This blog likely won’t be as active for the next 3 months or so

Because Canada’s election has now been called and I’m going to be devoting a lot of my time to educating people about the election and why not to re-elect our douche-canoe of a Prime Minister. I’ll be mostly posting on my Canadian Politics blog here allthecanadianpolitics.

I’ll post stuff as I have but not as much from my dashboard.

Prime Minster Stephen Harper has been power in 9 years, and we finally have another chance to get rid of him. The election is on October 19th, 2015. I encourage all Canadians to vote.

Stephen Harper is to Canada what George W. Bush was to the USA.

Stephen Harper is to Canada what David Cameron is to the UK.

Stephen Harper is to Canada what Tony Abbot is to Australia.

Stephen Harper is to Canada what John Key is to New Zealand.

He’s a right wing conservative piece of trash and I’m sick of this country falling further behind. We’re a disgrace on the environment, Science funding is going to hell, First Nations are being left behind, He’s a servant to Big Oil, he’s provoking the world with unnecessary military conflicts, he’s cut funding to Feminist groups, he’s cut arts funding, he’s cut healthcare funding, he’s been shit on the economy; we still haven’t recovered economically since 2008 and now we’re plunging into another recession because our PM couldn’t bother to diversify our economy beyond oil.

The two most common replies to my post about how we should not be coddling and babying men have been 1) I do it because I have to and feel unsafe if I don’t and 2) “replace the word MEN with PEOPLE and we’ve got a good post”

The second is obviously not worth a real reply but tbh people have a great amount of power over how we live our lives and obviously you’ve got to live in a way that you don’t find frightening but I promise it is totally possible not to prioritize men in anything you do if you are willing to stand your ground and if you are willing to go through a very uncomfortable period of time. A couple guys will call you a cunt but frankly they’re gonna do that anyway.

But the idea that it isn’t possible is fatalistic at best and factually incorrect- like the logic that black people can’t speak up about white people’s mistreatment of them in a public way, or that black women don’t have the ~option~ of not dressing pristinely every day. You do, people will just hate you for it. But they already hate you. It all starts with hate. I publicly address white peers and professors in class all the time about their ideas being wrong or off and you don’t even have to be aggressive or cruel (although I don’t care if you are) and yeah some people aren’t going to like that but. It is an option, just an uncomfortable one- but silence isn’t any more comfortable either.

Two nights ago, we experienced a rare lunar phenomenon; a Blue Moon (haha get it, it really only happens once in a blue moon). This once in a lifetime experience is an opportunity we have been gifted. These babies are powerful, and perfect windows for change. I spent that night reflecting on what I’m grateful for and what I’d like to improve on, I sat with my crystals and I wrote out a list.

My biggest new goal for this coming week (and hopefully beyond), is to see more sunrises and sunsets. When I came home from America and was still feeling the affects of jetlag, I saw the sun rise each morning and was in a better mood for it. I was more present, more mindful and more appreciative of my surroundings. The sun seems to set now without my even realising, because I’m distracted by technology or hibernating away inside. This week, I’m going to change that.

This month I’m also running an ‘August Vegan Challenge’, encouraging you to reduce or eliminate animal products from your diet. If this is something you’ve always wanted to try but never gotten around to; THE TIME IS NOW ☺️🌎♻️✌️ I’ll be posting recipes on there, tips, grocery lists, links, resources and more. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to reply below!! 😄🌱🐮🐷🐥🐬
(at 🌔🌓🌒🌑READ BELOW🌘🌗🌖🌕)

I still don’t have power at my house. We can’t get an electrician to fix the weatherhead until tomorrow. At least my candle collecting witchy habit comes in handy sometimes! Also, my awesome neighbors are between tenants at their house so we were able to stash our food from the fridge so it won’t go bad.

Totally bummed that the tree branch that fell might have been the one with the crow’s nest in it. I haven’t seen the crows in a few days.

I came to the shop early because we have no internet along with no power a home but I still have a lot of things to take care of and answering asks in not anywhere near the top of my list. I’ll get to them when I get to them.

Babes. Girls. Women. Yes we fall into those categories, but I believe we are all more than those simple words. We have the power to create ourselves into unique beings who don’t need to be defined by the so called rules of being a female. And that is why I am such an advocate for babes who do rad things like skate, surf, bike, etc. These girls break the mold of the male dominated sport stigma, and I think that takes so much confidence. To not be threatened. To take on a challenge and prove yourself. We all should push ourselves to try the things we’ve always wanted to do but have been too scared not to. Get out of your comfort zone and go bomb a hill, ride a wave, who cares if you might look like a kook, fall a little, just get up and get out there. 
xx Ginger 

so my idea for severa is cordelia is going to learn tomebreaker via the sorcerer class and stahl is gonna learn bowbreaker through the bow knights, and severa is gonna be their kid and she’ll end up being a pegasus knight and basically she’s going to take out every ranged unit with no problem at all and i love her

and yarne is gonna be panne and lon'qu’s kid and he’ll have astra and lethality so i dont have to push him through the myrmidon classes, and i’m making him a warrior eventually so he can grab counter

and when he grabs counter, i’ll swoop in with my galeforce and we’re gonna have the most powerful child ever

Thoughts on Eternal Life and Spiritual Power

“Thus we find this entity capable of arousing others, or of becoming the incentive to and the motivative force of many—in and through its application of itself in the material world; as a worshipful experience to that something within the entity itself which magnifies—by the reflections—the awareness of the attributes of body, mind and soul in the experiences of others.

Hence the great intuitive forces, the abilities to raise the vibratory influence within the lives and the experiences of others through the use or the application of those abilities within their own selves—these become a part of the entity’s experience; mentally first, and it grows either to that of materiality, material desire, or to those influences that are creative, constructive, spiritual in their nature.”

-Edgar Cayce Reading

I think about the fact that so many of us want to walk in power and help a lot of people, but we forget that we have to first touch that power first within ourselves. Our own living connection with the source/god/goddess. This living breathing connection to the source is the eternal life that is what elevates us, and changes the very way/rate at which we vibrate, and therefore impacts how much we are truly able to help people.

The Cayce reading above is a reminder that our ability to truly help others is in direct relation to our own time spent with self, with Self, with Source. The more time we spend with self, Self and Source, is the more that true radiant eternal power/life emanates from us naturally and begins to have an effect on those around us. We naturally, almost without trying, motivate others to do the same. It’s because they see and feel the power flower through us that their own vibrations are raised.

As Cayce said, “the spirit is the life, mind is the builder and the physical is the result.”

The is the beginning of the Great Work, and of Magick.

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Who made the first move you or the girl

the girl :-) she asked if i wanted a tea or s/t and took me into the garage and we stood in front of the fridge talking/flirting for like 15 minutes and she was like “my heart is beating so fast im so nervous” (i love having that power over someone hah 😊) and when we finally left the garage she stopped me in the laundry room RIGHT NEXT TO HER KITCHEN WHERE HER FRIENDS WERE???? and started kissing me it was..ideal

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What if Episode 5 is like a wrap up/flash back episode? Like in the Episode 5 trailer thing, we can hear that Max can still talk. So what if she starts questioning Jefferson and stuff and we find out about Nathan and his crazyness, the real details about Kate and what happened to Rachel Amber. Also, what if Rachel Amber had the same type of power that Max has? And Rachel knew about Jefferson and his shenanigans and she was trying to bust him, but Jefferson knew and killed her so he was safe?

That’s possible, I think Max will question him but I don’t know how far she’ll get as he’ll try to drug her with something else like we saw in the teaser bit, a lot of people thought that Rachel has the same power as Max and was trapped in time or something like that but Jefferson killing her to protect himself if he knew about her power would make sense but we’ll have to wait to find out


Please become part of  ACTION/1D and make your voice heard.. We have the power to change our future but only if we do this together. This is my video hope you like it :)

Gay Man Pulled From Home, Beaten By NYPD Officers Yelling "Faggot" In Horrifying Video
A gay Staten Island man is suing the NYPD after four officers dragged him from his home last month before violently beating him in the front [...]

Unlike black people, we have extremely powerful lobbies. Hopefully, now our lobbies will go after the police above their heads in the name of gay people AND black people since no one else seems to fighting that fight either in Washington or statehouses.

ok so I’ve seen a lot of posts recently with mainly the phandom, tronner and troyler fandoms roasting the fuck out of each other

guys, do you realise, we have to stick together


with all of their main channels together, dans, phils, connors, troyes, and tylers, there is a combined total of 23,042,838 subscribers (and counting) IM NOT EVEN INCLUDING ON THEIR SIDE CHANNELS AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA

with all of us together, we have literally ruined about 73% of tumblr with our trash posts, and I couldn’t be prouder. AND WE HAVE SO MANY POWERFUL FIGURES IN THESE FANDOMS. WE CANT FORGET THAT.


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Stars time starting up again this week reminded me: Galaxia first introduced herself as SAILOR Galaxia in 181 (or maybe earlier, I forget, but definitely by then), but I don't think you shared any thoughts on that. I realize we haven't gotten much out of Galaxia beyond "go get them Star Seeds" yet, but do you have any theories on if she's a true senshi, or why a senshi would be enslaving other senshi and commanding them to kill?


Right, so I did talk on this a little bit, though I think I was with Iron Mouse way back in the beginning of the season. Mostly it was to the tune of “Anybody can say anything they want, that doesn’t make it true”.

I’m kind of meh to the idea generally speaking. Or at least I WAS until Crow and Siren decided to shove their faces in and ruin everything I have ever tried to be like seriously you two have been fucking me up since LITERALLY your first seconds on-screen FUCK YOU FUCK BOTH OF YOU FOREVER YOU HAVE RUINED ME

Quite despite myself, I’ve been building fairly elaborate backstory for them. The fact that they’re fallen Senshi is kind of deliciously at the heart of it so oops I guess I care about this after all.

I’m going to be honest though, I still have no fucking clue what Galaxia is up to. She wants power, she wants to be unstoppable, but why? I keep waiting for the pieces to drop in to explain her motivation, and I have to think they’re coming soon because I have like eight episodes left for fuck’s sake. And don’t think I’ve forgotten that you started this shit with Nehellenia at the top of the season. CAN WE PLEASE NOT MAKE MY JOB MORE DIFFICULT BY LEAVING ME TO EXPLAIN THAT. SURELY SUPERS WAS ENOUGH FOR ONE SOUL.

But Galaxia herself, hmm. A thought I just had was that maybe she’s not a Senshi at all, but she wants to be? Or she was a Senshi and lost her powers? Perhaps by collecting “true Star Seeds” (and what even is that, is it each group’s ginzuishou equivalent maybe?), she can make that happen for herself? Or believes she can. I mean people are fucking terrified of Galaxia, one assumes she already HAS power. Entire galaxies are falling to her, right? (Right? Maybe not?) But maybe what she has is not the power she wants. Or …

I know a lot of my theorizing about Stars keeps coming back to the bracelets (I can’t seem to get away from them), but I think it’s telling that of all the major power displays we’ve seen from the bad guys so far come FROM THE BRACELETS. Blasts are fired through them, Star Seeds are extracted by them, characters die when they’re removed. I can’t actually think of much I’ve seen Galaxia DO that isn’t through a tool of some kind. It could be that’s nothing, but it could be it’s everything. (I’ve been laughing at her ridiculous throne, but has that been a major power source for her this whole time, hiding in plain sight?)

Now I’ve said it, I really like the idea of Galaxia basically being a huge fraud, giving herself a title (”Sailor” Galaxia) that isn’t hers, that she’s trying to steal. I like, too, how that could tie in with her and her minions taking weak/untrue/regular/whatever Star Seeds from the victims of the week and leaving in their place an army of “fake” Senshi.


[And because I am a paranoid Jet Wolf, here is your regular friendly reminder to please not confirm or deny anything here. Particularly as we round this final corner, spoilers are nobody’s friend.]

Wisp:  In the end, it’ll be the whether someone, anyone, treats the value of Choice.  Those who seek to take away someone else’s choice will be someone I cannot support.  Those who wish for others to have a chance to make their own choice will be supported by me.  So in short to your question Sir Blue, if there are changelings who seeks to harm others, I’m against; While changelings who want equality, I will support.