the RFA boys nursing(attempting to nurse) my lovely @pwoo back to health… everyone wish her well!!

plenty of rest, a painkiller or two, and some lemon tea. that’s what poo needed, as she lay in bed, sniffling and red in the cheeks.

instead… she got.. well… three overbearing idiots, hell bent on nursing her back to health by themselves.

the steady clack of heels pounded through the think fog of her headache. jaehee? she found herself wondering. this was the first day she’d stayed home from university but poo had to admit she was already feeling a little lonely. han hadn’t replied to her string of messages complaining about her fate, and the personification of the moon pouted at the thought. so, jaehee’s company might be just what would put her back in a good mood.

she sat up a little, propped up against the headboard, smile only a little feverish as she anticipated the secretary.

“hahahaha!” his chipper laugh had her eyes widen. seven?? “miss. poo, a little birdy told me you were feeling a little under the weather! but ah.. have no fear!!! nurse seven oh seven is here!” there was a lot going on and poo didn’t quite know what to focus on. the six inch white strappy heels, milky cream over the knee tights, held up by leather garter belts… leading to a sinfully short dress, exposing his thighs. the red stripes only accentuated his tight form and poo suddenly felt her temperature rise to hospital levels. she swallowed audibly.

“s-seven! what are you doing here! i didn’t expect you!” her voice was raspy and seven grinned. why was she so cute, even surrounded by a few dozen used tissues scattered around her on the bed, like flowers in a field.

he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “what.. my lovely little poo was sick… and you didn’t think i would don my favorite nurse’s outfit and rrrrrrrrush on over here! i’m offended!” he declared, but there was a twinkle in his eye.

“seven…..” a cough raked through her and a flash of genuine worry flickered over his face. “poo…?”

“ugh-ugh-ughe-” she coughed, holding one hand up to let him know she was in fact okay, another hand covering her mouth. “f-fine, I’m fine don’t worry..- i- ugh- nice outfit.. did you dress up for me?~”

“oh you know it~~~~ everything for my sexy-”

“poo! i ran over as soon as I- seven.” zen’s face fell.

“/what/ are you doing here, choi?!” he growled, bangs sticking to his forehead with the slight sweat worked up by his hurry. “poo- angel… did you ask him to be here?” his voice was softer now.. like he was hesitant to hear the answer. “did you… ask him before you thought of me?”

she pushed strands of hair behind her ears. poo opened her mouth to speak, wanting to reassure him.

“our little actor is upset he didn’t get a callback? lolololol! she’s in good hands, don’t you worry~~” he blew a kiss at him.

zen glared at him. “do you really think this is a laughing matter? poo is sick! the woman I love- the- n-never mind.. she is sick and you’re here playing around! how could you not take this seriously!! you’re always clowning around.. don’t you know when to be serious!”

“zen there’s.. no need to yell..” poo interjects, eyes darting from the hacker to the actor. “I’m not in any danger… it’s just a cold..”

the door opens for a third time.

“acute viral nasopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, viral rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza and head cold… all symptoms of the viral infectious disease more widely known as a common cold.” jumin’s voice is low but composed, even though the wrongly buttoned top two buttons of his dress shirt betrayed he too had hurried upon hearing the news.

“don’t worry poo.. you’re going to be okay. i will assure it.”

“no! i assure it! i will personally nurse you back to health, my pudding pop, my nightingale, the moon herself!” zen exclaimed poetically, only to have seven rolls his eyes.

“hello.” the hacker said pointedly. “which one of you is dressed in a racy nurse’s outfit? exactly. if anyone’s going to nurse poo back to health it’s me.”

the door opens yet again, and jaehee appears, arms crossed.

“all of you… out. poo needs chicken soup and reruns of inuyasha, not…. three idiots bickering over who gets to take care of her… rather than actually taking care of her.


“shush” her gaze was unrelenting. “all of you…. OUT!”

poo sighs with a smile. jaehee to the rescue.




I had to go in for a semi-urgent medical appt. today, upshot being “Your doctor isn’t here, but we have something in 45 minutes with a resident they supervise…”

> okay

“…Dr. Paris”

> omg

I go, the guys walks in, and he looks, I KID YOU NOT, like Tom Paris. I mean, I wouldn’t have picked him out on the street bone-structure wise or anything, but tall, correct-age, sandy-haired guy.

> well I try not to be an obsessed fan who sees connections to ST everywhere but this is wild lol


We were chatting about college at the end of the appointment and he asked me what I was studying, then said, “Yeah, I knew a lot of [my major] students because my major was biochemistry.”

> Are   yo u   f r i c k i n g   k i d d i  n  g     m  e

anonymous asked:

Story time/crush: so basically I was waiting at a bus stop and this really cute girl asked me if I knew when the next bus was coming. I found the map, sat next to her and we started chatting. I'm so bad at flirting that I didn't realize what was happening until she wrote her number on my arm and gave me a wink. She's so cute and sweet. One day I was texting her about how tired I was after an allnighter and she met me outside my class with coffee. Like I just want to kiss her adorable face so bad


Yesterday night I had a chat with my downstairs Korean neighbour coming home from work. She stopped me to ask some questions as she does, and I answered them honestly as I always do. You ask me something and you get a genuine answer. 

It started with simple life questions but then she asked me your 26 without a boyfriend what’s the deal? and I explained what an asexual was and she came back with “may be that’s what I am too” and we connected and chatted more, then she asked if I was ever bullied at school - I was physically and mentally for years for stupid reasons like appearance or being ‘too city for the country’ or ‘too country for the city’ - I attended 14 different schools in the end. I told her I was (although thank god I am not a teenage girl these days, we didn’t have a social media when I went to school so thankfully I could escape my tormentors at home or a safe place - these days that is almost near impossible). anyway I said yeah mainly because I was overweight and ugly (or just plan weird). She stopped me and said, your not ugly and I have never seen you as overweight in fact I think you have a nice curvy body, big breasts, tiny waist, and wide hips… every time I see you I think you dress really well, look confident and have a nice body….never do I see you as fat. And you know what that actually made me smile. 

She said that to achieve happiness in life is a two step process - first have self awareness/understanding, and second have self acceptance. The second is hardest and not something achieved over night, or a decade, or even a lifetime. 

 I dealt with major depression when I was younger and even these days I have ‘dark hours, days, weeks’ but most of the time I just say ‘fuck em’ but of course doubt and anxiety are like seeds inside my brain and sometimes stresses come along and those seeds start to grow. Only a month ago I thought as an asexual I was a failure as a female. That I wasn’t normal that I should just find a boyfriend, have a kid and grow-up. But that isn’t me, that isn’t who I searched for and finally accepted who I was in my early teens. The same is for my weight - sure I am overweight, but you know what I can say with some certainly that I am fucking stronger than most girls (except maybe my good friend who is a world champion strong woman). But you always doubt yourself, what other people see is unlikely what you see. People say I look confident, grounded, own myself, and intelligent. I don’t see that so when someone says something nice I feel at the same time awkward (or guilty because I am fake) but also a sense of small happiness because maybe I can be that person someday, or at least a version of that person that makes me happy. 

Ålesund and a modern statue

This is a view of Ålesund that I haven’t seen before. It combines this modern statue and the old Art Nouveau houses, rebuilt after the city burnt almost entirely at the beginning of last century. While shooting this, we had a lengthy chat with Egil, a friendly local guy, that wanted to chat talk to some fellow photographers. We exchanged opinions about places we traveled so far and we befriended on Facebook, promising to contact him when we are coming in the area again.

aight clexughs who arent messy listen up: like this post if u are a rellamy/clexa bitch nd wanna be in the notorious messy chat cause we wanna add new ppl

holy shit i just full force remembered a dream i had where i was in a room with mark, sue and some casuals and we were chatting about sherlock on the plane in TAB, and some of the casuals were like ‘yeah well i think it was an accident he took so much to overdose…’ and i was like 'no he did it on purpose because he was never gonna see john again’ and mark patted me on the head whilst sue looked smug and the casuals were like 'hmmmmmm but i’m not suuuuuuuuuure’ it was gr8

October Book - A Stitch In Time

The long anticipated arrival of our October book, A Stitch in Time by Andrew Robinson! I’ve been getting requests to read this book for about.. well six months at least! Very excited!

For more information about this book here’s a link to Memory Alpha

If you’d like to buy an ebook version of this book you can do so at the simon & schusterwebsite as well as a number of other retailors including Amazon, Apple & Google Play.

If you’d like to talk with other book clubers we have our DISCORD CHAT

We also have Social Media profiles on Twitter and Good Reads! We also have a brand new Imzy account (just click through for an invite if you would like to join this comm)

Happy reading and LLAP!

flash giveaway.

                      psds   ————   we love ‘em,   most hate to make them,   i’m generous as all get out   ————   here’s the deal :   it’s a weekend.   so why not spend it doin’ somethin’ i like ??   i love makin’ psds for people,   so i thought why not make a quick giveaway for ‘em.   now,   if you’re a friendo of mine & we chat on skype & you’re part of one of my Squads,   then feel free to ignore the rest of this,   ‘cause y'all are always welcome to ask for psds whenever,   so y'all don’t need to do nothin’.   the rest of y'all   ——

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Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek