Northeastern Tip #12

Twitters to follow:

You gotta be following some twitter accounts from your school to find where events are, where the free stuff is at, who’s winning the hockey games, and just for the inside jokes sometimes. You can even win some twitter contests for tshirts, beanpot tickets etc. Here are some good ones to check out, or search “Northeastern" and find what you want!



@NortheasternCOS (or whatever college you are in)

@Boston_Police for emergency updates

@BostonGlobe so you can sound smart and up to date

@NUOffCampus if you are moving off campus

@NEUMakeouts cause lol




@FreeFeedNU for free food and stuff around campus

@TypicalJanstart (sorry NUin, it’s all in good fun)





and if you want to follow any of us message us privately :)

Edit: also @NUorientation for all of you incoming freshmen!
You tell yourself you’re alright and you put on your Brave Face and you hold your trembling hands still but you miss every part of him with every part of you. You don’t understand the way your hearts are tethered carefully to each other, the way you feel connected to his bloodstream through some invisible restraint. You don’t understand how it hurts so bad, and you have no idea how the pain is swallowing you whole until you realize that his heart is no longer chained to yours like it once was. You realize that he has cut off your blood flow, splitting off your air supply, and you realize that this is why you feel as if you’re lost in outer space without a helmet, floating away, with nothing to hold to and nobody to hold you.
—  sky-talks (s)
Something about the manner of his hands circling your wrists sends shivers rattling up your arms and you have to pull your sleeves over your fingers to conceal the fidgeting of your hands. It’s all so painfully casual and easy, all things platonic and Just That, everything thick with static of things left unsure, things left unsaid. He lifts his head and he stares at you, and like a child, you can’t help but smile when you see the startling blue of his eyes and the adolescence of his face. You know it’s all wrong, and your heart tilts unsteadily, you know that all the waving beats of your chest are all off center and unmatched, are all shaking and wavering. You feel your breathing hitch and staring at the barely-there hair of his jaw you have to hold yourself still so you don’t reach out and touch him, so you don’t spill yourself over with all the harbored, closed-off feelings, with all the shifting glances and all the words you’ve choked on.
—  sky-talks (s)

Hey guys! I know we haven’t really posted enough of our own stuff recently, maybe like 3 pics lol but soon enough we will upload some more of our pics! Stay tuned for more! Tell ya friends! We follow back!