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"So just how far can we go with this wish of ours huh? Because I wish I was a sentient human sized anthropomorphic waffle that could travel throughout the dimensions of time and space at will and as often as I want. Can you do all that?"

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ “You need to sit down and reevaluate your choices in life.”

Several hours ago, at approximately 7:50am EST, we entered into a new era of space exploration. New Horizons flew past Pluto. This was a moment that many have been waiting on for a long, long time. The journey to Pluto took us nearly a decade, and that’s just counting travel time. It can be said that our path to Pluto really began in 1990, when Alan Sternand Fran Bagenal started fighting for a mission to the icy dwarf at the edge of our solar system.

And now, 25 years later, after several project cancellations and funding issues, after technological issues and an abrupt demotion in planetary status, after 3 billion miles (4.8 billion km)…we have reached our goal at last.

And it is awesome..

To love you is to understand dark matter; the substance of your chest refracts inside me like something holy, pushing the boundaries of the Universe,

Touching each other as Big Bangs, our passion turning into the distance we created.

We exist on opposite ends of humanity, tracking each other into infinity like polar bears, following each others’ invisible footsteps and dipping our paws in honey and blood.

I heard that traveling faster than the speed of light can send you back in time; sometimes, my mind races with the thought of you, soaring us past Ursa Major, and I am stuck with all this wanting.

As we learn destroy each other with the entropy of our stars, this pain is so unbearable that your proximity creates wrinkles in time and space, reminding me of bed sheets when two strangers fall in love.

To be reborn is to watch as our passion becomes distance in an astronomical second;
To wander the fringe of the Universe, searching for each other’s wounds and carrying them in our jaws like bears to each others’ feet;
To wish for meaning when all we have is language, searching the arctic for the words we lost;
To hate what entropy we have become, the youth we abandoned,

Smothered in our bed sheets.


7-weeks//Dark Matter.

Prompt: Write about how it feels to be in love with someone who is your polar opposite, your best friend, but you can’t stand to be around each other because it hurts so fucking bad.

The thing that can take you back and forth in time. Lets you travel in different places, dimensions, and space. Lets you meet different kinds of people, race, culture, and beliefs. Lets you feel different kinds of emotion. Lets you feed your mind and soul. Isn’t it amazing? All we could ever dream and imagine could be written in just a piece of paper, compiled and published - be called as books. :) (at Fully Booked @ Eastwood Mall)

Hi my name is Tadeo Bourbon. I am a student of photojournalism based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In my tumblr fotoviajando.tumblr.com i share some of my street photography which it is the style that i love.

This is a view of square in Santiago de Chile. One of my passions is travel and know a lot of places and people. This is so interesting to me because i find differents ways of life. This time was Chile and i loved it!

When i am comfortable in the place or country that i was visiting i started to take knew street photos. But in strange place you can use more imagination because all is new.

I took this photo in a square, using public spaces is my favorite way to do street photography. I love the contrast that we can find in a public space a family vs street people.

Hope you like it! Also you can follow me on facebook Fotojiando. https://www.facebook.com/fotojiando?fref=photo

The more you’re cooped up, the more you dream. And considering even the most adventurous “outdoor cat” never gets too far outside their backyard, we figure feline-kind has more than a few fantasies of exploring space-time and inventing rock ‘n’ roll. This design from regular Cracked design-pal Joseph LeJeune captures all the cat dreams it can, with a workaday ironing board that was meant to hover and a kitty who was meant to rock that vest. Get it on just about anything that makes your imagination soar, and let it fuel your flux capacitor like a quality [anything at all]. [GET IT HERE]

  • Frank Ocean:Imma put out an album this year in July
  • Franks Team:ok well you haven't given us anything so...?
  • Frank Ocean:"I forget that you are mortals who are bound by the confines of time and space. What really is "this year" what really is "this July" it can be whenever or however I want. I am sending my album to them through telepathic waves that travel across the universe everyone is connected.we are all one. 🙏🏾*meditates on boardroom table*

Quick thing about the LGBT acronym since their seems to be some confusion. The A in truth is arbitrarily added by asexuals, as well as always having been there, for allies. Context matters.

We use the LGBT acronym for a various of purposes and sometimes those purposes required an A. For instance, colleges are a hotspot for LGBT activity because it’s the first time a young lgbt adult can get away from their oppressive parents, especially if they traveled and lots of clubs abound to make up for the change in location. College clubs generally have a rule about being inclusive (i really doubt college administrators understand the concept of safe spaces), thus sometimes you needed the A to actually be allowed to run. 

Now other older LGBT have also pointed out from their experience that sometimes to be allowed to these clubs or other physical events, being an ally was safer if you were in the closet. Reminds me of the Orphan Black “Lesbian Supporter” meme, this kind of dynamic is what it was referring to. 

However, it’s 2015 and we live in a world were communities have taken on virtual meaning. this means that in the internet landscape it’s safer to be in the closet while still talking to people you identify with, and be out to that community and have a safe space that’s not allowed in the physical world. These communities don’t necessarily need an A because as we can see with current discussions and need for LGBT exclusive spaces, there really doesn’t need to be an underhanded A for closeted LGBT people. 

Furthermore, the LGBT acronym doesn’t just come up in references to communities, it comes up in references to our rights, our activism, and our right as a minority group to speak prominently on any issues related to our struggle. it’s LGBT end of story, no A. 

So yes the A was in a sense always there, but it was also simultaneously added in other discourse where it wasn’t needed, asexuals are taking it on and going “LOOK, there’s an A in LGBTA and it’s for Asexual not allies!!”  like some smug gotcha. Um nope. You have fucked up, some people actually do know their history, because they do their damn research or they actually lived it. 

Morning List, Morning Routine

Developing a morning routine has been key for me. When I am at my most productive, the least frustrated with myself, and when I generally just have a good day - it has usually started when my morning was not chaotic.

The list above is not everything I do in the morning, but close.  My advice to fellow ADHD travelers when making a list, put things on there even if they’re so elementary your inner voice says, “well, you’re not that stupid.  You’ll remember to brush your teeth.”  First of all, you’re not stupid at all, so inner voice, STFU.  More importantly, I think the very exercise of breaking down a space of time or task into its most basic parts is a healthy exercise and a skill that builds executive function.

I have my lists written out in several different places.  On my phone, on a white board in the bedroom and in the kitchen.  Fellow ADHD travelers know - we can’t remind ourselves enough.  I track some but not all of the items using an app. There are many to choose from; I like coach.me.  

Mindfulness Exercise/Meditation

When I have enough time, I have incorporated into my morning routine a few minutes of sitting in meditation.  I’ve written more about how meditation helps me with ADHD, and there are a lot more resources out there on the subject. If meditation is not for you or if, like me, sometimes you’re rushing out the door, incorporating mindfulness practice into something else you are doing in the morning is something I would highly recommend. Something like, say, the Leave No Trace Mindfulness Exercise.

Lists are So Rigid - They’re Just Not Me

That’s what I used to think.  My partner lives by lists and he is the opposite of me in so many ways, particularly his executive skills functions: they’re through the roof.  I’d see him and his lists and think, that’s for those kind of people; not me. 

Here’s the thing.  Making the list and developing a habit, in my experience, has allowed me the ability to be flexible.  Once I had an established morning routine, it was easier to stray when necessary because–let’s face it–shit happens.  Life intervenes.  The alarm doesn’t go off or you didn’t quite do everything on your evening list and so your morning is busier than usual.  You may have to rush out the door without doing everything on the list.  Having the routine, for one, creates for me a memory of the things I did not do and maybe go back to them.  This is especially true of mindfulness.  If I didn’t have time to sit in the morning, I try and take some time in the middle of the day to do so.

And the thing about the list is, it’s there. It’s just a thing.  It’s not judging you. if you have a chaotic morning and a shitty day, it’s a reminder that ADHD is all about getting back on the horse.  You fall, you get back up.

Marvel: What-If? Rocket Lives Past His Lifespan (Theory #4)

The average lifespan of a raccoon is  1.8 to 3.1 years in the wild.  The first Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014, and the second is said to be in 2017.  This has had me extremely concerned that Rocket Raccoon is going to pass on in the second movie, and I have noticed that some others have been concerned as well.  My friend made a post discussing it here.

However, we have seen the infinity stones tying in with our favorite space travelers as seen in the first movie.  The fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been constantly trying to determine which infinity stones have presented themselves and which have not.  I believe it can be agreed that the time gem has not yet made an appearance.

Some powers of the time gem include “…time travel, control over the age of beings and (can) also be used as a weapon by trapping enemies or entire worlds in unending loops of time…” (Marvel Comics Database).

What if the guardians use the time gem to reverse Rocket’s age to prevent him from reaching the end of his lifespan?  One of two things could happen: we could have a normal ‘young adult’ Rocket Raccoon, or we could have a baby Rocket Raccoon that fans would be putting along with a dancing baby Groot.

Of course the gem may make an entrance in any other Marvel movie along the way and make this theory busted, but this is a reasonable guess as to how the second Guardians of the Galaxy will go down until then.  Whether this is true or not, I will still be buying my ticket to this movie the moment it comes out.

Robosapiens – merging with machines will improve humanity at an exponential rate

See on Scoop.it - Cyborg Lives

One can’t help be positive about the future. Even obstacles have a bright side. For example - humans at some point will be limited by space and time; we can’t expect to go far in space exploration without the development of strong artificial intelligence and robots.

Experts say it takes light 100,000 years to travel from one end of the Milky Way galaxy to the other. Note that the speed of light is 3.0 x 10^8 m/s. This means that even if humans travel at the speed of light, which is 3.0 x 10^8 m/s, it will take us about 100000 years to traverse the milky way galaxy.

This limitation of humans can be eliminated once humans decide to merge with robots.

We can’t face the future with fear and trepidation; we must face it with caution and wisdom. The trade-offs between fear and improvement need to be considered if humans are to make meaningful progress in the next 80 years.

One meaningful reason that humans need to merge with machines is because the rate of improvement in our biology is linear, whereas, computing power doubles every two years. It follows an exponential curve.

See on ieet.org

Trainer Class: Time Travellers

Specialty: future pokemon, fossil pokemon, pokemon from space

The Region is a popular tourist destination for time travellers due to all the temporal and dimensional anomalies. The relative abundance of pokemon is a plus side too, but not all time travellers are trainers.

The above time travellers hail from times several hundred millennia apart, suggesting that time travel will have been discovered at least four times by this planet’s inhabitants, but apparently only twice by what we can comfortably call ‘humans’.

The nature of time travel means that simply existing in our time means that these time travellers have created alternate timelines. Their technology therefore allows for universe-hopping so that they can return to their own branches of history.

[Still can’t draw humans. Monsters are so much easier because there is no way to screw up their proportions!]

Starry Seas (for windwokencourage)

“This seems kinda fishy.”

[Was that a pun, Captain?]

“No. There aren’t any fish in this ocean, anyway.”

The Falcon Flyer was currently parked about thirty feet under the surface of the Great Sea. It remained static, its space-travel-intended gyroscopic stabilizer more than enough to hold steady against the towing undercurrent of the water.

“I’m just not sure about this. The bounty was to save a legendary pirate, because one of his descendants is a bigshot hero in our time but some kind of temporal distortion cuts him short in his teenage years before he can have a kid.”

[Yes, we’ve gone over that.]

“I’ve seen what passes for ‘pirates’ in these waters. Ain’t anything ‘pirate-y’ about ‘em. Hell, they’re mostly kids. I’m just not sure who I’m supposed to be looking for, since the guy we’re supposed to save is some kind of badass warrior type. I’m not exactly expecting him to be fourteen or so–”

[Ship detected on scanners. Flying a sail detailed with the wind, and caught in a storm. It’s only a one-man ship, but it matches the description given – a red lion’s head at the front. They’re currently caught in a bad storm, Captain.]

“That must be our man. Let’s go bail him out, eh?”

And so, the Flyer began to slowly approach the King of  Red Lions through the rough waters. It was necessary to take it slow, as the water would be too rough on the hull otherwise.

[Two miles and closing.]

Welcome to this FREE BULLSHIT TOUR of Budapest, where I make crap up about things I don’t know about but, hey, some of it sounds almost convincing.

So! This is Budapest

Current evidence suggests that Budapest goes on literally forever, to the end of time and space. In a way, we are all in Budapest.

This is actually a walking tour but you are lucky because I already did all the ass-hauling up and down dumb-ass hills so you can just enjoy my dubious photography skills. 

We shall begin with a stroll down the river Danube. The first thing you’re going to notice is an absolute heck-tonne of bridges. I mean, seriously, an abundance of the damn things. And all in different colours. The reason behind this architectural nonsense is that in the past, people were segregated by eye-colour. So people with green eyes could only use this green bridge

And brown eyes could only use this

And somewhere there’s a blue bridge too but hey, I’m too lazy to hunt it down. BUT I am sure you’ll have noticed this big-ass white bridge.

Well LET ME TELL YOU, back in the day this bridge was actually painted bright purple in attempt to capture vampires, witches and weeaboos. Once trapped on the bridge, locals would shower the victims in fish as a metaphor about their fishy (dubious) actions. Very poetic.

The second thing you’ll notice about the river is this condom boat. 

To save pennies, the Boating Organisation Of Budapest (BOOB for short) decided to just inflate condoms to float tourists around in. Good thinking, BOOBs!

Next, we’ll climb up this big-ass hill. Or at least I will. No it’s fine, don’t get up, I don’t mind. 

From the top of this hill you have a view of the ENTIRE WORLD which is pretty cool. 

There’s also this big-ass statue. 

So why are there so many big-ass things in Budapest? Well, people actually used to be this big. The statue is an actual life size replica. So these huge people needed huger bridges and doors. It’s all perfectly logical (and explains the aforementioned boat size).

Let’s climb down and go back to the bridges! This one with the lions is called the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, but since no one can pronounce that, I have re-dubbed it the Sneezy Bridge for your convenience.

The Sneezy Bridge has big-ass lions at either ends, to guard the big-ass people who used to live here. When the original guard-lions died, their skeletons were preserved inside these statues.

Well quite honestly I am tired so I am going to end the tour here for today. Good luck finding your own way home. If you’ve ever actually taken a ‘free’ tour before, you will know that they are NOT free (it’s lies - terrible, terrible lies) and that ‘tips’ (guilt-payment) is necessary. I accept these ‘tips’ in likes, reblogs or - if you can find me - beer. 

Thank you for your time, I hope you didn’t learn anything at all!

“This Friday Cartoon comes from the exciting happening this week in Space News. After many years of traveling the New Horizons spacecraft arrived at Pluto. At one time it was called a planet but then removed from a planet status. Maybe now we can explore and know for sure the wonderful facts about Pluto. We liked the little cartoon with a message from Pluto. Have a great weekend. LIKE and SHARE”. https://www.facebook.com/Robertsliardon/photos/a.202422793121185.56750.196898633673601/1100299010000221/?type=1&theater. #NASA #NewHorizons #NasaNewHorizons #Charon #Hydra #Charon #Pluto

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1. You need a magical companion, what will it be?

Probably some ethereal cosmic being. Lets say space itself if space was alive.

2. You can time travel without consequences, where would you go first?

To the far future to see how far humanity has come.

3. Would you rather explore the ocean’s depths or the vastness of space?

SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. The ocean is cool but there is so much more of space.

4. Do you have any hobbies?

Yeah, reading, writing, painting, ghost-hunting, so on and so forth.

5. What is one thing you could never live without?

Science and technology. If I was stuck in the past without the advancements we have today I would most likely die.

6. What is your favorite time of day?

The late afternoon, especially when I am home alone.

7. What is the first video game you’ve ever played?

Some Wii game, probably Wii sports.

8. A series you would marathon without hesitation, show/movie/game etc.

Honestely its whatever gets in my head in a fleeting moment. I just get an idea to marathon something and then I’m like why not? So really it depends. Like recently I marathoned Danny Phantom again.

9. The ultimate comfort food? 

Probably icecream or tea.

10. The jammiest jam to have ever jammed (Favorite song)? 

The ASAP periodic table song.

11. Your Pokemon adventure starts today, what region are you in and what is your starter?

I’ve never played Pokemon so I do not know the regions and stuff. I’ve only watched it.

I’m not going to make more questions because I don’t have time, and these ones are pretty neat anyway.

I tag karkitsvantas, moirails-for-life-yo, akumaasylum, and knightly-arrow.

Get to know the blogger

Gotta post the rules. Answer the questions asked, write 11 new ones for others, tag 11 people to answer the questions you’ve asked. Tell the person that tagged you that you’ve answered the questions.

Thanks draygon-of-derse for this. I assume you want me to answer the same questions you did. Let’s do this!

1: You need a magical companion, what will it be?

-Personally, an amphibious dragon who can grant me temporary underwater breathing or something like that so I can ride it underwater would be awesome. Oh, but we have to be able to communicate. That’s important.

2: You can time travel without consequences. When would you go first?

-Probably feudal Japan. Or the future. I don’t know specifically.

3: Would you rather explore the ocean’s vast depths or the vastness of space?

-Probably space. The ocean can be extremely terrifying.

4: Do you have any hobbies?

-Yup. Video games, film making, and the occasional acting/singing.

5: What is one thing you could never live without?

-Love. In all of its vast different forms.

6: What is your favorite time of day?

-Afternoon. So much happens in an afternoon.

7: What is the first video game you’ve ever played?

-Not counting educational games marketed at the wee ones, probably either Lego Island 2 or Sonic Advance 3. Good times, man.

8: A series you would marathon without hesitation, game/tv/movie etc.

-Games: Halo.

-TV: The Clone Wars

-Movie: Star Wars

9: The ultimate comfort food.

-A good pizza. It’s good hot and it’s good cold.

10: The jammiest jam to have ever jammed (Favorite song)?

-I can never pinpoint one, but my brother and I love jamming to both Disco Pogo and Mr. Brightside.

11: Your Pokemon adventure starts today. What region are you in and who is your starter?

-I’m in Hoenn about to adventure with my Torchic bro.

That was fun! My questions are as follows;

1: What’s a song from a game and/or movie that makes you feel epic?

2: You’re about to fight the Elite 4. What 6 Pokemon are on your team (No legendaries)?

3: What is your favorite song from a Legend of Zelda game?

4: If you were a bender in the ATLA/LOK universe, what element would you bend?

5: Jedi, Sith, or Gray Jedi?

6: You are now a transformer. What do you transform into?

7: What are 5 of your favorite game series?

8: Would you want to see a Pacific Rim/Godzilla crossover?

9: You are now in a fantasy game. What is your preferred weapon?

10: Would rather ride a dragon who is one of your best friends, or be able to turn into a dragon?

11: You put five movies into a time capsule for the future generations. WHat five movies do you place in the capsule?

I tag rosedragon11, thecarlonethatalsowrites, kaydinfoxx, vientown, toatom, wogawogawoga, charismaticck, cha-cha-nyan, mobrienorwhatever, nuhrii-flaming, trying-to-be-the-hero. Have fun guys!!

Time And Space (A Blank Space Parody)

Nice to meet you

Take my hand

I could show you incredible things

Stars, madness

Space and time

Saw you there and I thought

“Oh my God, look at that face

You look like my saving grace”

Travel time

Wanna come?

New body, suit and tie

I just want you to stay with me

Ain’t it brilliant

How we run

And I just want to hold your hand

So, hey, let’s be friends

I’m praying that we will never end

Grab your bag now and and my hand

I can make the Bad Wolf good for a weekend

So it’s gonna be forever

Or will we be ripped apart?

I will tell them when it’s over

That you were my new start

Got a long list of all my faults

They’ll tell you I’m insane

‘cause you know I love the danger

And we will just run

But you’re young and I’m reckless

I’ll take this way too far

It’ll leave us breathless (mmh)

Or with a broken heart

I will tell them when I meet them

That you were everything

I’ve got all of time and space

And I’ll say your name

Cybermen and Bad Wolf

Yeah, I showed you the universe

Stolen kisses

Stars and skies

You’re the girl I’ve been waiting for

Find out who I was

Before you healed my hearts

Wait the worst is yet to come, oh no

Screaming, crying, coming storms

We will make all the walls break down

Rose Tyler, filled with love

made me better without thinking twice

“There’s me”

“I’ll hold your hand”

I think that you will stay with me

‘Cause you come back each time you leave

‘Cause darling I’m a Time Lord dressed in a striped suit


I only get pain from a new hope

Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t want her

I only get pain from a new hope

Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t love her


anonymous asked:

man its so cool how you can travel the galaxy in like, no time at all. It took us 3 days to visit our MOON and its not even that far of a moon, we've never even set foot on another planet (well, we've sent robots out but otherwise, no space exploration for us :/)

I’ve heard stories of pre-hyperspace civilisations – it’s hard to imagine a world that is… so contained. But it’s also amazing. Think of all the things that are waiting for you to discover. I envy you, in a way. You live in exciting times.