NHL Coach Lingo

  • “Day-to-day” = damnit man, I’m a coach not a doctor.
  • “Lower body injury” = could be a toe, could be a knee, could be the groin, could be diarrhea.
  • “We’re not worried” = we’re losing but I can’t very well say ‘we’re boned’ on TV.
  • When asked how they plan on scoring: “uh, you know, we’re just gonna hockey harder than the other team and hope hockey happens. We can play hockey but we need to play hockier hockey.”
  • “We lost because we didn’t score” = I’m literally only here so I won’t get fined.
  • “We lost but there’s another game so we just have to play” = boys are bag skating tomorrow, nothing but bag skating.
  • After getting interviewed by Pierre McGuire: “I would love to stuff that mic up your nose.”
  • “We just need to bring our A game” = I’m literally just gonna be praying to the hockey God’s the whole game.
Hidden Truth (Reggie x Reader)

Request:  Hiii do you still take requests? If you do can I have a Reggie Mantle one where everyone thinks that you guys are sleeping around but it comes out that you’ve been dating for almost a year and haven’t had sex with each other? A/N: I kinda changed it around a bit.

Word Count: 1,145

 “Have you heard the rumors?” Veronica asked as she sat down at the lunch table.

“Who are they about now?” Betty questioned.


With your name coming from her mouth it made you choke on the apple you were eating. Surprise wasn’t what you were feeling more so shocked and confused. After minutes of a coughing fit and taking sips from Archie’s water you finally could focused.

“Me? Why me? What are they? Are they bad?” You quickly let out and Veronica put up her hand to stop you. You needed to stop for her to be able to answer plus you just lost your breath, it would be better not to talk.

“Ummm well…” Veronica started to think about how to tell you all. They weren’t bad but they weren’t the best either. “It’s about Reggie and you”

“Mantle?” Jughead asked with disgust in his voice obviously not liking where this was going.

“Yeah, apparently the football have been spreading them around the school saying about you guys have been hooking up for a few months and are starting to catch feelings”

“Now that’s funny” Archie said as he laughed which made you make a face. Why was that so funny to him? Did he think you weren’t good enough to be with someone like Reggie.

“Isn’t that right Y/N?” Betty said as they all laughed at the thought of it being real.

“Y/N?” Veronica asked as she saw the look on your face “It’s not true right?” You didn’t answer just stared blankly at your friends. You didn’t like their reaction for something they didn’t know anything about. It made you remind yourself why you kept a lot of your feelings to yourself. Veronica took your silence as the answer she didn’t want.

“It’s true isn’t it?”

“Why does it matter to you?” You snapped. You weren’t happy. “Seems like you guys already made your mind up about what I do with my lovelife”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Archie piped in.

“This is why! You guys already made this thing a big joke.” You shouted but only loud enough for your table to hear. “You don’t even know a thing about it”

“He’s not good for you" Jughead said trying to calm you down but he didn’t know how much Reggie meant to you. You slammed your lunch tray on the table causing more people to look over.

“Not good for me? Please Jughead save that for someone who cares. Reggie’s my boyfriend whether you guys like it or not and you’re going to have to deal with it if you want to still be my friends”

“He’s just fling Y/N, he’ll toss you away as he did with other girls”

“Last time I checked Archie dating for six months isn’t just a fling, maybe you should take your own advice and keep it in your pants” With that you made your way away from your so called friends to go find the only person who could calm you down at this point. Your blood was boiling. You didn’t even bother to care about all of the students whispering about the events that just took place. You knew that in a few minutes that the whole school would know.

 You waited outside of the boys locker room for Reggie to be done with practice. Everytime a guy came out they would smirk at you as they made their way past. It’s not like they didn’t know before as many of them had showed up at Reggie’s one day when you were over. You were pissed since these players couldn’t keep their mouths shut but you were thankful they kept it long enough for you to know what this whole thing truly was.

“Your boy is next” Chuck said as he was leaving “He’s talking to coach”

“Thanks” You said trying not to make eye contact. Chuck always made you uncomfortable for some reason but you couldn’t put your finger on to why.

“Hey” Reggie let out as he fixed his gym bag onto his shoulder. “Didn’t think you would be waiting, I thought you went home-”

“Because of what happened at lunch?” You asked as you butted in

“Yeah, some of the boys were saying how pissed you look so I assumed. I was going to come over”

“You can still do that you know” You smiled for the first time that day.

“Well I didn’t just plan on leaving my upset girlfriend by herself” He sassed with an eye roll.

“I’m not upset”

“Can’t lie to me babe, I can see it in your eyes that you are” He let out. You didn’t try to denied it anymore just kept walking with Reggie’s arm placed around you. He wasn’t wrong your anger thought out the day seemed to fade into sadness. You were hoping that when your friends found out that they would be fine with it but that wasn’t the case. You just needed to talk to them more maybe not as anger as you were. Maybe they could get it then.

“They think I’m a hookup” You finally told Reggie as you leaned against his car. Reggie shut him tuck and looked you with a sad smile.

“Babe” He said as he took your hands into his also resting his forehead against yours. “You know that’s not true right?”

“Well considering we haven’t done it yet, I thought it was really true” You laughed but it came out more dry and forced than anything.

“You mean so much more than that to me Y/N. Don’t forget it. There’s no one else in this world that makes me feel like you do. No one else can make me smile at some stupid dance moves when we just lost a game and I’m not in the mood. You keep me sane when I want to punch someone in the face”


“Isn’t it always Chuck?” Reggie grinned, you knew him better than anyone. “I love you and I want everyone to know. I know you’re mad that my teammates spread it around but you know it’s a good thing since now I can show everyone you’re mine”

“Not like I didn’t know that already Reg” You giggle and Reggie kissed your soft lips.

“But now guys will know and not stare at you anymore like your a piece of meat.”

“I love you Reggie”

“I love you too”

“Movie night?” You asked as you pushed Reggie off of you as he had you pinned to the car.

“You know me so well”

“That’s what girlfriends are for” You teased.

“I love that”

“Love what?”

“The word girlfriend” Reggie smirked which made you blush, turning your cheeks a fair pink colour. This was it. This was the truth and no amount of rumors could ever make up for what you two had.

Calm || Reggie Mantle ~ (Part 1)

Part 2 is out now!

Requested: I asked if I could write it

@isntskatesatan said
IMAGINE Reggie Mantle being friends with Archie Juggie B and Ver and he has a girl and he’s so in love with her like.. Always holding her hand or just staying close to her, her touch is calming him down and when they at pop’s she’s always sitting on his lap with her head in his neck kissing his skin softly and he’s have to stay calm bc if not he would fuck her on this fucking table LIKE SHIT I NEED MORE REGGIE IMAGINES CAN SOMEONE DO THAT FOR ME????

Did I edit it yet?: Nope

Word Count: 810

Warnings: Tiny SMUT towards the end and mild swearing

Originally posted by ryan-coogler

Calm || Reggie Mantle ~ (Part 1)

The two of you were currently in your room where you were seated on your bed watching your boyfriend -of a year and a half- pace around trying to pull his hair out of his scalp from anger. You got up and started to walk towards him. You stood in front of him and hugged him instantly making his anger go away.

“Reggie stop. Your gonna lose all of your hair if you keep doing that,” you mumbled. He picked you up bridal style and sat you gently down on the bed.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m just angry that we lost the game.” Reggie was always like this. He was easily angered especially when it came to losing at a game. You were used to it by now.

“How let’s go to Pop’s with our friends? Food always equals happiness,” you said while smiling goofily at him. He just snorted and nodded his head. He grabbed your hand and pulled you up so you were
flushed against his chest. He looked at you up and down.

“Aren’t you going to change? You’re still in your cheerleading uniform,” he asked.

“Nope,” you replied. He took off his letterman jacket and placed it over your uniform.

“I don’t want you to catch a cold,” he said. You smiled up gratefully at him. You laced your fingers with his and the two of you headed to Pop’s. When you got there you spotted the booth where your friends were seated.

“Hey guys,” you greeted them.

“Ah, the lovebirds are finally here,” Veronica exclaimed as the rest of the group greeted the two of you. Jughead and Archie stood up so Reggie and you can sit next to the window. Reggie grabbed your waist so you could sit in his lap. Sitting on his lap was a normal occurrence whenever you were at Pop’s even if it was just the two of you.

The bell rang to signal that a customer came in. All of you just ignored it and continued with your conversation.

“Oh, shit,” Kevin mumbled. You looked at him confused. He pointed to the group of people that entered the diner. You gasped as you saw that it was the rival’s school football team that you guys had just lost to. Reggie looked down at you worriedly, he turned his head to see what you were looking at. You noticed the way his eyes changed to be, once again, filled with anger. His grip on your waist tightened. You grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek and his hold on you became more lose.

“Let’s just ignore them,” Betty suggested breaking the tension. All of you nodded and continued to talk to one another. After at least two hours your friends started to leave the diner as it was getting late but you and Reggie decided to stay. Looking around you saw that there was only a couple of people left in the diner. You turned in your boyfriend’s lap.

“Are you okay Reggie?” He nodded. You noticed that Reggie hadn’t talked much. It was odd that he was quiet, Reggie was never quiet.

You placed your head in the crook of his neck breathing in his cologne that you always loved the smell of. You placed your arms around his neck but he didn’t wrap his arms around your waist like he normally would. You left kisses along his neck while occasionally sucking gently wanting to leave a hickey. A soft moan left his lips as you stifled a laugh. You started to grind your ass on the hard bulge that started to form in his pants. He stopped your movements and leaned his face closer to your ear.

“I suggest you stop that Y/N or I’m gonna end up taking you here on this table,” he growled. A shiver ran up your spine. An idea sparked up in your head. You turned your body so it was facing the table and you place a foot on either side of his as you started to bounce on his bulge making him moan and tilt his head back. He suddenly pulled you back to his chest and growled in your ear

“You’re going to regret wearing that uniform Y/N,” he whispered in your ear.

He reached around and ripped the flimsy material of your underwear making you gasp in shock. You hadn’t noticed that he had pulled his zipper down until you felt him deliver a powerful thrust inside of you.

“Fuck!” you yelped out.

Looking around you saw that the nearest person was on the other side of the diner. Reggie bit down on your shoulder to keep his moans and grunts quiet.

“What are you two doing?” a voice called out making the two of you freeze. You turned around to see your parents.


Part 2

Reggie x Reader: We Could Happen (One Shot)

(A/N: SHOUTOUT TO @trashyemonerd​ for this request and I am so sorry it took so long I have finished this story days ago but COMPLETELY FUCKING FORGOT I AM A TRASH but I hope you enjoy it)

Plot:The one where all Reggie needed was a chance you were afraid to give.

Originally posted by riverdalebish

“Good morning, sunshine.”

You rolled your eyes, internally groaning, when you heard the all too familiar voice from behind your locker door. You quickly took your Pre-Calculus book as quickly as possible and slammed your door shut. As expected, the cocky football captain was already leaning his shoulders on the locker beside, seemingly not minding the fact that the owner of said locker has been trying to get past him for the last thirty seconds.

“Hello, Reggie,” he also didn’t seem to mind your lack of enthusiasm.  “,here for your daily schedule of annoying the ever loving fuck out of me?”

“You wound me, darling,” he leaned back and dramatically fisted his white shirt in mock offense. Although, his award winning smile managed to stay on his face, showing you how misleading it was.

You rolled your eyes once more, hoping to God it will not get stuck at the back of your head from the amount of times you seem to roll your eyes at him. You turned your back at Reggie and started walking away, not wanting to get dragged at his silly games so early in the morning.

“Sunshi – Sunshine, wait!” You huffed, trying to will yourself not to listen which was proven fruitless considering the difference in your leg span.

“(Y/N).” You were given no choice when Reggie forcibly stopped you in your tracks with two hands gripping your shoulders tightly. “I –“

“I don’t want to be late, Reggie –“

“Just listen to me!” your eyes widened at the tone of his voice, looking around, and thanking God, when you saw that most of the students have already went inside their respective classes.

You are so late.

It didn’t matter anyway, not when Reggie was hastily dragging you away from the main campus but towards the football field.

“Reggie, stop!” You harshly pulled your hands back, wincing from the sudden sharp pain, making him effectively look back to you. When he noticed how you held your hands and the pain in your face he was quick to take your damaged wrist and checked it for any serious injury.

He sighed in relief. “Sorry.”

He seemed so sad when he started to put a bit of a distance between you two that you actually felt bad. “It’s okay I just – I had Calculus and I … I didn’t want to miss it since I’m shit at –“

“Why don’t you like me?”

You felt your heart tighten. When you looked up at him he was already sitting on the ground, looking at everything and nothing altogether, staring at his hands that were tightly wounded together in front of him.

He looked so beautiful with the 8 o’clock sunshine that you bit the inside of your cheeks to stop yourself from confessing right then and there. You wanted to tell him, how wrong he was, how much you liked him, and how you fear the day he will finally get tired of you and stop pursuing you because, believe it or not, you had a heart too. And Reggie Mantle took it in his own annoyingly persistent manner.

“Why do you?”

Your insecurity that had built up over the past few months finally broke away.

That seemed to catch him off guard as his neck nearly snapped from looking at you too quickly. “What?”

You sat beside him hugging your knees close to your chest. It was now or never. “Am I a joke to you, Reggie?”

Reggie didn’t stop staring at you, studying you, wondering what he did to make you ask a question as horrible as that. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Reggie’s mind was running. Was it him? What did he do? He was pretty sure he had been loud and clear with his feelings for you, literally. (Screaming it at the whole cafeteria that he was asking you out and any other boy can go fuck off and is only wasting their time was probably not the best idea but still.)

Was it one of his teammates? They do tend to run their mouth which you could’ve misunderstood but if it was them then Reggie would not let it go this time, not when it comes to you.

Was it one of your friends? They never did like him and the feeling was mutual but he didn’t think they’d stoop so low as making you think he was only playing with you.

“I just …” Reggie’s mental murder streak was stopped when he heard you speak, “It’s weird. It was like our whole lives I was a nobody to you and for me you were just a dumb jock that bullies my friend every once in a while and then suddenly … suddenly it was – you are –“

“Sophomore year, don’t you remember?”

This time it was your turn to stare but he wasn’t looking away. “We just lost a game, my first game as the team captain and … and I was –“

“Beating the shit out of a tree …” You stopped your jaw from gasping when you remembered.

“… who did nothing wrong to me.” He finished with a shit-eating grin.

“Reggie, enough!” You wrapped your arms around his waist from his back and dragged him away from the tree that had a huge and bloody dent in its trunk. But you underestimated his weight causing the two of you to fall to the ground.

You prepared for the impact but Reggie was thankfully a boy full of instincts and managed to turn the both of you around so he landed on the ground and you landed on his chest.

“(Y/N)?” he asked, obviously dishevelled and confused.

You could feel all the blood in your body rush to your head when you saw how close your faces were from each other and how he seems to know your name and how he probably thinks you’re a creepy stalker that has an altar of him in your room where you perform blood sacrifices – so you quickly pushed yourself away from him.

“What the hell were you doing punching a fucking tree like that, dumbass.”

You tried to calm yourself by berating him and even if he did look confused he managed a chuckle, as if being woken up from a dream, and shook his head.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, sitting up with you. “, wanted to release some frustration.”

“By beating the shit out of a tree who did nothing wrong to you?”

You two at you stared at each other in silence, before he started cracking up and you doing the same.

“Yeah that kinda sounds dumb when you say it like that.”

The two of you laughed some more and despite being in the woods where monsters and serial killers could rest at the middle of the night the two of you actually felt comfortable and safe with each other. When the silence stretched out long enough to be awkward you decided to cut it off with a knife.

“Come on, let me fix up that hand of yours,” you stood up first and held out your hand for him which he took immediately

“You really are nice, aren’t you?” he snickered. “I mean I’ve heard the rumours of sweet lil’ (Y/N) but I never thought—“

”Shut up,” you lightly punched him in his arms.”I expect you to be kicking ass next game and you can’t do that with fucked up hands.”

“Well, as thanks,” you were shocked when he didn’t let go of your hands even when you started walking. He didn’t seem to notice and you really didn’t mind. It wasn’t everyday you get to hold hands with Reggie Mantle. “, let me reserve you a front seat next week. Best view.”

The two of you stared at each other for what felt like forever but was only a few seconds in real life. You snorted, and looked away.

“Just win the bloody game, captain.”

“You remembered …” you whispered, in shock.

“Not really something you can just forget.”

“Considering we never even talked like normal human beings after it, it wasn’t that unlikely.”

“I,” he scoffed, rubbing the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed. “Unfortunately, I’m not good with having crushes. I kinda … I panicked and didn’t know how to, uh … talk to you … properly.” 

His eyes widened when he saw you biting down the impending laughter that was about to explode from your mouth. ”In my defense, I never had a crush before so … I’m sorry?”

You can feel another urge to laugh and coo from how cute the big bad Reggie Mantle looked with a flushed face while simultaneously trying every angle possible to not look in your eyes.

“Uhm … I know you don’t like me that much right now but I swear to you I’m not joking when I said I like you. “ He cleared his throat, looking straight at you making you feel more flustered than you have ever been your whole life but you didn’t have the heart to look away. “And I know I am probably shooting for the moon and you are totally out of my league but a boy can dream, right?”

You were shocked by his words. You never thought Reggie Mantle, of all people, would be that good with words. You weren’t a mind reader but you know a genuine confession when you hear one.

You decided right then and there that the two of you deserved a chance.

“I eat breakfast at 5 am every Sunday at Pop’s.”


“Exactly what I said,” you felt a sudden surge of confidence run in your veins.

It’s a pretty huge confidence booster when the infamous resident asshole of Riverdale High decides to drop his ‘I’m-a-jerk’ act and confesses to you. You didn’t even bother to bite back the smile that exploded in your face.

You leaned towards Reggie and decided to end his torture as you gently gave him a peck on the cheeks.

“Do what you want to do with that information.”

anonymous asked:

I feel like there is so little out there for my baby sicheng. Do you think you could maybe write a little fluff for him? I know you love him too and I adore your writing. Thanks~

me to myself: don’t write a hogwarts!sicheng au 
me: *writes this hogwarts!sicheng au*

  • ever since sicheng became a seeker for the slytherin team,,,let’s just say your bias had switched houses - like,,,very fast
  • you’d been an announcer for games since your fourth year and never before had you ever been sO excited to see slytherin play
  • was it because of their flashy flying? their strategic, sometimes cunning sportsmanship? uh,,,,sure,,,,,,,but lbr it was because sicheng looks great in his robes and you think he’s the cutest boy to walk this side of the wizarding world
  • which is why when you’re announcing the names of players from gryffindor, you’re rushing through it - mispronouncing doyoung’s name which gets him shouting at you from the field
  • but you’re just excited for slytherin because there he is !!!! dong sicheng!!!!!!! the most adorable - i mean athletic seeker slytherin has seen in years!!!!
  • during the game,,,,your support for sicheng is painstakingly obvious tbh,,,,,you don’t mean to do it
  • but it’s hard not to focus on him,,,,,much to the look of utter disdain from your fellow announcer johnny
  • “maybe let’s focus on the great goal keeping done by jaehyun?”
  • *johnny looks into the camera like he’s on the office*
  • but your comments just go from trying to evaluate the game to calling sicheng cute by accident in front of the entire school
  • and as much as someone of the students tease you, others telling you to shut it, somehow,,,,,it motivates sicheng even more
  • because he’s happy to have someone so enthusiastic about him,,,,,,it’s like he has to win in order to impress
  • and he does,,,he gets the snitch and you almost fall out of your seat, save for johnny pulling you back
  • and when the teachers rush out to congratulate the team, kids from the newspaper club waving magical microphones around to get statements
  • one drops into sicheng’s hands and he smiles and goes “i have someone special to thank!”
  • the whole school that came to watch the game turns to look up at you, still in the announcers box
  • you put your hands over your mouth as sicheng says your name 
  • turning to johnny you nearly shake him into a daze “he knows me!!!!!”
  • “of course he does,,,,how can he not you’re his number one fan”
  • you rush out and get onto the field where the slytherin team is still celebrating
  • sicheng sees you, and with the brightest smile shows you the snitch in his hand
  • “you were great out there!!!” you gush and sicheng’s smile gets a little shy
  • “i could hear you the whole time,,,,thank you,,,” he adds in a quieter voice and you kind of chuckle, apologizing if you came on a little strong
  • but sicheng shakes his head “i like when people cheer me on,,,,,you were cute”
  • you almost feel your heart stop because did,,,,did sicheng just call YOU cute??
  • “no no no you’re the cute one!!” you assure but sicheng just grins and goes “nope ~ you are too ~”
  • amused, johnny watches you two and mumble that you might be sichengs number one fan,,,,but he seems to be a big fan of yours too
  • but you and sicheng are in your own bubble of happiness and puppy love as you walk off the field and start saying you should go to diagon alley this weekend for some fun
  • ten wiping a tear: we lost the game, but young love is so beautiful 
Not What She Seems {Draco Malfoy x Reader SMUT}

Warning: Contains sexual themes



It all happened so fast.

One minute he was on prefect duty and the next, he was on a bed with a girl, pounding deep in her. He felt frustrated the whole day but it all dissipated when he met a girl who did not seem to be the person he expected her to be.

Draco Malfoy marched away from the field with a defeated look on his face after losing the snitch again from Harry Potter. He had lost another Quidditch game against the Gryffindor team in front of all the students and the headmaster. His fists were clenched tight and he was muttering angrily under his breath as the opposing team cheered around. His team captain called for his name but he ignored him, walking towards the benches to rest.

Perhaps it was the blazing heat of the sun that made him see things or the immense hatred he felt at that moment but his eyes had landed on a (h/c) haired Slytherin girl who was unmistakeably smiling. He found it unusual that this particular girl did not seem to appear gravely disappointed for them.

Instead, she looked quite calm and intimidating.

He wondered why he had never seen her before in the common room, seeing as they were both in the same house. Maybe it was because Pansy would always watch him and turn his attention away from any girl his eyes would linger on too long but this time, there was no Pansy Parkinson to control him.

He tried to look for the mysterious girl again only to find her leaving the benches already. It took all the strength left in his body to stop himself from grabbing his broomstick and flying towards her. Watching her leave only made matters worse as his gray eyes were now focused on her rear end that gave it a finer shape amidst the sunny sky. He bit his lip in frustration and raked his fingers through his platinum hair.

After a few minutes, he walked back to the locker room and began to dress. His friend, Blaise Zabini, was already finished by the time he put on his pants.

“Hey, Malfoy. You alright there?”

“What do you think, Zabini? We just lost a game.”

“Woah, no need to snap at me. I’m just asking.”

“I’m fine.”

“Well, if you say so. Is it okay if I go ahead? (L/n) agreed she’d help me out with Astronomy.”

Too preoccupied with buttoning his shirt, Draco brushed off the unfamiliar name and did not bother asking who it was. He nodded at Blaise who sped off afterwards. He still had prefect duties to do tonight and whoever that person was, she wasn’t important enough for him to even care but unbeknownst to him, she was the same girl he saw that afternoon. He carried his things with him and made his way back to the Great Hall.

After the usual dinner feast, Draco led the first years to the dungeons where the common room was. Strangely enough, he did not find the (h/c) girl anywhere and had even began to doubt if she was real at all or just a figment of his imagination. Blaise had returned after a few minutes and jogged to Draco’s side.

“Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to dinner. (L/n) wanted to stay in the library.

“Well, tell her about the curfew hour or I’ll bring her to Professor Snape personally.”

“I’m sure she knows. Hopefully.”

At this point, Draco’s curiosity was peaked. He turned to Blaise and was about to ask who this (L/n) girl was but Pansy had just arrived, clinging on to his arm quickly.

“Hello, Draco,” Pansy said, smiling affectionately at him, “Will you be alright?”

“Why not?” Draco did his best not to hiss at her right away, still thinking about the girl he saw and wishing he was in her company instead.

“Well, I can’t patrol with you. Professor Snape said I should stay and keep an eye on everyone here in the common room.”

For Draco, this clearly meant he’ll be spending his time alone which was more preferable rather than snogging Pansy late at night while pretending he was enjoying it. He soon left the two of them without saying good bye and proceeded on with his task.

The halls were completely empty by the time the clock struck eleven. He found three students out of bed but to no avail, he still wasn’t able to find the girl he was looking for. He turned to a corner, deep in thought, when he heard footsteps coming from behind. The dark corridors made it difficult for him to see who it was so he pulled out his wand and muttered “Lumos”.

To his surprise, the person out of bed was none other than her. She looked surprised for a second but then her lips turned up to a smile. It was driving him crazy.

“Oops. Didn’t know someone’s patrolling tonight,” she said, as though she was unaware of the situation that could get her in trouble.

“What’re you doing out here? Trying to sneak into the restricted section?” Draco sneered, gesturing to the books she was carrying.

“And why would I want to take the risk?”

“You tell me.”

“If I wanted to go to the restricted section, I could just ask Potter. He gets away easily, you know.”

“Don’t you dare mention Potter to me,” Draco hissed, grabbing both of her arms.

For a moment, the two remained silent. Draco was glaring right at her but she did not bulge. A cold wind swept in through the open window and (y/n) spoke up.

“I guess this means you’ll be bringing me to our professor.”

“No. I don’t need to. I’ll deal with you personally.”


Draco shut the door quietly. He had brought her in the Room of Requirements which was now enchanted to look like a bedroom. He removed his robe, leaving him in his white shirt that was wrinkled in many places.

“We shouldn’t be disturbed here.”

“You know, you’re in no authority to give me a detention.”

“And you’re in no place to be walking around late at night.”

“Touché,” (y/n) grinned and stood by the fireplace. It was blazing in the dark which was the only light in the room, creating shadows that danced on the walls.

“What were you doing, anyway?”

“That’s none of your business, Mr. Malfoy.”

“It is. I’m a prefect. Your house prefect, mind you. And if you don’t tell me, I’m allowed to use any necessary actions to force the answer out of you,” he walked close to her, his chest nearly touching hers, “even if I have to make you beg all night.”

(Y/n) chuckled as she caught on to his implication. She straightened up and held her chin high, looking at him straight in the eyes.

“Try me.”

With those two words, Draco felt his heart swell up in excitement and his eyes, blinded by lust. He pulled her to his arms and held her chin, kissing her soft lips. The girl responded with great enthusiasm by wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer while his hands began to run up and down her waist. She had not expected this to happen and in her six years at Hogwarts, she had never imagined a night with Draco Malfoy. Their kiss became more heated and greedy. (Y/n) began to strip away her blouse and tie while Draco detached his lips from her, moving on to her exposed neck. He kissed every spot he could find and suckled on her flawless skin, making her moan rather loudly. She felt his cock harden against her and wasted no time to unbutton his shirt. By the time she was finished, Draco had already branded her neck with hickeys and his smile grew wider at the sight of this.

He didn’t need to tell her she was his.

She already knew.

He shrugged off his shirt and threw it aside. He ran his fingers through his platinum hair which made (y/n) bite her lip amusingly. She felt her underwear dampen at the sight and while Draco was eyeing her up and down, she reached behind and unclasped her bra. It was Draco’s turn to bite his lip.

“Surprised, are you, Mr. Malfoy?” purred (y/n).

“Nothing that impressive. Bet Parkinson can do better.” Draco teased but still kept his eyes on her body.

“If you say so.”

(Y/n) unzipped her skirt and let it fall down to the floor, leaving her in her panties and knee-high black socks. Draco pulled her close to him and continued tasting her lips hungrily. He walked backwards blindly in the dark and fell on the couch with (Y/n) on his lap, still managing to keep the heat between them. His lips ghosted on her cheeks to her jaw and down to her neck while she ran her hands through his hair.

After a while, they were both panting with foreheads rested against each other. Her (e/c) eyes gazed on his and she gave a tiny nod to his silent question. He shimmied off his pants quickly while keeping his mouth around her nipple. He bit it softly which earned him a moan from her and so he continued suckling on her breasts until they were red. He groped them like no tomorrow, eventually allowing his hand to trail down to her panties where he rubbed her wet womanhood.

“You like that, sweetheart?” He asked.

She couldn’t reply anymore. She was far too aroused to think of anything so she gave him a soft moan and rested her head on his shoulder as he continues massaging her clit.

“A-Ahh…Please…don’t tease me…”

“What was that?”

“D-Don’t tease me…”

“Sorry, love. Can’t seem to hear you.”

(Y/n) was growing frustrated so she kissed his cheek and whispered low to his ear, emphasizing each word.

“Please fuck me, Draco.”

“Love it when you talk dirty, sweetheart.” He stopped rubbing her which left a dark, moist spot on her panties. He laid her down on the couch and pulled away her underwear, finally seeing her naked figure before him and for added pleasure, she spread her legs wide for him to see.

“Bloody hell, (y/n).”

At this point, Draco couldn’t control himself anymore. His lips immediately latched on her pussy and his tongue licked her greedily; tasting every crevice, every juice, and every spot he could find. He entered her with no problem and licked away as much as he could.

Meanwhile, (y/n) was already clawing and scratching the couch from pleasure. She grabbed his hair and gently grinded herself against his hungry mouth. They were both sure they have already woken up the whole castle from their loud moans and pleasured noise.

(Y/n) began to moan louder and louder as she reaches the peak of her climax until Draco pulls away, leaving her panting breathlessly.

“What do you want me to do now?” He asked, whispering to her ear.

“I need you, Draco….Please let me have you.” (Y/n) pleaded.

He removed his boxers immediately and placed the head of his hard cock in her dripping core. He entered her slowly, pushing every thick inch inside which caused her to bite her lip in frustration. Not being able to withstand any further, she kissed him passionately, allowing him to shove his entire manhood inside of her. He groaned her name loud and began to move out and in and in and out.

“You like that, darling?” He asked while continuing to push in her.

“Mm…Yes! Oh that feels so good….” (Y/n) whimpered.

Draco kept his pace fast but not reckless. He had been waiting for this to happen ever since he saw her at the Quidditch field and to finally have her writhing in pleasure was a blissful moment not to be spent wastefully. Her moans were music to his ears and the sensation of her tight walls overfilled his senses. He kept pounding into her until he was close to coming undone. (Y/n) felt him twitch and so she turned the tables and climbed on top of him. She rode him by bouncing up and down on his cock and to top it all off, she placed her palms on his chest and rose her hips one last time before coming down hard on him. Her womanhood clamped on his spurting manhood, filling her up until bits of it started to drip from her opening.

Draco panted heavily as though he ran for miles, holding her close to his chest where she listened to his heartbeat.

“Merlin….That was probably the best I’ve ever had.” He said while twisting strands of her (h/c) hair around his finger.

“Tomorrow again?” (Y/n) smiled.


Dear Montreal Canadiens,

Still doesn’t feel like it’s real. I thought we were going to win this game and bring it back to Montreal for game 7 and win the series. This series was so fun to watch. Both teams were so evenly matched. Radu, you had a wonderful season buddy I hope you stay in Montreal next season. Great cellies. Gally, I know this season was a hard one with the broken finger in the same spot from last season but you always play with such passion and heart. When you’re not on the ice, we miss that. Lehky, my Finnish rookie, you have been a pleasant surprise this season. You’re only going to get better next season. This season started as typical Habs fashion, winning and setting a franchise record. Can you believe it? The oldest hockey team has a set a franchise record after more than 100 years after its existence. Then things started to go downhill but we didn’t have a repeat of last season because we got rid of Therrien. Marc Bergevin you knew your job is more precious than your bff. We stumbled a bit because Claude was adjusting to the system but once we got going, we were a better team in March than October. Pleky this season was a rough one but hopefully this playoffs rejuvenated you. Chucky you are such a ray of sunshine. Just wished you played more at centre. Webs, we still miss PK and he will forever remain in our hearts but you are such a calming and reassuring presence for this team. You lead the league in PPGs with 12. Patches, O capitaine again delivering another 30-goal season. Why do people not appreciate you? You are such a great leader. Al Montoya I hated the fact that Therrien humiliated you in the Columbus where we lost 10-0. You were such a great addition to this team. Love how we lost a game 10-0 and also we won a game 10-1. I saved the MVP for last because there are simply no words to describe how much I love and appreciate you Pricey. Honestly constantly bailing your team’s asses day in and night out. I have no idea what the identity of this team will be without you. Carrying this team on your shoulders to the playoffs and still giving them a chance to comeback. You don’t deserve this BS. Still processing the loss but I believe with Claude we will come back next season stronger and better. Still my ride of die team and will be for the rest of my life. #GoHabsGo. Is it October yet?

Lots of Love,

A Habs fan

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I need to talk about this mind fuck of a scene! Upon a second viewing (yes, I watched it first leaked then again last night), I realized something about Arya. When I first watched it, I was worried for Sansa and concerned about Arya. They were falling right into Little Finger’s trap of divide and conquer the Starks of Winterfell. BUT! when I watched it again, I picked up on what she was really saying.

Arya is playing her game this ENTIRE SCENE! She explains to Sansa the rules “I ask questions and try to see if they are telling the truth in their answer” SO, she asks Sansa a question, but when Sansa responds with a question, Arya flips it around on her. Sansa is now the asker who has to tell whether or not the responder (Arya) is telling the truth. However, she doesn’t tell Sansa this because in life, no one tells you when you’re the subject of a game, you have to figure that out yourself. SO, now, Arya is giving Sansa this big long answer about how neither got to be what they wanted to be, however she (Arya) now can become anyone. And, as we watch Sansa’s reaction, we see she’s lost the game and Arya has won. Arya has convinced her that this lie of Arya being jealous is true. 

BUT THEN! Arya suddenly hands her the dagger, not using it to cut off her face. I see two meanings behind this. ONE) Arya has declared this round of the game (really, this lesson on life) over, AND TWO) she is telling Sansa something: You believed this, what, and more importantly who, are you also believing? She has shown Sansa just how deep and dark one lie can go. She is showing her that the second you let your face show the true emotion you feel, someone can swoop in and take that emotion and use it and abuse it. Yes, Arya’s game is to detect lying, but she’s teaching her sister that she can’t show her cards to anyone, ever. However, Little Finger around knows all of Sansa’s regrets, fears, and uncertainties and he is using them to help his deception. 

That’s Arya’s true lesson here: If I could convince you of all of that in a minute and you still didn’t notice, how have you not noticed the years of lies Little Finger has been feeding you?

I Guess - *Request*

Soccer imagine requested anonymously! I know absolutely NOTHING about soccer so this one was a bit hard but here it is! I can redo it if it isn’t how you like it!


You threw your bag into the back of the car in frustration. Zach looked at you worriedly as you opened the passenger door roughly and slammed it. He got into the driver’s seat and sat down gingerly, closing the door.

“Princess, what’s the matter?” Zach asked gently, putting his hand on your arm.

You huffed. “Just drove, Zach, please.”

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s the matter,” Zach told you. “I care.”

You sighed. “I know, and thank you for that. I’ll tell you after I get a shower.”

Zach nodded and placed a quick kiss on your cheek, making you smile a bit. He intertwined your hands and drove back to the house. All of the other boys were out with Logan, so you just barged into the house when you got there and headed straight for the shower. Zach unloaded your bag from the car and brought it in, setting it down in his bedroom. He waited until you came from the bathroom, your hair in a single braid and a t-shirt of his on along with a pair of leggings.

“C'mere, baby girl,” Zach said and held his arms out from where he was sitting on his bed.

You smiled a bit and crawled into the bed, Zach wrapping his arms around you. You sighed and snuggled into him as he pulled a blanket over the two of you. You let out a deep breath as Zach stroked your head, placing kisses all over your forehead and temple.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He asked you quietly as he placed a peck on your head. You curled into him more and turned so you could see his face.

“If that stupid Lily Wallace had just passed it to Bailey Adams, we’d’ve won the game! But no, she had to…”

You continued to tell your boyfriend all about your troubles with your team and how a mistake here and there messed up this and that. Zach just sat there patiently, nodding and staying silent. His hands stroked your damp hair as you talked, calming you down but by bit. You appreciated Zach more than anything in that short moment.

“How did I deserve you?” You sighed, laying your head on Zach’s chest when you finished ranting.

Zach chuckled. “I should be the one asking that.”

“I guess we’ll have to meet in the middle, then.”

“I guess we will.”


And that’s the end! It’s a bit short, sorry. Hope you liked it though!