Something about the manner of his hands circling your wrists sends shivers rattling up your arms and you have to pull your sleeves over your fingers to conceal the fidgeting of your hands. It’s all so painfully casual and easy, all things platonic and Just That, everything thick with static of things left unsure, things left unsaid. He lifts his head and he stares at you, and like a child, you can’t help but smile when you see the startling blue of his eyes and the adolescence of his face. You know it’s all wrong, and your heart tilts unsteadily, you know that all the waving beats of your chest are all off center and unmatched, are all shaking and wavering. You feel your breathing hitch and staring at the barely-there hair of his jaw you have to hold yourself still so you don’t reach out and touch him, so you don’t spill yourself over with all the harbored, closed-off feelings, with all the shifting glances and all the words you’ve choked on.
—  sky-talks (s)



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Northeastern Tip #12

Twitters to follow:

You gotta be following some twitter accounts from your school to find where events are, where the free stuff is at, who’s winning the hockey games, and just for the inside jokes sometimes. You can even win some twitter contests for tshirts, beanpot tickets etc. Here are some good ones to check out, or search “Northeastern" and find what you want!



@NortheasternCOS (or whatever college you are in)

@Boston_Police for emergency updates

@BostonGlobe so you can sound smart and up to date

@NUOffCampus if you are moving off campus

@NEUMakeouts cause lol




@FreeFeedNU for free food and stuff around campus

@TypicalJanstart (sorry NUin, it’s all in good fun)





and if you want to follow any of us message us privately :)

Edit: also @NUorientation for all of you incoming freshmen!
You tell yourself you’re alright and you put on your Brave Face and you hold your trembling hands still but you miss every part of him with every part of you. You don’t understand the way your hearts are tethered carefully to each other, the way you feel connected to his bloodstream through some invisible restraint. You don’t understand how it hurts so bad, and you have no idea how the pain is swallowing you whole until you realize that his heart is no longer chained to yours like it once was. You realize that he has cut off your blood flow, splitting off your air supply, and you realize that this is why you feel as if you’re lost in outer space without a helmet, floating away, with nothing to hold to and nobody to hold you.
—  sky-talks (s)
Three's a party

This is the last thing I guest wrote for a blog that deactivated!

Summary: Ash has been especially busy lately and your sexual tension lead to lingering stares and Luke and a jealous Ashton.

Smut? Yes bby yes

Ashton and I have been together for over a year and recently decided to move in together. We got this beautiful apartment which was almost too big for the both of us but cozy enough to call home. Once we were completely settled in we decided to have the rest of the boys over for drinks, dinner, and a movie/video game marathon. I woke up the day of the get together a little more horny than usual. Every morning Ashton and I woke up in different positions, but always near each other. Today, my head was on his chest and our limbs were intertwined with my core noticeably close to the side of his thigh. I moved to wake Ashton up by softly kissing all across his face, trying to hint at my early morning request. He kissed me back but failed to notice my attempt. I watched him get out of bed and slip a shirt on before I said anything. “Ash, baby, come back to bed for a bit.” I tried to sound as seductive as possible and bit my bottom lip, knowing it was one of his weaknesses. “Not right now, Y/N, we have a ton of stuff to do before the boys come over.” I knew he was right so I shuffled onto my feet and started getting ready for the day. Sooner than I was ready for, I heard knocks on the door followed by giggles you would expect from elementary school students. Ashton opened the door to our friends and they each greeted each other with an insult or embarrassing fact about of the other boy’s day. I finished making the drinks and went to say hi to the boys, giving each a hug and tour of the new house. Throughout dinner I couldn’t help myself but pay more attention to Luke than normal. I don’t know what it but something about the way his hair was with the shirt he had on caused this sudden attraction. I love Ashton and unless aliens came and abducted him, I was never going to be apart from that boy. However, our sex life had been a little dry lately. The boys and he had been working so hard in the studio lately, if we ever got around having intimate time it was fast and not what it used to be. I was stuck in this trail of thought when I realized Ashton had been calling my name for a while. “Earth to Y/N, anyone home?” I shuck my head and looked at my boyfriend who gave me a confused face, “Yes, sorry, babe, what’s up?” “Will you pass me the salt and pepper, please?” I quickly obliged, hoping no one noticed my lingering looks to Luke. Many drinks and a few loud games of fifa later, the boys decided to call it a night. “Well how about you all stay the night? There’s no need to get a cab and we can get breakfast in the morning.” Ashton suggested and I couldn’t help but sigh at his offer. I have been waiting all day for a release from my boyfriend and with the boys here I knew I wouldn’t be getting it tonight. Calum and Michael played another game while Ashton and Luke had a private conversation. I excused myself to make a cup of tea and went to bed. Once I got in my room I laid down for a bit and imagined all the dirty things I would do with Ashton if he were to come in the room right now. Definitely tease him for a bit for not getting back to bed that morning, but soon forgive him because I needed him badly. Time must have escaped me because suddenly I saw a drunken Ashton walk into our bedroom followed by an even drunker Luke closing and locking the door behind him. “Hey, baby.” Ashton slurred as he tilted his head to the side. “How long have you been waiting for me?” He smirked and I rolled my eyes at the question, ignoring him and looked at Luke. “Do you need a blanket or pillows to sleep?” I asked as he narrowed his eyes, “No, that’s not what I need right now, love.” I immediately looked at Ashton, waiting for him to scold his friend for talking to me like that. Before I knew it, these two giant boys were at the foot of my bed, eyeing me like Tigers selecting their prey. “Oh, come on, kitten. We both noticed the way you were looking at Luke today. You’re mine princess and I didn’t like seeing you look at someone else like that. Although, we came up with something we could all do together.” Ashton smirked at me and I was at a loss for words. “What are you getting at, Ash?” I almost didn’t want to ask because I had no idea what he was going to say. “Well, I was thinking, we hadn’t gotten to do much fun stuff together lately, so, why not invite someone to join us? Luke and I already talked about it and I think we could have a good time between us three.” I couldn’t believe the words my boyfriend just said. He wanted to have a threesome with me and Luke. As confused as I was, I couldn’t help but become much more turned on than I already was. “Won’t the other boys hear?” I hadn’t given an answer to Ash’s proposal before he started taking off his shirt. “They went to bed downstairs in the guest room. They have no idea what’s going on up here.” Luke answered the most confident I had ever seen him. I looked back between the both of them and decided that this was the fun I wanted to have and I knew I wouldn’t have an opportunity like this again. “You’re sure, Ash? I don’t want this to be brought up in an argument or anything later.” I asked just to reassure my boyfriend was okay with me getting with someone else. He climbed on the bed and came face to face with me, holding my waist with one hand and my cheek with the other. “I love you more than anything, Y/N. I don’t like sharing what’s mine, because you are mine and everyone knows that, but, why not? I think it could be fun.” I took a deep breath and nodded back to him; all I could do at that point was nod. He quickly kissed me and crawled back off the bed. I looked to Luke and saw he had his shirt off and his belt was undone around his hips. Luke was a man in every way, almost as attractive as Ashton, but I knew I loved Ash more than anything as well. Ashton motioned for Luke to sit on the end of my bed and guided me to stand up in front of them. I stood with wide eyes and the two boys I would soon be fucking on the same bed I slept in with my boyfriend. “Strip,” Ashton commanded. “Show Luke how much of a good girl you are for me.” I knew exactly what he was talking about and it took all my courage to begin. The night of Ashton’s last birthday I gave him a very well-choreographed strip tease which he absolutely loved and had me repeat on nights we spent together privately. I shyly smiled at the both of them and started to move my hips from side to side. I played with the bottom of my shirt, lifting it up just passed my belly button and let it fall down again before playing with the waistband of my pajama shorts. I turned to the side, remaining eye contact with the both of them, and bent forward, keeping my legs straight and ass in the air. I started slowly pulling my shorts down and swaying my hips once again. At this point neither boy was looking at me, but they were both strictly focused on my ass moving from side to side. Once my shorts were around my ankles I stepped out of them and lifted my shirt slowly and moved my feet to face them. “Fuck,” Luke whispered almost as if he didn’t know he said it. I giggled and looked at Ashton as I slipped my shirt over my head. Immediately as I had my shirt to where I couldn’t see the boys I heard them both take a breath in when they noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra. I threw my shirt on the floor and tilted my head to the side. “Who wants to finish?” I asked while playing with my lace thong. Ashton gestured to Luke, giving him permission to what Ashton got to do on a regular basis. Luke stepped toward me, towering over my small frame and bent down on his knees. He kissed my ribs, down my stomach, and both my hips as he slid my underwear from me. He was looking at my stomach then back up and me. “Beautiful,” he whispered to himself once again. I looked at Ashton as Luke stood up, cupping my face with his hands as he leaned in to kiss me. He tasted like the whiskey they were recently drinking when he stuck his tongue in my mouth. Ashton got up and stood behind me, putting his large hands on the small of my waist as he left open mouth kisses all along my neck. “Bed,” he simply stated and I led the way to our mattress. Knowing they were behind me, I got on and climbed across our bed on all fours, giving them a perfect view of my ass in the air and core open wide for them. “Fucking hell,” They nearly said in unison and I giggled, sitting back on my legs and put my hands out for both boys to join me. Ashton looked at Luke and asked, “Do you want to taste her first? It’s my favorite taste in this world.” I blushed and went in to kiss Ashton as he laid me down, putting half of his body on my upper half. We were passionately kissing each other when I felt Luke’s hands spread my legs and his tongue run up my slit painfully slow. I couldn’t kiss Ashton any longer and had to separate my lips from his and throw my head back, letting out a loud moan. “Fuck,” was all I could make out. I grabbed at Ashton’s hips, sitting us both up so I was face to face with his crotch. I grabbed him and started pumping slowly, licking his from his base to his head. I licked his slit and stuck him as far in my mouth as I could. He let out a low groan which made me moan in return. I never knew I could feel this much please at once. Luke was now sucking on my clit and he slowly stuck two of his fingers in me and I squeezed Ashton with my small hands. “I’m close,” I panted as Luke curled his fingers up in me causing my hips to buck up. “Switch with me,” Ashton demanded, “I want you to come with me in you, only.” I smiled up at him. I know he didn’t mind what we were doing but I loved knowing he wanted me to come for him and him only. Ashton pulled me so he was standing on the floor and my legs were around his waist. Luke grabbed my face and kissed me deeply as Ashton entered me. There was no other feeling than having Ash in me. His size still shocked me after all this time we have been together. After Luke tugged at my bottom lip with his teeth, I removed myself from his mouth and moved him so I could take his throbbing hard on in my mouth. I began bobbing my head up and down, taking time to moan in between from the intense pounding Ashton was giving me. “Fuck, I’m going to cum,” Luke moaned out as I kissed and sucked at his balls. “Cum for me Luke, let me taste you now.” I whispered against him. That’s all it took for Luke to stiffen and grab my hair and finish off in my mouth. Once he was done he leaned down and kissed my head then laid back on the bed. I looked up at Ashton and he smirked at me, picking me up from the bed and laid us both down on the bed next to Luke with me on top. “Show Luke what you can do, kitten,” Ash said seductively and I began grinding against Ashton’s core with him still inside me. I could feel my tits bouncing up and down and Luke’s eyes glued onto them. I looked at Ashton and knew he wasn’t going to last long by the way he bit his lip and closed his eyes. From the very first time we slept together, I noticed this was the way Ashton signaled he was close. I then bent down and started sucking and licking at his collar bones up to his neck, still grinding on him. I felt a heat in my core and involuntarily clenched him grabbing his hair in the process. “Yes, Y/N, yes,” Ashton said as he came in me as I clenched and came all around him moaning his name loudly. I stayed against his chest and looked at Luke who finished himself off at the show Ashton and I just put on for him. I slowly removed Ashton from me and lay between the two sweaty boys. “That was fun,” I laughed and they joined with me. “We may just have to do that again,” my Ashton said and the bed nearly shook at how hard Luke nodded. “Just let me know and I’ll be right there,” Luke said and we finished the night by laughing promising to keep this our little secret.

This hit me in the heart. I hope you liked it!


-Julia :) xx





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