Headcanon that at one point, Nana managed to steal Gran Torino’s mask and wore it herself, proudly taking pictures of it. She even re-enacted his grumpy expression and the similarity was stunning.

Gran Torino was flabbergasted, hissing angrily and embarrassed all at the same time when he finally found out where his mask had gone.

He still kept the pictures, though.

I feel like Rowling could’ve shown us more about the relationships between humans and wizards. Like, why are wizards even hiding? Is it because of witch burnings and stuff? What about that scene where Harry reads something from his textbook stating that witches just put a spell on them to numb the pain of the fire? If wizards have that much magical capability, why couldn’t they fight back? We’ve seen what wizards could do. It’s just a little weird to me.

We love the idea of being in love with people we can’t have because deep inside, we want someone worth fighting for. We want adventure and even a little bit of danger, as long as we’re able to seek refuge in their arms.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #101

baroganatanatda: 오늘은 저희 b1a4 6주년입니다. 오랫동안 저희를 응원해준 우리 팬들에게 고맙다는 말을 꼭 하고싶어요.
항상 우리만 바라봐주고 옆에 있어줘서 너무 고맙고 우리는 지금부터 시작이라고 생각해요.
앞으로 더 많은 일들이 있겠지만 같이 이겨내고 이제부터 생길 많은 순간들, 소중한 추억으로 만들어가요. 아직 우리는 보여줄게 많으니까 지금처럼 응원해주세요. 우리가 웃는일 많이 만들어줄게요.
항상 고맙고 또 고맙습니다!! 아프지말고 밥 잘챙겨먹어요~~~~~!!! It’s been 6years since weve debuted as B1A4 so i would like to say a huge thanks to all our fans that has been encouraging us watching over us and being their for us with all your support and love.
I think it’s just the beginning of our journey.There will be ups and down but we hope to fight through it, look at the bright side and create memories.As a group there’s a lot more to show you so we hope you guys continues to support us.
I hope to bring you more joy with smiles on your face thanks again! #고마워바나 #바나4기 #b1a4 #baro

Having tried (and by tried I mean watched @hereeatthiskitten try and listened​ to her feedback, because ew, coffee) a relatively small cup of coffee with exactly seven Smarties in it, we have come to the conclusion that That Scene doesn’t at all indicate a sweet tooth, but rather a) an inability to buy groceries, and 2) establishes Ray as a character who improvises and makes do, rather than plan ahead.

anonymous asked:

Are you anti self dx?

No. I think that there are a LOT of flaws when it comes to self-diagnosis, however I believe that it can be incredibly helpful for a person who is unable to seek professional help but is trying to understand their inner world & what is going on with them, as well as trying to get better.
That being said, I do think that it is extremely important to seek professional help (again only if it’s an option…) before “officially” saying you have a disorder, because a lot of times we can be very stuck in our ways. If we are absolutely convinced that we have Bipolar disorder, and then we one day do go into a doc or therapist’s office and they tell us, “no, it isn’t bipolar. It’s actually *insert diagnosis here*, it freaks us out, and maybe we fight with the doc, or switch docs bc we want the doc to believe that we DO have that disorder, etc. it can be very dangerous..
when people do self-diagnose, I’m not against it. I am more against it the younger the person is, especially when a very young adolescent is self-diagnosing them self with bpd, or any other disorders which doctors don’t diagnose officially until the patient is 18+, etc. because when you’re 13/14/15 even 16/17 and tbh up until you’re 25, the brain hasn’t fully developed. Personality is not fully developed until 25 in females and I think 26 in males if I’m remembering correctly. So when a 15 year old see these posts on here that she or he relates to and then goes, “wow! I have THAT disorder” bc they are trying to understand their inner world & why they are the way they are, it is a dangerous game that they are playing! When someone thinks that have a disorder bc they fit some of the criteria, there is a high chance that they will subconsciously make themselves develop these other symptoms that they may not have had, had they never come across the disorder at all. Of course I’m not saying this is the case for everyone ever to self-diagnose.
Oh And what may be even more common for people who self-diagnose is that SOOO many disorders have overlap. So so much overlap. Plus, there are so many ways symptoms manifest, so you may think you have a symptom of bipolar bc of racing thoughts during what you may think is “mania”, when really you are having a symptom of OCD because of repetitive thoughts (this happened to me.) & For me specifically, I had absolutely no idea I was showing symptoms of bipolar ALSO other than what I just said - I assumed it was from my ADHD. AND! I had no idea I had ADHD, I thought it was just another disorder. I am the type of person who wants to understand myself and everyone around so badly to the point where when I can’t, I panic and get extremely angry and cry a lot because I just. I love understanding! And when I found out over time what my symptoms Actually meant, it was so shocking and painful and confusing bc it felt like every single thing I originally understood about myself was fake and nothing made sense anymore and it was really difficult.
so many disorders have so many similar symptoms. So self-diagnosis can be super duper dangerous ! Because you may diagnose urself with something and think you understand yourself, but really your symptoms are signs of something else and it’s very possible that your brain has been convinced it has a diagnosis when really there is something different going on.

I’m sorry for how long this is & I’m sorry if people disagree. This is just my opinion on it.

I do wanna make it VERY clear that I am NOT anti self-diagnosis, though. I love the desire to want to understand why you are the way you are. and I totally get that having a name to put to why you are the way you are can be intensely helpful!! Especially for trying to figure out how to get better. AND I 10000% understand not having access to professional help - for a very long time I didn’t have access to it either. I just think that it’s so so so SOOO important to remember that you can be VERY incorrect on what you diagnosis yourself with & that you MUST have an open mind when diagnosing yourself with something so that one day when you DO get an official diagnosis, you are not so so set in what you THOUGHT you had and can be open to what a doctor says is the truth of your disorder.

Also one more thing, since this is already 29472&:828 miles long. Diagnosis doesn’t matter at the end of the day. It really doesn’t. I personally do understand how much of a difference it makes. When I was told I had bipolar II it was like HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!!!! However, it is not who I am. I’m not bipolar. I am just a girl with these symptoms and I’m coping and that’s it. (Shhh i understand a lot of other disorders, u do feel like they define you. I’m not fighting u on that don’t worry.) it’s just that. You don’t need to have a diagnosis for your symptoms to be valid is all the end if u read this holy shit u r awesome love u

Disney hire me

Star frees all the villains that were trapped by Rhombulus but shes like “ONE CONDITION…. You follow my orders, okay? We have to fight Toffee because he’s mad evil and he doesn’t even respect other villains! You don’t want that, do you?”

Theyre like “No, I suppose not…..” but they look at this little sunshine angel baby and they’re like “We’ll do it but u gotta get a makeover so we actually look cool.” Eclipsa holds out a lil bag full of dark makeup.

The episodes called Star gets a goth makeover and starts a revolution of super old villains that wanted a second chance…. Toffee knows some of them too so its like a high school reunion except they’re all trying to kill each other