i remember debating with a trans activist and I mentioned socialization and she said “what’s socialization?”
i read her bio and it turns out she’s 14.
we have literal children harassing women on the internet and demanding their uneducated selves be taken seriously and that they should be able to dictate political movements.
i weep.

Hey pals! Just wanted to give a heads up that @ahvia and I are getting the preordered OH YOU shirts out as fast as we can, which unfortunately isn’t as fast as we’d like ;;;; but we are working on it, so we appreciate your patience!

I just wanted to get this out to people if I can because I’ve been getting some stern “where is my shirt” emails and I’d like to nip those in the bud (ㆀ˘・з・˘) I promise we haven’t lost any! It’s just hard when we both have very demanding full time jobs and a GIANT pile of preorders to get through. Seriously, I adore you all for ordering! The volume was just a little more than we’d expected so we have to scramble a bit.

Once preorders are taken care of, the remaining stock of shirts will go up for sale! And then, maybe I can get some time to design the charms I have planned ʕ•ٹ•ʔ so Ahvia and I both appreciate your patience!! I also appreciate you reading through all my rambling just now, haha ;;;

                  ARE OUR SCHOOLS SAFE? | 29/07/16

Two professors of vampiric decent from Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were suspended this week after aggressive abnormalities were detected in their P.E.T results. The Auror Office provided the Daily Prophet with a brief statement on the matter this morning:

We would like to assure all parents that the aggressive abnormalities we detected in the professor’s P.E.T results are being taken very seriously. The two individuals are currently under investigation and have been suspended from their educational duties until further notice. 

Although the Auror Office chose not to disclose the identities of the professors in question during their press release, speculation has already surfaced that the two names recently added to the Ministry’s public High Priority List are the individuals under investigation. 

The suspension has also lead to an increase in complaints from parents, demanding that the school discontinues their diversity policy when hiring new professors. 

Reporter: A.Smudgley
Do you think our schools are safe? Should “Beasts” be allowed to teach our children? Can they even be trusted? Send us your thoughts!