“I always wonder, ever since i could open my consciousness to remember things in the world when i was a child,

 how you would always celebrate for glory and success

Yet i never see you celebrate anything personal of your own.

I wonder how we were born but never remembered when. And how we dont celebrate our days of birth unlike humans do.

But when i gained my independence from you, i want to have my own date to remember when I was born. And the USA got its birthdate.

But yet you still havent.

You are always there in the parties ive thrown left and right. You’re always there to celebrate it with me.

And i want you to feel that happiness too.
I want you to feel the commemoration that we are all celebrating your existence in this world. Because you never did.

So here i am. Happy birthday to you. ”




minilamb asked:

im so happy u had a good day today ! i dont remember if we've ever talked but ive been silently rooting for u whenever i see u on my dash. i wish u many more good days to come.

i wish you many good days as well thank you bean!!! 

dear aria
happy - yeay im glad youre in happy mood
feeling insecure - tell me of all your feel.. and i always give a hug
need a hug - biggest hug ever ! wish its helped.
dream - believe your dream come true
miss me - aww ! miss you too baby hakhakhak
cant sleep - call me and i can singing a ninabobo pukpukpuk
having a bad day - im sorry. just a remember we will be together soon and dont let your bad day

happy birthday dear !
-love aha-