this is random but just wanted to say thank you to the awesome people that run this blog, it's so great to have a supportive area for the rpdr writers and it makes me happy to see all of it together. so to u lovely people who run this blog and to anyone that writes and submits stuff-- 1) thank u! and 2) have a spicey wonderful day

Aw this is very sweet, but we wouldn’t exist without you guys! ✨💖 - Tiff