Otome Problems: Going with the flirty/upfront option is never the correct one

I know you all do it too as soon as you get the option to be perverted!

I hope the tones don’t look weird on tumblr! Basically, this was an idea that I had for what it’d be like if our voltage bae’s were playing our own routes! This was also what I was talking about when I asked people to send in their fav character and otomesiren got back to me first~ sorry to all those that were just a tad off! After I saw Ivan’s “anxious” face in the CG from the white day event, I was really glad I got an opportunity to recreate it heheh

(background is not mine and is just a template)

BTS - When You Befriend Them

You: hello i am your new manager

Rapmon: um ok, hello ma’am

You: call me noona

Rapmon: hello…noona?

You: ohHhh yeaH

Rapmon: wow okay…was there something you wanted to talk to us about?

You: your new concept

Jin: oh that’s great! was there anything you had in mind?

You: sex

Jin: uM

You: i want to exploit your primal instincts as males

Rapmon: can you…be more specific

You: i want to make you the sex symbols of korea, one by one

Jin: we have a young fanbase, is that even appro-

You: jin you’re a stripper

Jin: whAt

You: a stripper. i want you in a cop uniform, ready to arrest and just as your victims are cowering in fear, you rip off your clothes 

Suga: uh-

You: suga. you’re a pornstar

Suga: are you joking

You: dont pretend you didn’t see this coming. your name is suga

Suga: yeah but-

You: *imitates suga* hey ladies, im suga. two is fun, but what do you say you lend a cup of me to your neighbors too

Suga: whaT the acTual-

You: Rapmon. you’re a pimp

Rapmon: huh

You: i want you with a purple suit and bling selling your hoes left and right

Rapmon: ok, seriously, who in the hell-

You: V, you’re up next.

V: …okay

You: your name is V for a reason

V: what reason

You: you’re a doctor of lady parts that seduces his patients

You: doctor V

V: but-

You: NEXT! hmm…jungkook. oH Jungkook my little cookie

Jungkook: what

You: dont act so innocent i know what you really are

Jungkook: …..

You: you’re a baby tiger ready to be let out of it’s cage

Jungkook: um

You: meOw

Jungkook: noona, i’m really not-

You: oH yeaahH keeP calLing me thatTTT. okay Jungkook, do i even need to say what you are? it should be obvious


You: gigolo 

Jungkook: whaT

You: you heard me. you’re a gigolo, seducing older women and riding on their yachts

Rapmon: WOAH. okay, who are you and wha-

You: J-Hope, J-Hope, J-Hope. 

J-Hope: oh god

You: i had a hard time coming up with your concept. at first i thought, a sexy priest. but no. you’re so much more. you’re the president of a big company

J-Hope: …okay….

You: and everyone respects you. but you’ve got a secret.

J-Hope: what

You: you’re a sex addict

J-Hope: why me 

You: no wait it gets better. you’re a sex addict and you go to rapmon to get some hoes. you see how this works out into a wonderful full circle? this is why i’m your manager. 

Jimin: i think you forgot someone

You: no. i was saving the best for last

Jimin: so…

You: you’re a nudist

You: everywhere you go. nude. going to film a music video? nude. gonna have a fan meeting? nude. 

Jimin: I like it. 

Rapmon: Jimin! don’t encourage her. Okay lady, honestly- wait. what’s that noise from outside?

*security barges into the room*

Security: it’s her! The girl that broke in! get her!

You: nOOOOOO im their noonA manaGGER noOo


You: ooH officer kinky

*security puts handcuffs on you*

You: BTS. never forget mE !!!

*you are led out of the room*

Jimin: i like her

I’m the only one in the cast who checks the viewing figures – everyone else is oblivious. If someone asks me how we did last night, I say: ‘You don’t want to know, just go through your lines.’ We knew before this season the show was going to end with the sixth season so it’s good to be able to prepare mentally for that. Usually you wake up one morning and you’re told your show’s been cancelled. We’ve had a really good run and Glee has changed TV in a lot of ways. Even if the show doesn’t have the ratings it used to, we still have a passionate hardcore fanbase.
—  Kevin McHale (METRO 60 Seconds)

PopDust reports, and although they think he’s joking, I think they’ve gotten what’s really important. 

“Now, he is (most probably) joking, but that’s beside the point.

What’s WONDERFUL is we have a young boy band, with a primarily female fanbase, who speak about being gay as if it were perfectly normal and natural, instead of being negative and defensive about it.”


as the tag has been exploding with responses toward ragingfeminist

this person has been getting lots of message telling her to kill herself 


we’ve have claimed to be and even Mark said we are a caring fanbase

so please don’t send her hateful messages

it’s not right to wish for someone’s death or for them to get hurt

and whether it was true or not in the end we’re all human and we all make mistakes at one point or another

spread the love my friends 

Hooray for jumping on the bandwagon!

I actually worked on this for a good chunk of time, as I was trying out a new style!

This is a late bit of fan art for therealjacksepticeye when he hit 6 Million subscribers earlier today!

Jack, I doubt you’ll ever see this, but I’m incredibly proud of what we have done as a fanbase. It’s gotten so big, and I’m so pleased that you’ve been able to stay so humble about it. It’s one of the reasons you’re one of my absolute favorite youtubers- anyone who joins can tell right away that you absolutely adore your fans and care about them as individual people.

Thank you so much for keeping all of us as a fandom together. And congratulations again for such a huge milestone! HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND! *WH-PSH*

fun facts about f(x)!
  • f(x)’s Amber is secretly a llama. Many people have mistaken her for a boy, but in fact she’s actually a llama.
  • Studies have shown that people who listen to f(x)’s music daily live a better and happier life! In some cases the albums, Pink Bible (the old testament) and Red Bible (the new testament), have shown to cure cancer!
  • f(x)’s Krystal was kidnapped because her kidnapper bribed her with beef and mangoes. She was returned back home in a few hours because her kidnapper couldn’t handle her.
  • f(x) actually does have a fanbase name despite popular belief. We’re called nameless. 
  • f(x)’s Luna is an angel sent from heaven
  • f(x)’s Sulli is actually on hiatus and will return to f(x) next year.
  • Not many people know this but f(x) has an alternate name f(WeOnlyComeBackOnceAYearButStillSlayAllYourFaves)
  • f(x) also never had a solo concert despite being 5 years into their careers and selling hundreds of thousands of albums!
  • f(x)’s Victoria is the real Queen of China. Like legit
  • People still believe that f(x) has no fans… I mean


“The hardcore fans – the fanboys, the comic-book geeks – they’re the reason these movies get made. They’re the ones that see it two, three, four times. If we didn’t have that loyal fanbase, I’d be unemployed. So you have to make sure they’re happy, but the way you try and do that is to become a fan. You have to read as many comic books as you can and see the character through their eyes and try to understand what they expect. So you certainly keep them in your head. But like I said, going online and checking … everyone’s going to have a different opinion. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like something, so you can’t use that as your litmus test. You just have to respect what their expectations are.”

Kirsten Vangsness is not a lesbian. She’s not straight, either. And she’s also not bisexual. She’s chosen to identify as “queer,” and she has said that she is almost exclusively attracted to women, but she is engaged to a man. We as a fanbase have to respect her identity. HAVE TO. As in, it’s required. It is not up to any of us to apply a label to her that she herself has not chosen. I’m especially upset to see some people in this fandom who are members of the LGBTQ community who call her things that she has explicitly said she is not. Please stop it!

5h has always been underdogs since the x factor the fact that they got this far is because they’re talented, wonderful, genuine, and they have a fanbase that never quits

think about it, we versed a fanbase that has more than half of people than ours, yet we were neck in neck, even though judging by fanbase size it shouldve been an easy win for them

ELF, please help Suju win on Music Shows.

Here’s the situation: We are competing against groups that have a very strong korean fanbase. As you might know, Suju is not much appreciated in South Korea because they’re seen as “entertainers” and not “singers”. But we still have a chance to win on music shows if we reach 6M views on the official MV by Sunday 26th, KST. 

I know a lot of you want to enjoy this comeback as much as possible since Suju are going to be on hiatus for the next 2 years, or are just too busy with their own life, but if you have time, any help will be appreciated. Don’t tell yourself that “other ELFs will be helping, so one less person won’t change anything.” 
Suju worked SO hard to be able to release a special album. They used their connections to give us amazing songs. They were so proud of this album, saying that this is their best one yet. Do you want them to think “oh we put a lot of efforts into this but we didn’t win anything. Maybe ELF aren’t interested anymore?” It’s their 10th anniversary and they got us a present, shouldn’t we at least show some gratitude? 

Voting takes a few seconds (Show Champion, M!Countdown, Music Core), you can watch the MV in an incognito window and stream the song on MelOn while doing something else. Helping Suju should be a group effort.

Fanbases did everything to guide us: they published many tutorials (how to sign up to vote, how to stream, etc.), they also encourage us, answer ELF’s questions, organize mass streaming events and update us on the situation of the comeback.

We don’t even know when their next comeback will be. We don’t even know if it there will be another comeback. So ELF, I beg you, put an effort, no matter how little, into helping them win on music shows. This is our way to show that we are still here and that we still care about them. Let’s be the strong fandom that we always are. 

you guys gotta chill. some bands have bigger fanbases and thats ok. we arent that big yet but we are growing we will get there. this band is surely gonna take over the world someday, think of all the new members the clique gained today. think of all the people who are gonna hear vessel for the first time because of their performance and be helped by it. thats what its about. its not about awards, its about more people hearing the songs and being helped by them.