[After the Battle]

Aiya \o/ Uprising event has ended and sure we enjoy it so much! Thank you Blizzard for this wonderful event XDD

Here’s my contribution for this event (and the fandom, I suppose?)~
Tbh I’m still struggling to grasp the characters feature. I hope soon enough I’m capable to do it well!

Also Script Proofread provided by @akihaotaku~ Thanks for your help Akiha! XD

oh yeah friendly reminder (tho some artists might have almost always said it) No repost pls. Or at least, please have a word with the author if you wish to repost it somewhere else.

Thank you.

Looking for input on a matter (which I naturally ask at 12:30 am because I have no sense of time)

So this semester I’m taking a course about graphic novels which is pretty neat and for our final project we have to draw a comic, at least five pages. And I’ve got to start work on it soon.

I’ve got two ideas, both for sort of personal/confessional autobio style comics: A. an introspection about my concept of personal apperance and femininity and sexuality, or B. a retelling of the story of me and my brother telling our mom that we’re atheists.

I already have a lot of thoughts about what I’d do for A but B is a story that I’ve been trying to figure out how to get off my chest for years.

(Also, second polling question. If I go with A, should I then make the power move of finally coming out to my mom by handing the comic to her and saying “I made this for a final project” and letting her read it with no preamble or forewarning?)

Champions and Heroes’ 2000 follower give away

Most belowed followers!

We can’t believe how quickly we’ve gone from 1k to 2k but we really want to celebrate that so many of you want to follow us. As a thank you for your support we would like to give something back.

That something is fanzines.


No giveaway blogs
Both reblogs and likes count, reblog as many times as you like, just remember to be considerate of your followers.
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Give away ends December 1st
Remember to keep your askbox open so we can contact you

We will let you know if you’ve won via our personal blogs - zenatness or amarearts

So! The prizes!

We have three fanzines on offer - the third Dragon Age fanzine, the first Mass Effect fanzine and the first Star Wars the Old Republic fanzine.

1st prize: One copy of each fanzine. We will draw the character of your choice in these, that is to say three characters of your choice total.

2nd prize: You get to pick two fanzines out of the three. Plus, you get to pick two characters you want us to draw in these. 

3rd prize: You get to pick one fanzine out of the three. We will then draw a character of your choosing in it.

The character of your choice can be any character from a Bioware game, OCs included. However, if you choose an OC we will need some references. We will do the drawings in the same style we draw the comics in. 
We will also be happy to dedicate the fanzines to any person of your choice and ship anywhere in the world. 

May the odds be ever in your favor, and thank you so much for following us!

You ARE NOT Welcome


Today we’re sick. We have the flu. We’ve been trying to get past it, especially after my recent hospital stay that I’m still not recovered from, and still do our work.

And there was a knock at the door. We didn’t answer it because we’re literally in bed trying not to puke again.

When I finally get up later, I open the door to see if there was a package. No. It’s a note with a gift of food. From someone who follows our comics online, and possibly our Tumblrs here, and probably our Twitter, but is still a STRANGER to us.


Here are the reasons why:

1. We don’t even let our friends and family drop by uninvited. We’re very work-oriented people and we work from home, so if we’re not working, we’re finally relaxing, and you need to schedule time with us if you want us to chill with you.

2. WTF THIS IS CREEPY AS SHIT. We have a Security Door FOR A REASON. 

3. Being a fan, buying things from someone, or even talking to them briefly online does not GRANT YOU PERMISSION to show up at their home.


5. We share a lot about ourselves online, but that doesn’t mean we know YOU or anything about YOU. Do you know what the difference is between someone who is a cool fan and someone who is going to try to hurt us? Because I sure can’t tell you that difference just by you standing at my door.


In conclusion: Don’t. Come. To. Our. Home. From our side of things, this isn’t a fun event. It’s scary and violating and we have no idea if you mean us any harm or if you’re going to come back. We draw comics and put them online, but that doesn’t mean you know us or that you’re welcome to COME TO WHERE WE LIVE AND VIOLATE OUR PERSONAL SPACE.

Please, please, please respect the boundaries of people you only know online, or through their work. It might mean very little to you, you might have thought it was a cute idea, but right now I’m shaking and scared in my own home, and this is really not cute and really not okay.