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Hoping for the Best, Assuming the Worst

There is a running joke that my firm is cursed. This is overall the best job I have had, but a lot of macabre incidents & bad accidents have happened to co-workers. When I was first hired, one of the assistants was murdered by her boyfriend by the end of my first month.

There has been kind of chaotic thing going on at my work recently that I’ve been kind of quiet about since it’s been a bigger news story & I try not to post anything too identifying about myself for the weirdos of the interwebz. 

My 2nd favorite co-worker went missing over a month ago. Most of us at the firm were not very optimistic when this co-worker was first reported missing, but my boss has been in severe denial about the entire thing & kept insisting that co-worker has to be alive.

It is looking like co-worker’s body has been found, we have been told everything except explicit confirmation. I feel so bad for co-worker’s family, co-worker had a spouse that was paralyzed in a bad car accident 20 years ago & they have a severely mentally handicapped adult child that can’t do anything independently. Co-worker was the primary caregiver for the entire family, I really worry what will become of them.

It was such a bizarre story when co-worker first went missing. Co-worker took the adult child for a jog like they always did before dinner, but only the adult child came home & co-worker hasn’t been seen since. Everyone was amazed the child was able to get home, the mental handicap is severe enough that the child can’t read, speak, feed themselves, etc.

It’s definitely small moments like this that make it tougher to be away from home.


Frozen was never really my thing but I thought the casting for Disney’s California Adventure Frozen play was pretty awesome~

I was sitting pretty far away so this is as best as I can recall appearance, but still. It was a nice little play :)

You know what, the ‘suddenly, there’s 5 more Winter Soldiers’ subplot

has gotten a lot of flack, and I don’t disagree that it could and should have been handled a lot better, but even as it is, I really really like what it says, or rather, confirms about Bucky.

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I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

I am a Huge Nerd for alien and human interactions that go across tumblr (space Australia and Stabby come to mind) but like for real what about the human concept of luck? Each culture has its own, too, and also superstition so like this human will go nowhere near black cats but others are just like ‘oh kitty kitty kitty’.

Try to explain to someone that doesn’t understand that breaking a mirror is more than just a glass hazard. No it’s not a mystical mirror or a religious thing. It’s just a mirror, you broke it, now you get 7 earth years of bad luck. Is to the day? Who knows. But 7 years dude.

Or like that one person who always has stuff break around them. 'Why are they banned from the engine room?’ 'Just trust us Nyrak.’

Or what about people who things always go outrageously right for. That person where any number of the things that happen should not even be able to happen, and yet here we are.

That person that has the luck/innate skill to balance anything on their nose.

Lucky numbers. The importance of the zodiac too, while we’re at it. “The stars are not in alignment” 'have you been reading that human newspaper again Marshal?’ “No, Lydia, shut up” ,Are your species sensitive to the stars, humans?, “Nyark you know if I could explain it I would but I honestly cannot”

Good luck explaining Murphy’s Law to aliens who do not have the concept of luck or cosmic mythical interference.


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The Only Thing Worth Remembering About From 2015: the rebirth of “Larry Stylinson” & watching them rise.

Harry and Louis are the Stevie and Lindsey of the mermaid-tattoo-era stadium-rock eye-contact game. Louis’ eyes are dark, intense, controlling, with a surly "damn your love, damn your life” edge. Harry’s eyes say “I hear the darkness you’re expressing and it’s important to me but my heart tells me to twirl right now,” so he twirls and touches his hair. The brooding look vs. the beatific twirl. When one of them gets happy, the other gets wistful. When one of them gets bitchy, the other gets sugary. I could watch them sing together for hours. I could probably watch them do laundry for hours. (I doubt they do laundry.)“ - Rolling Stone Magazine (2015)