Space Travel In Record Time Is Here: EMDrive Works!

Well there goes Newton’s Third Law, kinda sorta because momentum is maintained ish sans propellant. Woot! This means we can go to Mars within months, not years! This means no more propellants peeps!

Leaked EM Drive pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7kg…

Let me be shady for a moment…y’all know we have already used this right? Y’all know we have been using this for years and exploring our solar system and possibly beyond, right? No…okay then.

We’re Watching A New Hope

coppersam: Are there ten million fanfics that posit that the Force must have been destroyed because we are descendants of the humans from Star Wars and we can’t use the Force? Like, someone wiped out the midchlorians.
tangent: um. I don’t think so?
Ranuel: i haven’t seen any. They aren’t in our galaxy after all
Iovelyhera: this took place in a whole different galaxy.
Isgebind: How could we be descendants of the star wars dudes?
coppersam: Why wouldn’t we be? They look like us and clearly they have super fast interstellar travel, so presumably they could get here pretty easily if they ever got their shit straightened out.
tangent: the opening says, “A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away” basically, “Once upon a time. It’s space fairy tale”
coppersam: But in theory there’s no reason it can’t be, right? I figured there’d be a lot of fics/headcanons connecting them to us because we’re the ones hearing the story about the galaxy far-far-away.
Isgebind: I saw a source talking about how it was a story told something like a hundred years later with the Legend of the Starkiller (Luke).
KwehNotWark: Oh, well then I’m wondering the same thing Sam is now
coppersam: Huh, how interesting. 
tehnakki: i’ve never seen that headcanon sam
tangent: It’s not new, I just think people like space fairy tale
Isgebind: Depends on what ends of the fandom you’re in, I guess.
coppersam: I like the idea that some portion of humanity got stranded here after we finally figured out how to kill the Force.

Looking on Light Years
6 x 8 Oil Study

This new study will be up on Every Day Original tomorrow morning (12/21/16) at 11:45 eastern time.

An extraordinarily fascinating aspect of the reality that we live in is that the deeper we look into space, the deeper we are looking back in time! Though awfully fast, light does not move instantaneously. It travels an astonishing 9.461 trillion kilometers in one Earth year. Yet the depths of visible space are so vast that we can see light arriving at earth now that left it’s source 13.8 billion years ago at the beginning of time (red shifted as it may be). All the light arriving from in between there and here is a history of the universe, waiting for us to learn from. We may not be able to change the past, but we can peer deep into it’s chronology.

The Poky Speed of Light

Radio frequencies like the frequencies of visible (and invisible) light are all an aspect of the same electromagnetic spectrum that in a vacuum travels at 299,792,458 meters or 186,282 miles per second. That’s appropriately 7 times around Earth’s equator in a single second.

As the bottom of the top chart states, Your mileage may vary. A good example of this is communicating with Mars. Depending where we are in our orbits relative to each other that 5.15 minutes can actually vary from 4 to as long as 24 minutes.

Keep looking up.

2016 is almost over, and even though i am drowning in revisions, i decided that thanking you all for this amazing year is more than worth it.

so much has happened in the space of 12 months, be it in here or in my life. i graduated, achieved one of my goals by entereing medical school and achieved another by meeting alycia debnam carey (and traveling for the first time on my own!). i made friends, lost some others, contacts intertwining and breaking away as i gradually tried to become a better version of myself everyday. i reached my first milestone on tumblr and met so many amazing people i can now be proud to call friends, no matter how far we live from one another, or how much different we all are.

i can definitely say that 2016 has been a pushing-limits year for me, and i laughed and cried all the same while going through whatever life had in stock for the little bean that i am.

so that’s for you, peeps. tumblr is far from being a safe haven for everyone, but you guys have contributed to make it feel like it is for me. i am not on holidays, but i wish you all a good one. love yourself and those around you, god knows how much love is needed right now.

everything is under the cut :

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Prompt: “By some miracle, Jim’s father is alive and after so many years they meet and the reader is there to give him support when his emotions crumble before/afterwards?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,085

Author’s Note: I’ve been toying with the idea of travelling through time and space in the Star Trek universe, and I’m glad I got to explore it with George Kirk as a vehicle. Also, Angst!Kirk is so good. Enjoy.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 49,343/50,000 (We’re almost there, guys! I can’t believe this!)

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So people know.

The NBC show “Timeless” - a time travel show with the twist that time is in no way protected and the characters can and do change history - did an episode called “Space Race.”

The episode blurb was “As the historic Apollo 11 mission unfolds, the team needs to summon courage as they reach out to an unsung hero to thwart Flynn’s scheme.

Flynn is the show’s antagonist, who keeps trying to change history while the heroes try to fix it (one of the fascinating things about this show is we don’t really know Flynn’s motivation, although it’s starting to be revealed now).

The unsung hero was, of course, Katherine Johnson. She was very ably played by Nadine Ellis.

And when they got back to the “present” (which is an unspecified time in the future), she was no longer a forgotten mathematician but “NASA’s first female flight director.”

Thank you NBC for highlighting this brilliant woman to people who wouldn’t care about “Hidden Figures” but were just watching an action-y drama.

I’m quite liking this show, it’s a little bit American-centric, but forgivably so. At the start they were dealing with America’s race problems in a corny and over-done manner, but it’s getting better. (They deal with race primarily through the lens of Rufus Carlin, who flies the time machine and is a qualified engineer - the guy who’s best in a fight is the white guy, which I always like to see).

Pearl’s matter-of-factness here is a bit grating. Yes, she has very little reason to think that there’s anything to be worried over, but her unwavering certainty about it is annoying. Though, all the gems are to blame here - if Steven is this concerned, clearly something’s up. Give him a bit of support, maybe?

Excuse me?”

How dare you disagree with me although that’s what I’ve been doing this entire time!

“Well, what if it came from space?!”

A very valid point! Whatever it is wouldn’t necessarily have to travel here by warp pad. Hell, Lapis flew off plant with wings made of water. 

Have we ruled out the possibility that corrupted gems can’t used warp pads? 

“I! … don’t appreciate your tone.”

She won’t even entertain the idea, although it’s completely valid. Stubbornness is not a good look, guys! 


“We’ve travelled extensively through time and space, we can record our dreams and vending machines have AI… but this… This is still as good as it gets lads”

On A Slide - G Eazy Smut (requested)

A/N: This is mature content and both of you are 16. Also every time I write smut now I’m tagging you, @fandomwhoreex


“Why are we walking around the park at 1am?” I asked G.
“Because we can.” He answered.

We walked over to the slide. G sat down, he patted the space between his legs for me to sit. My back pressed against his chest. We sat in awkward silence.

“Are we going to do anything?” I asked him.
“Yeah, I mean totally.” He said.

His hands went up to my body, resting on my boobs. His left stayed in place while his right traveled down to the button on my jeans. His lips placing soft kisses on my neck.

Using both hands he pulled down my pants until they were resting around my ankles. I felt him take off his jacket. He got up from behind me and kneeled in front of me. “Lay down.” He ordered. I laid down, my back pressed against the slide. I was glad for his jacket. He took off my shoes then pants. He kissed his way up my body. He smirked at me before placing a kiss on my covered core. I gasped as I felt his lips on my most intimate part.

He pulled his shirt over his head after placing a quick kiss on my lips. He slid his shirt underneath the bottom half of me so my whole body didn’t touch the cold slide.

I sat up and leaned closer to him. I placed my lips on his v-line, sucking at the skin there. My hands went to the button of his jeans then his fly. He stepped out of them. I nervously pulled down his boxers. I had never gone this far with a guy and I know that G had never gone this far with a girl. His length sprang out. I took it in my hand and pumped his length slowly before speeding up, making him moan. I licked the tip. He jerked forward, surprised. I took him in my mouth. I bobbed my head, taking more each time until I was deep throating him. He was panting and moaning. His hands gripping my hair.

He pulled me away, “stop. I don’t want to cum like that.”

I lifted my hips as he took my underwear off. He took off my shirt but stopped at my bra.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want you to regret anything.” He asked me.
“I’m sure.” I breathed out.

He fumbled with the clasp, before he got it opened. He slid my bra off and tossed it on to the pile of clothes. I grabbed the condom from his jacket pocket and handed it to him.

He rolled on the condom and placed himself at my entrance. He looked down at me for permission. I nodded at him. He slowly entered me, inch by inch. I cried out from the pain and discomfort. He drilled once he was fully seated inside me, waiting till I told him it was okay.

He slowly pulled out before thrusting back into me, kissing me to distract me from the pain. As the pain subsided, I soon felt pleasure. “Faster” I told him, tired of the slow pace.

His thrusts soon turned harsh and fast paced. I moaned as he filled me over and over. My nails dragging up and down his back making him groan.

“You’re so tight.” He groaned.
“Gerald” I cried as I felt my orgasm approaching.
“Come on baby girl, I know you want to cum. Cum for me, baby girl.” Gerald panted, his thrusts becoming sloppy as he approached his high. As the words fell from his lips, the coil in my stomach snapped. I clenched around him as I came.

“Shit!” He groaned, his hips stuttering as he came.

He pulled out of me, he took off the condom and tied it. G pulled on his his boxers and threw the condom away. Leaving me panting for air.

“I didn’t hear you? Right?” G asked.
I shook my head, “no you didn’t. I mean this wasn’t my ideal time and place for my first time but I wouldn’t trade this for anything.”
G smiled at me as I started putting on my clothes, “so I have to thank you for something.”
I felt the soreness in between my legs but tried my best to ignore it, “what? Taking your virginity? Then I have to pay the same thanks.” I winked at him, now fully clothed.
He stood up, buttoning his jeans “you gave me something to check off my bucket list.” G smirked.
“What Gerald?” I asked.
“Birthday sex” he winked.
I laughed, “you are welcome, birthday boy.”

A/N: So, in a interview G actually said that he lost his virginity when he was 15 on a slide. So incorporated that here.


Some important points

• Steven can feel what others feel as in literally feel they’re emotions for them/with them.
• BD is amazed that a human can understand how she feels. (Greg)
• Because of that she wants him to have a better life since she knows about the cluster.
• Pink Diamond has a human zoo.
• The ruby ship can be adjusted for different gem types.
• The ruby ship travels with the use of a blackhole and breaking the laws of time and space. No wonder they were back on earth after some episodes.
• We see what amethyst are supposed to look like. Tho have similar characteristic in personality. Maybe cause they are from earth?
• Holly Blue Agate is like a general? Like she makes sure things are in line.
• The human zoo is a paradise. Humans from such don’t know any better cause well they are descendent from other humans from a long time ago.
• The choosening (match making) The hurt (sometimes they don’t know about until Gwaret breaks the hearts.)
• Amethyst are pretty cool with one another. Maybe since they all come from earth. Also maybe Amethyst filled them in on who they are (Crystal Gems)
• Also we see a Skinny Jasper and a new gem type Carnelian. Both being “defective” under homeworlds judgement that is.
• Our Rose Quartz is not the only one in existence. Tho the rest are bubbled.
• Small theory is that Pink Diamond is the creator of the Rose Quartz gem type.
• Yellow Diamonds song in my opinion is asking Blue Diamond “Whats the use of feeling?” As in emotions in general.
• Yellow mentions some of the gem types we know in her song and what they were created for.
• Yellow does miss Pink but she does not wanna let her emotions consume her cause she has to be a leader. (In her terms emotions make you weak.)
• Sapphire and Ruby aren’t recognized by Blue Diamond…. Umm hello?! Did the fandom forgot they reformed like twice?! In 3 Gems and a Baby we see they have different outfits as well as in Garnets story.
• Blue lets Yellow know she is worried about the short amount of humans they have in the zoo.
• Yellow ask if the cluster has emerged. Since Sapphire says it has not. Well Yellow says they still have time as in some good old Human hunting. (They ether are gonna send more gems to earth or they themselves will hunt for the humans.)
• Oh yeah also homeworld still thinks Humans are just like animals hence the whole zoo being like a paradise so they will be safe and stuff.
• After that Blue Agate talks about how if she was made for Yellow she would not complain. Kinda a two timing jerk but meh.
• She realizes Greg and Steven are out of the zoo. Is pissed at the Amethyst and tries to electric whip them.
• Garnet comes back. The Crystal gems beat Agate.
• Blah blah blah “I will report you to the diamonds!!!” Pearl shuts her up.
• The Amethyst are loyal to they’re home girl. An make a lovely Squad group picture for the other fandoms to redraw with they own characters.

This bomb was fantastic.

What would it take to survive in space? (Part 2)

Prolonged space travel takes a severe toll on the human body. As we seriously consider the human species becoming space-faring, a big question stands. Even if we break free from Earth’s orbit and embark on long-duration journeys among the stars, can we adapt to the extreme environments of space?

Variation in gravitational strength is another challenge for space travelers. Until we develop artificial gravity in a space ship or on another planet, we should assume that astronauts will spend time living in microgravity

On Earth, human bone and muscle custodial cells respond to the stress of gravity’s incessant tugging by renewing old cells in processes known as remodeling and regeneration. But in a microgravity environment like Mars, human bone and muscle cells won’t get these cues, resulting in osteoporosis and muscle atrophy. So, how could we provide an artificial signal for cells to counteract bone and muscle loss?

This is speculative, but biochemically engineered microbes inside our bodies could churn out bone and muscle remodeling signaling factors. Or humans could be genetically engineered to produce more of these signals in the absence of gravity. 

Radiation exposure and microgravity are only two of the many challenges we will encounter in the hostile conditions of space. But if we’re ethically prepared to use them, gene editing and microbial engineering are two flexible tools that could be adapted to many scenarios. In the near future, we may decide to further develop and tune these genetic tools for the harsh realities of space living.

Check out what scientists have up their sleeves in the TED-Ed Lesson Could we survive prolonged space travel? - Lisa Nip

Animation by Bassam Kurdali


This world’s a treasure, but it’s been telling us to leave for a while now.

We’ve all been there kiddo, I can’t count the amount of times I thought of a perfect comeback way too late.

Just learn to ignore him, it’ll make your life better.


Steven actually used a legendary time travelling object to set up a comeback.

Glad to see that this show was as clever even before it became a thing.

New theory suggests that our Galaxy is a Giant Wormhole.

An international team of scientists have crunched the numbers and discovered something straight out of science-fiction: They claim that the center of our galaxy could host a giant wormhole. Despite what some media outlets are saying about the study, the results are entirely unfounded according to scientific experts.

Wormholes are cosmic portals that some physicists theorize can connect distant corners of the same universe together or link one universe to an entirely separate, parallel universe. They form when extremely heavy objects create a well in the fabric of space time that is deep enough to reach another side of the universe. If they existed, wormholes could help humans travel to or communicate with parts of the universe that are millions of light years away that we might otherwise never reach, unless we developed faster-than-light spaceships.

The team discusses a specific type of wormhole called a Morris-Thorne wormhole. This wormhole is what theorists call a traversable wormhole, which means you can enter either end and fall out the other side. In comparison, the original wormhole, called a Rosen-Einstein bridge, is unstable and closes up, so once you get through, there’s no going back. What makes Morris-Thorne wormholes stable, and therefore traversable, is that instead of closing off, like a Rosen-Einstein bridge, they are held open. Holding them open is what theorists have dubbed “exotic matter,” a hypothetical, mysterious form of matter that does not follow the regular laws of physics.

Dark matter is one possible example of exotic matter and there’s strong evidence to suggest that our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is encased in a massive dark matter bubble, called a dark halo. Astronomers have found that in most spiral galaxies, including the Milky Way, dark matter is most dense at the center of the dark halo. And in this latest paper, the team suggests that the amount of dark matter at the center of our galaxy’s dark halo could have enough density to create a giant wormhole. This result is an important compliment to the earlier result, thereby confirming the possible existence of wormholes in most of the spiral galaxies.

long term relationship with michael would include
  • having the dumbest nicknames for each other
  • anything from ‘beautiful golden sunflower’ to ‘fuckface’
  • sex
  • just lots and lots of sex several times a day
  • going on tour with him and being very touristy
  • constantly nudging each other for elbow space on an arm rest
  • going to restaurants and eating off of each others plates
  • constantly being close
  • not even in an annoying touchy feely way
  • but just sitting next to him and your arms touching and being instantly comfortable
  • getting a job that allows you to work from home/travel so you can go on tour with michael
  • dying your hair together
  • or accidentally dying your hair the same exact color
  • “we didn’t even plan this”
  • sexting in a room full of people
  • bubble baths
  • “what would happen if we put all the bubble soap in?”
  • “I dunno…. do it”
  • trying weird kinks cos why not?
  • trying weird kinks and finding one you both really like
  • “holy shit that was so much sexier than i thought it would be”
  • the two of you only taking up one seat by sitting on each other
  • owning an apartment together
  • “eat your vegetables”
  • “i am a grown man you can’t tell me what to eat”
  • “i’m gonna call ur mom”
  • your parents loving him/his parents loving you
  • michael coming home from a writing session and him being so proud of the song he wrote
  • the songs obviously about you
  • taking sneaky pics of him and luke cos ur lowkey muke af
  • days off consisting of delivery food, pjs and only getting out of bed when you need too
  • lazy handjob/fingering while watching pirates of the carribbean marathon
  • talking about your future and agreeing that you wanna get married and have kids but not for a few more years
  • attempting to have an adult dinner party
  • you and him attempting to cook food that isn’t grilled cheese or instant ramen
  • “babe this food tastes so bad, keep them occupied and i’ll sneak out and buy prepared food”
  • so many animals that you didn’t even mean to get??
  • buying a puppy, and a stray cat wandering in during the winter, and winning some fish at a carnival and finding a lost parakeet until you basically have a small zoo
  • Paradox Space: There needs to be a way to create new universes
  • Paradox Space: Let's make it so that only prepubescent children can make new universes
  • Paradox Space: The process will be so confusing and dangerous that there will be a very low success rate
  • Paradox Space: So that it will take multiple attempts and collaboration between universes in order to make a healthy product
  • Paradox Space: And we'll turn the kids into gods and give them the power of time travel, only to watch them mess things up and create timeline-destroying paradoxes
  • Paradox Space: This is definitely the sensible way of doing things
  • Paradox Space: Also
  • Paradox Space: Genetic Engineering
  • Paradox Space: ...
  • Paradox Space: With Frogs

“We live in a darkness of our own making, blind to a habitant world all but unseen by us. A world of beings traveling through time and space, imaginable to us only as flights of fancy. Who are these beings we dare to imagine but fear to accept? What dark work goes on inside their impossible machines, cloaked from us by invisible forces? If they know our secrets, why can’t we know theirs?”