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I really, really, REALLY, would have liked for Team 8 to have had more influence during Mirai's life. I mean, she's their sensei's daughter for crying out loud, at least they could have added a little of their exposure to her life. But no. It seems that Shikamaru was the ONLY viable option to fit the role of a teacher figure for her (nothing against him, I just really would have wanted for the writers to go beyond that typical concept). Team 8 +Shikamaru would have sufficed greatly imo.

but anon, that would mean Kishi would treat Kurenai’s bonds with respect and have her do sth other than being Asuma’s love interest and mother of Shikamaru’s future apprentice his child and…. hahahaha…

i will be old like the lady in the titanic and still be mad about this

So it seems we will be losing Eto as well as Arima this arc.

I…….honestly find that I am not as bothered as I could have been. Probably because of how she frames things, and how it implies not that ZOMG FURUTA IS SO STRONG but rather than she made a choice.

She made the decision to sacrifice herself, to honor her promise to Kaneki. She went all-out, reckless and without regard for having anything left once she was done. She smashed the compactor and saved everyone, using up everything she had in the process.

So she…..simply had nothing left, once her armor was destroyed. Nothing left to keep fighting, and nothing left to regenerate from her wounds. She seems to have been, from the beginning of this arc, winding down towards her finale. Consciously making the decision that it was time to go out with a bang, to complete her work and hand the reigns over to Kaneki.

But for Eto, the woman that spent her life being angry and alone, resenting these people that her father gathered and mentored…….and then sacrificing herself for them is satisfying. Making the decision to save someone, instead of hurting or destroying, was an enormous thing for her.

In a way, Yoshimura’s wish was answered. She was saved in a manner, in choosing to help Kaneki and his precious people.

She has the ring on her finger still, the ring with stone the color of her shimmering eyes, the one he had given her the day he bended the knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

“I thought you have packed all your jewelries for the journey?” Windproud will sail on the morrow, and they will depart on the mission to find a worthy good-daughter for a glorious king. That was how Aerys had put it, how he had described the mission entrusted to his Baratheon cousin and his lady wife.

“I could not bear to part with it,” Cassana replies, fingers nervously rubbing the stone. “What if we fail?”

“We will not fail. And even if we do … well, Aerys loves me, his dearest cousin,” Steffon says, smiling his brightest smile.

“Like he loves Tywin Lannister, his dearest and closest companion?” Remember how well that turned out. You should know better, her eyes are chiding him. You should know better than to lie to yourself. Or to me.

What a pity, he thinks, that none of their sons had inherited Cassana’s eyes. Not the color, and certainly not the expressiveness. Perhaps Renly has inherited the latter from his mother, though it is hard to tell for certain with a babe just past his first nameday. As to the former, Renly’s eyes had never truly been green; it was only Steffon’s imagination gone wild in the first few moments after his youngest son’s birth. He has your eyes, Cassana, your beautiful eyes, he had exclaimed, before Maester Cressen kindly but awkwardly corrected him.

“Aerys will not be forgiving,” Cassana continues.

Steffon closes his eyes. He does not want to believe this. Not of Aerys, not of the boy who -

But the child is not always father to the man. Or perhaps, he had not known the child that Aerys had been as well as he thought he did.

Eyes still closed, he feels, but does not see, his wife’s jeweled hand grasping his own.

“You see that, don’t you? That your cousin is not the man you once believed him to be, nor is he the man you still wish him to be.”

My father sees what he wants to see, his mother’s voice echoes in Steffon’s ear.

The man who only saw what he wanted to see had once told his three grandchildren, We are not puppets on a string, bound to repeat the errors of our ancestors.

Oh boy I have 200 people following the Pooh bear mun and the parasite muse oh no. I love running this blog so much, you guys have no idea. Sometimes I go back to my old writing here and wow cringe I’ve come along way. But I haven’t done that alone. I’ve had a sick posse of the best eggs a guy could ever ask for helping me out. This post is for you guys, whether you’re listed below, or not. Every time you send in an ask or a meme or we plot out The World’s Most Elaborate Roleplay™ I am reminded of how good I have it with you guys on my side.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of you guys who’ve always been there to support me, whether you even realise it or not. Sometimes you’re about to call the cops for me (for the n00bs here, yes this actually happened), other times you just drop by to say hello, and sometimes you post a vine that makes me laugh. Just you guys being you always brightens my day.

Also I just wanted to say thanks to a few of ya’ll who have been with me since the beginning, and/or are some of the people I consider to be my best friends around! I love laughing and screaming and memeing with you guys and each one of you means so terribly much to me and I wish I told you more often because I need you guys more than you know.

@firstorderelite @ncctifer @therevanchistknight @traya-ren @ariadne-inthesky @hux-ward @theredmedic @ltxmitaka @tooflyforajedi

Those listed below are the scarily quality blogs that I’m too scared to poke with a stick. I love reading your threads and you guys have taught me so much about writing and roleplaying. Whether your characters are original or canon the life you give them is astounding, you use your language like a paintbrush and pallet, and you have me hanging on every word.

@kyloren-sithlord @txrkin @ambassador-alinala-punniel @chromecaptain @hux-capacitor @circe-aurelius @prcdigal-knight @xfinalizer @lostpriince @chasiingfreedom @turpitcde

So yeah! Thanks again for just being you and I love you all and thanks for hanging with me too because wow it’s been a wild ride.

True story

Knotted-vines and I went to the park yesterday, and went to take over a gym. It was being held by two guys from valor. We could see them hanging out across the street. We didn’t have any intention of holding the gym, we just wanted to xp and the bonuses. So we take over the gym, collect our free pokecoins for having pokemon positioned at a gym, and then walked off as they overtook the gym again. After they re-took the gym, they actually followed us, to tell us that they had taken the gym back.

Last week we were at a different park, and had taken a gym. There weren’t any other trainers around, so we were hanging out and training to get xp. All of a sudden these two people come running by us (we were sitting on the outside of the accessible area for the gym cause there wasn’t any shade right at the gym), hollaring about how they ~couldn’t believe~ yellow had taken the gym and they needed to reclaim it for the glory of mystic.

What I’ve gathered from this is as follows:

Instinct just wants to claim their bonuses and move on

Valor wants to know who beat them

Mystic doesn’t care who took their gym, so much as that the gym isn’t blue anymore

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Honestly this is just so so lovely. I'd basically steeled myself towards us not getting anything from them. Not because they don't care or because the bands done but just because obviously everything's been so fucked up for all of the behind the scenes and I wouldn't have blamed them if their hands had been tied again. But instead we get a well organized, coordinated and thoughtful effort from them and their families and it's just like a breath of fresh air.

i know i kind of wasn’t expecting much either but this…. this is more than i could have ever asked for. i love them sooooo much <3

yesterday was my 13-year anniversary with my beautiful wife!! (our dating anniversary, anyway, we’ve been married ~2.5 years)

but I didn’t blog at all yesterday because I was in so so so much pain. I spent half the day in bed in a haze, crying and napping and doing whatever I could think of to try and get comfortable but nothing worked. Luckily by 9pm the medicine seems to have kicked in and the relief is INCREDIBLE. Walking will still be uncomfortable for the next couple of days, I think, but… just holy shit. I haven’t had this kind of relief in over a week, I’m so grateful.

Anyway. My wife is the most precious, wonderful person on the entire planet, and she was so sweet and worried about me yesterday, and drove me all over the place to the doctor’s and back (twice!) and to get my medicine and everything. What a babe!!!!!!! I’m so incredibly blessed.


Interviewer- Jürgen, first of all tell us where we are and why we’re here.

Jürgen- we are at Alcatraz and I thought it’s a good idea to play with the jet lag because we had a long flight last night, we had a short session this morning and on the other hand side we could leave Mama Sakho here, because he is filming me while I give the interview here.

Mama- I have just one question.

Jürgen- yeah…

Mama- how long do you think you can live here?

Jürgen- oh. Actually, I don’t have to think about it. You should think about it. Because only one of us came late last night for departure in Liverpool. Oh, it was not me. Ahh, then it was you by the way. We are here because we want to leave Mama here.

Mama- we are here because we want to leave Mama here.

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I know you won’t get into any fights when I’m with you mainly because you’re scared I’ll get injured and because you know I’ll whoop your ass even worse if you even attempt to with Charles?

Charles Xavier + this prompt list

A/N: Mobster!AU bc it is one of my all time favourite AUs (sorry if this isn’t quite what you were looking for)

As the boss of the Sentinels leaves the meeting point, flanked by his two henchmen, you let out a breath you hadn’t realised you had been holding. No shots have been fired despite the palpable tension in the air and you are deeply relieved about that. Eric, however, doesn’t share that opinion. He’s standing by the door, listening for a car pulling away, and as soon as he’s sure the area is free of unwanted listeners, he rounds on Charles furiously.

“What the fuck was that? We had total control of the situation. We could’ve been rid of the Sentinels and all you did was give them a warning and let them walk out. What the fuck were you thinking?” He demands, gesticulating wildly. You glare at him from your position behind Charles’s wheelchair but Charles remains unruffled, checking the cufflinks on his immaculate suit.

“Eric, if we killed them here, we would have been immediately launched into an all-out war with the Sentinels which would decimate our ranks and our position in the city. And we did not have total control over that situation. It was a highly volatile situation, and I don’t like to shed blood where it can be avoided.” He says, calmly, and Eric groans in irritation, gritting his teeth as he paces the small room.

“You mean you didn’t want to risk (Y/N) getting shot at. Great. Fan-fucking-tastic. You know, Charles, historically, I’m pretty sure the hired muscle is supposed to be at risk of getting shot and I don’t remember revising her job description when you two started sleeping together.” He gripes, and Charles is left uncharacteristically flustered, gaping slightly. You roll your eyes, folding your arms across your chest.

“Jesus Christ, guys. Okay, let’s just establish that one, I am well aware that my job description includes both shooting other people and getting shot at by other people. No need to remind me about that, I’m not a fucking idiot. Two, Eric that meeting was a firestorm waiting to happen and if Charles had ordered me to shoot, it would have been an incredibly stupid order and I would have kicked both his ass and yours as soon as the bodies had hit the floor.” Satisfied you had made your point, you start to walk out of the room, wheeling Charles with you, but you pause just before you reach the door. “Oh and for the record, just because I’m willing to get shot at for you two, doesn’t mean I’m looking forwards to it, so please keep that in mind next time you go spoiling for a fight at what’s supposed to be a business meeting, Lehnsherr.”

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So, since my sweet man moved away, I have been dating a wee bit.  I don’t really have much urge to see anyone right now, though.  My life is good, and stable.  I have my loving little family with human and animal members.  (It’s actually a big family: three human members, and four animal members.)

A and I still are very close and if anything, our undying friendship was enhanced  by the attempt at something more, because we could actually rule that out.  We still show physical affection, because we always did!  The kiddo is and remains completely awesome, although she is dealing with getting used to a female puberty.  We have some mood swings, but she isn’t a jerk about it, she just holes up in her room and is sullen.  (She’s in a good mood today)

I had a few dates, and had a little fun, but with the family, and all the activity around my family, work, volunteer work, SPI stuff….it’s just additional work I don’t really need right now.  

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It's official, King Acorn's new name is King Nigel. King Max is dead, long live King Nigel. But seriously I saw King Nigel in the previous for the next issue kick some major butt, I really have some high hopes for this newer version of King Acorn. King Max was really at times mishandled in the pre-reboot, and I hope King Nigel is handled better than the previous version of him. Then again he's not being written by Ken Penders who would botch it up.

I still maintain that the old version could have had some pretty interesting storytelling potential, given the subversion of the ‘rightful king returns and all is magically well narrrative’ that could have been done with him. 

That being said, yeah, it will be rather nice to be spared the tedium we had to deal with last time, along with Penders endless justifications for why his shitty behavior was justified. Sky’s the limit by this point. 

i honestly don’t like rose all that much. how could she not have been able to tell that pearl was hopelessly in love with her for like five thousand years or what-have-you??? pearl devoted her life to rose and rose just went off with all these guys (and there were quite a few of them from what we hear in the musical ep). but pearl just always stayed by her side and idk i just feel like rose took advantage of her in a way that makes me uncomfortable. she could have let pearl down by rejecting her or something, but i feel like she led pearl on and made her feel like she had hope all that time. i really don’t understand the fandom’s hero worship of rose. like she’s treated as some sort of goddess, but her treatment of pearl makes me super uncomfs

I-I love you {Allison Argent Imagine}

Request: Anonymous said Can I get an Allison Argent imagine where the reader is a girl and they are together and the reader steps In front of Allison before the oni kills her to save her?

Pairing: Allisonxreader


(Gif not mine)

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I blocked the Oni’s sword with my own as we fought. I’m really glad Kira taught me how to use a sword. Honestly this sword is the only thing keeping me from dying. If I was a kitsune or a werewolf I would be better off but me being a human I don’t have super strength or amazing sword skills.

I could feel my arms growing tired as I fought off the Oni. All of a sudden the Oni vanished turning into dust. I saw Allison smiling proudly as she had killed the Oni with one of her silver arrows. That’s when my world seemed to go in slow motion. I saw the Oni appear behind Allison ready to kill her.

“No!” I screamed as I ran to protect her from the sword. I felt the sword go through my stomach, my hands bled as I held on the the sword to stable myself. The sword pulled out leaving me wounded. I could see the Nogitsune smirk and leave along with the Oni from the corner of my eye.

I felt myself grow weaker falling back into Allison’s arms. She had shock written all over her face. She had tears running down her face, she was sobbing and gasping as she tried to stop the bleeding. “I-I-I don’t know what to do, Y/N why’d you do that?” She asked me.

“Because, I-I love you” I said holding back tears. That was the first time I had said those words. We both knew it but we had been waiting for the perfect moment to say it. Allison let out another hopeless sob. She grabbed my face and gave me the most loving and passionate kiss. I kissed back with the energy I had left.

When we pulled away she looked me in the eyes not letting go of my face. “I love you too, I love you so damn much”. I could feel my life being drained from me as I reached up to my face and grabbed her hand with my bloody one. I gave her hand a kiss and whispered “I know”. My breath started to become labored and I could here Allison’s voice fading. “Y/N? Y/N! Stay with me, n-no please please don’t go” she sounded panicked.

My hand slipped from her shaking hand as she yelled for the one person she could think of that could help.

“S-Scott, Scott! Do something please! Help her I can’t loose her”. My vision became blurry as I lost consciousness. The last thing I heard was Scott’s voice and Allison sobbing.

“Allison, she’s gone”


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Is it possible to get a blog taken down if it gets enough people reporting it? If it is maybe we can do that

I really hope so! I know they will probably suspend it. If there are enough reports tumblr should remove it. So if anyone who sees this could go and report @poseyparadise for reposting content it would be wonderful. Not just for me but all the other people who have had their creations reposted by them.

The world is beautiful

And first I apologize because it’s 12am here and I’m in a romantic mood, but.  I think it’s important to remember those moments when everything shows off its beauty to you and things seem hopeful only just through what you can perceive through vision.  A few days ago I was walking with my love and the sky was like cotton candy warmed by soft cherry sunlight, and the forest, you could feel it breathing just by its deep color, and the river looked like fluid glass, just everything had life and the colors all fit.  And in those moments you feel safe and normal.  Yesterday we were out again and it was nearly 90 degrees, or it might have been even, and still, while a bit humid, the warmth was comforting and made you feel real, and one scene in particular that I remember was a lamp post in which the vines had grown all the way to the top on it and it was surrounded by tall plants, and in the heat it almost felt like I wasn’t in the states anymore, and lemme just say, I take advantage of all those moments when the scenery in this country reminds me of Mexico.  Bringing me to my second point, which is, things are twice as beautiful when you’re with someone you love, and if I sound corny honestly I don’t care right now.

Okay, hold up. So we can do “challenges” to basically go and grind from places we’ve already fought, yes? And chapter 7 of Revealation is in Valla right? So by the logic, we should be able to go back into Valla in the main story. So isn’t it pointless to go back to the bottomless canyon? Couldn’t we have shown earlier to other people of what Valla is, and explain what’s going on? Because what Azura said, in Conquest, was that the only reason why her and Corrin were able to go through water was because the have strong ties with Valla, so that’s why Gunter had to go through the bottomless canyon. But that reasoning is pointless right? Because wouldn’t that mean that every time we did a challenge in the Canyon Valley, we would backtrack ALL the way to the Bottomless Canyon?

So my question is, why do we have to go through all of this trouble when we could’ve just gone through the water and just shown all of this to everyone way sooner, and save countless lives?