More information on the new update! (Which, you likely already know…)

First up, the update will be launched in Australia and New Zealand on the 6th of August! Whoo! If it’s like any other update, you’ll see it in game around 12pm AEST.

There is a tonne of new content coming out in this update:

  • Two new Matchmaking modes!
  • New weapon types!
  • Increased weapon cap and rank!
  • More than 40 pieces of new gear!

For a little more info on this sweet junk, click the read more below!

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Musk, Wozniak and Hawking urge ban on warfare AI and autonomous weapons
More than 1,000 experts and leading robotics researchers sign open letter warning of military artificial intelligence arms race
By Samuel Gibbs

I love how every single article about this leads with screenshots from the Terminator movies-the preeminent AI cautionary tale-instead of photos of actual drones.

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i can’t believe you’re ruining my life after 475 years, happy death day. if we go somewhere after we die i hope u and anne r fucking shit up together

still laughing at this cultural appropriation thing because i swear you’re all just looking for something to argue about. like chill fam. but what irritates me is that i’m seeing people actually attempting to use the argument “why are we fighting so hard to give white people something else when there are other things to focus on like anti-blackness in the ummah.” for the love of all that is good i haven’t seen one black person use that argument. so please please please keep that out of your mouth. do not use your culture’s unwarranted issues with my race as an excuse for you to perpetuate more discrimination. also it’s not even just about white people. it’s about reverts in general, but the fact that i keep seeing “white tears” and “white people want approval so badly” just shows what this is really about for you all. please go journal or something productive ‘cause you’re obviously bored. 

I love Pakistan not in the way you guys do where you just reblog pictures or reblog info on tragic events I love it in the sense of the society the poor people the children the struggling student the widowed mother the merchant father I love those people those people who work ridiculously hard to survive maybe becuase I am one of those people. That’s the Pakistan we love and that we’re fighting for not the damn military or architecture or the slave labour fashion fuck all that that’s the Pakistan we hate because that Pakistan is so misleading but unfortunately that’s the only Pakistan you guys care about

anonymous asked:

Up until a couple of years ago I actually used my Asian identity as a way of getting dudes. Mostly white. And now that I know what they think and do, and the harm it does to my fellow Asians... I've since become a warrior. I didn't plan this but my current longtime partner is also a POC; he fights with me and that feeling of equality in a relationship is amazing. He doesn't treat me like a concept/fantasy come to life. He treats me like a person. I'm only angry we have to fight for that

We want people to stay. We want people to accept us. We pull a Meredith Grey every day of our life as we cry out for hearts to just choose us. We want to fill the space around us with them. We want to pour their acceptance and love into the cracks of our parched soul. We want them to want us. So we keep reaching. We keep longing. We keep fighting. And each time we sacrifice another little piece of who we are. We long desperately for them to come home to us, so we wait, we wait and we pick apart ourselves for the simple fact that they do not choose us. We give them so much power that their silence leaves us questioning our own worth. When all we want is for them to stay. Is that really so much to ask? No. But they won’t always, and we don’t get that power over people. They won’t always choose us, and that is some major dust to try and shake from our bones. But what we do get to choose is how we see ourselves when they do leave. Because the reality is, no matter how often they choose to not choose us, our worth does not diminish more and more. Because no matter how many people walk away, the only parts of our heart that we lose are the pieces we choose to give up in thei absence. People won’t always choose us and we will still be okay. 

I’m not reblogging that fuckass post blaming Black Americans for not doing more about Trump being a racist jackass to Mexicans. There’s no point & I can see the fighting already happening in the notes. The individual post is one of a million & one examples on here & elsewhere that highlight how many cultures have internalized the idea that Black American labor exists to be exploited. Our hypervisibility isn’t silencing anyone else. Feel free to open your mouths, organize, and do the heavy lifting of fighting for your community. We are not stopping you. We have never stopped you. What we have done is used our labor to benefit ourselves. Basic human nature. And I’m about fed the fuck up with people who get mad about not getting any results from the work they didn’t do and blaming it on us.