Context: Warlock in disguise with an invisible Druid and a dwarven warrior pretending to want to join a mercenary band so we could stroll through a castle and straight to the Big Bad Wizard for information without getting into a fight we weren’t prepared for. Everything is going great. Rogue is scouting on his own and has explored most of the basement with no altercations besides killing one rat.

Rogue : Okay, this is the last area I haven’t scouted, I’m going to roll for stealth.

DM : Do you want to roll for perception?

Rogue : Nah, I’ve done pretty well so far. Just gonna roll for stealth.

Rolls a 1.

Apparently, the mouse was the wizard’s familiar. He asks the Warlock if the rogue was at all connected to them, and the Warlock almost convincingly lies to him. Until -

DM : The Rogue shoulder checks the secret door into the Big Bad room and stumbles onto the floor. He brushes himself off, sees the Warlock, and smiles and says “Hey, guys!”

so there’s this guy with a pro tr.um.p sign (tr.ump is next to hill.ary who is in like a jump suit and rly fat and on it says ‘'grab here’ on her u no)  and I wanted to get a pic to send to my friends so we could be angry together so I go and take a picture (wearing my gay hat) and there’s this guy dressed as Uncle Sam n he’s like ‘u gonna pay for that pic’ and he points to this jar that’s like some white supremacist fund n I just walk away and he starts yelling at me about how I’m a democra.t who ofc doesn’t pay for anything and just screaming and my dad before going over there told me not to engage but when I was walking away ignoring the dude my dad flipped out and started flipping the guy off and cussing him out and like seething and it was wonderful

i am crying bc i just love my best friend so much

Aged up to after leaving lycee. Adrien is modeling full time for a while, Marinette is majoring in fashion, or something like that. Alya and Nino are on a trip around Europe. 

Lonely Adrien/Marinette want to talk to their best friends but they are always busy having adventures and can’t talk, so they have to hang out together and there is Adrinette cuteness.

But Alya and Nino’s adventures are just increasingly bizarre. Like, maybe they start simple, like, “I would talk but there is a really cool music festival happening and I need to check it out.” but soon they are like, “Sorry bro, I have to break Alya out of a Turkish prison, I’ll talk to you later.” and “Yeah, Nino has been kidnapped by a princess who wants to marry him, I have to save him.” and “We found an ancient treasure in a temple in the jungle and we had to fight a immortal guardian, I’ll upload some pics later.” 

And Adrien and Marinette are just like, slightly annoyed that they aren’t there to listen to their romantic difficulties. 

My Current Mood- A Ramble...

My biggest question right now is -What is next? I have been the ship for 2.5 years. Man, has it been a roller coaster. So many times, I have delighted in the party that ensued when something shippery happened for us. So many times, I have wanted to just close my blog and quietly walk away.  Right now would be a great time to do just that, but I have made some dear friends and I have learned so much about you ladies from across the world. It has taught me a lot about myself.  I can’t quit y’all and I still have a lot to learn.

For me, this community is much bigger than the books, the series, or the ship. This community is so much about the sisterhood. Sure we disagree and we fight. But more often we share our joy, achievements, laughter, and we support each other.  It is a beautiful thing. I never had a sister growing up and always desperately wanted one. Now I have hundreds. I talk to you guys probably more than I do most of my “real life” friends and I feel more connected. I think it is because when you can really be yourself and say what you think or feel, then you attract those people who appreciate you for yourself.

All of this to say, I am burned out.  I am trying really hard to not say anything negative or to let myself go down any more rabbit holes. I cleared my dash and am in the process of reconstructing it. 

 Not much is clear for me at this point except that I don’t really care about what happens to these people’s relationship who I will never know. I have reached a point where I am curious as to what happens next but I am not invested.  If they are together-great. If not-ok. Their choice and no big deal to me. 

For now, I am just going to hang out on shore and enjoy you fabulous ladies. Hopefully, there is room and I can occasionally say something to make you laugh. I will continue to cheer my former ship mates on with popcorn in hand and party with you when I can. 

Much love

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NCT as shit my family says

taeil: can i just pretend to be childless for a few seconds…

johnny: you can’t got to the ball cinderella (whispers) this is the part where you say you love balls

taeyong: why does that family get to cut in line because their babys sleepy? I mean im sleepy too when can i cut this line

yuta: konnichiwa, bitch

doyoung: i wish i can just throw all of you along with this garbage

ten: you cant tell me what song i can and cant split to

jaehyun: i suggest we fight to the death for this pizza slice

mark: what is a chemistry?

haechan: im six years old and IM SICK OF ALL OF YOU

jeno: life would be way easier if we could just have hover boards built into our feet

jaemin: *tearing up* what do you mean the chocolate hills arent made of actual chocolate?

renjun: did you eat my slice of cake on purpose? Or did all of you just forgot i existed… AGAIN

chenle: (in a japanese restaurant) xie xie

jisung: why do i feel like dying so early in the morning

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I am for fair treatment for lgtb people, but you guys have to keep in mind you already have screen time and the beginning of more to come over time. People who are disabled and are farther behind need recognition as well and we, the disabled people, get it the less out of eveyone right now in the industry. I get where you guys come from. I am a female, white and straight and disabled. I would love to get recognition, but disabled people are always a miniority and less worthy because of that.

instead of saying that we should be happy with what we have and not fight for more, how about we actively fight for both? you have almost no representation and i am truly sorry about that. but that doesn’t mean that our community needs to stop fighting. and what about people of color? they deserve better rep too. there’s no need to pit our communities against each other. we all need to fight for more diversity in media and better roles.

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How do I get myself into a recovery mindset? Right now I don't feel like I have enough energy to try to recover, maybe because I don't truly believe inside that it's possible, and I can't really find the motivation or the reason to want to recover. -Paige

I think part of you does want to recover, otherwise you wouldn’t be taking the time to ask us this. Sometimes, especially in the begining of recovery, we have to fight against our mental illness and realize that yes we do have the potential and desire to recover. I think it is important to keep in mind that recovery looks different for everyone. It may seem really overwhelming right now to imagine your life without your mental illness symptoms, and that might be a factor that is hindering you. But we don’t just go from being ‘deep’ in our illnesses to being “free”. It’s a process, a slow one, sometimes.

It is also okay if you are not ready yet to start making changes. You are at a point right now where you are contemplating change- by change, I mean starting to recover. Have patience with yourself, when your mind is ready for it, you will see that you will start making steps forward. Reaching out on here is a great step, so don’t minimize that. 

Some other ideas to help start you focusing on why you want to recover and motivating yourself is to make a recovery journal. I personally found it to be very helpful in the beginning of my recovery, but you need to find what works for you. 
I based my recovery journal off of this video by mental health vlogger and therapist, Kati Morton. In this video, she is specifically speaking to individuals who are suicidal, but even if you are not experiencing that right now, its ok. Part way through her video, she talks about starting to make a recovery journal. One of the parts of it is making a list of reasons to recover and every day, or as often as you are able, add another reason to that list. It tookme a while to build my list and journal up, but it ended up being a useful tool, and I had a pretty long list! I even made separate lists for each of my symptoms/illnesses- one list for reasons to recover from my binge eating disorder, one for self-harm, one for depression. It may be helpful for you to focus on just one aspect- the symptom that is most detrimental to your well-being or that is very unhealthy/unsafe. Also, search tumblr tags or pintrest for recovery journal ideas, you may get inspired! 
If you don’t want to make a journal that’s ok, you can even just make a list on your blog or somewhere else you can see and add to it when you can. 
Eventually, when you are ready, you may start to see that your reasons for getting better are much better for your reasons for staying as you are. 
Even if you aren’t ready to recover yet, but you do want to feel better, consider starting the process to get professional help, if you are able. That way, when you are ready to start making changes, you already have a connection established with a therapist who can help you in the process or at least you can know that they are available. 
Remember to have patience with yourself, don’t minimize the steps you are already taking towards recovery, and keep challenging your mental illness. We can feel comfortable in our disordered thoughts, but we don’t have to stay there, recovery is uncomfortable, but it is possible. 
Take care, 

ok ok, i like chrom a lot. i like his personality, but as a story character, he doesn’t shine that much. i could write an essay on how he can be such a good character, but nonetheless was shot down bc fe13 writers do not know how to develop characters throughout their own story. there’s a lot of potential for him. come on, i would like to see him having his own angst and how he has doubts in himself for not being like his sister. i would like him to fear that he might become like his father. but instead, all got shoved aside in the main plot. it all got rushed to “guys, i’m not ok. but we still have to fight. oh we beat gangrel everyone. happy times rejoice- oh shoot now we have to fight walhart and slay grima” ughhh it annoys me so much.