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Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.


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An Spanish newspaper wrote an article talking about Lexa’s death and its impact on the LGBTQ community. I translated it so everyone (even non-hispanic speakers) can read it, because it’s worth it. 

Lexa and the hypocrites

Hollywood is full of hypocrites. One day we have an Oscar’s award show -or Emmy’s, or Golden Globes, choose whatever award show you like - full of pro-LGBT references and the next day they decide to kill off the most important lesbian character there’s currently on TV in a heartbeat. What will Ellen Degeneres think about Lexa’s death, the character on The 1OO portayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey that had become a referent for the whole LGTBQ community. 

Let me break it down for you. The 1OO is a TV show that it’s not embarrassing to say you watch it. It was before though, because the idea of sending a hundred criminal teenagers that lived in a spaceship after a nuclear cataclysm to the Earth to see whether if the Earth was survivable or not was, let’s face it, pretty stupid. Nevertheless, as the show was evolving, the CW TV show that here in Spain is boradcasted by Netflix started to find its place and turned into one of the best Sci-Fi shows on TV at the moment.

And then Debnam-Carey’s green eyes appeared in a character called Lexa, who had a burning chemestry with Clarke, Eliza Taylor’s character, and producers and writers decided to take advantage of it and create a lesbian relationship with a lot of unsolved sexual tension that developed during almost two seasons. And suddenly, they decide to kill Lexa’s character off, excusing themselves by saying that the australian actress - on The 1OO they are all australian - was also on Fear The Walking Dead, a bigger TV show than theirs.

What is the point then on all of those public statements and support showed to the homosexual, transexual and bisexual community if Hollywood decides to kill off a character that was an emblem and a role model to all of them? Think about it; how many characters of your favorite TV shows are actually homosexuals and happy? In fact, not so many. Less awards shows and more reality, Hollywood.

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