I am nothing without love: I just want to call your attention to Emma Swan in the pilot- Emma who we see from the start as not interested in making connections and good at maneuvering people. But Emma immediately likes Regina! Emma talks to her and tries to laugh about their son’s wild fairytale thing and just look at how she looks at her.

And then the clincher- after Regina’s already proven to be fairly hostile toward Emma- is that final gif. Emma Swan just opens up, just like that, talking about secret birthday dreams and getting choked up about it. Totally vulnerable, seeking out this connection with Regina against all we know of Emma. From the very beginning of their relationship, right up until Regina cuts her off and goes on the offensive, Emma has always wanted what they have now. :’)

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I was watching the Comic Con Dark Swan exclusive video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxLloCA6UBs&feature=youtu.be) and I couldn’t help but notice that they photoshopped Emma’s tank top to go lower so that we don’t see she opened the door in her panties. (Don’t judge me, i know I’m not the only person who looks for that every time they see this scene.) Is this important? Probably not. Disappointing because its one of the gayest SQ scenes, but not an unexpected move to take that much time and effort in the name of heteronormativity.

I have to say though, this video really made it out to seem like Snow is going to be the next Savior, which….I don’t like? I mean I like Snow and all, but it’s GOTTA be Regina, right? This video totally glossed over the relationship Emma has with Regina; even photoshopping panties out is an example of this – does this suggest that since this scene is in fact one of the gayest scenes in the SQ catalogue, is the restructure of it indicative of the KIND of relationship they don’t want to acknowledge? I think Regina’s presence is a glaring omission in this video, which alongside this edit makes me wonder if it was an intentional move to either cut Swen out OR add to the attempt to blindside us with a SQ Regina-Saves-Emma-Cos-They-Are-In-Love ending they are planning? Like, make us forget all about Regina until BAM her lips covereth the Dark One’s?




I was tagged by tvjunkie007. It was very difficult to choose just one SQ scene so I decided to go with the one in my own avatar which would be the DOOR SCENE.

There are so many reasons why I love it:

1) Emma is comforting Regina and telling her to fight for her happiness (I can imagine the GA’s reaction: are they friends or lovers? lol)

2) She thinks saying this might be enough, turns away briefly but then changes her mind “Ok if you won’t, I will” which equates to => “Even if you give up on yourself, I will not give up on you”

3) Then, Emma makes a promise to bring back Regina’s happy ending (which we know Emma was able to keep at the expense of her own)

4)  Emma is not even 100% sure that Regina is listening but still she keeps talking. So, even if Regina is not there to witness her promise, Emma is declaring this promise to HERSELF. She made finding Regina’s happy ending her personal mission!

5) “Including you” equates to => ‘you are worthy of happiness even if others don’t think so’

6) The way this scene is shot (i.e. Emma talking through a door with anguished Regina on the other side) during the Frozen arc is a blatant parallel to the door scene (in the movie Frozen) between Anna and Elsa, who are true loves *ahem*. :D

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Post a Swan Queen scene you love and talk about why, and @ five people + tag it with #nothingwithoutlove and the ship and character tags. :)

Based on the spoiler scene of Dark Swan, do you think Emma got sent back to the EF after she took on the darkness? Clearly it wasn’t a flashback because no scenario of the like has ever arisen prior, and it was most certainly Rumple’s old prison…

My roommate is so smart.

She came up with a theory as to why Killian couldn’t summon Emma and I think it could be true.  We know that Emma’s decent into darkness is going to be a slow process, so what if at first she’s managing to fight it off and THAT’S why the dagger isn’t working?  She’s not fully the DO yet.  It may be totally off but that’s why it’s a theory I guess.

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How do we know hook and Emma will be in a scene together in the first episode??!!😦😺

I guess we don’t know for sure 100%, but they were seen on set together, probably on the way of shooting s scene together (x)

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I know you'll disagree with me, but I honestly have no problem with Emma wanting to sleep with Killian as the dark one. Even if she's cursed she still loves him. That's not the darkness, that's her being free to give in to her own desires that she's had for a long time. And who could blame her? Her boyfriend is hot.

Okay, I agree that Emma will most likely (at some point) try and seduce him. Like you said, her inhibitions are lowered with this thing that’s happening to her. But it’s like Colin said…what’s happening to her is WRONG. The Emma he loves is being violated by this dark force inside her. Her LAST wish before she sacrificed herself was for Hook and her parents to SAVE HER.

I just have trouble seeing them…go there when her final wish was to be saved. We don’t KNOW if Emma’s true self would want to be with him WHILE SHE IS LIKE THIS. I mean, we know she wants to take that step with him, she has for a while. But while she’s like this? Not fully in control of herself? When she could hurt him? The Emma I know would never want to hurt him.

CS’s first time should be more than just the physical desire of sex. It should be the consummation of everything they’ve come to mean to each other since they met. Their second chance at love. And I don’t see that when she’s the Dark One. Period. All this is aside from the murky consent issue, which CS has avoided so far. I’d like to keep it that way.

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How do you think Emma will be saved? I'm thinking they have to go find Merlin and somehow take the "Dark One" away from Emma. But if they do that, who will be the Dark One next?

Thanks for the question (and sorry for the late reply)!

Given the latest developments and pics from filming, we know Emma won’t be instantly dark. So the chances of Emma being her normal awesome self in the season premiere are very high. She’ll just have this dark side trying to corrupt her, but that probably won’t be all that noticeable in 5x01.

So right now my guess is that they go to Camelot very soon, but finding Merlin may take longer. And each second that passes without them finding him is a second Emma is closer to going fully dark. So I’m expecting it to be a gradual process where each day she’ll be losing a battle, until it all just becomes too much and the darkness will take over (temporarily).

Now how will she be saved? I think Merlin will not be the answer. And I maintain my opinion that a TLK will save her. Killian’s TLK. Am I being biased for expecting this? Yes, I am, but honestly I don’t see any other scenario that makes more sense. 

This is the darkest of all dark curses - they will have to come up with a convincing way to break it. And most fairytales rely on binary opposition - good/evil, light/dark, royalty/working class and so on. OUAT isn’t an exception, the show is based on these same binary oppositions. Perhaps the most evident example of this is how Emma and Regina are foils - which is why Regina will be the new ‘savior’. Killian and Rumple, to an extent, are foils as well. If one is dark, the other will be light. You get the gist. So, following this pattern, what is the binary opposite of the darkest of all dark curses? The lightest of light, which, in the OUAT universe = love. It’s only logical an act of True Love will be the thing breaking this curse. And hey, it’s canon that a TLK was working for Rumbelle until Rumple decided to choose to keep his Dark One power instead. So a TLK can break the curse.

Now if it is a TLK, who are the elligible candidates? Emma has had her True Love moment with Henry in season 1, so the mother/son love has already been explored. Could it happen again? Yes, and I wouldn’t mind given how much I love Swan Believer, but I seriously doubt they’re repeating it.

Snow and/or Charming? It could happen, especially after how strained their relationship was in season 4, but…

… this was how season 4 ended:

The focus was clearly on Emma’s love for Killian. So yes, I do think it will be this time Emma will have a romantic TLK. And that is the job only for one person: Killian Jones. And I still think that he will have to win Dark Emma’s heart a bit before she lets him kiss her, but… Let’s see how things go.

One thing’s for sure: I haven’t been this excited for a story arc in a LONG time!

From an anon…

So we don’t know how old Emma or Neal were when they met right? So how can people who hate swanfire say it was statutory rape? I had someone tell me I supported statutory rape and a rapist because I ship it and I like Neal.

Well, we do know that Emma had to be either 16 or 17. No older, no younger. We know she was born in October of 1983 (in our world’s timeline) and in October of 2011 she turned 28. There are continuity issues with Henry’s age and the year given for Neal and Emma’s meeting. One of them has to be wrong. We know from Manhattan that Henry turned 11 between October of 2011 and early spring of 2012. So if he was 10 in October of 2011 he would have had to be born in the later winter of 2000 or the early spring of 2001. But if Emma and Neal met in 2001, that wouldn’t be possible. So either Henry’s age as stated in the pilot is wrong and he’s actually 9, or the year given for Emma and Neal’s meeting is wrong and they met in 2000. There’s no canon information that indicates one is more true or valid than the other, so they’re both canon, they’re both valid. So Emma was either 16 or 16 when they met.

As for Neal, we truly have no idea.

Here are the things we’ve been given in canon that might give us indication of his age:

  • He turned 14 in Desperate Souls
  • The wanted flier said he was 24

And here are the things we don’t know, the things that were never even hinted at in canon

  • How long he spent with his father before he went through the portal
  • How long he was in our world (after he left Neverland) before he met Emma
  • How much time had passed between him stealing the watches and meeting Emma
  • Whether or not any documentation he has was obtained legally
  • What age he gave for his documentation
  • Whether or not that age was true
  • Exactly how old her was when he met Emma

All of those things, the major things we would indicate his age, are completely missing from canon. We have no idea about any of these.

The wanted flier would be solid indication of his age if every other piece of biographical information on it wasn’t completely fabricated. Because of that, it only presents one possibility, but it can’t really be taken as canon without more information that supports that one piece of info about a bunch of lies is true. And unfortunately, we don’t have that.

So all we know for sure is that he was older than 14. He could have been 24. He could have been 18. He could have been 20. He could have been any age that’s older than 14. That’s all we know. Beyond that, we have absolutely no idea how old he was. So any claims that it is unambiguously “statutory rape” (which it wouldn’t actually be categorized as in Oregon) is simple factually incorrect. It’s based entirely on assumptions and on what people want to be true rather than what we know for certain to be true (because we really don’t know anything for certain other than the fact that he was older than 14).

So, no, you don’t support rape or a rapist because you ship SF and like Neal. That’s a ridiculous assertion that’s made by people who are so bothered by people disagreeing with them that they need to do whatever they can to try to undermine their opinion. Unfortunately for them, they’re not basing any of that on canon, only on their assumptions.

So, I’ve been reading H.C.Andersen’s collection of fairytales my grandmother bought me when I was little, specifically the short story “The Ugly Duckling” and after that my brain started making wild OUAT connections. Like, we all know Emma’s surname is Swan, right? But until now I never payed attention as to why that might be, like I have no idea if the authors thought about this or just came up with a pretty casual name, but thinking about it…it kind of make sense in a very deep way.

Hear me out. The tale is about this duckling that’s all alone because everyone rejected him; he struggles to find a place where he belongs to and, through many hardships and suffering, grows into a beautiful swan and finally finds a family. Does it sound familiar?

Emma’s been by herself all her life, feeling abandoned and not fitting in. At the beginning of the show we see a woman with trust issues who relies only on herself and doesn’t believe in love at all. You could say these traits are what make her “ugly”, but by the end of season 4 we see a very different Emma, one who’s let love enter her life completely in all possible forms; she learned to trust the people who showed it to her and, in return, she started to believe in herself too, hat she deserved to be loved that way and was capable of loving back.

Her sacrifice in the last episode for Regina, the belief they will bring her back ‘cause they’re all heroes (and her parents taught her the value of hope), confessing her feelings to Hook, all these elements marked her transormation into a beautiful swan.

And maybe it’s not even a case that her first name, Emma, means “universal” and “whole”. By this theory I elaborated, her full name could be read as Absolute Beauty (given by the love most true). Sounds nice, eh?

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I noticed a bunch of anti SFers tend to conveniently "know" someone who was in a relationship with someone much older than them then proceed to use it as "proof" that Swanfire was unhealthy, saying as far the older person took advantage of the younger girl because she came from a broken home. Well, I don't know everyone so maybe some of their stories are true, but here is my counter story. I don't think age differences especially when we don't know Emma and Neal's are always significant. So I

had this friend that I met when she was 17 (in fact her birthday is Emma’s legit birthdate minus the year). She was raised in a loving household, one of four daughters, and her parents still together and so much in love. Every female is that family is strong and true to themselves, while their dad supports each one unconditionally. So when I met my friend she told me she had a boyfriend for the last year or so and wanted me to meet him. I told her sure. She told me how caring and compassionate he is. I was so enamored by her tales of him that I couldn’t wait to meet him. Then once I did, I found out he was in his late 20s. I was surprised but not critical. I then saw how her own parents proceeded to treated him like he was their son and how much love he gave to my friend and her family. Guess what? The same friend is now turning 25 this year, her older boyfriend just became her husband this year. They are still happy together, it’s not abuse, and it’s a mutual relationship :)


Thanks for sharing Nonny! Circumstances vary and people need to look at the big picture before judging others.