At PaleyFest, the host asked each cast member who their favorite clone is…

In typical Ebro fashion, she gushes over her personal fave and proceeds to be an adorable, awkward, swooning, marshmallow puppy. 
Easy now, Evelyne, your Delphine is showing. 

Now Kiss!

I think we all know this gif …

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I’ve been saying I wanted to do this Reylo-style ever since Mr. Downing gave me my Kylo Ren and Rey figures. However, what was stopping me was the lack of a Viking hat. 

Thus Mr. Downing ended up chasing down an Australian tourist in Dublin, asking him where he got his goofy plastic Viking hat. The rather confused Australian told him that it came with the Viking tour of Dublin. This is how Mr. Downing ended up paying a fellow tourist 10 Euro for a Viking hat so that I could do this:

BTS reaction to their idol rapper girlfriend’s album breaks records

kissesfrombangtanatnight said:

Hiiii! Hope you’re having a good day! May I request a BTS reaction to their idol rapper gf album breaking records in the history of music, like it sells over millions of copies within a day. How would they react to her being that popular?

Hi cutie~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

I can imagine his shocked face ,a weird smile with his opened mouth .

“Waah ,really ? ..I- ..I’m shocked !”

His feelings would be a mix of jealousy and happiness ,but I guess he would be so hyper about it and cook for you or something ,in summary .. he would celebrate your win with a dinner or a similar thing .

Suga :

As a rapper AND a producer ,his passion for music won’t make him feel but super happy about it ,and his girlfriend be that powerful and break the record ? .. He would be more proud than anyone !

“I just knew you would make it ,you are that talented to deserve such an achievement !”

He would be your date to the awards show and that glad to go with you ,then celebrate with you in a restaurant or a club ,he will satisfy you .. trust me 😉 .

Rap Monster :

He has that leader material ,or dad material ..he would be proud till he be that close to cry and tear up .

“You can’t imagine how much I’m happy for you ,now remember when I told you that chasing your dreams will bear its fruit someday ?…”

And continue his deep conversation about your achievement , success in life and things like that ! .But let me tell you ..he would treat you very well ,like you would live a day in heaven ..he would spoil you so much .

J-hope :

We know how extra he is ,as soon as he heard the news he started dancing and jumping here and there ,screaming and holding you to swing you up in the air .

“Jagiya !! ..you did it !! ..YOU DID IT !!”

After an extra hour full of shouts and things ,he would suggest to throw a party with lots of champagne ,you know why ? .. cuz his biggest dream that moment is to suggest a toast just for you ,and he did it ! .

Jimin :

* just imagine urself v ..I’m soft >< *

As a cute little pie ,he would give you a long hug and shower you with kisses .

“I can’t believe ,you ? ..broke the record ? ..you are too amazing to be true !”

Like he would be shocked ,but that won’t stop him from having fun with you and share with you your success .He would go with you to every awards show and be backstage when you perform ..he would be like your shadow ,and you won’t complain at all ! .

V :

Like J-hope ,he would act as if he had a heart attack or something ,but before it he would make the most surprised face ,repeating nonstop :

“Really ? ..ohh my God !” then he would calm down ,but when his mind couldn’t believe it he would repeat all over again : “are you for real ? ..God ! … really ?”

Like a little kid ,he would make a banquet and tell everyone about what have you done ,then ..every person he would meet he would tell him about you ,and in the awards show he would scream from the audience : “THAT’S MY GIRL !” .

Jungkook :

We all know how competitive he is ,but because you are that special for him he would tear up like a little baby .

“You are the best girlfriend ! ..you are too much ..I don’t deserve you !”

But after a while ,when he would get out from his emotional mood ,he would start being jealous and tries his best to be as successful as you .Then when you want to celebrate ,he would take you on a special date and mention you in his speech in a concert or something ..yes he is proud but he can’t get rid of his habits ,we all know that ! .

GIFs are not mine ! 

Requests : Closed .

-Admin K .



Do you think that’s Magnus’ hand on Alec’s waist in the last gif?

(We know that’s where he likes to put them, but wanted to check with you guys because I could very well just be seeing things. xD Looks like I may be seeing finger-tips or something, and yes I know I was analyzing this scene way too closely to find out where Magnus’ hands were, as I was kind of hopeful one would come up to Alec’s neck.)

The power went out and it’s raining outside, but it’s still beautiful. ~

// for @hannibalcreative​‘s event #ItsStillBeautiful, we know it is.  ♥
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