Men: We dont know what we did O.o




18 I dont remember how your voice sounds, I don’t believe in God.

17 I wanted to join this girls club, they have a mother daughter dance every year and its important, so i didnt. 

16 The therapist was right, this is really really hard

15 I still don’t understand 

14 I lied at school and told people you died so they wouldnt know the truth

13 “Shes full of so much anger, she doesnt know what to do with it.. It, could really make her adult life hard..”

12 I taught myself how to paint my own nails, Dad does my hair in the morning. I keep asking God when you’ll be back. He doesn’t answer.

11 Come back. You’re everything I need, I dont know how to do my hair in the morning.

10  You forgot us at soccer practice again, everyone else has their mom at girlscouts, I cried in front of everyone again

9 I packed my brothers lunch again, I picked out his clothes. We got to school safetly, we want dad to come back from the army

8 You’re so nice to other people we dont know what we did

7 I started to do bad things at school so i could stay after longer, I dont want to go home

6 I fell off of my scooter, the neighbors mom got me a bandaid

5 For mothers day we put paint on our hands and you hung the art on the fridge 

4 You put a lot of bows in my hair and hold my hand 

3 Your voice is my favorite thing to hear every morning

2 I’m everything you ever wanted

1 I love you mom