We are not soulmates because our hands intertwine perfectly or because our kisses are like fireworks. We are not soulmates because we never argue or fight. We are not soulmates because we hold each other perfectly or understand each other without speaking. We are not soulmates because of any of those things. But we are soulmates for sure. Because even when we argue or fight, we will never ever give up on each other. Soulmates don’t have to be perfect. They just have to hold on, and never let go.

- Soulmate Stories | Nikita Gill (insp)


We all have a fight and although it seems impossible at times, we can all win. It won’t be easy though. In fact, it’ll probably be the hardest thing you ever do. Through the course of my career and personal struggles, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve met people by the thousands, had conversations with a lot of influential minds and experienced some amazing sights. Along the way I learned value lessons and discovered tips on how to live my best possible life. In other words, I discovered how to not just SURVIVE life, but CONQUER it like the epic warrior I am.

And now, I want to teach you what I’ve learned through my debut book, “How To Be a Bawse” because you’re an epic warrior too. It’s 50 chapters of truth, hard-work and practical tips. There’s no fairytale BS or Tumblr quotes. If you’re looking for a short-cut to success and happiness, this book isn’t for you. But if you’re looking to work harder than you ever have and earn a wonderful life, then go to www.LillySinghBook.com or click the link in my bio to pre-order my book now.

On March 28, 2017, say goodbye to the version of yourself who convinced you that it couldn’t be done and say hello to your inner Bawse.


Special thanks to @k23media for making this amazing video and bringing my vision to life!

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Sweet & Early Enjoltaire Things
  • Enjolras’ lashes fluttering when he kisses Grantaire for the first time
  • Grantaire staring at Enjolras constantly with that “I can’t believe he’s dating me” look and Enjolras being like “What?” “Nothing.”
  • Grantaire ~forgetting~ his scarf at Enjolras’ and Enjolras wearing it for 6 months after that
  • Bonus point if he covers his nose with it when it gets cold
  • Hand holding under the table until one of them decides to put their hands on the table for everyone else to see
  • Enjolras being a blushing mess because romantic relationships are new and what happens if we fight? How do we make amends? I need guidance here!
  • Enjolras being very shy ine the morning after spending his first night at Grantaire’s, even though he’s known Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta for years
  • Grantaire doodling ridiculous art of Enjolras, but instead of hiding it, he sends them all to him via snapchat
  • Grantaire discovering Enjolras boundaries: “Is it okay if I kiss you here?” “Yes.” “There?” “Yup.” “Right here?” “Hm hm” “There?” “Yes…”

Lotr meme: 3 races (3/3)

Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship; but it is not this day! An hour of wolves, and shattered shields, when the Age of Men comes crashing down; but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!

We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.
—  Albert Schweitzer, The Philosophy of Civilization
Sister Suffragette - Walt Disney's Mary Poppins
From the 1964 Walt Disney classic Mary Poppins, Mrs. Winifred Banks (Glynis Johns) protest song for Women's voting rights!

No more the meek and mild subservients we!
We’re fighting for our rights, militantly!
Never you fear!

So, cast off the shackles of yesterday!
Shoulder to shoulder into the fray!
Our daughters’ daughters will adore us
And they’ll sign in grateful chorus
“Well done! Well done!
Well done Sister Suffragette!”

And I mean, I’m being completely honest here:

If a kid says they’re gay or trans or bi or ace or ANYTHING, and they say the parades and the flags are the reason they’re in??

I’m not judging them. At all.

Because seriously, some people can’t deal with the harder part of being in this community. They can’t, and forcing them to sit down and talk about it when they literally cannot emotionally, psychologically, handle it, is abhorrent.

If a kid wants in on the queer community and all they do every day is draw nice flags for everyone, I say let them. If that’s healthy for them, if that’s what lets them accept and embrace their identity. If that’s just all they want to do.

Maybe they have traumatic experiences regarding their identity that make the other parts harder for them. Maybe they don’t. It doesn’t matter.

Yes, there is a long, horrible, bloody history in this community. There shouldn’t be. It’s something that needs to be remembered, something we need to fight to change. I’m not saying that should stop.

I’m just saying that’s not all we are. And if someone just wants to make pride flags and spread positivity, spread self-love, then really, who on earth are they hurting?

July 29, 1916 - Unease in London over Somme Losses

Pictured - The press could be both a friend and an enemy of generals.  Large gains and changes on the front brought friendly headlines, but the news did not have much time for slow, attritional advances.

Sir William Robertson, the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, wrote Haig a note on July 29 warning him that “the powers-that-be are beginning to get a little uneasy in regard to the situation.”  The losses incurred during the Battle of the Somme had lead some in London to expect somewhat more spectacular gains.  The concern, wrote Robertson, was “Whether a loss of say 300,000 men will lead to really great results, because, if not, we ought to be content with something less than we are doing now.”  The same powers-that-be “are constantly inquiring why we are fighting and the French are not.  It is thought that the primary objective - relief of pressure on Verdun - has to some extent been achieved.”

The same people had expressed discontent a month before that France was doing all the fighting and England slacking from its fair share.  Haig and Joffre both disliked the press.  It was crucial to maintain popular support for the war, but the sort of slow, bloody fighting at Verdun and the Somme, even though it was hurting the German Army, did not look so good in the headlines over breakfast.  More crucially, keeping the governments happy was important.  Joffre, who at times appeared to be a virtual military dictator, was beginning to appreciate that he had to allow the French government more say.  London had a stronger voice over its general, and one politician, David Lloyd George, would soon become a fierce rival to Haig over planning of the war.

wocxdid  asked:

I've been wondeing that for quite a bit actually and it seems like Sans can stop time. WTF right? And if its the case then i don't get why Flowey and us manage to beat him. Especially not Flowey.

We actually see how we are able to beat him in spite of his ability to stop time. He uses his ability to stop time against us in the Bad Time fight.

There’s a clicking sound when you see everything in Grillby’s STOP moving. It’s very distinct. And it’s not like they’re just standing still, because even their animations stop.

When he gets up to leave, he pretends that he ‘forgot what he was going to say’ even though he actually already asked us the question. He’s doing it for the benefit of everyone else in the bar, who did not hear that side of the conversation.

We hear that sound again, during the Bad Time boss fight. We hear it a LOT.

We hear that sound, the screen goes dark, Megalovania cuts out for a fraction of the second. The sound goes off again, and the screen is back, and we’re surrounded by bones and blasters in a position we really have NO IDEA how we got to.

Sans stopped time, arranged those bones and blasters to get us, then started time again to attack.

Now, the rub of this is that it establishes that, while Sans can stop time as he pleases (though it likely takes some effort) he cannot attack us while time is stopped. He can set up attacks that he fires off immediately after time restarts, but that seems to be the extent of what he can do. He can try to trap you in a no-win scenario when he restarts time, but if we’re quick, then we can, and do, get around it and get out.

Camp Undersoul Activities

Hello and good morning, all! In the midst of creating a schedule for the camp, we’ve come up with many activities, but need a few more unique ones so as not to have repeats. We would greatly appreciate your suggestions, either by replying to this post, or by sending an ask to one of the moderators.

Currently, we have: 

-Paper Boat Competitions, Ghost Stories Night, Dodgeball, Anime/Movie Night 

-Gardening, Bake-Offs, Frisbee

-Archery, Horse-Riding, Card Fights

-Petting Zoo, Speed Dating, Flower Arrangement

-Arts + Crafts, Fishing, Fencing

-Wrestling, Rock Climbing, Boxing

-Aerobics, Track + Field, Dancing

-Chess, Robot Fights, Stargazing

We need about 7 more unique events to fill the schedule for both weeks, and ask anyone who has any suggestions (not currently listed) to please direct them either this post, or myself / @seissouls, mod Nero / @orange-mercyfighter , or mod Solar / @sixsmolsouls

~Mod Seis

Please take the time to read

It’s looking unlikely we will get another season after uriahs post. I think that we should understand that this is our fault. We have become so ridiculously aggressive and violent over wanting two people who don’t even exist to date in this virtual reality. Michael Jacobs has told us countless times to look past this and try to learn from this show. But we didn’t, myself included. And that is why if this show really is ending, no matter who ends up with who, I will not mind. Despite being disappointed, it will be for the best. This show is unhealthy for all of us because we choose to fight over fictional characters. It is our fault because we didn’t take care of what we love. And now it seems that the consequences of our ruthless actions is showing.

Reminder that more black people identify with the phrase all lives matter than black lives matter. Because most black people are reasonable sane people that are having their views represented by a minority group of lunatics and an ideological narrative meant to cause racial tension and conflict. All so we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves to notice all the absurdly shady things our governments are doing in relative full view.

anonymous asked:

Hiho Could I request taewoon, jay park and yongguk reaction to finding out their gf sings in a rock band? thank you

Hello :) Sorry for the late reply and thank you for requesting from us! <3 Hope you’ll enjoy your request^^

Taewoon: “Well that explains how you can be so vocal when we’re fighting.”

Jay Park: “Say what again?! You’re doing that head banging stuff all the time?! I think I’m getting a nose bleed here…”

Yongguk: *proceeds to immediately imitate her*