C: I’m so tired. I’m so fucking tired of black women having to be strong. That we somehow have to power through the abuse and trauma. The amount of psychological damage that has been done to us and how we’ve been forced and encouraged to normalise it. That somehow suffering is ingrained in black womanhood. But how much longer do we have to suffer in silence. When do we get to be human beings? When will we stop being treated like the mules of the world to carry everyone else’s sorrows.

we are very powerful. we have the ability to make somebody’s day or devastate them with a mere few words. we could all be superheros if we’d like

so we have a sleeping dog-girl with the power of a first guardian who is not to be woken up.

and now, a sleeping cat-boy with the power of a first guardian who is not to be woken up.


they’re gonna either fight or team up i know it

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I'm so sick of being gay and hearing people in my family say homophobic things. My cousin, who's been my best friend since I was literally one, told me we couldn't be friends if I was a lesbian. I just want to be straight.

Seriously, we hear ya.
Sometimes it is so much easier to just be around like-minded people. Sometimes we get tired of educating people in every conversation.
Even family, we have to constantly re-teach what is not okay to say or assume.
Life would be easier if we were straight… But then again, being gay we have an opportunity to help. We have been able to live through one of the fastest and powerful changes of public opinion toward inclusion and empathy.

We get to see Abby Wambach kiss her wife on live TV after winning the World Cup.

We get to take part in the change and show support through silly profile pictures that give hope to young kids. You get to show your cousin, through patience and kindness that gays are people worth knowing and loving. That is a huge responsibility. It may save the life of one of her future kids.

Yes, life could be easier if we were straight… But it who wants to be average?

Idk i just feel like we as a fandom need to accept that Hannibal is over with. The actors’ contracts have expired, Fuller is working on American Gods, and Netflix and Amazon have passed. We’ve had a good run, but now we just need to accept our loss. Phone calls, petitions, letters, and tweets won’t make the show go on.  We’re just fans, we only have so much power, this is out of our hands. It’d be best if we stopped stressing about it.

We don’t have to give up hope that there’s a chance it could be saved, but we should keep our expectations low. Be proud that we got this far, against all odds.

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I checked again Charles name meaning and there are mentioned ''Charlemagne" who we already have seen. and the description near Charlemagne was: a powerful German leader who created a more ordered society out of the chaos. This sounds weird and who do we have German in pll? ezra, not?

Oh that’s interesting!!

I feel like this could be pointing to some truth about what’s happening. But who?!?!


Firstly, hold me back, because it’s going to be hard not blogging every single moment of these two throughout this episode.

Secondly, we’re going to ignore the hilariousness that is Prue’s flailing.

Thirdly, let’s talk about blinking. Last we heard, Melinda Warren was telling them Matthew Tate must have stolen that power from another witch. My theory at the time was that maybe due to warlocks stealing the power it became an evil one. But if the sisters didn’t know that, why are they automatically assuming it’s a warlock thing? Is it because they associate it with evil after Matthew?

Honestly, the only thing I can think of is that they’ve faced other warlocks off-screen who have blinked and realise it runs in the evil family now.

Just finished up a soccer-full Fourth of July weekend (Sounders and USWNT wins!) with some ice cream and getting our wedding invitations in the mail. Also, we have two mega-powerful new fans to try to cool down our million-degree house. Success!

it’s really a shame that we don’t know a lot about the signless or his revolution because it interests me a lot. ever since i started thinking about the concept of jesus christ superstar, except with the signless, i actually started wondering. he probably doesn’t, but do you imagine he may have had jesus like powers?

as far as we know, the only thing he actually has is being able to see into his past life (which also makes me wonder if the other ancestors had similar powers with their godtiers since he has this sight because his original self was a seer of blood), but what if he had abilities like walking on water and whatnot?? just imagine it: the seadwellers would take it as an insult to their authority. it would seem like he disregards the reign of the seadwellers and disregards their importance.

i do not believe the signless could have had healing powers or the ability to raise the dead because he isn’t a life player. that’s just not in his godtier description. but i still wonder what he else he could have done, hypothetically.

also, i recommend biblestuck, which is more stuff comparing the signless to jesus but in comical ways. please look through the tag, its hilarious.

~The Hyuga Queen~

“Her roar is an exulting cry, for hers is a song of freedom, a lioness rising to the Promised Land, and she dares to realize all she was created to be.” ~Wilhelmine Watcher

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“Fantasy is usually considered an escape, but it’s also a way to deal with weighty real-world issues from a safe distance, and in a context where you usually have some kind of power that you don’t have in real life. That’s absolutely our plan for this book. All the characters have problems that we don’t, and powers that we don’t — suitable to a fantasy world of myth and magic — but their wants and fears are very recognizable nonetheless.“


They’ll certainly be shocked at where Lydia has ended up in Eichen House and what she’s going to face in the future. The events that have landed her in Eichen House are going to remain a mystery for a while, but the structure of this season might come as a surprise, as well as all the challenges that Scott is going to face. One thing I can say about that scene is, it’s not in her head, and there is a reason she’s seeing Aiden (Max Carver) standing before her. But what we’re seeing is Lydia having mastered her powers, and much of that will be explained in the season coming.
—  Jeff Davis on what viewers can expect from the Lydia storyline and from the premiere in general (The Hollywood Reporter)
My mother taught me that we all have the power to achieve our dreams. What I lacked was the courage.
—  Clay Aiken

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re doing any kind of httyd AU, the dragons kind of…can’t be human?  not unless you want to change up their relationship with the “vikings”.  I mean, it’s not as though the dragons in canon are exactly…subservient, but at the same time there’s this feeling of “and now everyone has one!” that wouldn’t sit well with me were they, you know, human people.

so the conclusion would have to be just a simple “and now we’re all friends” instead of “and now we have augmented our society with the powers of these former enemies!!”  also, the whole “we’ve killed thousands of them” thing would be a lot harder to just gloss over.

We all joke a lot about muse but I think we can all appreciate all the things they taught us:
  • stand up for what you believe or no one will
  • always break free out of toxic situations / don’t let toxic people control you
  • let out your frustration
  • be kind
  • love is powerful
  • we are only people but we always have a say in what happens, we may be small but we are not insignificant
  • if you make a mistake you always get a chance to start over and be a better person
  • you’re never lost, you’re just searching, and you will find whatever you’re looking for
  • it’s ok to believe in aliens

After a shooting in Charleston, South Carolina claimed nine lives, President Barack Obama called for the nation to come to terms with the fact that no other advanced country in the world suffers mass shootings as frequently as the U.S. It won’t be until we acknowledge this basic truth, he said, that we’ll realize we have the power to put an end to gun violence

MORE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/07/02/average-gun-owner-america-gun-violence-study_n_7709884.html