“Well, ya m’bud now Miss Icarus, an’ I thought a gift would be a nice token of what we got right now!” He was too sickeningly optimistic! Anymore and he’d be like a kitten fetching carcasses back to appease their tall friends…

But there was a sight to behold. Gold eyes, like big, round coins, slightly misted but still shiny enough. Deep blue eyes stared curiously at them as he canted his head to the side,

“Ya got a pretty set o’eyes Miss Icarus…”

} “Hm? What we’ve got..?” {

She became lost in thought for just a moment. A token of friendship? She wasn’t really used to receiving those. However, before giving it much more thought, she snapped back to attention due to the comment about her eyes. Had she heard Chris right?

} “Y-you must be mistaken…” {

She looked off to the side, her right hand placed nervously on her left arm. She was used to her dragon like eyes being referred to as fierce, or having the fact that they were blind pointed out. But being complimented for them made Icarus blush a bit.


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