Oh Orpheus

I’m behind you
Don’t turn around
I can find you

Have you been trying to get an invitation to http://beta.wedrawcomics.com? But failing.

Sounds like you need this ticket! It will tell you everything you need to know about getting into the We Draw Comics beta test.

You can acquire one of these fine tickets by finding me at SPX. I will be at the Topatoco booth W13 - W20. But beware, you will have to earn this ticket. You will have to draw a panel in a comic for me!(or bring me a cheeseburger)

Explore More!

The past 2 weeks have been pretty crazy around here. There are a lot of new users and there are some stellar comics being made! Take a look at the Comic Book Covers jam, every single panel in it is solid gold. We Come Alive with the Moon is another extremely awesome comic.

New Features: You may have noticed some new additions on the Explore page. Last week I added a Search bar that will allow you to search for comics by their name. Today I added filtering options that will make it easier to find ‘sequential’ comics, 'free for all’ comics and comics that have been completed. Hopefully these are intuitive enough to use, but if you have problems or ideas for improvement let me know.

In the news: Did you read the Tech Crunch article posted about We Draw Comics a few weeks ago. I was interviewed by Darrell Etherington and he is a pretty swell guy. Thanks Darrell.

Life of Tyler: If you read the Tech Crunch article you may have noticed that I also work a day job. I have been doing a project with the totally wonderful and awesome people at Puny Entertainment. Things are getting pretty busy at the moment but I promise that I will still devote all of my free time to working on We Draw Comics! (Except for this Thursday cause I am going to go see the midnight screening of the Hobbit and nothing you can say will make me change my mind!)