Guys, I’m on a Polish highway! I’ll be at home today at 8 PM Polish time, I guess.

I have kind of serious health problems tho (H. PYLORI ATTACKS BITCH!) so I can be a lil’ bit slow with replying to all messages MMDLuv got, but I promise I’ll do my best!!

I’m so happy to be back in my country.. Croatia was nice, don’t get me wrong, but still - I don’t really like this heat..
And holy shit, school starts in September (I honestly hope I’ll have the gastroscopy done before that) so I need to move my ass and do all things I planned to do.

Again, I’m SOO HAPPY TO BE BACK, and I also wanted to thank you so much guys for the HUGE support MMDLuv gets, we have 800+ followers, holy shit-
Be positive and stay awesome!

- Admin RE!