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This blog is great too! I have a question regarding a fictional earth-like planet of mine where the single large moon is not tidally locked and rotates, and seems partially made of large red quartz crystal and mars-red dust. Would it be possible for the light reflected from the red side of this moon to color the atmosphere of the planet purple-ish (at night) and lilac (in the day) if the atmosphere is the almost same as earth (save for a 30% oxygen level instead of our 21%)? Thank you!

I love weird planets and moons. As we detect and learn about more exo-planets, we keep seeing more and more weirdness and wonder in the universe. Just looking at the strange diversity amongst moons in our own Solar system (icy world-ocean Europa, fiery volcano-covered Io, hydrocarbon smog-covered Titan) shows that no two moons or planets will ever be the same.

So, in the interest of diversity, lets go all out and place a moon the size of Ganymede (the largest moon in our solar system) in orbit around our Earth-like planet. We’ll assume that the moon orbits at about the same distance as our Moon orbits Earth. We’ll take Ganymede’s shiny, icy surface and replace it with red crystals (or maybe it’s still ice, and the ice is red because of chemicals or single-celled life) and red Mars-like dust.

Ganymede is about 5200 km in diameter, making her about 1.5 times the size of the Moon. She would be large, bright, and would look very eerie with her reddish hues. Being much larger and more reflective, our Red Ganymede would shine much brighter - around 4 times as bright (about twice as bright due to size, and twice as bright again due to crystals/ice being more reflective than moon dust).

Having a red, red moon around a planet would certainly be dramatic, but would probably not change the color of the sky much at all for two reasons.

Primus, even our Red Ganymede wouldn’t be very bright compared to the Sun. The Sun is 400,000 times as bright as our Moon. It’d be about 100,000 times brighter than our Red Ganymede. There would be some slight reddening of the night sky if there were thin clouds - the clouds acting as a white cloth that the red light would shine on. During the daytime, there would be little difference between the blue skies we have now and the blue skies we’d have with Red Ganymede. Things might take on a slightly redder color, especially at night on a full moon, but the sky would still remain very similar to our sky here on Earth.

Secundus, the color of the sky has much more to do with the composition of the atmosphere than with the light coming through it. Even if our habitable planet was around a blue or very red star, the skies of an Earth-type world would still appear pretty blue. Adding a little red to the mix won’t noticeably change that.

You might see some increase in red when our Red Ganymede is rising or setting. The light from the moon is already scattered and bent because it travels a much longer path through the atmosphere. All of the blue end of the light would be scattered (and there goes more of the brightness), leaving all the red and yellow.

Of course, the fact that the human eye is only moderately sensitive to the longer, redder wavelengths means that even the little change that would occur probably wouldn’t be noticed by our meat-bag-mostly-water eyes.

The easiest way to make the sky look red is to fill it with fine particulate matter to scatter the blue light even more. A massive chemically-powered industrial civilization that pumps huge quantities of particulates into the atmosphere would do that, as would a very volcanically-active planet. Our Red Ganymede’s more powerful gravity would flex the planet’s crust and would almost certainly increase the occurrence of volcanoes.

I think that if our Earth had a Red Ganymede, it should be named Pele or  Xiuhtecuhtli. Either one would be cool.

A speech by Eugene Debs

The obligatory Debs speech:

Statement to the Court

Upon Being Convicted of Violating the Sedition Act

September 18, 1918

Your Honor, years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on earth. I said then, and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.

I listened to all that was said in this court in support and justification of this prosecution, but my mind remains unchanged. I look upon the Espionage Law as a despotic enactment in flagrant conflict with democratic principles and with the spirit of free institutions…

Your Honor, I have stated in this court that I am opposed to the social system in which we live; that I believe in a fundamental change—but if possible by peaceable and orderly means… Standing here this morning, I recall my boyhood. At fourteen I went to work in a railroad shop; at sixteen I was firing a freight engine on a railroad. I remember all the hardships and privations of that earlier day, and from that time until now my heart has been with the working class. I could have been in Congress long ago. I have preferred to go to prison…

I am thinking this morning of the men in the mills and the factories; of the men in the mines and on the railroads. I am thinking of the women who for a paltry wage are compelled to work out their barren lives; of the little children who in this system are robbed of their childhood and in their tender years are seized in the remorseless grasp of Mammon and forced into the industrial dungeons, there to feed the monster machines while they themselves are being starved and stunted, body and soul. I see them dwarfed and diseased and their little lives broken and blasted because in this high noon of Christian civilization money is still so much more important than the flesh and blood of childhood. In very truth gold is god today and rules with pitiless sway in the affairs of men.

In this country—the most favored beneath the bending skies—we have vast areas of the richest and most fertile soil, material resources in inexhaustible abundance, the most marvelous productive machinery on earth, and millions of eager workers ready to apply their labor to that machinery to produce in abundance for every man, woman, and child—and if there are still vast numbers of our people who are the victims of poverty and whose lives are an unceasing struggle all the way from youth to old age, until at last death comes to their rescue and lulls these hapless victims to dreamless sleep, it is not the fault of the Almighty: it cannot be charged to nature, but it is due entirely to the outgrown social system in which we live that ought to be abolished not only in the interest of the toiling masses but in the higher interest of all humanity…

I believe, Your Honor, in common with all Socialists, that this nation ought to own and control its own industries. I believe, as all Socialists do, that all things that are jointly needed and used ought to be jointly owned—that industry, the basis of our social life, instead of being the private property of a few and operated for their enrichment, ought to be the common property of all, democratically administered in the interest of all…

I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence.

This order of things cannot always endure. I have registered my protest against it. I recognize the feebleness of my effort, but, fortunately, I am not alone. There are multiplied thousands of others who, like myself, have come to realize that before we may truly enjoy the blessings of civilized life, we must reorganize society upon a mutual and cooperative basis; and to this end we have organized a great economic and political movement that spreads over the face of all the earth.

There are today upwards of sixty millions of Socialists, loyal, devoted adherents to this cause, regardless of nationality, race, creed, color, or sex. They are all making common cause. They are spreading with tireless energy the propaganda of the new social order. They are waiting, watching, and working hopefully through all the hours of the day and the night. They are still in a minority. But they have learned how to be patient and to bide their time. The feel—they know, indeed—that the time is coming, in spite of all opposition, all persecution, when this emancipating gospel will spread among all the peoples, and when this minority will become the triumphant majority and, sweeping into power, inaugurate the greates social and economic change in history.

In that day we shall have the universal commonwealth—the harmonious cooperation of every nation with every other nation on earth…

Your Honor, I ask no mercy and I plead for no immunity. I realize that finally the right must prevail. I never so clearly comprehended as now the great struggle between the powers of greed and exploitation on the one hand and upon the other the rising hosts of industrial freedom and social justice. I can see the dawn of the better day for humanity. The people are awakening. In due time they will and must come to their own.

When the mariner, sailing over tropic seas, looks for relief from his weary watch, he turns his eyes toward the southern cross, burning luridly above the tempest-vexed ocean. As the midnight approaches, the southern cross begins to bend, the whirling worlds change their places, and with starry finger-points the Almighty marks the passage of time upon the dial of the universe, and though no bell may beat the glad tidings, the lookout knows that the midnight is passing and that relief and rest are close at hand. Let the people everywhere take heart of hope, for the cross is bending, the midnight is passing, and joy cometh with the morning.

Vineyard Vines or Boyfriend Finds?

Part 1! You’re here: Part 2!


My contribution to @indiansummersunset and @iverindes ‘s College Rich boy trust fund kid Viktor

You can find my Ao3 here!


“Yuuri Katsuki if you think I’m going to wash all of your stupid little tea things then you’ve got another thing coming. Okay they are super cute and I totally instagrammed the poodle one but babe you thought wrong.”

Yuuri walked into the small kitchenette with Vicchan then sighed and ruffled his hair. “I was going to do them as soon as I got back from getting your coffee Phichit.”

Phichit took the coffee from Yuuri’s hand then took a long sip while making direct eye contact with Yuuri. “I take back my statement, son.”

“I’m older than you!” Yuuri nearly shouted before grabbing his own tea and quickly walking to his room. “I have psychology and then physics in thirty and Ciao Ciao gave you the day off so you’d better not waste it on instagram and…the snapchat?”

Phichit gave Yuuri a deadpan look then crossed his arms. “Don’t you ever call snapchat the snapchat again Yuuri. Never again.” He huffed slightly then went back to washing anything but the many little tea infusers. “Besides, how do I talk to my people and cheer you on by not going on social media?”

Yuuri hummed then shrugged and smiled. “I guess you’re right but still, you need to make sure you do your homework…and don’t cut the sleeves off of your shirts again.”

“Yuuri we’ve discussed this. I’m the fun one and you’re my impulse control. Remember?” Phichit grinned as he took another sip of coffee then sat on the counter. “Oh, after practice we should totally go out and splurge on a dinner okay? Yep, we’re doing that and then we can go to the club!”

Yuuri furrowed his brows then hummed and shrugged. “I actually can’t tonight Phichit, I have something to do. You can go out though~!” He grinned at Phichit then retreated to his room with Vicchan scampering after.

It took Phichit a beat or two to realize what happened before he slammed his coffee down. “Yuuri come back out here and wash your tea things!” He listened to Yuuri’s laughter for a few minutes before grabbing a monster energy drink from their mini fridge and downing it while sipping his coffee. “Little jerk.”

“Chris! Mama wouldn’t let me hold a skating party at the rink.” Viktor whined as he leaned against his best friend and pouted.

“Well it’s mid Fall so either way he probably can’t be there mon ami.” Chris practically purred into Viktor’s ear before Viktor pulled away and pouted rather dramatically.

“Why wouldn’t he be there Chris? Does he not like me? I knew I should’ve given him a faberge! A yacht! Anything!I don’t think I’ll ever recover.” Viktor whined as he sunk down in his chair.

Chris sighed as he ran a hand over his face then took his glasses off and set it on his computer. “Well he’s a figure skater, Viktor.”

“What does that have to do with my unrequited love?” Viktor frowned then sat up and fixed his hair before slipping his Vineyard Vines hat back on.

“He has qualifiers soon, I may not be able to qualify this year but I still keep up with it. That Phichit kid keeps posting updates on his insta and snapchat too. You should follow him so you can do less literal stalking and do it on the internet like the rest of us.”

Viktor pouted then placed a finger on his lip before he sat up. “Good idea Chris, we’ll hold a viewing party at the rink for Yuuri’s qualifying match!”

“I-I didn’t say that Viktor.” Chris sighed then shook his head. “Nevermind, but make sure it’s big enough for everyone to see.”

Viktor clapped then stood. “Alright, I have physics in ten. I’ll bring a starbucks back for you.” Chris slid his glasses back on then saluted Viktor as he walked out with his computer. As soon as Viktor was stepping out onto the quad he slid his sunglasses on and winked at the large crowd that immediately began to gather around himself.

He made his way across the quad, his hair practically gleaming in the mid fall sunlight. As he walked into the crowded classroom his eyes found Katsuki Yuuri who was sitting in the back and staring out a window. Viktor grinned before rushing over and nearly dropping his computer in his haste to get to the empty seat next to Yuuri.  “Hi Yuuri~!”

Yuuri jumped nearly three feet in the air without momentum then rubbed the back of his neck and turned his head to give Viktor a slight smile. “Hello Viktor.” Viktor grinned as he took his Vineyard Vines hat off then ruffled his hair. “Wanna go on a ride on my daddy’s yacht?” Viktor grinned as he watched Yuuri turn a few varying shades of red before setting his elbows on the desk and placing his head on a fist. “I’d like it better if you wanted to go on a ride on me afterwards though.”

Yuuri let out a screeching noise similar to that of his roommate Phichit before hiding behind his fluffy sweater and coffee mug filled with tea. “Uh w-well I don’t think I can? N-not that I don’t want to I just can’t?” He smiled nervously then took a sip of his rose tea to avoid making eye contact with the pouting Viktor.

“But Yuuri~ We would have so much fun! We have jet skis and we can go paddleboarding together before swimming at sunset.” Viktor pouted as he watched Yuuri keep his eyes away from Viktor’s.

“I have competitions, the first ones that I already did aren’t that important but they help for the important ones.” Viktor pouted for a few more seconds before positively lighting up. “That reminds me! We are having a viewing party here for your competition~!”

Yuuri rubbed the back of his neck then smiled slightly and shook his head. “Ah! Uh w-well if you were going to do that the connection doesn’t always work and uh Phichit already talks about it enough you probably wouldn’t miss much if he told you what happened.”  He grinned, albeit a bit nervously, then went back to sipping on his tea.

Viktor hummed thoughtfully, not paying attention when the professor came in and began to talk about centrifugal force and centripetal force. Yuuri took careful notes, making sure to get every detail down before the assignment was passed around.

While a majority of the class worked on the assignment Yuuri walked up to the professor, having finishing most of the following month’s work and spending many nights studying and doing multiple assignments. He was ready to take the multiple tests so that he could easily travel for week after week for the Grand Prix and other competitions. Phichit, the rather sarcastic optimist, pointed out helpfully the previous day that Yuuri drank enough energy drinks to make a christmas tree in their sitting area.

Yuuri spent the next few hours doing his tests while the others did an essay. Once he sat down again he rubbed his eyes and grabbed his phone out of his bag to see if Celestino texted him. Viktor leaned over Yuuri shoulder, not bothering to do the assignment just yet in favor of spending time with the blushing Yuuri. “What were you doing Yuuri?”

For the second time that day Yuuri flew nearly three feet in the air before stammering and closing his eyes to take a deep breath. “Well I had to do my tests instead of making them up when I return for longer than a week or two.” He smiled nervously as he red through the e-mail Ciao Ciao had sent. Yuuri had a near heart attack as he read through the e-mail a few extra times.

Viktor watched Yuuri turn pale then raised an eyebrow and tried to read the e-mail before humming and leaning back in his seat. “What happened Yuuri?” Yuuri turned his head to look at Viktor before running his fingers through his hair and smiling nervously. “Oh, uh Grand Prix finals assignments are out now.”

Yuuri quickly pulled his old computer out of his backpack then took a deep breath and typed in the website to find out where he was going this year. Viktor skimmed through the website with Yuuri, more like reading over the younger man’s shoulder before Yuuri covered his mouth with his hands to avoid screeching once more.

Viktor hummed as he read the many foreign names then focused on Yuuri. “Which ones are you in Yuuri?”

Yuuri let out the bigging smile Viktor had seen since he met the younger man then ran his hand through his hair. “I’m in the Trophée de France this year and the Rostelecom Cup.”

Viktor smiled when he heard France then positively beamed when he heard Rostelecom. “Those sound so fun! The campus will love watching~!”

Yuuri raised an eyebrow at Viktor then nodded slightly and took a deep breath. “W-well, thank you for your support Viktor.” Viktor merely grinned in response then grabbed his Vineyard Vines hat and slid it back on, grabbing his laptop and winking. “No problem Yuuri, you can thank me by coming with me on my daddy’s yacht and if chris were here he’d say come in more than one way.” He winked at the blushing Japanese man then ducked out as the class ended.

Yuuri sat in the chair for a few extra minutes with his mouth agape, a horrified yet confused expression on his face before he shook his head and began to stuff his things back into his bag to rush back to the dorm. Phichit jumped on Yuuri as soon as he walked into the dorm, catching a selfie before climbing off and grinning. “Congrats on qualifying Yuuri!”

“Thanks Phichit.”Yuuri was laughing as he set his back down next to the door then bit his lip. “So, I finally took care of all of my classes so I can actually travel without having to think about physics or psychology or engineering or anything.” He smiled then walked over to the small couch and plopped down, closing his eyes in the process. Phichit huffed slightly as he walked over then picked Yuuri up off the couch and settled down with Yuuri now in his lap. “Phichit! I could’ve moved!” Yuuri was blushing a familiar red as Phichit rolled his eyes and pulled his phone out to post the selfie he had just taken.

“Don’t give me that excuse of you being too heavy again babes, I know you aren’t.” Yuuri whined slightly then took his glasses off and leaned his head against Phichit’s shoulder. “So, Viktor invited me to go on his yacht?”

Phichit raised an eyebrow at his roommate then grinned and set his phone to the side. “Oh he did now? When did you guy start dating Yuuri? So scandalous!”

Yuuri laughed as he shook his head then rubbed his eyes as Vicchan hopped onto his lap. “We’re just in physics together, he said that he was going to hold a viewing party for the skates I”m in.”

Phichit laughed then nodded. “Chris told me, Viktor’s extra. He is hot though to get it Yuuri. Go get that ass.” Yuuri choked on air as he sat up fully, Vicchan nearly falling off, then turned his wide doe eyes to Phichit’s gleaming ones and let out a shrieking noise at the back of his throat. “Phichit! I can’t-why would you-how did you even get to that point in your head? I just said that we were in physics together and that he wanted to see the skates when did getting together with him cross your mind?!”

“Oh Yuuri I didn’t know you were the jealous type.” Phichit wiggled his brows at Yuuri before laughing at his roommates horrified expression. “You know that’s not what I meant!”

“Sure Yuuri, just remember that when you come back the walls are thin and make sure Chris isn’t there too he’d want to help Viktor, he says your thighs could kill a man and he’s not wrong, so remember. Thin walls. Thick thighs. Low screams, people wouldn’t want to be woken up that late at night. Make sure Viktor wears a different color other than that pink Vineyard Vines shirt, unless you’re into the pink. I don’t judge.” Phichit winked then watched as his roommate covered his face with his hands and mumbled in Japanese with bright red cheeks, partially hiding behind his small poodle.


Shout out to @actualyuuri and her fic Centripetal Force! Go read it! Cry with me! 


I believe in my own
hypothetical set of finite
and infinite possible universes,
including the universe in which
I live.

i. I believe there’s a universe
where i have pulled every single
fire alarm ive ever seen.

ii. there’s a universe of which I
have not met with your eyes not
touched your being. for I am still
wholesome. i believe there is a
universe that has left me still
tender, one that holds my
ribcage with its hands to
keep it from decaying at
the seams.

iii. there’s a universe where I
have been swallowed fully by
my own self regret, and words
I’ve left underneath the covers
of my bed, in hopes that I’ll never
have to throw them up. or bury
myself to keep them quiet.

iv. there’s a universe of which I
have fallen in love with you, and
you fallen in love with all the colors
of me. the blues have blossomed
into reds and we have crafted skies
of lilac matter that collects in the
branches of our veins, and we have
produced a love so profound, i
have to wash my mouth out with

v. there is a universe of which I
have lived and died and carried
out all of my life. just like there’s
a universe of which I am still un
born too. one I may or may not

vi. one that has scared the back
of my arms and has met me
when my highs have been high
and my lows have been low.

vii. there is a universe where I have
continuously disappointed my
father. a collection of molecules
drowning myself in the lakes
of all my doubt, while others
keep on swimming,

—  Excerpt From The Book I’ll Never Write #264

A Jonsa drabble (of course, duh). A flash of inspiration thanks to the above. One shot modern AU fluff and I couldn’t resist. Sorry.


Don’t Tell (Her)

Sansa sighed loudly as she fell onto her bed in sheer exhaustion. She would take a shower after her nap. It had been a long shift and the four car pile up on the M51 motorway had sapped her of everything she had, when the victims came ushered in one after another. She had counted at least seven of them.

Seven survivors and none dead, she thought, thankfully.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, her ears registered a faint knock on her door. Sansa rolled her eyes, wishing she had her own place for the thousandth time.

“Come in.”

“Hi darling, I thought I heard you come home,” Catelyn sauntered in to greet her eldest daughter. Her bright blue eyes danced as she sat on Sansa’s bed. Sansa was exhausted beyond doubt but there was no need to brush off and dismiss her mother because of it. It was probably something she needed help with.

“So, your dad’s birthday is coming up and instead of the usual date night we always have, thought maybe we could plan something as a family. What do you think?”

Yeah, there it is.

“Right, of course, Mum. What do you have in mind?”

“Oh I don’t know love, maybe go for a short weekend getaway? Rent a ski chalet up north with the family? You’re so good at planning all these my darling, whatever you think I’m sure your dad would love it,” Catelyn suggested.

She was right. Sansa had a talent in organising family events and the most recent one was a luau for Rickon’s 12th birthday. Everything went perfectly as planned that day, even the weather cooperated. Sunny and warm, without a drop of rain. Sansa knew Rickon’s obsession with surfing wasn’t just a phase. It was one party to remember and it had earned her heaps of praise from everyone who attended. She stifled a giggle when she remembered the look on both her parent’s faces when he boldly announced his wish to be a professional surfer when he grew up. No doubt, the party anchored that dream firmly in him. Rickon with his sandy auburn hair and blue eyes would have no trouble looking the part.

“Did someone say ski chalet? Ooh can we go, can we go please?” a voice rang in excitedly as Arya who was looking for her mother, walked past her room and joined them.

Ugh. Great, leave the door open Mum, please, don’t bother ever shutting it. Ever.

“We’re going skiing everybody!” Arya bellowed, obviously trying to rally the rest. Sansa slumped back onto the headboard in defeat.

Yeah, okay call everyone in here please, how thrilling. Sleep, what sleep I don’t need sleep.

“What? Skiing? Really? When?” Bran’s head popped in seconds after. “Ricky! We’re going skiing!”

“Oh my god really? Good lord, of all freaking times..” Sansa sighed, waving her hands up in exasperation.

“Now, now, nothing’s been planned yet but I thought for Daddy’s birthday we’d do something together as a family. So I asked Sansa if she thought renting a ski chalet for the weekend would be a good idea,” Catelyn explained gently to her excited brood.

“Sansa, we have to go skiing, what’s there to think about? Get on it, will ya?” Arya demanded, plonking herself on Sansa’s bed, which suddenly felt very crowded.

Rickon and Bran leapt in and sat on the carpeted floor beside Sansa’s bed. “Yeah, can we go please Sansa? Pretty please? We rarely ever go skiing with Mum and Dad. Please?” Rickon pressed his palms together in a mock prayer to Sansa, his earnest face scrunched up adorably. In spite of herself, Sansa chuckled, how could she say no to that face.

“What’s happening? Family meeting?” Robb’s voice greeted them as he entered the already stuffy bedroom.

“Sansa’s going to plan a birthday trip for Dad. We’re going skiing!” Rickon shared excitedly with Robb, who was now already leaning against the wall next to Sansa’s bed and the boys.

“ Is that right? So does Dad get to know or is this a surprise?” Robb asked, chuckling at his brothers’ enthusiastic nods.

“We should tell him, you know he doesn’t like surprises. Plus he’s the one who needs to drive us up there anyway. So would be better if he knows,” Sansa finally spoke amidst all the enthusiasm and excitement in the air. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Well then, I guess that settles it. So a skiing getaway it is. So, I leave it to you my dear, I’ll leave my credit card details for the booking and let me know if there’s anything you need help with. Ooh, this would be such a great birthday trip for him, I know it!” Catelyn hugged her daughter and finally concluded the impromptu family meeting. Sansa nodded and smiled. She was too exhausted to say anything else and perhaps that would be a signal for everyone to get out of her room so she could rest. Sansa was seconds away from barking at them to leave but she was supposed to be a good example so she chewed on her lip instead.

“Okay everyone out of Sansa’s room, she just got home and she needs to rest. She can’t plan anything if we don’t let her rest. Come on everybody out the door now,” Catelyn playfully shooed the rest of them away towards the door and stepped out herself, as if on cue and gave a wink to Sansa. Sansa smiled back appreciatively and threw herself back on her bed and ducked under the covers.

Yes. Finally. Peace and quiet.

“Hey Sans-”

Sansa wished her bed would just swallow her up. Sansa gritted her teeth. “Oh my god, yes! We are going skiing for the weekend and yes, everyone IS going and I’ll take care of it. Now if you don’t let me sleep, I swear to god I’ll cancel the whole trip and all we’re going to do is eat breakfast at McDonald’s for dad’s birthday! Please just go away and let me rest!”

Sansa’s head popped up from under her duvet covers to see who was disturbing her this time.

“McDonald’s breakfast doesn’t sound too bad, honestly. I personally recommend the hot cakes,” Jon greeted her as he sat at the edge of her bed, watching her with an amused look on his handsome face. Sansa groaned and sat up, giving him an apologetic frown. Jon reached over and gifted her a much needed kiss on her lips. It was brief but just what she needed from her beloved.

“Don’t ask. Two words. Dad’s birthday.” Sansa shrugged and held out her arms to Jon for a hug. “I missed you.”

They hadn’t seen each other for days ever since Jon started his shift as a paramedic a week ago. Granted, it wasn’t a new relationship but it was a new job that meant irregular hours for both of them. She still missed him terribly.

“I missed you too, my love. I take it you had a long day?“

Sansa nodded as she pulled away from Jon. She must look terribly exhausted to him, but she didn’t care. Jon was here and it was all that mattered.

“Stay in with me?” Sansa pleaded with a playful pout. Jon chuckled. There was nothing more he wanted to do than to cuddle in bed with her. But they weren’t alone and it wasn’t appropriate. Even though he practically grew up with the Starks, he still respected boundaries. If they wanted to be intimate, it would be at the privacy of their own home. Which was going to be soon, since they both had decided to move in together once Jon had settled in with his new job. Plus, Ned Stark would be home any minute.

“Ah, I would love to my gorgeous girl, but you are in desperate need of a nap and I promised Bran to help him build.. Something. I forgot what he asked me to do but I said okay.”

“Oh that’s too bad. Would be nice to have you in bed with me.”

“Oh no, no. Don’t you start it, Miss Stark. You know very well what will happen if I do get in that bed with you.”

Sansa giggled and nodded. True enough, having him in her bed would be the next best thing, but she wouldn’t get any rest, if her furtive glances at the zip of his jeans were any indication.

“Don’t worry, my shift is done for today so I’ll still be here when you wake up,” Jon reassured her and pressed a kiss on her forehead. Sansa inhaled deeply, he smelled of soap and clean clothes, which reminded her of the shower she so badly needed.

“Tuck me in, then?” Sansa asked, tugging at his sleeve playfully. Jon smiled and grabbed hold of the covers as Sansa laid her head back on the pillow.

“Kiss you later, sleeping beauty.” Jon kissed her again as she closed her eyes and finally drifted off to sleep. Jon stepped out and closed the bedroom door, heading downstairs to the kitchen where the rest of the Starks were.

“So, I take it she agreed to the skiing weekend thing?” Jon asked Robb, joining him at the dining table who was watching Bran and Rickon play their video games on their tablets.

“She did. Told Mum it was an idea for Dad’s birthday and run it by Sansa. I mean, it is DAD’S birthday. And skiing. If it’s one thing we Starks do well, it’s family vacations. And we’re crazy about the cold. Which is odd to me. But yeah, great suggestion. Mum liked it. Plus, it’s Sansa. She loves planning stuff like these. She won’t say no,” Robb grinned as he rambled on, passing him a beer.

Well she better not. I’ve got everything planned out in secret to make it a weekend to remember.

Jon stuffed his hand into the right pocket of his jacket and squeezed the little velvet box he had been holding onto for the past few days.

Robb saw and smirked at him. “So, you really going for it huh?”

Jon nodded and smiled at Robb. He took out the box and opened it for Robb to see. It was worth six month’s of his salary but he knew it was perfect for her.

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We Italians should appreciate our country more.
We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, Naples, Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, the Emerald Coast, the lake of Como… In Italy you can do whatever you want. Do you want to go the sea? We have that. Do you want to go skiing? We have the Alps and the Apennines. Do you want to enjoy the breeze of the lake? Just go to Como or Bellagio (George Clooney has a house here!!!).
We have the best food in the world (I mean, let’s be honest).
The best fashion designers are Italian and Milan is the fashion capital of the world.
Also Italy is considered the birthplace of Western civilization. Think about the Romans! Our cultural heritage is just….. immense? Literally half the world’s great art treasures are in Italy. And Italian art is what makes museums like the British Museum or the Louvre so famous and important. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano, Botticelli, Caravaggio… And we also had great scientists, Galileo Galilei, Enrico Fermi are just an example.

We live in such a beautiful country and we don’t appreciate it…
I am very proud to be an Italian.


A letter to.

For the stereotype America creates of Africans. United Kingdom. Europe.

I am African. I am not black. My ancestors were not enslaved. I do not ride a camel to school; nor do we trade women for cattle.

I play derbouka. I also play the tbel (tambourine). My rhythms catch you. They make you move like an African. Like a Berber. Like an Arab.

Rai. Chaibi. Kabyle.

I might see desert for days. I also see buildings. Sky scrapers. Sand alongside concrete. Heat married to cold. Snowy mountains whiter than any you’ll see on a ‘white Christmas day’ in the UK. This snow sticks. People ski. In the middle of the Sahara people ski.

We have cooling rivers. Chelif river. Mazafran river. Seybouse river. Sometimes there are droughts. Sometimes there aren’t. Our rivers have history. From Roman rule. Saint Augustine was the bishop of Hippo Regius. That’s present day Annaba, Algeria.

Algerian Arabic. Darija. Classical Arabic. French. Spanish. English. Kabyle. M'zab. Chaouia. Tamazight of Blida. There’s even Algerian sign language. Take your pick.

Yes, I am African.

I paint henna on my hands. A little circle on the palm. It welcomes in the new moon. I also dip my fingers in henna. My feet. Sometimes hair. Men do it too. Yes, we’re African.

Our skin colour ranges. Depending on the sun. Depending on your roots. Who cares.

Chorba. Rechta. Merguez. Chakhchouka. Berkoukes. D'am. You can call the last one cous-cous. We have over fiver names for it anyway.

Sometimes I’ll wear an abaya. Sometimes I’ll wear a jeba. Melhfa. Gandoura. Or just a t-shirt and jeans. Yes, still African.

Muslim. Christian. Jew.

Roman rule. Islamic rule. Ottoman rule. French rule. Independence. Well, independence is always questionable.

I am African. I am not black. My ancestors were not enslaved. I do not ride a camel to school; nor do we trade women for cattle. 

Naila Missous. 


2014’s greatest meteor shower

“Since the Geminids were first discovered, they’ve been intensifying annually. In recent years, the Geminids have been producing over 100 meteors per hour, and this year they’re expected to peak Saturday night, with rates somewhere between 120 and 160 meteors per hour! The only people who’ll have a better view than we do if we have clear skies are the astronauts on board the ISS!”

With everything you need, except a weather dominator. 

I’m Reaching

(Just kidding you guys, I’m not reaching. At all. I’m 100% correct 100% of the time. Didn’t you know that?? Okay not really, but I am making a masterpost of today’s brouhaha over the Instagram post because I’m going through an anxiety spell right now and I need something to keep me grounded but I can’t focus enough for actual work.)

Today is 21 May 2015

And at approximately 10 am LA time, Harry Styles posted his first full color Instagram picture in eight months (since 23 Sept 14). 

Context: Harry and Louis are currently in LA alone. Last night Harry went to the “secret” Rolling Stones concert that this Billboard advertises. Louis was MIA… and there weren’t any photograph taking devices allowed in the venue, soo… take that as you will ;)

(Yes there is a very short clip of Harry at said concert. Looking directly into the camera and smirking. Possibly staged?)

So what most of the fandom can agree on is that something significant has happened, because Harry has broken his black and white Instagram aesthetic! Also, Harry shared this photo on Twitter, which guarantees it will be noticed more quickly (he does not share all of his Insta photos to Twitter). 

(He also gave a hint of color on this photo, promo-ing World Water Day, on March 22 - the day it was announced that Louis and Eleanor were broken up. I believe his photo came out first, before the news?)

Speculation on the Photo: Right, so there’s been speculation about the photo itself, which is a billboard for the secret Rolling Stones concert. Pertinent details here - this is a billboard. Billboards are signs in the physical sense, and also advertisements, usually of events that are to come or places that are ahead on the road you’re travelling. In the One Direction sense, Billboard has been all over them, and especially reporting on Louis, throughout this whole break. Billboard is a highly respected organization. 

On the billboard, you have the zip code for the part of LA that the concert is being held in - 90028. 28 is a number associated with Louis - he has it on the back of his jerseys (including last week with James Corden) and on his earbuds. There’s been previous speculation that Harry and Louis were married on September 28 (see post by MissPebbles2010), so 9/28 (zeroes are regarded as null). Both the associations of 28 and 9/28 within fandom are something that Harry would most likely be aware of. 

In the background of the photo, we have blue skies, and a sign that I’m assuming reads “Sun” something. Cheery blue skies are generally seen as good signs, and many in fandom associate Louis with the sun. 

Speculation on What It Means: Well, obviously, he’s ended his black and white aesthetic streak on Instagram, so there is the literal meaning. Metaphorically, Harry is a smart cookie who enjoys fandom trolling and symbolism, so… He has also “warned” of impending events before by being cryptic on social media.

It is worth noting that today is Thursday, 21 May. Tomorrow is Friday, 22 May, and the 22nd has been linked to Harry and Louis losing their chill. It being a Friday means that it’s also a great day to put out big news - a common tactic when people have big news to announce but want it to get “buried” a little bit by the time the regular newscasters come back on Monday morning.

Also, tomorrow is the day that Ireland will hold a popular vote on marriage equality.

Theories on what is coming have ranged from “nothing guys why can’t you larries stfu” to “nothing’s coming, but harry’s having a great day isn’t that awesome! we love that for him!” to “they’ll be papped together for the first time in their serious coming out arc” to “the big come out is here”. 

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fic title: starry skies

@deadcatwithaflamethrower this little one’s for you. 
Also I should probably apologise for some of this, I am a terrible being of destruction and angst. But it’s an Otherwhen AU, and I wrote it, so I guess we sort of expected that?
for this meme 

Herssella Grinn in the Otherwhen Timeline is as much a Shadow as in ReEntry, but becomes one through a far more convoluted path. 

In fact, she sees the first year of the war through as a Knight, and a formidable General. She is one of very few in the recent history of the Order who have begun to develop an aptitude for Battle Meditation, or the ability to keep track of all forces on the battlefield at once. A master tactician, Herssella has a knack for surviving entanglements with notorious Seppie Generals like Grievous and Trench with few casualties. 

Until her battalion is specifically targeted and ambushed by a very large enemy force. They suffer heavy losses, including one SD - Herssella’s command - completely shredded. 

Herssella and her battalion return to Coruscant. The ambush raised a number interesting questions. It wouldn’t be the first time a clone made the choice to betray their General in the history of the GAR, and that is the immediate suspicion. But Herssella had been careful to make sure all communications to external, non-Republic-issue devices were always monitored since she learned about Christophsis. The target coordinates they had been approaching had been pre-set by the Council, and were never made publicly known - all of which points to someone further up the chain of command being the leak. Thus follow the meetings with MonMassa and subsequent investigations in-Temple. 

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I'm your previous Rucas anon. About the previous spoilers, I know what happens in ski lodge and I'm excited for it but honestly I'm a little worried after the misleading upstate spoilers we got that some scenes in ski lodge might be slightly exaggerated by the shippers. I don't usually go through your blog for obvious reasons but I want to see if your spoilers differ in the rest of them. What tags do you recommend for the ski lodge episodes? I just want to know what your take on it was.

My #girl meets ski lodge tag has a lot.

And frankly, it’s not that shippers are exaggerating Ski Lodge 2 spoilers so much as it is that they’re not acknowledging how it doesn’t really connect narrative-wise with what seems to be going on in the episodes going into the two-parter, and they’re also not really acknowledging the fact that we’re missing half the narrative in terms of how they get from Tri/Upstate/TM to the events of SL2. I think SL2 makes sense in terms of the OVERALL narrative of the series as a whole (especially once you account for Maya’s emotional regression and Josh’s role in how things play out), but in terms of just the Tri-SL2 arc alone it doesn’t quite connect, you feel me?

At the taping I was a little bit confused for a few minutes because I was thinking of everything in terms of just this arc contained within itself, but then once I let it sink in for a second, once the importance of SDLM, GLONY, TOS and I Do coming AFTER Ski Lodge hit me, once I thought about it terms of the series as a whole I was like, “oh, of COURSE. This actually makes a lot of sense.”

That said…I will say that “proposal” is REALLY overselling the Rilucas convo. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute and all—I “awwwww-ed” as much as anyone, ngl—but to me “proposal” implies that the conversation was much more deeply romantic than it actually was, ya know? Because many spoilers have been using the term “proposed,” I think a lot of people are envisioning him taking a knee and asking her to be his girlfriend or something like that…but that’s just not what actually happens at all. Their conversation is…it’s actually rather odd once you let it sink in, tbh.

Anyhow, I have largely held off on any serious interpretation of the events of part two because to me, we definitely need part one to understand how they got there from the episodes immediately preceding SL1. For the most part I’ve stuck to clarifying things that have been telephone-gamed to death in terms of misrepresenting tone and what little context we do have.