i thought it needs to be said. as a russian (albeit being closer to the right wing in my political views) i don’t really approve of the job nicholas ii did as the tsar; even more so, i don’t like his personality and neither i’m particularly fond of alexandra feodorovna, personally-wise.

that being said, i like to be as truthful as i can to my muse’s personality, and she ADORES her family, at least in historical verse. in the survival aus she might be questioning her times as a grand duchess. another thing tho: all survival aus are strictly fictional, as are some of my headcanons. 

i just thought it was important to let y’all know, idek? in any case, there we go. peace out, babs!

– el.

Friday Feels Announcement

Well that was a tough premiere, wasn’t it? No spoilers but I’m sure we could all do with a warm hug, and some serious fluff in our lives right now.

It seems like this season of TWD is going to be covering a lot of unhappiness, hardship and brutal misery. Our beloved heroes are separated, and who knows how long it’ll be until they see each other again.

In those conditions it can be really hard to get the shippy feels going, but never fear Nine Lives is here to help.

Every Friday on our tumblr page we’re going to be posting a song that gives us Caryl feels. We’ll post the video and the lyrics, and perhaps a word or two for why this song makes us think of our broken babies.

We know from chats we’ve held, and from fics themselves, that nothing inspires you guys to write some Caryl fic more than a song. Lyrics that capture the essence of Daryl or Carol or their love for each other, coupled with a haunting or spirited piece of music can bring forth more than just tears of recognition - they can spout forth entire multi-chaptered, fluff and angst-filled shipper goodness.

So, if you can think of some songs that give you serious Caryl vibes and you’d like to see them featured in our Friday Feels tumblr posts, please drop Ikkleosu a PM (On Nine Lives or on tumblr) with the song, artist and - if you’d like - why it makes you think of Caryl. If you’re stuck and can only remember a few lines of the song, you can even just send them and Ikkles will try and find out the song information for you.

Keep on carylin’!

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I have a question you don't have to reply to if it's too personal, but how did you and your girlfriend meet?

I met my girlfriend in October 2011 when she was an exchange student in Finland. There was a charity event organized by the Japanese exchange students to help the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that happened earlier that year. Both I and my girlfriend volunteered at the event and we met at the rehearsal. Something about her caught my interest right away and after the event I sent her a facebook message and we chatted for hours. After that we hanged out and chatted every day and a week later I confessed I was head over heels in love with her. Luckily she liked me back and we started dating. In January 2012 she went back to Japan and we were in a long distance relationship until July 2013 when she moved to Finland and we registered our partnership and moved in together. 

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a new guy joined my theatre group and we were chatting and I discovered that he's a phannie and he discovered and now we're best friends lmao

ooOOh that sounds snazzy. i actually don’t like many people irl that like dan and phil so….i mean i pretend i don’t even know them when im outside of my house because it’s like mildly embarrassing having to explain who they are and them being youtubers and everything……im just really phake. but i am glad u found someone to bond about dan phil because that’s really nice to do

Cacao and cinnamon nice cream with popped millet, coconut chips and almond ♥

Hey! I’m gonna be in London from the 2nd to the 8th of November and I’d love to hang out if you’re around! (I’m also gonna be at Vevolution) 

I also need a place to stay for a couple of nights so if you’re able to have me over for a night or two on the 5th or 6th, that would be amazing :) Or on the 3rd if you’re near Bolton like Manchester etc. xx

So contact me if you’d be up for meeting up, doing activism together or having me over :) Message through tumblr or my instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/pinjj/ ) is fine or you can leave me an email ( redhaired.metalhead@gmail.com ). We can also chat on Facebook if you ask for my details xx I promise I’m not a serial killer ;)

Hey Nygmobblepot fandom, would anyone be interested in a group Skype chat? Where we could discuss and spam with fic recs, fanart etc. I keep freaking out over this ship to my friends who don’t even watch the show so I’d rather do it with other fans haha.

If you’re interested, send me a message/ask with your skype name and I’ll add you.


I finally got to swim and run on wed evening with Angela. It was a quick pool session cause I got there 30 min before we were gonna run, but I got in the pool and got it done.

She’s getting lessons from someone and he has this bungee cord that you swim with. He attaches it to the dive platform and then you have a belt around your waist and you go full out and see how far you can make it. I made it probably ¾ of the 25yards with it on! Then you stop and it pulls you back. I thought it was fun. Angela said she hates it.

Angela and I each have a spot where we’re faster. I’m a faster swimmer and she’s the faster runner. Luckily we seem pretty even on the bike which makes riding together great. We make a decent training team.

We did our usual route through the town and chatted. We do a nice steady to slow pace for her and slowish for me. She wants to run 10 tomorrow so I’m gonna go with her. She said she usually goes her own pace but will circle back for me as we go. Then we are gonna ride on Sunday.

Oh and I think we found a full marathon to do together after the 70.3. So yea. I haven’t signed up yet but we’ve decided to do it. She’s already talking about a full ironman and I won’t lie I’m starting to think about it too.

Some context for my panic attack earlier (also I kinda need to vent about the experience, it was extremely embarrassing): there is this irritating younger kid in my class who, well, he means well but he is very immature and can be pretty insensitive at times. anyway, four or five of us were waiting for the bus and chatting (we were going on a field trip to a Buddhist temple) and somewhere in the conversation mother Theresa came up. I mentioned that I’d read that she was actually kind of a terrible person. He started loudly arguing with me, and another student said that they heard that that rumour was disproved. I kinda just agreed to it because I didn’t want to start a problem (and it’s not like I’ve done serious research into it so who knows, maybe I was wrong) but he kept carrying on. The bus came and we got on and he was practically yelling. I was sitting at the edge of our group trying to ignore it while he is loudly pointing at me and saying my name and complaining about what I said in a city bus full of strangers, making a huge spectacle. I was mortified and started to panic and he just kept carrying on. I put in my earbuds and ended up spending the rest of the ride staring out the window trying to just tune him out, focus on the podcast I was listening to, and not to cry (he moved into other subjects, but continued to very loudly talk about inappropriate shit to say in public, further bringing attention to our group). When we got to the temple we all took our shoes off and went inside. I tried to distract myself by looking at their plants, but I couldn’t stop myself and just completely broke down hyperventilating and crying and having my first full blown panic attack in probably years.
Luckily my teacher was really good about it, she told me that she had panic attacks too sometimes as was very helpful in calming me down. Eventually I rejoined the class and it was very nice. Buddhism is a very interesting religion. The nun that was guiding us even had us try meditation so by the time we left I was feeling ok again, although exhausted.

i haven’t been very active on tumblr of late but i would be remiss if i didn’t acknowledge marissa’s friendliness and guidance when i first joined this site in 2012.

i was in library school at the time and was looking for library-related blogs to follow. marissa followed me, introduced herself, and sent me the link to the tumblarian list. with her guidance i became acquainted with many tumblarian folks with whom i still keep in touch.

we chatted off and on over the years and i was always grateful to her for being so welcoming and making tumblr seem a little less overwhelming. she was the first tumblarian i befriended. i’m truly sad i never got to thank her properly for this. she was a good person.

If you haven’t already, please consider following my Instagram account, Anime Pop Heart. Here are a few pictures to tell you about it:

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It’s been a while since I posted anything of substance, I think. I had a visit with the ex-husband this weekend, so let’s talk about that.

I hadn’t seen him in five months - that’s on him; he didn’t want to come visit the dogs because he didn’t want to see me, and that’s fine. As I’ve said before, he gets to process our divorce on his own terms. But then out of the blue last week, he asked if I was free for him to come by and see them. I’ve always told him that he can come visit them anytime, and I wasn’t doing anything, so of course I said yes. And it was fine, for me. I don’t have any residual longing for him. I sat and did my nails while he cuddled with the pups and we chatted. When he left, I went about my day with no weird feelings. 

There was only one part of our conversation that stuck with me. We got to talking about The Future, in very general terms, and he mentioned that he thinks he will stay in San Diego long term, possibly for life. I said I didn’t think I’d end up staying here - probably another few years, but eventually relocating. I mentioned that I’ve considered the Pacific Northwest (Seattle or Vancouver being top of the list), and he said, 

“Huh. Rains a lot there.”

“I know,” I said.

“Be careful with that,” he said.

I asked him what made him say that, and he said, “Well, you know how the weather affects you.”

It struck me as a strange comment, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, and so I just said something about being on anti-depressants and leveling out and he reiterated that I should make sure I take care of myself if and when I move somewhere with Weather Patterns and I said thanks and we moved on to another topic.

So the thing is… I enjoy living in San Diego, and not dealing with rain on a regular basis, because it’s hard to have big dogs and deal with mud and wet and cold. Part of the reason I’m not likely to move in the next several years is that it is a lot easier to be a single parent to dogs in San Diego than it would be in a place like Seattle. And moving to a different country with animals from the US is kind of an endeavor - it would take a really amazing opportunity to get me to make that move. 

But I’m not negatively affected by the weather. That’s not something I’ve ever felt, or, I think(?), said about myself. And being in San Diego for six+ years has actually made me really love the rain.

As an adult, I have struggled with clinical depression for years. It went undiagnosed for most of my marriage. Once I was diagnosed, and went on anti-depressants, my moods leveled off in a very real and life-altering way. But most of my serious symptoms developed here, in San Diego. 

You know, where it’s sunny all the time. 

“You know how the weather affects you.” What weather?? 

I thought about this for several days after the conversation, because it’s significant to me that he associated my unhappiness with weather patterns. He never really internalized that I was suffering from a mental illness, I don’t think. He still doesn’t get it. And he doesn’t have to, I mean, at least not for my benefit. But it puts a lot into perspective for me as I look back over our relationship. 

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Hi I'm in hospital right now after being beaten up and raped a few days ago and i just wanted to say that while I've been in here. I've been reading your stuff and it made me feel ok for a few minuets. So thanks.

Oh my god, I am so, so, so sorry that’s happened to you, my lovely. I’m disgusted by some of the people in this world - you don’t deserve that; nobody does. I’m honoured to have made you feel okay for even just a few minutes.

God, I just want to come and visit you and snuggle you and give you squeezes. I’m appalled by some disgusting humans. If you ever need to talk then don’t hesitate to come and talk or we can chat about Harry or anything.

I’m so sorry. Stay strong, okay? A fighter like you will come out bigger and better than that disgusting person.

You’re strong, I know you are, my lovely. :(( xx